Friday, June 7, 2013

Why now so shy?

Let's be real. If Scott and Cassandra wanted a "private relationship" Cassandra wouldn't put him on as her profile pic, and she wouldn't be on twitter and neither would Charlie and his wife.

You know the old bit about Winston Churchill (think it was him) telling some lady "we're just negotiating price" when she was offended at being thought a lady pro, but had no problem hooking up for a million or so. (I'll look up the correct anecdote later - is it Churchill, is it Oscar Wilde, or is it George Benard Shaw? Other?)

So IOW, Scott and Cassandra aren't being discreet. It's pretend discreet. It's the same old bullshit. Hey look who I'm fucking! My kid won't mind this at all!

So let's look at Cassandra's latest profile picture:

Here it is:

Oops, my bad.

Cassandra Hilborn's  facebook profile photo, June 2013.
Scott Moir and girlfriend, Cassandra Hilborn, 2013.

There ya go, Toddler Moir. Daddy on the beach with his latest girlfriend.  Twitter says he wants to marry her after Sochi. You'll be three - maybe you can be in the wedding.

Cassandra, like his prior girlfriend (Jessica, the one he almost married) really really really really likes to pretend your mommy doesn't exist. Also? Like the other girlfriend, she seems to really love her job.

Some fans think it doesn't have to be Scott in the picture, but it's Scott. We all know his silhouette by now.

Before observing how prissy Scott has become compared to the olden days whoring himself out for the sham, a question must be turned over to all observers - WTF with the feet? They've got shoes on. Is Scott in black socks and platform sneakers? Is it rocks?

What happened to the good old days, when Scott was merely planning to marry, compete in the Olympics with, and then procreate with, Tessa Virtue, instead of now, when he's married to and raising a child with her (and her mother - shades of G&G).

The good old days:

Scott with Jessica Dube, 2009. Less than six months before Scott
married Tessa, less than a year before Tessa was pregnant with
their child. These photos exist because of those planned events.
The way to honor and protect something precious to you is to
degrade it in public. Scott learned that at church. Tessa learned
that in psychology class at Windsor U.
Look at that. Bare feet, bare body contact, beach. Toddler Moir wasn't yet with us, but was, at the least, most definitely a twinkle in soon-to-be Daddy's eye. These photos are less than two years prior to Toddler Moir's birth and less than six months prior to Scott's wedding to Tessa.

But these days Scott prefers twitter to tell rather than show, and he apparently sees distinctions between what's appropriate when you're committed, engaged, in love and planning a family in the near future and what's appropriate when you're actually married and the child is here.

They certainly were committed to making us believe back then. Maybe that's a secondary meaning of those Ilderton Skating Club sweatshirts. Believe they are platonic. Believe Scott is in love with Cassandra.

It makes you wonder where the limits actually were and are. Absolutely nothing is as important to them as maintaining control of this story and being right, and maintaining the power position, even though they are, you know, in the wrong. They've lied, they've fucked fans over, they've run a scam and a hoax, and they continue to be mightily pissed fans are uppity enough to push back.

For real, that interests me. Is it a caste thing? Would they be pissed if they'd scammed some other entity and got push back? Like police officers? A mortgage broker? The tax department? Airline security?

But fans are supposed to lie down and be rolled over, after they've pulled out their wallets?

Moirville will live and die to prove their "rights" to do what they did to and with fans. Just looking at those Jessica photos I wonder where the lines really are. It seems more important than anything. Would Scott go so far as to make his and Tessa's lies TRUE just so Moirville could be right?

Who knows. He's got no balls when it comes to Moirville. They've got him by the short hairs. For years now they or something has had the power to make Scott treat himself with disrespect.

P.S. - Looking at the past two Canadian championships, it's obvious Skate Canada threw VM under the bus. That won't change in the upcoming season; Benoit Lavoie has hired on a Canadian Tire marketing dude as CEO (to be fair, how many Wharton graduates were chafing at the bit for the job?).

But Skate Canada doesn't want to throw itself under the bus. Wouldn't it look odd if Kaitlyn and Andrew came clean (or at least didn't deny) about being a couple after all the nonsense from Scott and Tessa? I wonder if SC is behind W&P's past year's re-assertion of being platonic.

Benoit Lavoie - he's made no secret of his plan to work with the ISU after leaving the presidency. I wonder if he's stocked SC with empty suits like Wilkes and Thompson (Dan), so SC will have nobody with the weight and savvy to challenge what the ISU is doing with DW vis a vis VM? IOW before he's even left he's selling out his own skaters to enhance his standing with his future colleagues?


  1. "Would Scott go so far as to make his and Tessa's lies TRUE just so Moirville could be right?"

    What do you mean by this?

  2. I'm suggesting that the tail could start wagging the dog. That in their zeal to be right, Scott could actually fuck a Cassandra or a Jessica, just to score a point (or score it - so to speak - for Moirville). Why not? They're compartmentalized. Winning is their primary value. They hate being called out by know-nothing, don't get it nobodies. He's married, he's a daddy, he was engaged and in love and committed prior to marriage? Whatever. The girls seem to appreciate the benefits of being a faux gf - why not be a real one? Or a real hook-up?

    Do I believe he'd do this to make a point? I don't. But they certainly push up against the line. There is no system of ethics, or healthy psychology, or religion, that endorses what Scott and Tessa have done. They're athletes in a sport that is part of an entertainment industry. Anybody healthy, with any value system, knows there are lines between real life and figure skating when it gets down to the essentials. At some point you suck up and own your choices and as has been discussed here before, let the chips fall where they may. Set your terms and let people deal. Plenty of public figures have done that during their careers and thrived. But not Scott and Tessa. What's important to them? Being right, and saving face in front of a category of people for whom they have contempt. They've crossed so many lines on purpose, purely to up the ante and play chicken with people who simply call them out for what they're actually doing, which is lying. IOW, would they make their lies real for spite? It's disgusting to contemplate, but they're not big observers of boundaries. I don't think they know what those are. Scott talks as if he does, but he acts as if he hasn't a clue.

    1. ohhhh....scott moir in a sex tape? LOL YES PLEASE! come on, you just KNOW he's packin

    2. I highly doubt it, Small hands & small

    3. that doesnt mean anything - you clearly haven't been with even a handful of men...

