Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Do Carol Moir and PJ Kwong hope @casshilborn gives Scott a beautiful daughter?

For the record:

I snap-birded skating_Heather9's tweets to see why Carol Moir, with her private twitter account, and PJ Kwong decided to be one of her whopping 10 followers.

After all, it's not often that the entire fucking twitterverse has more common sense than these two high profile Skate Canada members but this is one of those times.

What am I saying, there are dead plants with more common sense than this crowd.

Heather hasn't done much tweeting and she's a one-topic gal. What tweets of hers appealed to Carol Moir and PJ Kwong?

This one?

Cause the baby Tessa gave him is ugly and fictitious, correct, PJ and Carol?


Oh. The child is a thing, as well as not being real.

I look at all of those athletes with their babies and young children up on the banner and wonder how many of them would green light their child being dragged through twitter like this just to score points off some fans on the web. Or which of these athletes would allow their families to support that.

I suspect none of them. I think this is just another way Scott and Tessa are "unique."

The kid isn't even three and already is a pawn the Moirs are using to piss on the segments of the public on social media who have the nerve to say this child exists.

Suddenly social media counts? They confuse me.

And any time there's a chance to take a shot at Meryl, well, you don't have to ask twice.

Heather links to this blog. Because Carol and the rest of the Moirs just hate the blog that much, they follow someone who links to it.

They are egging on a poster/troll perfectly willing to use a little child - MOCK a little child - as a weapon to taunt the public on twitter.

Carol is this kid's great aunt.

That's right, Toddler Moir, you are an it. Nobody has ever seen you.

Fake, genderless child. That's fucking cold, Carol.

Let me point out, Carol Moir, that Scott and Tessa's baby, marriage, and fan denials re same are explicitly discussed on one place - this blog. It's a dedicated blog people have to visit intentionally.

OTOH, Heather is trashing and mocking this child's existence on a public account on a social media platform with millions and millions of subscribers. At least ten public search engines exist to retrieve tweets from twitter archives. They don't go away when they're off twitter's own timeline.

Heather is a stranger (to the child, and to Carol Moir) and an idiot who is merrily having sport with this little kid's parentage, identity, gender and validity, on a public twitter account, using the child and her self-positioning as a Scott Moir insider to taunt whoever comes upon her account. Carol ups and joins twitter and first thing, decides to encourage Heather.

Congratulations on your fabulous judgment and maturity. Take some new bird-flipping profile pictures, Carol. Perhaps you can make that the new logo on the Ilderton Skating Club's next run of florescent-colored sweatshirts.

Oh, and PJ - you represent SC, which is at least partially run on public funds. You're not Scott and Tessa's personal pr rep. So maybe gaslighting the public on twitter out of a misbegotten sense of discretion isn't the appropriate choice. At least don't enable a troll. And ignorance, your fallback position, is, IMO, a limited utility excuse. After all, as Heather says:

While Heather overstates the relationship, yes. Yes PJ would.

So this:

is very not cool, PJ, as is this:

Yes, Heather is a sensible person.

Which of course means Heather's got the smarts of a bag of rocks, why else would brain trusts like PJ and Carol Moir relate?

Hear that Toddler Moir? Your daddy is going to marry and have gorgeous babies with @casshilborn, your mommy isn't daddy's type, isn't as gorgeous as @casshilborn, and your mommy is a bit too princessy.

You know what I know for a fact? Even if Tanith Belbin were hiding her fucking DOG from the public she would not permit this kind of callous, revolting name-and-existence-in-vain horror on fucking public TWITTER. Even while hiding her dog's existence she wouldn't endorse this as Carol Moir has endorsed Heather. She has more fucking respect for her dog, D.J., than Moirville shows Scott and Tessa's child on the biggest social media platform on the planet.

Because you know the only thing Moirville respects? Their egos. That's what this is about.

Speaking of respect:

Yes. Very disrespectful. You see, respect, that's a thing Scott, Tessa, PJ, et al, are entitled to receive. It's definitely not something they need to show others.

I kind of feel that Moirville may have vibed with this Heather tweet:

and Toddler Moir will appreciate this in a few years:

Just in case the photos TM sees one day are unsettling, let it be known a total stranger who has Great Aunt Carol's approval saw them like this.

That's right TM, nobody knows if you are male or female. Carol Moir and PJ think this is a sensible comment. Also, mommy is single, so guys can still try and figure if they can angle daddy for her phone number.

I'm sure he'll be happy to pass her number along. If he even has it. According to his and mommy's interviews, neither knows for sure if the other is going to be at practice til they arrive at the rink, so maybe Daddy doesn't have mommy's number.

Maybe it was this tweet that appealed to Carol. It trashes Meryl Davis:

You know what I've always noticed about Moirville: for a bunch of hypersensitive, self-protective "adults" with obvious chips on their shoulders and easily affronted egos, who cry over themselves at the drop of a hat, they certainly don't shy away from dragging others - now including a toddler - through the mud if they think it gets them up on points. They're sensitive when it comes to themselves, but their brutality is hair-raising when it comes to others, including what they co-sign on twitter regarding a small person not yet three.

And any time there's a chance to take a shot at Meryl, well, you don't have to ask twice.

There's more but I'm taking a break before I add them. I feel a little nauseous.

P.S. I actually think they do this because they're only sensitive to themselves, not others, and they think this is funny. What's serious? Their egos. They have their priorities sorted, we can see that all over this twitter.

And of course, if there were no baby and no marriage, Carol would follow some random twitter twit with about 100 tweets and 9 followers who was babbling on compulsively about a bunch of stupid as fuck rumors. Right?

The brains - they were doled out sparingly in the Ilderton community.

You kind of have to wonder if Heather's passive aggressive digs at "princessy" Tessa isn't a way for Carol to express her own attitude via a surrogate like Heather. After all, an entire community has to be re-directed with this sham - that's some kind of mega boundary issue. Which probably wouldn't exist at all if Tessa weren't so princessy and in need of boundaries. The Moirs could all crawl straight into bed with Scott and Tessa and advise/give feedback 24-7. So maybe it feels good to Carol to have some of her feelings expressed through Heather.

Although it's hard to figure what appeals to her about mocking a two year old. But then, it's only a two year old. Big deal. It's not like it's Moirville that's being mocked.

P.P.S. It was more then 10 years ago, but it's hard to forget that back then, Alma Moir, no mere "fan", but a prominent skating insider, cavalierly "outed" Brian Boitano to a journalist without a qualm. This is a woman who has subsequently aided and abetted an extensive, pro-active social media jack-off on her son's supporters and fans all to occupy and entertain herself and her family and conceal her son's legitimate marriage and child from those not worthy enough to know about it. Boitano has never discussed his private life, but that didn't stop Alma from exposing what she believed about his private life to score points for Canadian skating. Has Moirville changed at all since then?

And - some other Moirville moron doubtless failed their due diligence and recommended Carol jump on Heather's twitter, and, without doing her own due diligence, Carol did so, because the internet is a place you can be reckless - even if you have no idea what you're doing, and why, because the rest of us are sure to be stupider, correct, Moirville?

What recommended Heather's twitter to Moirville? Was it her playing fast and loose with the existence of Toddler Moir? Was it her fawning over how hot Scott is with Cassandra?

Or was it her continually taunting Scott and Tessa supporters and fans who have the affrontery to possess brain power stronger than a 10 watt light bulb? I suspect it was that.

So to repeat.

Scott and Tessa are married, they have a young child. That is the truth.

Moirville has spent a lot of time having sport on the internet, pretending this isn't true. Their activities have been characterized by horrible taste, sour grapes, a mean streak, stings, set-ups, a fucking freight train of passive aggression, and enjoyment in mocking and having sport with those who support figure skating and support Scott and Tessa.

They've been called out here, and occasionally elsewhere, and they think they're entitled to a double standard - they can proactively jerk people around, but their targets aren't allowed to react or Moirville will turn around and pretend to be put upon victims.

So, weasels.

And as horrible as they've been demonstrated to be at all things internet, especially when it comes to the sham, they still can't keep their fingers out of the pie. When anyone would common sense would simply maintain the status quo, or, even better, just shut up, they stir the shit. They are unbelieveable.


