Sunday, October 30, 2011

Skate Canada Presents - A Very Cool Halloween

We thought it would be very fun if Skate Canada paid homage to classic movies this Halloween!

Everyone knows Tessa Virtue loves her skating costumes! She loves Halloween costumes too! She can't decide which of these three movie-themed costumes to wear this Halloween.
Tessa as "Glinda" the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz! The pink bubble is "so Tessa"!
Tessa as Skate Canada Robot a beautiful Stepford Wife
from the remake of The Stepford Wives. Love the apron Tessa!
Tessa as Mary Poppins, the"slightly stern but loving nanny who uses magic
and self
-control to take care of the Banks children"
from the movie Mary Poppins!
Help Tessa decide - tweet @skatecanada and tell her to be a Stepford Wife which costume you like best!

Kirsten thought the retro look of Tessa's Stepford Wife Halloween theme was so fun, we strong-armed her she decided to try it out! We think she looks adorable! If you agree, tell her @skatecanada!

How about a little film noir for Halloween!

Jessica may have blindsided Bryce by dumping him when he was injured Bryce Davison may have officially retired, but he and former partner Jessica Dube remain bff's!

Bryce's buddies at the Hamilton Skating Club insisted Mildred Pierce was perfect!

Thanks to Ice Men for Bryce's costume! He wears it well!

Grand Prix season is keeping our popular Director of Corporate Comunications so busy she almost didn't have a Halloween costume until Debbi Wilkes suggested All About Eve! Barb confesses the fact that the costume was nice and simple helped a lot! When you're as busy as I am Barb there's not a lot of time for costume shopping! Thanks Debbi!

Here is our wonderful CEO of Skate Canada, William Thompson! It's only fitting he is an "Emporer" for Halloween because he is definitely our leader here at Skate Canada! But in fact, Bill chose this costume because he loves new clothes and he's a big fan of Ian Holm, who starred as the Emporer in the movie!
William Thompson as the Emporer in The Emporer's New Clothes
the movie version of Hans Christian Anderson's classic fairy-tale!

We're delighted that Cara Moir will be able to stop by for a moment, too. Cara's had a busy weekend, so you'll excuse her showing up dressed for work.

Halloween is Skate Canada's favorite holiday. Happy halloween!


  1. You people are nasty, last spring you all felt sorry for Bryce, WHAT CHANGED YOUR MIND the fact he moved on and loves his new job. Bryce has never been any of the above and least of all a thankless child and does not think he is better than anyone else. Maybe you should grow up or at least put your self in his shoes for a day he loves his skating and would still like to be competeing a misfortune has put an end to that.

  2. Holiday/party game for the 2011-2012 season: Everybody drink every time Tessa says "character(s)".

  3. First anon - I'm not saying Bryce is the thankless child - I'm saying Jessica is!

    Bryce is Mildred - the self-sacrificing one who is devoted and gives everything to her child.

    The child is Jessica, who takes and takes it for granted and is ungrateful.

    oc, not signed in.

  4. "Holiday/party game for the 2011-2012 season: Everybody drink every time Tessa says "character(s)". "


  5. Just in case you were wondering: yes, you are insane