  3. As messed up as they are, I just don't believe he'd do that. Or could stomach doing that, he looks awkward enough just standing next to CH. However, theoretically speaking as you's an interesting point. Actors do tons of actual sexual stuff all the time. Even if most of the time they aren't doing quite as much stuff as what we intrepret is going on in the "story" - it's still stuff. The other day I came across a quote from Pierce Brosnan, that his wife calls it "legal cheating". The difference here would be that Scott's job isn't being a tv or film actor. And it kinda has to be for that to work. Something being vaguely "necessary" isn't a pass anyone else gets.

    And as long as I'm sharing celebrity quotes I've recently come across, this is from a Macleans interview with Michael Douglas (from a few weeks ago, before the current memes took off...)

    Q: You’ve had a lot of personal pressures, and they’ve all been in the public eye—whether it’s cancer or your son in prison on drug charges or your wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, revealing she’s bipolar. Is it tough having your life out there like that?

    A: Not anymore. In this whole digital age, where everything is so exposed, rather than trying to keep something private, you try to get out ahead of the curve and limit the amount of gossip....

    1. Scott's not an actor, exactly. But I believe the rationale is he's playing the role of Scott Moir in public, and that role is a different guy in different life circumstances then the private Scott Moir. Cassandra's job has been explained as an actress playing a role.

      How did they get to the point where this makes sense to them? How did it go from this is a sport where image matters (keep smiling, downplay injuries or mistakes) to, off-ice, pretending to be sexually involved with other people for public consumption all the while you're a parent to a small child and a husband to your partner, and pretend those things are no different and the former has no impact on the latter?

      A reason fans have been so historically queasy at the prospect of more photos and leaked photos is because the sham seemed to intentionally traffic in bad taste in order to be what it thinks is convincing. But of course, real couples wouldn't go near what Scott has done for the benefit of the public. Its aggression was disrespectful to the partnership (imagine if Tanith spammed her facebook with "sexy" and pseudo intimate photos of herself and Charlie during every skating season and most particularly when DW were in the media chatting up the dynamics of their partnership). There's been a huge gap between the purported rationale for the sham and how they've executed the sham, and as the blog has asked before - what accounts for the gap? Moirville's somewhat grasping need to be involved in Scott and Tessa's lives? Is the rationale a fig leaf to justify what the parties want to do anyway - be exhibtionistic and engage in legal cheating or virtual cheating - we're just the increasingly strained excuse? The gap between what they need to do and what they actually do is so ridiculous it's uncomfortable to contemplate.

    2. From Anon 10:51PM:
      "However, theoretically speaking as you's an interesting point. Actors do tons of actual sexual stuff all the time."

      From OC 6:11AM:
      "Scott's not an actor, exactly. But I believe the rationale is he's playing the role of Scott Moir in public, and that role is a different guy in different life circumstances then the private Scott Moir. Cassandra's job has been explained as an actress playing a role.

      How did they get to the point where this makes sense to them?"

      It feels inconceivable Scott would go so far as to actually hook-up, or have a one-night-stand experience, just to provoke the social media public (those stupid horrible fans) or to try and prove themselves right.

      However, theoretically -- as Anon 10:51 said, actors do all kinds of sexual stuff and under the umbrella of "acting" it's become acceptable. So in theory, if Scott and those around him all feel this is an acting gig -- and you add to that the lack of boundaries on clear display in those beach photos with Jessica posted right here (and those are just a few of the many examples of boundary-crossing they've done) -- Well, let's just say sometimes I do wonder how far they would go. Then you also add alcohol to all this twisted thinking, and the total lack of discretion and inhibitions that can produce.... It's potentially a much grosser and repugnant situation than all the revolting stuff they've already done.

      Something I'm noticing in these discussions is no one seems to question the girls' willingness to go as far as Scott takes it. Maybe they really wouldn't go there, but the messages they've given out on social media definitely suggest they're so in love with this role they'd be on board with a hook-up.

      Like it's been mentioned before, what a lovely legacy.

    3. "Is the rationale a fig leaf to justify what the parties want to do anyway - be exhibtionistic and engage in legal cheating or virtual cheating - we're just the increasingly strained excuse? The gap between what they need to do and what they actually do is so ridiculous it's uncomfortable to contemplate."


      Absolutely, this is a big part of the fan queasiness. Yes, it's horribly uncomfortable to contemplate the reasons for their bad taste. Especially when it's not just the bf/gf (Scott and Jessica or Cassandra, or Tessa and whoever) but family members and friends crowing and cackling with glee over all this "virtual cheating."

    4. Well, your scenario supposes that Scott actually goes out with these women on a pseudo date, accompanied by a third party who is taking the photos, and Scott drinks too much and boundaries are crossed.

      Scott doesn't go out and pseudo date these women. Even in the Dominican, her siblings were present and Scott hung with the early bird special crowd. And the Dominican was a one-off.

      I also suspect that drinking might make him more averse, not less.

      I am speaking of intentional, wide-awake boundary crossing. Back in the Jessica days and possibly now with Charlie and his wife gearing up on twitter, his family and friends acted like the cheerleading squad at a Westeros bedding ceremony whenever new photos of him and Jessica hit facebook. Who does that continually with a family member's love life? The Moirs have been publicly up Scott's for six years.

      They can pretend all they want they were putting things on "our" level so we'd believe it, but they have no idea what our level is - this was their level. They missed the mark - they revealed something about themselves. Scott can run around primly shutting down Jessica's winks about where she likes to put her purse, but that doesn't help much in the face of a family and community drooling over every pseudo photo of him and Jessica. They were gross. Every fan developed a twisted theory as to why they were so exhibitionistic - nobody took it as normal behavior of a regular couple and their family and friends. Clear acting out was going on.

      This is all stuff they pretended was because of us, but it was their own ass showing.

      And yes, the sham - or Tessa - also has the notion that the girlfriends have to ignore that Tessa exists. Who does that? Their "boyfriend" has spent most of his entire life training and competing - and touring and otherwise skating, and promoting and appearing with Tessa Virtue, and as far as they're concerned he tours, appears, competes, trains, achieves stardom and wins championships by himself. Is this another potential wish-fulfillment or fantasy of Scott's - to have his virtual girlfriends ignore his partner and celebrate him as a one man show? His partner a nobody? It comes off like that - it's Virtue and Moir who don't get the lines between real and virtual - in a virtual world, Tessa is a platonic partner and friend his girlfriends should be cheering because it goes with cheering on Scott.