  1. To be fair, PJ appears to follow everyone who follows her.

    1. I know she does, but she doesn't address every rumor or answer every question. She chose Heather's, without vetting Heather, and she also works for CBC as well as with SC. That's not good.

      I want to underscore something about how this child is used on Heather's twitter - as a joke, and a way to mock and taunt fans.

      This isn't about how this will affect their child when the child is old enough. We can't know, and there's every reason to believe Scott and Tessa have the same foresight, expertise and common sense in child rearing vis a vis this matter as they've demonstrated in all of their off ice endeavors, particularly public relations.

      It's not indecent because of some hypothetical future consequence. It's indecent now, in its own right. That's why I said what I said about Tanith's dog. I can say for a fact that dog wouldn't give a shit what went down on twitter.

      But Tanith loves that dog and wouldn't traffic in this crap because it's dishonorable. The respect should be for YOUR relationship to, respect and care for, this living thing in your life. It's not "Well, they'll never know, care, or be affected."

      Would a family toy with a mentally challenged family member on twitter because the family member would never catch on? Or ends-justify-the-means that behavior, particularly when the "ends" are so petty, so base, so political?

      Is whether their child ever finds out or not what matters?

      Furthermore, as I added to the post, Heather is a stranger to that kid and to Carol Moir, Heather is treating that child as a joke and is recklessly taunting the public with that child's validity, and Carol Moir jumped on twitter and followed her. She's basically endorsing a moronic's stranger's using that kid.

      I don't care if Scott and Tessa's kid never has an inkling of all of this. It's reprehensible and so fucking callous.

  2. Carol or Cassandra aren't following Heather ?!

    1. Carol Moir is following Heather's. It's amazing how Carol found an account with barely over 100 tweets and only 8 followers other than Carol and PJ Kwong, a single-issue twitter account that devotes all its time to belittling fans, making a joke of Scott and Tessa's child, and telling us Scott's going to marry Cassandra.

      Carol's a fan.

      You know what I want to hear more about? Tessa whining about her totally made up internet problems. You know how the mean old internet said she was just like Carmen and it hurt, and, even though she didn't read it first hand, it "filtered" its way to her and wounded her feelings? Princess and the Pea has nothing on that one.

      Well, Tessa, nut up, because your kid is a joke on twitter, is being used to bash Virtue Moir fans on twitter, and your kid's birth, gender, and overall existence is a twitter sport used to taunt fans who dare to have two brain cells to rub together.

      O.M.G. what if all of this filters down to your kid someday.

      I'm SURE they'll be able to handle it, as it was for their own good and all. And after all, Tessa, when those nonexistent internet meanies claimed you were like Carmen, wasn't that a - what's the word - compliment? Didn't you used to see it like that when it came to your 'characters on the ice'.?

      Finally, nowhere on the internet, anywhere on social media, and certainly nowhere on legit media has a syllable ever escaped from Scott that suggests Tessa is a joke, or somehow trivial, or not his type, or someone he's happy to leave behind at the end of training, or anyone other than someone he loves deeply, absolutely adores, can't trivialize or belittle even in jest, someone at the core of his existence. Despite all the social media bullshit, and the great lengths they go to insist he and Tessa are platonic and he's dating yet another adoring, needy narcissist who doesn't know what a Tessa is, Scott still makes sure that concurrently, we understand who Tessa is to him and how he treats her and expects her to be treated, which is with complete respect. And not even the biggest sham proponents have dared to diminish Tessa while pushing the sham and insisting he and whatever girlfriend are just darling.

      Scott is incapable of treating Tessa, or allowing Tessa to be treated, as anything less than she is, at its core. He can't.

      He has a child. You'd think something of the same would drive him where his flesh and blood is concerned. At least to stop his family from validating shit like this. What the hell happened?

    2. I saw Carol's list of "following" just a few minutes before she locked it and I'm pretty sure she had already unfollowed Heather. However, I agree that the fact she would have followed her at all shows a lack of good judgment, given the public nature of twitter. I would be surprised if Heather was unfollowed for any reason except the blog immediately pointed out how dumb it was, not because Carol disapproved of Heather's games. But...now that her account is private, maybe she went and followed Heather again.

    3. Yes of course, let the blog vet their idiotic internet choices for them. That can't be it - they're smarter and better than this stupid blog.

      Surely if the blog hadn't called out Carol's support for Heather's twitter Carol would have figured it out for herself or she and other sham types would finally compare notes, which is something they should be doing all along.

      If she's jumped off, I'm shocked, as usually being called out for something is a cue for Moirville to double down.

    4. OC @ 8:33 -- oh I'm sure they will be doubling down in some fashion. Someone said in a recent comment that they had searched for a rational answer for why Moirville does this and he/she decided there wasn't one, it's just about a pissing match with the fans. I have to agree. After they got rid of Jessica there was no rational reason to produce another social-media gf and start the whole cycle over again. It was already established on legit media that Tessa and Scott were not together. Was anyone on legit media challenging that? In fan encounters were VM being harassed? Of course not. It's to jerk around the fans on social-media, the fans VM say they never hear/see because they're not on the internet (right?).... I'm not seeing any other reason. Do these pissing matches help VM stay in their bubble? Do they really really convince the fans that Tessa and Scott aren't together? The ones who believe them have never needed this kind of convincing and the ones who don't aren't gonna buy it anyhow.

      They do seem to love an excuse to be obnoxious and flaunt Scott with the social media honey. So yeah, I expect doubling down is on the way.

    5. Well, their attempts to follow someone like Heather on twitter is a tip off, wouldn't you say? All they apparently knew about her is she mocked the stupid fans who believed Scott and Tessa were married with a child, and hyped up Cassandra. She didn't talk about skating, the upcoming season, coaching, or anything fun or useful or interesting about Canadian figure skating or figure skating in Ontario. She stuck to two topics - belittling fans who believed Scott and Tessa were married, and getting more and more OTT talking about Cassanda and Scott together.

      Those two things were enough for first Charlie and Nicole, then Carol Moir, to join twitter and decide to follow someone who'd only been on twitter about five minutes and had seemingly tweeted exclusively about those two things.

      What does that tell us?

      Unfortunately it turned out she was a loose cannon, so they beat a retreat, but following her was one of the first moves three members of Scott's family made after signing up. So we know what they're doing on twitter.

      And, as you p;oint out, those that believe them never needed this type of convincing and the ones who don't aren't going to buy it. They're scoring points and look what happens when they focus on that.

      And never mind that they have never extended the same courtesy to other skaters - never mind fans - that they believe is owed to them by right from the internet.

      OT - but I remember that when Scott was dithering on about his pocket-walk strategies with that reporter who simultaneously interviewed him and Tessa and tweeted his every move, Scott casually allowed as how Patrick Chan's love life is more complicated than his own.

      REALLY, Scott. How interesting.

      Luckily for Scott, Patrick Chan is extremely candid, has no problem either saying or not saying something, and probably couldn't have cared less, but I'd like to see how Scott would react if another skater ever casually said anything to a reporter about his own love life.

