Thursday, October 13, 2011

When uncool is very cool

Video from the USFSA introducing itself to the public as part of a membership outreach. There is so much about this straightforward video that is done just right.

They know we know what figure skating is, so let's move along. The focus is on us, the public, not them or even their stars. The goal is to be inclusive, so they show that.

They know what "inclusive" looks like.

They're not trying to impress.

The regular people figure skaters are treated with the same (even more) attention /respect as high performance athletes.

No officials - all skaters and the public. Skating's fun whether skating or attending.

They make skating look like fun recreation, unintimidating, a great family activity and lots of options.

Our time is valuable so the note on the youtube video tells us what this is - a brief introduction. It has real content, to the point, in just over a minute.

Great tag line.

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  1. "180,000 members and counting + YOU."

    Perfect tag line.