      There's another theory, which, looking at Skate Canada overall is impossible to dismiss, which is - forget all these theories. Waste of time. We're just dealing with a lot of incredibly stupid people. It's epidemic. That, I believe. The evidence there is more overwhelming than the evidence for any other explanation. Stupidity and narcissism could be responsible for all of this.


    5. Other thoughts - shouldn't the fact that you think it's smart to have a visual, virtual or actual buffer present at all times - with Scott, for years it was cousin Cara - be a tip-off that there are real problems with what you're doing, dangers and risks? Did Jordan trot around as third wheel whenever Tessa was around Fedor? Even with Cassandra at Worlds, she's got her mom with her (by the way - good job Mom.). Cara's obvious, conspicuous role as a Jessica wrangler causes speculation. To wit:

      Scott was bored out of his skull by Jessica and can't/refuses to carry the conversational load. That would explain why Cara turns up at an odd little meet and greet prior to an SOI show where Jessica, Scott, Shawn Sawyer and a couple of others (not Tessa) give autographs to a very small group of fans inside the venue and then claim to be going to dinner.

      That doesn't explain why Cara started showing up in the "wedding" pics on the other side of Jessica. Scott wasn't "stuck" with Jessica at those events. He could do what he wanted when not posing. So why always Cara.

      And it's also - do they not trust Jessica? Are they afraid she'd insinuate or lie down the line so they want to establish the presence of third-party witnesses to cut her off from spinning her own version, should she ever want some attention?

      If they needed Cara, then they knew it wasn't such a great thing to be doing.

    6. 10:21 here again-

      I was not thinking of a pseudo-dating situation between Scott and the social media gf, but I do see it sounds like that's what I meant.

      It was more about the "in theory" scenario. In spite of the many people around during the posing of these photos, if they're all of the mindset that this is an acting gig, how far are they willing to egg on the principal actors (the bf and gf) and how far are Scott and the gf willing to take it? There's already ample evidence of boundary-cluelessness. There's also evidence the group of friends and certain family members are willing to label all this boundary-crossing as cute and adorable. So in theory, is there a possible scenario where they make things "true", weather it's to prove they're right or for other reasons?

      I know this is all theory-talk. But I think it's gross that their actions actually give rise to this kind of speculation.

    7. OC 12:00

      Cousin Cara is still being used as a buffer. Her latest profile picture shows those interested in knowing that Scott and Cassandra did not go on a beach vacation by themselves. Besides Cara, surely there were a lot of other people along (including Tessa) but Cara is still playing this particular role of buffer. Many of the other fellow-travelers could also post photo-evidence of Scott and Cassandra not being alone, but they don't.

    8. One of the reasons the sham is a problem is Scott and Tessa are unwilling to sham on the record - in legit media. That alone should tip them off that they shouldn't be shamming in the way they sham on social media either, but they obviously believe they're slumming in social media and as well they reject the old saying "lie down with dogs, get up with fleas." (Apologies to all the dog owners who take wonderful care of their pets.) It's so ironic - in feeling "above" social media they feel free to use it to put their trashiest, most mean spirited selves on parade. Do they think social media is like a video game or other - it's not really them being mean? Due to the platform, it's not really them?

      That's irrational.

      Tanith and Evan made a few straightforward, public record appearances as a couple. Public appearances, tour-related events and red carpets. The end.

      Scott and Tessa are unwilling to bring Jessica or Cassandra into the official realm, which again, suggests they're attempting to protect themselves. If the sham can't be done on the record; if it's too problematic, it shouldn't be done on social media, either. They obviously know it's something they shouldn't be doing, and it carries with it too many risks and future problems.

    9. Well - actually the legit media piece is easy - they don't want to be called out. If they get proactive with shamming on legit media, they're public. People like P.J. can't get holier-than-thou with her own gaslighting of fans #stopthemadness.

      So basically they're not on legit media, not because they want to protect their child, but so they can't be called out.

  4. Has anyone seen on twitter that a girl was serving our T&S. I'm guessing food. Lol. I wonder if Cass was there also.

    1. I doubt that Cass is part of their everyday lives but really, shouldn't Scott be rushing into her arms on Friday night instead of, presumably, going out with his partner? The dichotomy between these two very different lives that Scott Moir leads is striking.

  5. Re: the feet - I thought initially that perhaps they were wearing flippers and had just been snorkeling but they're both fully clothed, so...??? It's very confusing.

  6. IMO your thinking re Benoit Lavoie and Skate Canada is right on.

    1. I'm 11:08. SC just named a new president? Does this change anything?

    2. The new president (didn't know they had one when you posted) is apparently a Piper & Paul fan as she was a judge at their 4CCs. So again, not a big promoter of quality skating in ice dance, going by that. She seems to live in Boston but "used her passion" to convince "Skate Canada" that she didn't need to live in Canada to serve as president of the skating Fed.

      This appointment and Thompson's confirms the do nothing culture among SC's executives. For them the Federation is an opportunity to raise their public profile and get personal publicity.

      Truly, all things official skating in Canada is an embarrassment.

    3. Yes, the judging in the FD at 4CC was terrible, but to play devil's advocate, because the judging is anonymous, we don't know how this woman scored G/P herself. Yeah, I know it's likely that she was in on the overscoring, but we don't know for sure. Also, although living in the Boston Area, I think she may be Canadian. She did her BS at the University of Toronto and her MBA at Concordia (Canada) and Ivy League Cornell (US). The positions she held early in her career were in Canada.

      Biotechnology/biopharmaceuticals is my own professional industry. Genzyme is one of the top dogs, and they are very highly regarded. You'll come across the occassional disgruntaled employee rant, but you expect that with a company as large as Genzyme. Caron's professional achievements are very impressive and given Genzyme's position in the world of biotechnology, her position is no joke. For that reason, I am willing to give her a chance. You may be right that it's just going to be more of the same, but we may end up pleasantly surprised with one or both of the new hires. I'm at least going to wait until they've actually assumed their positions and had time to not change things before I dismiss them as more bad choices. You never know.

    4. That's good to hear re Genzyme, but as to the appointees, Lavoie let the CEO position open for months in the run-up to Sochi and finally fills it with someone from the marketing ranks of SC's truly only high profile sponsor, who almost immediately rubber stamps how SC has been managed. This was not how, for example, William Thompson & Co. reacted when they took over. They were all about pretending they were going to improve upon what they'd found. Thompson may be paying lip service but he mostly sounds as if he's endorsing the status quo, not to mention his background in business isn't in organization or management.