    6. Anon at 10:32 am - solid post. So here we are post-Worlds where the Western Ontario section of Skate Canada and the Moirs did a solid job. Even the D/W ubers who attended enjoyed their experience in London (not just because D/W won gold). V/M had 2 great skates and I think we can all agree that we couldn't ask for anything more from V/M. They were great ambassadors and performed well under the pressure.
      I think the majority of the V/M fans who have followed them over the last Olympic cycle have seen the inflated D/W scores, the underscoring of V/M during the last 2 Nationals (and overscoring of G/P), icenetwork bashing of V/M etc. Basically if I had some advice for Carol Moir it would be that this blog or V/M fans are far from being V/M's biggest problem.
      Are some fans intrusive - yes, obsessive - yes, do I agree with everything that this blogger has stated - no but if the Moirs believe that putting a magnifying glass on Scott's private life accomplishes anything - instead of concentrating on the maturity of their skating - well so be it. Perhaps your energy would be better spent speaking to Ann Shaw, Michael Slipchuk, Tracey Wilson etc to see if Skate Canada will actually support V/M instead of just being Team Patrick Chan. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy Patrick Chan but to me ever since Christy Krall resigned as his coach - his consistency has been a question and the fact that he yet to hire a technical coach and keep his short pragram...well I wouldn't exactly put him as a overwhelming favorite. Yuna Kim overwhelming favourite - yes. Patrick Chan - solid but consistency is a question mark. Then add the team event at the Olympic Games...And let's not forget that Barb MacDonald perhaps can get with the program too...how on Earth pre and during Worlds in London, Ryan Plette, your London Free Press reporter, does not write any stories on Weaver/Poje, Moores-Tower/Moscovitch or even Duhamel/Radford but Meryl Davis and the USFSA basically hand over an article to the London Free Press which gives the impression that Meryl is more Canadian than Tanith Belbin. Lastly, I would like to add that the internet is not what it was 4 years ago. Everyone is on the internet now. For the fans that are still following V/M - it's about the skating and if anything we are more upset about the over-scoring of D/W rather than the personal crap. Just let their coaches, trainer, choreographers, Skate Canada do their job period. The skating is there - we all see it. Even the D/W ubers and V/M haters see it. Let the skating do the talking...sorry for the rant...

    7. As the saying goes - if wishes were horses, beggers would ride - none of what you wish would happen will happen. Tracy, for instance, is under contract with NBC. She's not going to be banging the drum over inflated scoring for DW.

      I don't know Scott and Tessa's current relationship with Skate Canada but they haven't been interviewed by Debbi in over a year. Where Debbi has interviewed other skaters Scott and Tessa have stuck with PJ. Concurrently the promotion and support on Skatebuzz and in skating media for VM has dropped off while Gilles/Poirier, who give Debbi total access, are constantly hyped. I think there may be some tensions between VM and elements in Skate Canada, as Skate Canada has always been a "ask not what you can do for your skaters, ask what your skaters can do for you." organization in contemporary times. At least that's Debbi's mantra, and as she and Barb are the media people, they influence how VM are and aren't defended by SC interests in the media.

      As to Pyette, he knows nothing about figure skating despite writing about its personalities. He's not going to turn down an article that was pretty much handed over to him fully written (the article on Meryl), especially since there's a tradition of noting what local ties a "foreign" competitor may have at a local competition. He's also used by Virtue Moir to publicize their events and appearances, and also to pave the way for whatever new stunt they're planning.

      Everything you say may be logical but it's logical if you believe everyone prioritizes fair scoring. I think most of the characters in this situation prioritize self-interest. For the Moirs, they prioritize their skating business and their various special interests surrounding access to and attention from Scott and Tessa, it appears. Smother love.
      If the scoring goes awry, well, what can you do but vent sour grapes on facebook after weeping in the stands for the camera. At least they made sweatshirt money out of the deal.

      YES, exactly, fans are much more worried about the skating but that is an inconvenient reality for Moirville because there's a limit to what they can do with the skating - VM have that covered. They're in Michigan training with the best - the Moirville contribution on training, programs, etc., is not really needed. The sham is their area, and as they're all about themselves, they will make sure the sham stays in play.

    8. IOW, the Moirs are not attempting to "accomplish" anything with the sham except to assert their superiority and remain involved in Scott and Tessa's business. If there was no sham, this blog speculates that they would turn their energies to REALLY being up in Scott and Tessa's business, far more directly, in far more exhausting ways, and as Scott lacks the stomach to say both things should end (Moirville's overinvolvement and lack of boundaries AND the sham) - the sham it is.

      And this says a lot about Moirville too. All the primary players are adults, most of them older than Scott and Tessa, yet they don't have the maturity to respect that there's a lot about Scott and Tessa's skating and life that is not about them. Scott and Tessa are simply an extension of them, that's how they behave. Scott and Tessa are a calling card for the skating business. Scott and Tessa are a Moirville product. They're not two adults who might need some space both in skating and in life, and again, while Scott is a tough guy in many easier respects - competitively, mediawise, not caring if he's liked by various segments of the public - he isn't up to this one.

      The extent of the sham, IMO, every day it exists, tells us the extent of the boundary problem in Moirville. It must be fucking suffocating.

    9. I'll just go further with this since the post above, itself is already very long.

      Look at this little twitter drama with Heather. Carol Moir is 54 fucking years old. She's got three daughters. Why is she on twitter up the ass of her 25 year old nephew's personal business? Doesn't she have a skating club to run?

      Charlie Moir is a married man, by last report that I read he's a firefighter, and he's got a young daughter. Why the fuck is HE on twitter up the ass of his 25 year old brother's personal business?

      Danny Moir is also a married man, although he wasn't yet a dad at the time of the 4CCs 2011. Why is he emailing media about Scott and Tessa? He's 30.

      How many family members do they actually need stirring this shit up?

      There is no way the sham, or Scott and Tessa, or any skater's business requires all of this homegrown personnel in addition to their actual support team - coaches, trainers, choreographers, etc.

      But they want to find roles for themselves. I'm sure staying in the background, being around when needed, but otherwise living your OWN life, like the Virtues, isn't on the table for the Moirs. They want to be INVOLVED.

      Now, a lot of fans, and, as well, not a few people in and around Moirville, point the finger at Tessa. It's Tessa's fault. If Tessa wanted to come clean, Scott would come clean.

      While I don't know if they're right, I think they're right.

      What good is coming clean if instead of occupying themselves with social media bullshit they suddenly started occupying themselves with Tessa's business? They already occupy themselves with her business - believe me, their interest in Scott and Tessa and their busybodyness about personal aspects of their lives isn't totally satiated by managing the sham, but the sham at least channels some of it.

      WHOSE job is it to deal with this? Whose family is it? Who is the raison d'etre for it all?

      It's Scott. It's his family. It's their relationship to him that justifies all of that - and to Tessa by extension.

      Who's the skater, the husband, the father, the son, the nephew? It's Scott. Whose job is it to deal with it? It's his. Instead he creates channels to divert Moirville's boatloads of bullshit from himself and Tessa onto us.

      Thanks Scott!

      He felt ready to be a husband. He felt ready to be a father. But he's not ready to be an adult, because this type of situation is, to one degree or another, faced by a lot of people and adult people DEAL with it, whether the other side welcomes the conversation or not.

      Just think of the mindset it must take to point a finger at Tessa or backhand Tessa. For what? For wanting breathing room, her own space, her independence, for not wanting an entire town and a barge full of relatives up her ass 24/7? To them, the "problem" is her, not them.

      Let's look at Tessa's story about restricting her cell phone contact list to seven. That's not precisely literal, but let's look at the spirit of that statement. She actually has to delete - how many people? - from her cell phone contacts during an Olympic season so she can focus and do what she needs to do to prepare? That's what it takes to keep them at bay - go into near solitary confinement? They can't take it upon themselves and show her the respect?

      Nope. They all prefer to pretend WE'RE the problem. We're the boundary issue, we're the focus stealer, we're the ones who are inappropriate. It's a great way to avoid looking at themselves.

      Of course we are. We're so so so hard to manage. It's us, not them.

  3. pj follows everyone that follows her though lol

  4. also carol isnt following heather nor cass

    1. Yes, she is, or was as of yesterday. I have the screen cap.

    2. she isnt anymore

    3. I don't know Twitter that well, but wouldn't Carol still be marked as Heather's follower even if her (I mean Carol's) tweets were private? Although the number of following on Carol's account seem to be the same as when she was following her, I'm soo confused.... :/

  5. I cannot fathom why Carol would choose to follow this Twitter account, albeit briefly. She validated it simply by doing that. Unless that was the point and then, way to go Aunt Carol!

    That poor child. I'm sure that Tessa and Scott are able to justify this to themselves somehow. I'd love to hear their rationale on it.

    1. I think it could be that the kid will never know or see it, or along those lines, or the kid has access to so much more context than fans see on social media it's not even an issue.

      And that's not the point. It's indecent now. We can take any speculated impact on the child out of it. It's indecent to use a child that way period. In its own right.

      Drag their existence and their gender, the validity of their parenthood through an attempted social media catfight - to enable that child to be trampled on twitter by a fucking idiot.