      The new president doesn't live in Canada and one of SC's biggest problems is its roster of underqualified directors, its politicking, self-dealing and unfairness. How she can familiarize herself with the antics of these personalities from the States is a puzzler. Furthermore, with her background, it seems to me the CEO position may as well have remained empty longer - it certainly doesn't seem to be an essential role based on its remaining vacant all these months and it seems odd to me that Lavoie went ahead and filled it with who he filled it on his way out the door, instead of letting the new president potentially attract someone with stronger credentials.

    5. Caron's qualifications sound impressive on paper. But it is concerning that she doesn't live in Canada. Even if she's originally from Canada, it makes no difference if she's not living there at the moment. How would she really know what's going on within the culture of the Federation?

      I'm willing to give the new leaders the benefit of the doubt for a little while. But I'm concerned that I'm getting the feeling it sounds as if everyone is very satisfied with how things are running. Debbi and her co-horts can still do whatever they want and the new top leaders will simply rubber-stamp everything. The CEO because he apparently thinks they're already so professional so what's to change? Besides, if his expertise is to spin anything to make it sound/look good to the media, he won't be making waves, only making things sound pretty. And the new President will rubber-stamp because she's far away and very busy with other important duties.

    6. I can't decide if it's a concern that Caron is an ice-dance judge. I'm pissed at the judging in the last 3 years, where it looks like there's an endemic cultural problem in ice-dance judging. I wish we knew if she's part of that problem or not.

    7. Fair enough that her not being physically present is a concern. I suppose at this point, I just want to hope for the best and maybe this will all work out somehow.

      @7:01 It's hard to know if she's part of the problem or not given the anonymous judging. If scores were attached to a name, we'd know.

  7. Lame duck SC president Benoit Lavoie has appointed Dan Thompson as the new CEO. He has a marketing background, not an organizational or business management background. They got him from Canadian Tire - he was president of their Jump Start charities. Marketing people sell other people's agendas - they don't set agendas, determine strategy, allocate resources and hire key personnel. So they've got a salesman, not a guy who knows how to run and manage a large organization. So it's a great pick - he knows nothing about skating - which is okay, there are executives at the USFSA who don't either - and nothing about running a large organization. Since he knows nothing about skating, he certainly can't push back against the ISU's shenanigans with DW. I anticipate some of the first photo sets Skate Canada releases will be Thompson next to a beaming Debbi Wilkes. Lavoie doesn't want a strong person as CEO. He left it vacant in critical months prior to Sochi and now appoints a marketing guy who is skating-clueless.

    1. And not for nothing, but it would be helpful if either Dan Thompson or Caron instructed Debbi Wilkes not to loudly trash talk SC's own skaters at competitions and practices. I realize not every skater is a star fuck opportunity for Debbi but she's supposed to support (non-Paul-and-Piper) up and coming, talented skaters, not trash them.

    2. Well I guess the first test with this new team will be the High Performance Camp. It will also be interesting to see if Skatebuzz gets a much needed make-over.

  8. As someone who saw all of Scott and Jessica's social media excesses, I have an observation about the beach photos posted in this entry. I think they allowed the picture-posing to escalate so that by the Dominican the next logical step was practically a honeymoon photo shoot. In summer of '08, when they really started using facebook, first it was a family wedding at Jessica's and Scott posing in goofy pictures with her family and his arm around her waist. Soon after, it was Scott's brother Charlie's wedding and a family member released, among other pictures, Scott and Jessica slow-dancing and the suggestion was a little more intimate this time. They also decided to pose as a couple in various other places but those two events were outstanding because of all the implications of attending family weddings. Also, there was lots of cooing going on in PUBLIC facebook-wall exchanges.

    Fast forward next year, Worlds in LA. Much more suggestive, cuddled on a chair and drinking, in swimsuits at the beach, arms around each other here and there around LA, in addition to regular releases from all and any events they attended at the same time. Well, by the Dominican, I think their senses were already dulled to whatever was proper, assuming they started out with any boundaries. And Jessica's siblings were around too, maybe that made it seem more okay.

    It's noticeable that after that they never went that far again. But then again, what for? The beach album was made, and Jessica regularly brought it back and used one of those beach photos as her profile, not to mention of course the huge circulation by way of fans' emails, etc. The Moir Christmas photo album was just as disgusting but I bet they were convinced it was circumspect, since other family members are shown in most photos and after all, they weren't skin-to-skin like in the beach photos.

    IMO you can see the irrational thinking in how they obviously thought they had "fixed" the picture-posing by not repeating a Dominican-type photo shoot. Yet at the same time they allowed those pictures to remain public for about 3 years and continued with all the boundary-crossing in using important and sacred events as opportunities to sham. And they still let Jessica own Scott on facebook (and it would have been twitter if such a thing had been the thing at the time). It's a weird thing to watch how they pulled back with the extremely suggestive pictures, but continued on as if nothing was wrong with all the rest of it. So right now with the newest girlfriend they're probably feeling all sorts of self-righteous, because did you see? They're dressed even at the beach! How is it they don't realize it's still all kinds of wrong?

    1. They don't get "wrong" when they do it, they're choked with their own self-righteousness.

      I agree about the Dominican photos - those were what they were to directly counterprogram the Olympic year, but it makes no sense.

      Why did the Olympic year need to be counter-programmed? Because look at the Olympic year. Why was Scott working one message in "legit" media - i.e., "Maybe" "I'm trying" "not yet, anyway" and its opposite in social media? Olympics or no Olympics the sham had a specific, simple agenda - convince fans Scott wasn't with Tessa.

      The weirdness of the Moirs and VM is somehow they felt the Olympic year called for Olympic level sham - which it did not. It called for denying that Scott was with Tessa. That's all. The Olympics didn't require escalation. How is that logical? The agenda remains basic, Olympics or no Olympics.

      The overkill makes even less sense when we remember it was all on social media, which has no credence in legit media, and fairly simple, non-girlfriendy denials worked fine to officially establish denial in official media - so again - the overkill was for what?

      How did these people EVER get the idea that the internet was temporary - even in 2009 they knew it wasn't.

      How come nobody linked what Bryce said in "Menage a Trois sur la Glace" with Scott and Jessica's displays on facebook? This failure to connect continued when Bryce was injured.

      Who first sold the Moirs and Virtues on this game plan? Debbi? Whoever it was, what prior scheme inspired it?

      The Dominican photos as a counterprogamming tactic IMO reflects the near-hysteria in the Ilderton community about the Olympics. Everything had to be OTT. Scott and Tessa were due to be Olympic stars? Then an avalanche of social media sham was in order.

      It wasn't in order. It wasn't needed. It wasn't logical.

    2. Well, as distasteful as all of this shamming is, what is the evidence, to the contrary, that Scott and Tessa are indeed married, and what is the evidence that they have a child? Marriage is a matter of public record, whether civil or religious. Is there irrefutable evidence that they are, in fact, married??? If it does exist, then the shamming is truly morally reprehensible. If there is no evidence that they are married (proof of their union) then everything this blog is about is really just conjecture, too. If Scott isn't married, he ought to be free to date whomever he pleases. Evidence is not the same as taking someone's word for a fact....I have never seen a shred of evidence that Scott and Tessa are married. Word of mouth is not an acceptable level of evidence, but a city-hall record or a church announcement would be more convincing. In a similar way, hiding a child from complete public view would be almost impossible, and there must be all kinds of documentation of a child's existence--immunization for daycare, school, passport to move between the US and Canada....and to totally hide a child??? As a mother of two young children---with nannies---you still make appearances with your own child for the day to day things in life--doctor's appointments, shopping, playdates. Sorry to be skeptical, but hiding a child in plain sight would be nearly impossible.

    3. I'm waiting for the proof as well. As much as there is a lot about Tessa and Scott that is weird and just plain bizarre, I don't think that a secret marriage/child are the only explanations. I find it incredibly hard to believe that they could manage to never have been seen with their child in the now almost 2 and a half years that he/she has supposedly been alive. Are we to believe that anyone who has seen them out with a small infant/toddler suddenly developed an incredible case of discretion?

      When asked for proof, all we get are a few people who claim to have had it confirmed by "connections". So? I'm to take your word for it? I don't care for Cassandra or her family and I sincerely hope that Scott is not involved with her but if he's not with Tessa, as the above said, he's free to date whomever he pleases. If Cassandra makes him happy, then I wish them the best.

    4. It's not OC's, mine, or anyone else's responsibility to provide what you call acceptable documentation, but my guess is that even if someone posted the documents you want, you'd just say they were fakes.

      Beyond that... Tessa and Scott were married abroad. Not having a church announcement is a simple enough thing--don't make one. There wouldn't be a city hall record since they were married overseas, but yes there's a marriage certificate. However, it's not like they're publically available for anyone to look at or that anyone can just order one up. You have to be the couple or next of kin (parent, child, sibling) to make that request to the Ontario government. Same with the child's birth certificate. The parents or child (once they reach, I think, 13) have to request it. Immunization records and passports are also not accessible to the general public at large.

      Hiding that kid is easier than you think. Keep this in mind: despite the fact that skating is a focus of skating fans, in the wider world, it's a tiny niche sport that only gets attention once every for years. Most people in the world have no clue who Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are. They themselves have said that they fly under the radar in Michigan. To most, they simply look like a random young family when out. Tessa with little or no make up looks different from what she looks like made up for the ice and apperances. Scott can blend in as well if you're not specifically looking for him. Even if someone did see them, not everyone has a twitter, fb, or fsu account that they're going to run back online to report that they saw them. The specific subset of people of which you speak--people who would have recognized V/M, seen that they had a kid with them, and have had a social media account is incredibly small numbers-wise.

      Playdates, I'm sure, are with the children of family and close friends who aren't going to say anything. You don't necessarily have to take a small child or infant out shopping if there's someone else to watch the kid.

    5. Where were they married? In many US states, a marriage certificate is available to anyone who goes to the local Clerk's office in person (not in an online database) and asks. Birth certificates are usually more difficult to come by, and immunizations and school records would be guarded by privacy laws.

      Can anyone shed light on the system in Canada?

    6. As has been said many times before on here, Monaco, November 2009.

    7. 9:55 - you can shed your own light. That's what google is for.

      Scott and Tessa didn't get married in Canada. The blog has said this repeatedly.

    8. Query to the two asking for documented proof:

      suppose in your travels you found out for yourselves that Scott and Tessa were married with a child. Would you immediately run to the internet under a known screen name and spill?

  9. Marriage is not a matter of record accessible to anyone from the public. You can't go online to the relevant data base, punch in names of people you know and get their birth and marriage info. Yet one of you has no problem claiming this is how it is. There's plenty of stuff on record with the government - in Canada this is marriages, births, taxes - that aren't available to strangers. People have to go through a process to get their own records.

    Both of these "proof" complaints are full of ignorance - willful ignorance - and laziness. The lazy part is the refusal to focus on details and claim "they're hiding their baby!" and that "nobody has seen their baby." It's also a refusal to do your own research.

    That's ridiculous. They're not hiding their child, many people have seen their child. The information, like a LOT of information, is kept off the internet and out of legit media. Period. It's ignorant to assume that "nobody" = internet and press and fans. Vain and stupid and ridiculous.

    People discuss this in private all the time. Furthermore, most skating boards are political, use screen names, and people among those who know don't want it traced to them. If these people are able to confirm the facts about Scott and Tessa with a source, do you really think they'll run to the internet with it and betray their source and alienate their sources in public? Do you know how many private discussions there are where all of this is talked about more openly?

    This place is anonymous. Even so, if I refer to people I know by way of making a point, I cloak it. We're talking when I refer to anonymous private citizens nobody knows or cares about, without using a name, I still cloak it. The internet isn't a gossip dump - except for made up gossip. THAT shit is everywhere. Fan discussion is rigidly controlled.

    1. P.S. Furthermore, I know Tessa and Scott's status for a fact. The fact that I haven't shared how I know doesn't make it less of a fact. As well, the fact that neither of you can conceive of legitimate reasons why I (or others for that matter) haven't shared how I know shows a lack of common sense.

  10. Let's look at other things Virtue and Moir kept hidden from the official record and the internet, such as her two procedures for compartment syndrome. The only rumor that reached fsu in 2008 was Tessa had possibly hurt her arm. Tessa was in conspicuous leg discomfort by the 2008 4CCs and Worlds - did anyone do the math? The internet was too busy interpreting her strained demeanor as suggestive of personal problems with Scott and/or Marina.

    While I don't credit the official timeline for her second procedure, by that point VM were Olympic gold medalists and her first bout with compartment syndrome was well known. Her physicians work with nurses, receptionists, other doctors, other patients, and their facilities have public parking and other public spaces. Did Tessa's presence in various medical, pt offices and hospitals - or her actual surgery in a sizeable medical facility - get to the internet before she and Scott announced it? According to her he carried her out. Were they wearing invisibility cloaks? A second series of consultations, a round of leg struggle throughout the Olympic year, and a second surgery afterwards - nobody blew their cover.