      Heather has declared herself a Scott Moir insider. It's the nature of fans to check out the tweets of someone who is speaking directly to rumors and claiming to know the truth. IOW Heather is going to get a lot of views, so the reckless way she is degrading the topic is going to get a lot of exposure.

      As I said in the post, you wouldn't do this to a dog, but Carol & Co. don't bother to check what this girl has tweeted before adding themselves to her follow count?

      By doing that, Carol was validating everything Heather says about Tessa, about Cassandra and Scott, and about Scott and Tessa's child. Puerile seems to be Moirville's default speed.

      I think Carol only intended to validate the way Heather was belittling fans and supporters of Scott and Tessa. What else could it be? This chick tweets nothing else.

      What is Carol - isn't she the third Moirville idiot to jump onto this girl's follower list and then beat a retreat? What attracted them to her twitter in the first place, pray tell? Do these people not compare notes?

      You see this and then remember Scott and Tessa pretending to dab at their eyes about how the internet misunderstood them about Carmen, because that's their latest version of themselves vis a vis the internet. Their latest version of themselves in relation to the internet is they're never on, but off in the distance they hear faint murmurings of super specific possible criticism and it really hurts their feelings when fans confuse what's on the ice with what's off. Which is a big switch from when they claimed it was flattering.

      I guess their child has thicker skin.

    2. "Which is a big switch from when they claimed it was flattering."

      LOL. I had forgotten about that. Lol, whatever happened to saying if fans confused what's on the ice it meant VM were doing their job. And also that Scott should be compared to George Clooney! Clooney isn't really "the thing" with VM's generation, betcha that was an idea straight from Debbi or Barb.

      Thinking back to all the idiocies they were saying back when (last Olympic season and the year right after), I would have never believed 3 years later they would still be trafficking in these asinine games. It's actually a big disappointment to see they haven't grown up. Still focused on saying whatever is expedient for the moment and covering their asses. If it contradicts last week's or last year's interview, oh well. I wonder if the public will ever see the real Tessa and Scott, and without all the officious Moirville intervention.

    3. Is it possible the Moirs know who Heather is and that's why they intended following her? We already know they view Heather's overall tone as extremely hilarious, since that is the way they have always treated fans regarding this issue.

      And since when do they pay attention to respectful boundaries? For YEARS their social media message is about who both Scott and Tessa are screwing (not each other--heavens no! But these other people--that's all ok). Eh. I think Heather's twitter might not have been their idea, but it doesn't really contradict anything they've done so far. One of their own wants to try this way of defending the sham? It looks like they wanted to join in the fun.

    4. I think they backed off because Heather started going OTT about Tessa as well, which I think is something even Moirville doesn't dare. And because they failed to realize it was fucking TWITTER. It's not some skater's facebook. And Heather as well got incredibly self-amused talking about the fake kid, which - right up the Moir's alley but they usually like to use kids to make the joke on the fans, not to make the kid a joke, even though both things are wrong to do to a kid. That isn't something they will ever get. They're stunted beyond belief.

  6. Hello, I really like this blog, it defends VM (and their fans) in every way possible, but I have a question, why are you so sure that Scott is Tessa's baby's father? why not anyone else? I mean she could have gotten married to someone else, right?
    I believe the part that she has a child, but why are you so sure that the child is Scott's too? That they have been together from day one? Why?
    Actually, I think that they love each other too, because of *the look* they give each other, but that can not be counted as a prove, right?

    1. I know for a fact that she's married to Scott and he's the father of her child.

      It's sad that they've made such a freaking clusterfuck of their public relations that fans feel comfortable believing that Tessa could have had a baby but without Scott. That's wonderful, considering the baby's daddy IS Scott. The child isn't three and the child's legitimacy is in dispute, existence is in dispute - all fodder, thanks to the Moirs and their unbelieveable fucking tire fire of a social media sham.

      So to just emphasize - I am absolutely sure Scott is the father. And he is Tessa's husband. This autumn he and Tessa will have been married four years.

      If you are a reasonable person, then I am sure you can think of many obvious and reasonable reasons why this blog does not explain on the internet how the blog knows for a fact the truth about Scott and Tessa's status. But, as has been posted many times, that doesn't make it less of a fact.

    2. If this is the truth, actually, I don't care about the lies they said, and whatever they do to hide their baby, their marriage, etc.Even they lie to us, I still think that Scott and Tessa getting married, being parents to a baby (ha, I believe what you say, so I am sure that the child must be adorable) is great, it must be a lovely family, they became partners since age 7 and 9, and then felt in love, and then got married, and then live happily ever after (hope so ^_^ ) is a wonderful story (though they try to hide it)
      So no, I don't blame them at all, it is in fact very funny watching them trying to lie like that, and the things going on with that Cassandra is just... hahaha =)))))))))

    3. 2:25
      It would all be much funnier if they hadn't also been mean, mocking and malicious in their treatment of fans.

    4. "I know for a fact that she's married to Scott and he's the father of her child." No, you don't. Facts require proof. And you have none to offer. The only sham around here is you.

    5. OC has proof. I have proof. Others have proof. Just because you don't doesn't make it any less true that V/M are married to each other and have a young child together.

    6. If you had proof you would provide even the smallest of details, such as celebrity blogs do in their "blinds" - this protects them from being sued. You have none, obviously. What a joke.

    7. 9:09, who are you? Moir, friend, wannabe? Is it really that difficult to accept that no one is buying the Cassandra bullshit? Is your little game in danger of being exposed? Oh deary deary me, whatever shall we do.

    8. The fact that this blog has been up for over 2 years now should be a big tip off that the blogger isn't lying about this. If she were, it would be gone by now.

    9. Celebrity "blinds"? This blog isn't hinting - it says it flat out.

      Wait - seriously 9:09 you can't be this stupid. I haven't been sued. Why do I need to imitate celebrity gossip sites that are blind, when this blog's information isn't blind, and you're saying if my info were true I'd provide proof so as not to be sued?

      You're being idiotic. They're married. If Moirville wants to sue they'd have to say Scott and Tessa are not married. Do you seriously not see the problem there for Moirville? Do you realize that once they said something like that all public records would then be part of discovery? Do you think they want to a) perjure themselves; b) be countersued, c) create a story that legit media could not ignore?

      Their only avenue is to ask google to shut down the blog on the grounds of nobody-ness, uppityness and not-our-crowdism.

      Honestly you have no logic. Why am I not afraid of being sued?

    10. There's a lot of speculation on the blog but I've never talked around the core facts.

      1) Scott and Tessa are married (since 2009)
      2) Scott and Tessa have a child together
      3) Jessica and Cassandra are both hoaxes.

      I never did ass covering with "reason to believe" "Very sure" "everybody knows" or other caveats. I said fact. All three are facts.

      That's a possible TOS right there, except it IS a fact, and there's not much Moirville can do about it.

    11. So where on this blog is your real identity posted? If you're so outright and unafraid of being sued, then why not come out publicly with your claims? Where are your SPECIFICS of HOW you know at least #1 and #2? You know a nurse at the hospital where the child was born? You have a friend living on the same street as Tessa and Scott and sees them every day? You have a friend at the courthouse where they obtained their marriage license? You know someone that used to work for the wedding caterers? Why the lack of specifics since you are SO SURE it's the truth? It can't be to "protect" anyone if it's TRUE.

  7. P.S. - I will say this much. I am not "reasoning" about Scott and Tessa. I *know* their status. I'm not reasoning backwards from a pregnancy - oh, I know she had a baby, ergo the father must be Scott, ergo they must be married.

    I knew about their relationship before they got married, I knew they got married and when, and I know she was pregnant right after Worlds and that is why she and Scott missed most of the 2010-2011 season, that is why they didn't skate the free dance at the 4CCS (neither her body nor the program was ready after the baby) and why they were undertrained for Worlds despite Worlds taking place some weeks after it had been originally scheduled, and despite their claims that they were prepared for that competition as well.

    1. oc, do you have any insight as to why they pulled that stunt at 2011 4CC... they had options of
      -skipping the season using injury as a cover
      -skipping the 4CC, but going to Worlds
      -having the mystery injury manifest during practice and quietly withdrawing after the SD

      Why make a show of doing it in the middle of the FD, was this just to taunt their fans?