    Music and choreography - nobody at Arctic Edge leaks people's music, not even anonymously. It's left to the skaters. Furthermore, this music goes outside the rink to be arranged and cut - nobody involved leaks that, either.

    At a given event, could we name all Moirs, all Virtues, all McCormicks and all of Kate's family and friends - or Tessa's? Tessa recently showed on instagram in a group photo of girlfriends celebrating another girl's singing gig. We all knew all about those girls prior to that, didn't we.

    Have they all of Scott and Tessa's connections announced themselves on facebook so that if one were minding Scott and Tessa's child the connection would be recognized by fans, all of whom are on social media?

    Too many fans fall into the notion that public figures are actually living their lives in the spotlight, when the majority of their lives are unobserved.

    As to not liking Cassandra - the style of the sham makes that inevitable. The conspicuous ignoring of Tessa immediately creates the impression of a triangle, of jealous insecurity and possessiveness. The one-note content makes Scott seem like the trophy boyfriend of a narcissist. The piling on of friends and family to the exclusion of all other discussion makes them seem like voyeurs. Scott comes across needy, wimpy and insecure to 'permit' this, and also hypocritical via his claims not to be on social media at all.

    So, badly done, all around.

  11. Anon @ 6:52 am:

    "I'm waiting for the proof as well. As much as there is a lot about Tessa and Scott that is weird and just plain bizarre, I don't think that a secret marriage/child are the only explanations"

    I'm curious, what are the other explanations you would give for the weird and the bizarre when it comes to Tessa and Scott?

    1. I don't really have any good ones, other than they are simply telling the truth and their relationship really is just a close friendship, with a touch of acting and playing up the maybe-possibly-romantic vibe between them. I know, it's unlikely but I also find a marriage/baby to be so...out there and seemingly impossible to believe.

    2. This seems to be the most rational perspective. Regardless of their personal life circumstances, I am still really looking forward to their next Olympic performance. Their skating is beautiful and awe-inspiring and their chemistry is undeniable and a pleasure to watch. Secret marriage/sham parnters and a hidden child seem so far-fetched and as dedicated professionals at the top of their game, I can't imagine they would have the energy or the time to devote to creating a parallel universe--their own real universe must be stuffed with practice, working out and fairly intense planning. It would behoove anyone who makes such outlandish claims to bring forward some proof, because it is otherwise just taking someone's word for something.

    3. It obviously behooves no such thing. Jesus.

      Second, what's outlandish is this sort of ersatz logic and sanctimony. Clearly a 2 dimensional sham conducted via mobile devices and mobile uploads on social media requires very little time for anyone, least of all Scott and Tessa, who don't do the "work".

    4. @ 6:04 and 6:31. This blog has been around for over two years and knowledge of Virtue and Moir's marital status and child has been widespread for longer than that. It's not speculation or an outlandish claim, it's fact. Whether you feel the blogger's assertions aren't believable without the kind of "proof" you think is called for is your own problem.

      There is nothing necessarily "secretive" or "hidden" about Virtue and Moir's personal life. They aren't living in a bunker. They simply don't discuss it publicly, which is their right. No one is holding a gun to their heads and forcing them to reveal details about their relationship to large swaths of people they don't personally know, nor has that ever, or should it be, the case.

      What's being called out is their decision to not only boldface lie about their personal life, but also utilize social media to proactively manipulate fans and then turn around and play the sanctimonious victim card. Emphasis on the word "proactively," because Virtue and Moir also don't have anyone holding guns to their heads and forcing them to lie, fabricate fake significant others, and jack with fans via surrogates. That decision is on them and the people who advise them, and they've tried to turn it around, place the blame for it on fans, and mock them for good measure. When in the article that accompanied their wedding-themed photoshoot Scott claimed they almost didn't do it because they knew it would cause a buzz - that was typical of the "woe is us" sanctimony they dish out about this stuff. What they've done is fabricate a false problem (of the "we can't do anything without people incorrectly suspecting we're actually together or wanting us to be!" variety) and use it to excuse the falsehoods they deliberately spread.

      If you lie, manipulate, and go out of your way to blame your reason for doing so on the very fans whose support you claim is important to you (and who buy tickets to see your shows, purchase your book, or donate to your skating club), you can expect to get called out for it by those who know the truth about who you are or what you're doing. It's completely hypocritical and egotistical to assert that the people calling you out are crazy for it, or have no right to do so, but that your reason for screwing with or taking advantage of their support for you is justified. There are valid, professional ways to maintain privacy. What Virtue, Moir, and their advisors are doing is bush league. It's backwards, attention-whoring, and incredibly transparent.

    5. Every time someone has a hissy fit that the blog won't provide "proof", I'm always reminded of this.

    6. What stands out in the above remarks about "the only rational explanation" and "simply this" is the inauthenticity.

      First, as already said, it behooves the blog WHY? That remark shows no thought - it's just a pose. The blog has been active over two years - it behooves nothing, and anyone posting with common sense versus self-conscious sanctimony wouldn't say something so silly.

      Second, the issue is, typically, characterized erroneously. Unless you're a luddite, it's clear that a social media scam isn't something that takes tremendous time - that's the point of it being 2 dimensional and virtual.

      Third, the real issue isn't that people think this hoax is too time consuming, outlandish or extravagent to be real, it's people either don't want to believe - or don't want others to believe - that Scott and Tessa are doing what they're doing, which is precisely as 10:55pm has described it.

    7. I might add that Virtue and Moir also have no business playing victim, as they do continuously, as nobody put a gun to their head and told them to marry in Monaco during the Olympic season, and nobody told them to get pregnant immediately after Worlds 2011. Both events were planned by them long before most fans had ever heard of them.

      The public doesn't own Scott and Tessa, but rather than Scott and Tessa owning their decisions, they play turn it around and pile the blame on fans. I know of no other figure skaters as prone to abusing fans as Scott and Tessa. Even with what's public, they are constantly raising fake fan concerns so as to belittle and dismiss them. Scott is too busy being the smartest guy in the room to ever tap into the humility and compassion that he actually used to possess.

      Slightly OT re Scott - my suspicion is that Scott sees himself as a bit of a martyr, in the historical sense- the guy who is on the front lines taking the hits and the slings and arrows, doing the humiliating stuff (the aggressive sham stuff) as his line of defense for Tessa and his family. But I suspect the reality is that if he drew appropriate boundaries in his life there would be no need for any of this, no need for him to do this for Tessa or for himself. As has been noted before, Scott is more than capable of absorbing the brunt of both fan and media attention, and more than willing to set terms and shut things down if he thinks something is inappropriate. His Achilles heel is Moirville. He's a 25 year old man who lacks the courage, or time, or energy, to deal with issues that are none of our business, but we're more or less dragged into it because we're the scapegoats for it.

      Everyone in legit media will claim ignorance of what Scott & Co. have done on social media - despite many having been facebook friends for years - because to acknowledge what Scott and Tessa have done with social media makes them accountable and the narrative they prefer is that Scott and Tessa are victims who need to protect themselves from fans who can't tell reality from fantasy, even as they turn around and claim that they can go under the radar 100% of the time any time they want. Nobody in legit media cares to look at that math either.

  12. To reiterate, it is fact, not theory or conclusion, that Scott and Tessa are married parents.

    Their behavior has been the topic of a lot of speculation, most of it patronizing towards VM, painting them as fan fiction characters who are either clueless or in denial. These theories bond different fan communities as they take turns commending each other for this or that stroke of insight, perception or shared experience. It seems to me a lot of fans are reluctant to let go of their pet theories because they enjoy the ego boost and it's also what keeps the discussion going.

    Although a lot of the discussion has shifted to equally made up, equally baseless fantasies about Marina, Arctic Edge, and program choice. I think a lot of fans don't want or care to know what the reality is. They prefer their fantasies, and developing them with each other, and trading theories. Reality becomes a wet blanket.

    1. From Anon @ June 9, 6:04pm

      "I don't really have any good ones, other than they are simply telling the truth and their relationship really is just a close friendship, with a touch of acting and playing up the maybe-possibly-romantic vibe between them. I know, it's unlikely but..."

      This just doesn't make sense. You think it's reasonable that VM are telling the truth but at the same time you think it's unlikely?

      This goes to oc's comment at 5:09. There are lots of speculations, but none of them are making sense and not only that, most of them tend to be very patronizing toward VM. So far, the only thing I'm seeing that makes sense is that VM are lying and are in fact married and have a child.

      Yes, I know OC and some others have said they know this for a fact and are not simply guessing. But there are many like myself who have no insider sources, so it does come down to connecting all the dots and reaching some conclusions. I have followed this story closely for a long time and frankly, the more time goes by and the more dots I connect, the more I strongly believe OC's statements.

      I wouldn't mind seeing some other explanation--as long as it's reasonable and rationally addresses all those weird and bizarre things surrounding VM.

    2. Here's an alternate explanation-Scott Moir has an evil twin. They were conjoined and separated at birth. The good twin is the daddy and husband, the evil twin is with CH.

  13. Carol Moir is following Heather's twitter.

    Not following Cassandra yet, but is it just a matter of time. It looks like folk at the Skate Canada convention were encouraged to twitter and Carol has just decided to start using it.

    1. Well this is an obvious facepalm anon at 7:09 pm. I mean really what is Moirville going to do when V/M retire..

    2. Carol Moir is following a twitter troll who claims that Scott chooses Cassandra over Tessa because Cassandra is much prettier than Tessa?

      This is the brain trust who felt justified putting up a "flip the bird" profile picture when her family started getting called out for shit they were, in fact, doing.

    3. Moirville is going to be utterly bereft when VM retire. Luckily for them, they get one last hurrah here for another Olympic season. Can't wait to see how this pissing match escalates over the course of the season. Should be entertaining, at the very least.

    4. Carol Moir has chosen to follow Heather. Heather has around ten followers and there are how many Virtue Moir fans on twitter? Quite a few. But Carol chooses this one who has spent her short time on twitter mocking and taunting fans and has also spent some time talking up Scott's impending marriage to Cassandra, his talk of marriage with Jessica, and how Cassandra is prettier than Tessa.

      I look forward to Carol's next virtual flyer soliciting donations to and purchases of sweatshirts for the Ilderton Skating Club. The Moirs are really something.

    5. Didn't Skate Canada already encourage everyone to get on twitter after Champs Camp embarrassed SC's training camp with its twitter chops?

      And it all petered out almost immediately, as is usual with Skate Canada?

  14. OC, do you think it's possible the fact that Lauren Senft, a bff of both Meryl Davis and Tanith Belbin, has been on the judging panel the past two years at Canadian Nationals was part of the problem with VM's scores in both years? IMO, it seems like a pretty big conflict of interest.

    1. I think there's plenty of conflict of interest inside Skate Canada itself, and the real problem is Skate Canada giving a green light to tank VM's scores and inflate GPs.

    2. Good points anon at 9:26 am and oc. In terms of conflict of interest within Skate Canada - I know a lot of fans are happy that Paul/Islam got one GP this year - which is better than nothing - but at the expense of who? Orford/Williams who have one GP. If I was Orford/Williams I wouldn't be exactly thrilled considering that last year overall they did well and were given 2 GP slots last year. My two cents...Look I am not a huge fan of Orford/Williams but I don't think it should have been an automatic for G/P to get 2 assignments this year considering last year's Worlds.....
      P.S. Anon at 9:26 am - didn't Lauren Senft use to compete against V/M as well back in the day? When you have Marie-France Dubreuil questioning the marks - you know there is a problem...

    3. At the elite levels figure skating is a small community. In all the disciplines, I don't see how all conflicts of interest can be avoided. Ultimately, the integrity of the judging is on the judges themselves to score fairly without personal bias. Ice-dancing in particular has had problems with corruption for decades but I think in the last couple seasons it's worse than ever. At least back in the day the winners were still great skaters. Right now there is absolutely no justification for D/W's scores nor for the egregious docking of points to V/M, who are arguably one of the best ice-dance teams in the history of the sport and they should be at least 10 points ahead of their nearest competitors - always. It's blatant corruption but I don't think it can be attributed to any single person.

    4. I agree that the scoring of DW - more than the stripping points from VM - simply the scoring of DW as a stand alone - is the single most egregious example of corruption in ice dance in more than a decade. Neither their skating nor their elements hold up to deconstruction. Yet a variety of interests have joined to promote them and score them as the best in the world.

  15. 12:06, what did MFD say?