    2. Feedback on the short dance before Worlds is my guess. It was a completely new competition segment, replacing the od. I think they went to the 4CCs purely to be scored on the sd and find out how it stacked up. They'd skated it all summer. It was fully trained and didn't make the demands on Tessa's body that the fd did. (Lower back, pelvis, groin, adductors). They understood the free dance. The sd was new.

    3. They had to pretend to compete the entire competition - the 4CCs isn't like a summer comp where you can compete one segment. This was why Slipchuk, Carol Moir, Scott, and even Lynn Rutherford (second hand) went on and on about how VM were going to compete TWO programs. Cause otherwise fans would have expected seven, or one half.

      It was their speed all over. Like a two year old with his hand in the cookie jar yelling to mom that he doesn't have his hand in the cookie jar. They're basic like that.

    4. I'm not 3:16, but I also wonder - why not just withdraw to the "quad injury" before actually taking the ice?

    5. The free dance had been SO HYPED and I think by performing even a small portion of it, they increased the hype even more. The teaser version, if you will.

    6. They wanted to pass her cramp off as a rogue incident that unexpectedly derailed the free dance, not a condition so persistent that despite the attentions of a physical therapist, etc., she was too incapacitated to compete at all.

      And I think the fd preview was part of it too.

    7. You know, I've actually half wondered at times if Tessa-The Racehorse-Virtue thought (even if no one else in the world did) she could somehow power on and will herself through that FD. She got through the 2009 events on little training and in pain, afterall. If Isabelle Delobel at 31 could train until she was 7 1/2-8 months pregnant, then you'd think Tessa, a full decade younger, could also train well into her pregnancy. Even though clearly not ready, I'd say they had worked on it before the break for the second surgery and blessed event. I'd buy them letting Tessa try it, but with a plan to stop if necessary.

      I don't know, just speculation on my part.

    8. 8:39

      I have speculated the same thing. I've wondered if once at the competition, in spite of plans to not go through with the FD, Tessa's competitive juices got going and she really thought she could do it. I do agree there's no way she could have been ready. Not when Worlds was a full 2 months later and she barely made it then.

    9. They train their programs in segments. It's not out of the realm of possibility that they'd skated each segment, but not done a full runthrough, and perhaps Tessa thought that due to her ability to get through stuff in the past and the adrenaline, she'd be able to get through it, even if not pretty in the least.

    10. I strongly believe they had no intention of going through with that program and that all of the segments weren't even prepared. Look at their facial expression and their body language when they begin. Their preparation is all from the neck up. Look at their reaction when the twizzles get wobbly. Every single time Scott and Tessa have competed on the level before, no matter WHAT, they have bulled their way through. It was the exact opposite of the 4CCs. Their bodies(or her body) might be wobbling, their determination was unflagging.

      Here it was the opposite. Their "determination" was meh. They obviously didn't give a damn that the twizzles went awry. They pushed through to the point where they intended to stop.

      Tessa doesn't rub her quad. Please compare Tessa in this competition to Alex Shibutani and his program-stopping quad spasm more than a year later. She strokes evenly on both legs back to the boards. She does a deep knee bend bow to the crowd that stretches her supposedly afflicted quad.

      Furthermore, the very fact that Moirville hyped TWO programs was clearly hyping THEY'RE GOING TO DO THE FREE DANCE and that's because they weren't going to do the free dance. Their lying style is basic.

    11. I'm going to add something else - the mechanics of what Scott and Tessa do, the training, the conditioning, the preparation and timing aren't something to fuck around with. Even when they did Pink Floyd on so few run throughs, that program was designed so that Tessa could do it. She was pushing past pain, but her body was capable of doing it.

      It's not like a movie where two people like this can say "I want to do this!" even though somebody's body actually can't do much of it at that point in time.

      Without going into huge detail, read about flexibility and range of motion post-partum and understand just how superhuman an elite ice dancer's flexibility and range of motion has to be, and then consider that Tessa is the best.

      IOW, it's not the sort of situation where two people as educated about their bodies, in as grounded a way as Scott and Tessa are educated about their bodies, would go "Oh let's just do it - I want to try!"

      They would never. If Tessa were capable of the mechanics but they were a bit underconditioned or she was in pain, they might, because those two are things an athlete can "push through". They were underconditioned by Worlds - you can see it, so they were pushing.

      Mechanics are something else. You don't fake that. You don't go - oh my back isn't ready, my hips aren't ready, my pelvis isn't ready - but I'll do it anyway! I think I can!

      They KNOW they can't.

    12. FWIW, I found this video where they practice some of the segments, posted several days before 4CC 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=uiev4sMaI38#t=22s

  8. Ahaha, Hilborn has a new profile pic. So clever!! Oh please.

    1. I just saw that. JFC.

    2. I see Scott took his shirt off in Aruba, although he and Cassandra are suddenly allergic to close-ups and favoring the poorly detailed middle distance shot. That being the case, and since they're on horseback, and since there's miles of room in the shot, why do they need to line their mounts up closely alongside so Scott can lean in?

      I see the golf cart pic from the golf event. Does Scott not have the balls to pose with her in public?

    3. Hahaha. And I'm loving Scott's expression. So uncomfortable.

      This is the same forced smile of most of the Jessica pictures. He's so not having fun, it's a mystery why they insist on going through with this.

    4. Because unless it's related to skating, Scott has no moral courage. He is a full time enabler.

    5. Scott couldn't look more uncomfortable if he tried. Is he even touching Cassandra, as I'm sure they'd like us to believe? I think his hand is on her horse's ass, which is fitting somehow.

    6. Those poor fucking horses. Although I'm sure they're used to it.


    1. Well if you have dolphins in your previous relationship - why not horses? But kidding aside, these folks did not waste any time did they?

    2. @ 7:54--Not only did they not waste any time, from now on and through the coming skating season they will probably be dumping an avalanche of stuff on social media.

      First, because it's an Olympic season and apparently they believe an excess of Scott-gf material on social media is a must to preserve the privacy of VM (don't ask how that works, I don't know, but they act like that's one of their premises). Also, and of course, during an Olympic season it's important for Scott's social media gf to appear jealous of Tessa and competitive for Scott's attention.

      Second, it's that pissing game they're in with fans. Here it comes big time...

    3. When they start up I'm going to send PJ Kwong links to every single one.

    4. OC 8:15

    5. Please do, OC!

    6. They've got a sanctimonious explanation - if they bother to explain - I don't think Scott's on board - in the hopper.

      It's interesting to hear how Aruba vacation photos protect their privacy. The sham is aimed towards social media, and Scott and Tessa supporters and fans are social media are far more concerned, if not panicked, about the scoring, than they're truly concerned about Scott's love life both actual and fabricated.

      PJ obviously doesn't analyze her opinions. She speaks from assumptions she hasn't looked at in ages, and I believe her response to "Heather" and the rumors comes from there.

      But her assumptions are erroneous, and also insulting to, and mischaracterizing of, the fans and supporters of Scott and Tessa.

      The reality is this is a Moir issue, that seems plain. And it's a Scott Moir issue, as he can't or won't act like an adult vis a vis his family and community, and prefers instead to scapegoat strangers and treat them like shit. Better than dealing with his real challenges.

    7. And basically, since she appreciates being put in the loop, let's get her up to speed so she'll have the full picture by the time the Sochi Olympics are over and she won't be doing any reporting or commentating with incomplete information. Links can be sent directly on twitter or, I think "privately".

  10. And one of Cass's sisters has asked for more pics to be posted! I'm sure Cass will oblige and make sure we all get to see those pics.

    1. Oh yes! Please post more Cassandra. I cannot wait to see more pics from Aruba! <3 with your sweetie.

    2. "And one of Cass's sisters has asked for more pics to be posted! I'm sure Cass will oblige and make sure we all get to see those pics."

      Yes, because none of the pictures have been posted on Cass's private facebook, or any other private facebook of one of the many people who were on this trip with Scott. If she doesn't post them for all the world to see her sister wouldn't have access. Please. Such a transparent ploy to make public the pictures that have already been shared privately. As always, we're supposed to be idiots.

    3. Awww, so did Scott and Cassandra make a beautiful baby on their romantic Aruba trip? That is supposed to be our take-away, right? And thank goodness he's making babies with Cassandra, they will be soooo much more beautiful than if he made babies with Tessa. Who wouldn't pick Cassandra over Tessa, Cassandra is so much more pretty.
      Tessa and her princessy ways. Yuck.

    4. I feel bad for Scott's horse - he's got his feet in second position in the stirrups/totally mis-alligned and stuck out to the side, and he's completely off-center to the horse's back. Very uncomfortable for that poor animal.

      Cassandra's in sandals - perfect for "horseback riding" with her feet pointed to the sand.

      If I recall correctly Scott doesn't care much about animal welfare on his romantic getaways.

      It's funny, he's an ice dancer, male, who appreciates the hell out of a partner like Tessa because Tessa knows how to carry her body in space, she knows how to distribute the weight when Scott carries her, and all of their training teaches them how to align their bodies in relation to their partner's body for stability, strength, balance and security.

      Then Scott climbs on that poor animal and it all goes out the window. He's killing that horse's back.

    5. "He's killing that horse's back." No, he's not. Are you now claiming to be a horse expert? Unless he suddenly had lessons, of course he's not going to have a good seat. Riding horses on vacation is not the same as riding in a show. Of course he's sloppy. You know, when I ride I have on occasion leaned over to speak to a friend, and my equitation was off center for a moment. GASP! I can't believe my horse could even carry a rider after that.

    6. I do know a lot about riding and he is killing that horse's back. If you knew anything about it other than what you yourself do when you ride occasionally you'd know that. I'm sure Scott's bad form is no different than yours or any one else that occasionally rides but as he's trained in carrying and distributing his weight or at least skates with the best in the world you'd think he could do a better job. His feet are what really suck and if you knew anything you'd know that. They both look like they're posing and not riding.

      Which is fine but it makes the photo look even more ridiculous and yes, it's no fun for the horse.


    7. No, you obviously know NOTHING about riding. FYI, I've won three World titles and have been riding for 37 years. You????

      What a stupid statement - that a skater should be born knowing equitation? I certainly can ride, but I'm equally sure I would fall flat on my ass skating without lessons.

    8. Hilarious to think a guy that probably weighs 165 lbs is KILLING a horse's back by simply leaning over. Quick, call the Humane Society! Or better yet, introduce a new rule with the FEI under Animal Welfare.

    9. Oh no ... doesn't this multi-Olympic medal winning rider know she is KILLING her horse's back? http://www.picgifs.com/celebrities/a/anky-van-grunsven/celebrities-anky-van-grunsven-417781.JPG

    10. Goodness, I certainly do not have "3 world titles in equitation." What a wonderful word. It really drives home your experience.

      How many titles have you won in reading comprehension and context clues.

    11. 6:41 - my. That's exactly like Scott. Except for everything.

    12. "Goodness, I certainly do not have "3 world titles in equitation." What a wonderful word. It really drives home your experience. How many titles have you won in reading comprehension and context clues."

      Apparently more than you, since I never said I had world titles 'in equitation.' Read for comprehension, indeed!

    13. Yep, Anky is leaning over just like Scott, which you claim is "killing the horse's back." You should bombard Anky with emails expressing your outrage immediately. I'm sure as a fellow equestrian, she would respect your opinion. She could learn so much from you!

    14. Her alignment is nothing like Scott's. I've got to be talking to two very experienced riders here - the title holder would never claim such a thing.

      Title holder: You said you had three world titles. In context, it has to be equitation, as the term generally describes horsemanship and you've used the word even when others with your background might be more colloquial. Unless you meant a) I (me, blogger) know nothing about riding; b) you've been riding for 37 years; c) you have 3 world titles in pottery throwing?

      Why not say what they're in? Eventing. dressage, show jumping, etc.? Equitation would be accurate for all.

    15. Although, you know, calling Anky "Anky" like that is pretty daunting. Until you get to where Scott (like most trail riders) is sitting like ass, which is why most commercial horses end up lame. It's almost enough to wonder why horse-wise commentators don't know what alignment looks like.

    16. She is leaning over - just like Scott. In fact, look at the rider behind her - leaning over EVEN MORE. GASP!!!

      You have yet to tell about YOUR experience as a rider - we are all waiting breathlessly. Though, as the real riders know just by reading your comments - you aren't one.

      Most rent-a-horses end up lame because of poor conformation, lack of proper farrier work, nutrition (I find it interesting you mention NOTHING about the fact Scott's horse is very skinny - again, another tell tale sign you know very little about horses) and rough ground. Now you know, no need to thank me for educating you.

    17. No, equitation is not anywhere near the same as dressage, show jumping or eventing because all those events are judged on the horse, not the rider. Of course, one should have good eq to compete in all those events, but that's not always the case. Though, I have done very well in eq and horsemanship. Again, a very obvious sign you are clueless.

    18. Yes it is, your are fucking up your poseurship.

      Equitation is a term meaning skill in horsemanship and applies to the disciplines I mentioned and many others, such as hunt seat.

      Furthermore, I don't know if you're the Anky poster too, but it's fascinating how legs, feet, hip and shoulder line don't seem to inform this person's idea of alignment that's comfortable for the horse.

      There are plenty of assholes in every sport, including horse riding disciplines. Most people I know, though, who work with horses whether training, riding or breeding, see commercial stables as a necessary evil, but an evil nonetheless, because non-riders use the reigns to balance, jut their feet out to the side like Scott, and are off center like Scott (Anky's core stays centered), and these horses put up with a lot. Scott and Cassandra are 'horseback riding in Aruba but look awkward on the horses and with each other. I, for one, am surprised that a guy with Scott's training in alignment can't get it together for a still shot, and I feel bad for his horse, as I feel bad for all horses with that one's job.

    19. OMG I am laughing my ass off!! "REIGNS"??????? No one with the slightest bit of horse knowledge would make that mistake!!

      And please try to use something other than Wikipedia for your horse education. Equitation is a term but it is also a CLASS or EVENT at horse shows. As any horse person would know, when talking about winning World titles if eq is mentioned - we're talking about a specific event, such as equitation over fences.

      You made the statement that the act of Scott leaning over was "killing the horse's back" and of course, as any real rider or even a little 4-H kid would know, it isn't. You know less than nothing about horses and this is painfully obvious. Next time you ride try holding the REIGNS a little looser. I wonder if this means the Queen of England REINS over her subjects???

    20. You're asinine. That's like saying anyone who works with dogs would have trained and shown dogs at Westminster or won agility events or they don't know anything about dogs. Also you've never heard of typos.

      I think there's magical thinking here. If you get the last word, Scott and Tessa won't be real.

  11. Tessa is not Scott's type, because she is sooo ugly and not a model. @casshilborn is a model so that is Scott's type. A girl who has to be told by her mom on twitter to take out the garbage. Somehow, Heather knows this, even though she has to run and find out the details from a secondhand source. This source knows for certain what Scott's type is, which is for sure not Tessa.

    The tweets refer to the "disrespectful" rumor. How is a rumor that people are in love, disrespectful? Amazing how a man, being faithful to his wife and being a father, is a disrespectful allegation, yet running on beaches wrapped around various girlfriends is not disrespectful.

    Scott needs to be a man. Tell his family to back off. Carol sounds like the mother-in-law from hell. Meddling. Carol did stop following Heather but only because she got caught by this blog.

    1. Yeah, this is exactly it 10:44, they don't understand the logic of their own lies. They're so self-conscious about it, so overinvolved, so quick-on-the-trigger, and so hostile, that they don't understand that the if it WERE just a rumor, a rumor that Scott and Tessa are faithfully married and parents isn't the worst rumor that could be out there. It's sweet, actually.

      Their reaction shows their ass. Nobody wants to be exposed. The ugly part of the Scott and Tessa situation is everything that surrounds the truth. That's what creates the hostility in Moirville. It's pure projection. They've lied, scammed, hoaxed, manipulated, jerked around, baited, repeat. The fact that Scott and Tessa's marriage is now being talked about on the web somewhat exposes their behavior. If they were truly committed to the lie then they'd act as is the lie were true - Scott's single and dating someone else, some poor deluded fans have the idea he and Tessa are married, nothing to see here.