  16. Geez, Carol Moir has now made her twitter account private. After all these years of being in the public eye they sure are sensitive about one little blog. What the hell are they afraid of? If all those connected to VM run away and act fearful they sure aren't doing their PR any good.

    On the other hand, thank you Carol for shutting down one more potential sham conduit. Lol

    1. It can still be used as a sham conduit, much in the same manner as Cassandra has been doing. Through Twitter helpfully displaying mutual followers, I can see that at least one fan has been "accidentally" left on.

      Grow up, Moirs. This game is getting old.

    2. It's amazing how much time they spend reading this blog...Moirs you are really ridiculous

  17. Guys, idk, Cassandra was at the golf tournament yesterday. That probably means she's really Scott's gf, right?! I mean, I can't think of any other reason why she'd spend a day getting drunk in a golf cart with one of her friends.


    1. Well you know if Paulina Gretzky has a golfer boyfriend..then well it must be a "hot" and "in" activity for CH...insert sarcasm...

    2. None of this has anything to do with shamming or privacy. This is a pissing contest.

      The Moirs and Scott and Tessa basically thought it was their right to jerk people around on social media for their personal entertainment. 99% of what they did on social media was unnecessary for any type of privacy shield.

      In mainstream media, they're always yanking the hankies out of their pockets, dabbing at their eyes, tremendously moved by their own great small town hearts and by Scott and Tessa's journey.

      Scott and Tessa lie their asses off on social media and then in legitimate media they whine as if they're the ones persecuted by the fans whose chains they're jerking, after they take long long walks to agitate fans and prompt a reaction from them.

      Cassandra is there to avoid told you so's. And that's IT. What other skaters get into such a personal conflict with the public as this crowd? What other skaters stoop so low, get so petty.

      For me, it's a reflection of this particular small town, and apparently parts of London, and the London and Ilderton skating community. While small towns don't have great reputations for being broad minded, there is no small town in my experience as up its own ass as Ilderton.

    3. I've been searching for a long time for a more rational answer to why they're doing this but there isn't one. It's a game to them, a pissing contest, a way to fuck around with the fans. They may started with good intentions but it's now evolved into something so twisted and disgusting. Congratulations, Moirs and Ilderton. I hope you enjoy your legacy.

      For people who have used newborn babies as props, I should have known they'd have no qualms over using a charity golf tournament to further egg on the fans and parade Scott's "personal life" around.

    4. The hostility towards the public was present before the blog called them out. The unwarranted hostility. That hostility was WHY the blog was created and called them out. They just have a big, native asshole streak.

    5. VM desperately need a competent manager who will oversee every aspect of any contact with the public, whether it's through legit channels or social media. Some agent in a city hundreds of miles away who was mostly interested in golf clients obviously was not present enough and I hope they don't go that route again. These guys (and Moirville) manage to corrupt almost all the stuff they make public (Christmas, babies, charity events...). This is another Olympic season and these idiots are busy upping the ante with a social media GF instead of making sure everyone's attention is turned to the damn skating! Why are they allowing any discussion at all to be about Scott and a girl who is not Tessa?

      It's pretty obvious Moirville wants to stick it to the fans who are no longer buying the established narratives. Yet they hold all of us in such contempt, why do they care what we think? VM and Co. come across immature, petty and extremely unprofessional.

    6. We have not seen the baby but we have "heard" it, during the phone interview!

    7. HDU! That was Scott's niece.

    8. "using a charity golf tournament to further egg on the fans and parade Scott's "personal life" around."

      Is it known that CH was paraded around as Scott's girlfriend at the golf tournament or was she just there with a friend as a participant? Is the purpose of showing her there only for social media pictures or was it similar to when Jessica was in the family buggy at the parade?

    9. "While small towns don't have great reputations for being broad minded, there is no small town in my experience as up its own ass as Ilderton."

      IMO a combination of having a celebrity skating team and VM's own mishandling of boundaries. So you get a family/town that feels entitled to be up VM's ass.

    10. Yes, 11:17 am, I agree with both of this but why doese Ilderton have problems with boundaries? Walk this back. Why does this boundary issue exist for VM to mishandle?

      I felt that a little of the boundary problem showed with the last bursary fund iniative at worlds. That was a completely tone deaf enterprise.

      Scott has a couple of times said things like "I'm not a classy guy" and the Ilderton community is proud of being down to earth, not "putting on airs", etc. They're trying to project that they're not fancy, they're not ultra educated (although that's disingenuous for some of them).

      What they're really saying is they're proud of being douchebags. They seem to think only fancy people treat others with common decency.

      It's about how you treat people. You don't need to be incredibly educated and well spoken, incredibly refined, broadly traveled, broadly experienced, to treat people with common decency. That's a concept Scott and Tessa just don't have a handle on, and it has nothing to do with class. To them treating people decently appears to be something they think you do when you're observed, and when you can't be seen, or when you're hiding behind surrogates, you can be a dick. Fans aren't real people to them.

      The Moirs were already treating people on social media like shit, and enjoying themselves immensely, and displaying a clear streak of hostility and mean, long before this blog was created. Where does that come from? They're very lucky people. Scott's mother and aunts have spent their lives doing what they love. Scott and Tessa are not only extraordinarily talented in every aspect you'd want to find in great skaters and ice dance teams, they have not only been fortunate in each other in their personal and professional relationship, but those bonds have helped them past obstacles that might have derailed another set of skaters. They stayed on track and achieved their dreams.

      The blog isn't causing them to be like this. They were like this before the blog. The blog called them out and true to form they blamed fans for what they are doing.

      Has all this good fortune spoiled them while also made them bathetic and melodramatic about what obstacles they've faced? And the combination has created entitlement?

    11. Also 11:17, the way Scott and Tessa appear to have handled boundaries is to avoid handling them, and redirecting them instead. They appease, avoid, pacify, juggle, etc. but basically don't confront the issue or admit there is an issue. This seems to go to family as well as community.

      Which is fine. Figure skating is a sport that, similar to show business, is full of parents and family living through and overly involved with matters concerning their grown kids, both in their personal lives and professional lives. However, I'm not aware of other situations where the grown kids, the celebrities, scapegoat fans or members of the public, jerk them around as a way of managing the boundary problem that exists in their personal lives, not among fans. That's where Scott and Tessa suck.

  18. @11:06, whether she appears in any official pics or not, on social media, she's Scott's gf and her being there says all they want to. For what it's worth, I doubt her presence was acknowledged much, if at all during the event itself.