      Instead Carol Moir and other Moirs are attracted to OTT twitters like Heather's that act like Scott and Tessa are being accused of selling black market babies.

      The "disrespectful" thing is ridiculous. Wasn't it disrespectful to spread the rumor that Tessa broke up David Pelletier's marriage? Moirville couldn't have cared less. Wasn't it and isn't it disrespectful to constantly bash their coach, that they publicly profess to love and respect? To imply that Scott and Tessa actually don't love and respect their coach, that they're caught in some kind of snare? Moirville couldn't care less.

      This rumor, if it were a lie, wouldn't be worth looking at twice. What if rumors were Nathalie and Fabian were secretly married and had a child. Would their connections react with hostility and overkill? Fabian would laugh his head off. He'd name the kid for us!

      The hostility from the Moirs exists because Scott and Tessa ARE married, their hostile reaction is to being called out on their behavior, and their following of characters like Heather on twitter doesn't match the behavior of a family that knew the rumors were a joke.

    2. When Tanith Belbin was publicly dating Evan Lyscek, just about every day of that relationship a blog with far more hits than this one mocked the shit out of that relationship. Every day that relationship was targeted and it had a much bigger readership than this blog. It went on for the duration of that relationship.

      Did Tanith's mother lash out? Did Evan lash out? Did they up the ante to prove the blogger wrong? Did Tanith and Evan hastily rework how they presented the relationship in reaction to the incessent snarking and mocking on that blog? Did they double down to prove the blogger wrong?

      Of course not. They have a clue. Both have spent some time in the real world and understand the entire fucking universe doesn't spin on what people think of them, and a blog is just a blog.

      These people, as has been noted repeatedly on this blog, live too far up their own ass to understand neither they nor their celebrity ice dance connections are the sun around which the internet orbits. They are hypersensitive and ego centric. They take the reaction personally. They don't understand not being the big kahuna in a small pond as they've been in Ilderton for over a generation. The internet is bigger than they are. If you fuck around with people on that and you're full of shit, sooner or later you're going to get push back.

    3. Carol's an AUNT. She's not even the mother-in-law. That whole clan - sees Scott and Tessa as an extension of themselves.

    4. Running on beaches wrapped around girlfriends, especially running on beaches wrapped around the previous girlfriend, shoving it in the face of her previous boyfriend, current skating partner, who had declared to the world that it was difficult for him to watch. That was very respectful.

      Of course no such thing was going on. These people don't give a shit. They just like acting out, staking their claim, getting their piece of the famous connection, and pissing on fans on the web. They don't care if their lies add up and if they cared about hypocrisy they'd all never be able to leave the house without dying of shame.

    5. Just FYI - Tessa is far more of model than Cassandra with far more of a portfolio than Cassandra. You're not a model until you're paid to model. Paying for your own photos doesn't count.

    6. "The internet is bigger than they are. If you fuck around with people on that and you're full of shit, sooner or later you're going to get push back."

      So right. They jerked people around on the internet to an egregious degree. That kind of behavior won't just provoke pushback, it will also reveal the truth. Even if this blog were not around to say it knows for a fact certain things, the way the Moirs and their associates have conducted themselves on the internet would have led to a blog or some such site, dedicated to putting 2+2 together. It's not possible to flagrantly mock the fans, and with an attitude of hostility, the way these people have done and not have it lead to questioning of all the dots that connect....not toward Scott dating some social media ditz but directly toward Scott and Tessa being together.

      This says it all:

      "The hostility from the Moirs exists because Scott and Tessa ARE married, their hostile reaction is to being called out on their behavior, and their following of characters like Heather on twitter doesn't match the behavior of a family that knew the rumors were a joke."

      It turns out the fans do in fact have brain cells. It's not rocket science to figure out what is going on and the deeper the Moirs entrench, the more pathetic they all seem. Just look at how the fandom has reacted to Cassandra in comparison to the first couple years of Scott supposedly dating Jessica. Jessica caused a lot of angst for a while. Cassandra? Who cares. She's an object of ridicule. By now the whole game is a joke to the fans and each new sham move only causes a flurry of mockery and disgust, even more so in private conversations all over the internet. Moirville looks increasingly desperate, stupid, ridiculous. Their own internet games are starting to come back to bite them and I predict it will keep getting worse for them. Truth has a way of uncovering wrong/lies, and I for one am happy to have all of their asinine games exposed.

    7. 12:43 AMEN. I couldn't have said it better myself.

    8. Another angle of the disrespect meme is that the rumor supposedly disrespects Scott's actual relationship with his "real" significant others.

      Let's just for a moment, set aside how respectfully Jessica was treated in public by Moirville under the nose of anyone with eyes. Or the smirking on facebook at her expense. Or that fact that she was fake, for that matter.

      Why aren't they upset at the lack of respect shown Marina? Scott and Tessa have faithfully asserted that they respect, value and love Marina and consider themselves to have the best coach and training environment in the world. Just as faithfully, fans on the internet have dismissed that as lies and they jump on every rumored development at Arctic Edge or in Scott and Tessa's programs as a sign they're finally breaking free.

      The belief that Marina is bad is consistently discussed on every message board (by people who have no idea what they're talking about, but that's another topic), not just on one blog. Where's the twitter accounts putting those people in their place? That disrespects Scott and Tessa (paints them as dumb robots controlled by someone else), paints them as self-deceived and/or liars, and it's disrespectful to someone they love and respect and have worked with for more than a decade.

      Twitter was actively used to promote the lie that Tessa broke up David Pelletier's marriage. The most obsessed fan on this topic proactively contacted media types on twitter, urging them to cover "the story". That this was a lie was known by just about everybody. Where were the fans on twitter and message boards complaining that it was incredibly reckless and disrespectful to David, Jamie and their child to constantly and publicly promote the falsehood that David and Jamie's SOI tourmate had broken up the marriage? Plenty of fans, as well as skating insiders, knew it was false but didn't speak up. The Moirs knew it was false and didn't even allude to it in their patented back door style.

      How respectful is it to second guess just about everything Scott and Tessa say about their career, her health, or their plans? No sooner do they say anything at all about any of those topics then immediately whatever they said is ignored and message boards commence to guess what is really going on. How respectful.

      Yet somehow the "rumor", a "silly" rumor by people who have no logic whatseover, it's said, a story that Scott and Tessa are married with a child, provokes outrage.

      There could be no story sillier than that - if it weren't true. The media would have fun alluding to it in profile articles, Scott would make wry asides, there would a ton of joking around. Not hostile, belittling commentary, like Heather's, but fun joking. It's just the sort of thing skaters LOVE from fans. It confirms fan interest, it confirms the stereotypes they have of fans, it's a fun internet story, and as it's absolutely silly and untrue, there's no reason to get your pants in a bunch.

      I'll tell you what the Moirs consider incredibly disrespectful. Having a bunch of nobodies question them. Having a bunch of nobodies object to being lied to by them. They find that incredibly disrespectful. They're entitled to run roughshod over fans as much as they like. They're the skating insiders, and we should know our place.

  12. Tessa has more modeling cred than Cassandra, because she has posed for actual media stories like the bridal shoot. Heather knows that being a world class figure skater makes one an undesirable object of Scott's affection. He only likes hometown girls who take selfies for their portfolios.

  13. OC, do you think even the posting of photos of a charity event would be manipulated by Moirville for sham purposes? I know Tessa and Scott do many events and no photos are posted at all. But the Ilderton skating club did post photos of the previous golf events and they've apparently promised to post some this time also. I can't help wondering how much editing goes on just to try and mock the fans (again).

    1. If by manipulated, do you mean would the ISC facebook include a photo of Cassandra at the golf event? Yes of course. Skate Canada's facebook (Western Ontario's I THINK), included one of Bryce and his "girlfriend" when he and his family were in Mississauga to support Jessica's first solo competition after his injury.

      Which reminds me - although the Moirs have taken this sham and turned it into a debacle, I don't think they or Skate Canada conceived of this plan independently. There has to be an in-house precedent they modeled it on - or maybe Debbi just got it from reading fan magazines and Hollywood magazines growing up.

    2. "There has to be an in-house precedent they modeled it on - or maybe Debbi just got it from reading fan magazines and Hollywood magazines growing up."

      I would love to know some day for certain what the hell was the inspiration. For the most part it has come across like someone's fan fiction fantasy.

    3. I'm 1:09. Mostly I was wondering about their album-editing to make sure it appears Scott and Tessa would rather not interact with each other off-ice. I do expect a picture or two of Cassandra, that's unfortunately a given.

    4. All it takes is to not include any photographs of Scott and Tessa together. It's ludicrous, in reality, to think that they would not interact at a charity golf tournament in their names but we shall see. We all know how allergic to each other they are off the ice.

      OTOH, I'll be surprised if Cassandra does appear in any of the official photos. I still feel like they're being careful to stage her in a way that suggests for the future that she was just a friend.

    5. I agree it looks like they're being careful, so far, how they stage Cassandra. But I think choosing a local girl could end up being very problematic. On the surface it would seem a smart choice, hometown girl and all that. With Jessica, at least she was far away in another Province so it was more easily controlled. But now they have to figure out how Cassandra fits in any local event featuring VM and not only that, you've got all her hundreds of (local) friends plus their hundreds of (local) friends all voyeurs to Scott's social media romance. Is that what they wanted? The overall home involvement is increased instead of decreased. Hundreds of local folk who probably never gave a second thought to Scott or Tessa and now they're all up their grill.

      Really, after Jessica they should have left well enough alone.

    6. A lot of those local folk know the score and entertain out of town fans at events by bringing them inside the loop. Scott and Tessa's engagement/marriage was actually a buzzed about topic among fans during the Olympic season. I've gotten that from other fans, so I don't know what the buzz was, exactly, just that some fans in Europe and fans who went to London got an earful. By no means do all London fans know, but I don't think the sham wranglers have to worry about doing extra sham for the sake of maintaining the fiction of Scott's local girlfriend in front of credulous local fans. The sham gets overblown at events in London because otherwise Scott and Tessa wouldn't be able to breathe, which is a nice commentary on the selfish nature of much of the local support they receive. The sham occupies some of those who otherwise would be butting in to more important matters, and it's a fig leaf to keep others at bay - oh we have to lie low or people would expect to see me with Cassandra (or Jessica).

    7. OC 5:42 -- So, local folk are up to speed. More and more fans are up to speed. Fans from other continents are up to speed. And yet Scott continues with the fiction of these gf's. Absolutely it looks like nothing to do with convincing some credulous internet fans but with keeping those nearest and dearest to him occupied.

      Jessica and Cassandra must either be desperate for attention or incredibly self-deluded as to their importance in VM's stardom. Or both. Either way, pathetic.

    8. "A lot of those local folk know the score and entertain out of town fans at events by bringing them inside the loop."

      That's hilarious.

    9. He may also think he's just covering their ass at this point. Yep, I'll continue to ride donkeys, hug swordfish, kiss monkeys, go berry picking, sit in empty restaurants and any other scenario I can rip off from old Newport cigarette advertising, all so my family and community don't look foolish or wrong - at least until Tessa and I retire and I disappear from the radar.

      I don't think Scott intends to do any clean up on this. They roll like that.


    10. Cassandra doesn't have the mountains of photos that Jessica had but she comes across as even more pathetic. She joined in on this once a whole lotta people had figured it out or had at the very least clued in that something wasn't right with the whole thing. She's so self-important and her friends and sisters, cooing over how cute she and Scott are, are sad as well.

      Whether Scott sees himself as a martyr or what, I feel badly for him. I wish he could just be himself, the real Scott - adoring husband to Tessa and loving father. Doesn't the world deserve to know this Scott?

    11. Well, the Cassandra & Co. personality is what happens when you have money and live in an insular community without much diversity and very little awareness of people outside people like yourself. The result is very attractive. It's not bad, per se, it's just tone deaf, completely self-referential and oblivious.

      The Moirs don't have the same money but they have their own fiefdom in Ilderton - a benign one, but that's what it is, socially - and it produces that same mentality.

  14. Poor Scott, he's in a beautiful place like Aruba and he doesn't even look happy. From the few pictures Cassandra has "released" of her and Scott it is pretty clear there is zero chemistry between the two of them and Scott looks miserable. He at least looked happy with Jessica Dube. Run Scott! Get out while you can.

    1. Wow, if you think he looked happy around Jessica Dube he must really look suicidal around Cassandra. I'm going to have to look at those pictures again.

    2. 1:11
      Scott looked happy with Jessica? Are you kidding? Scott's miserable expressions and their zero chemistry was a dead giveaway years ago something was totally off.

    3. I'd say that Scott managed one or two pictures with Jessica in which he didn't look like he hated his life and wanted to die. He seemingly required copious amounts of alcohol to get through the rest.

      Scott is an entirely different person around Tessa, the woman he does love. His expression and body language tells the real story.

    4. What I'm waiting for are those pictures Heather mentions where Scott looks lovingly at Cassandra. She does now claim to personally know Cassandra, tweeting about what a blast they all had together.

      Heather really can't make up her mind how she's connected to Scott/the Moirs. Lol

    5. I'm thinking it's interesting that the Moirs are so willing to aggressively mock people they know are telling the truth, since they have businesses. A skating business, a restaurant business. They use the web to promote these businesses.

      Their knee-jerk reaction to people who know or have figured it out about Scott and Tessa is to belittle and taunt them. Through this Heather stuff, they are no longer implying things about fans or framing fans, they are directly saying that fans who say Scott and Tessa are married with a child are delusional and/or liars.

      Are they going to present themselves as purely situational gaslighters after this? In the rest of their lives and public relations they don't lie and we should just trust that they don't? In the rest of their lives and public relations they don't attack people who are inconveniently not morons to cover up their own lies?

      They've established a track record as people who will go to just about any length to conceal lies, including attacking people who are telling the truth.

      I understand they may feel proprietary about Scott and Tessa's relationship but the fact that Scott and Tessa got married is NOT OUR PROBLEM. It's not a valid excuse to proactively go on the attack. The members of the public who know what Moirville are doing have every right to push back against the attempted humiliation and manipulation and scapegoating. This was SCOTT AND TESSA'S decision.

      Are the Moirs subliminally hostile to Scott and Tessa's marriage themselves? Because there is such a bizarre hostility driving all of this that Scott and Tessa's circumstances as supposedly privacy-seeking high profile figure skaters can't account for, and even an overinvolved family can't account for it.

    6. "Are the Moirs subliminally hostile to Scott and Tessa's marriage themselves? Because there is such a bizarre hostility driving all of this that Scott and Tessa's circumstances as supposedly privacy-seeking high profile figure skaters can't account for, and even an overinvolved family can't account for it."

      Fascinating. I'd also apply this to Scott's circle of hometown friends as they've had so much fun participating in the gaslighting and mocking of fans. And now that Scott's "GF" is someone from their own group, it's just so much fun to create facebook posts and host pictures. They take pride in their overinvolvement and it definitely has that bizarre hostility.

    7. Well Tessa's a bit of an outsider by choice. Maybe she's taken the hometown boy away. OTOH, if not for her, he wouldn't BE a hometown hero, so there's that paradox. It's like if the Moirs are Kennedys then Tessa is Jackie when they want her to be Ethel.

      The Moirville crowd is such a "ready, fire, aim" sort of group when it comes to all of this. They're slobs, basically. They sham big, but they sham stupid and careless. I always see that as a mirror of their perception of us. We don't need a professional sham - we're bound to be stupider than anything the Moirs pull out of their hind ends and think is clever, even if they don't reason it through, so why should they bother being professional about it.

      I think they're making a big mistake with twitter if what they tried to do with Heather is any indication. It's one thing to hide behind a sham. Just put out sham images on public facebooks, write stuff on facebooks that is obviously aimed at the fans but pretends to be just stuff on facebook fans happen to see. It's not labeled "this is for fans".

      Heather is going directly after fans, other people on twitter, people on the blog. She's naming her target. She's naming the issue - people on the internet are saying Scott and Tessa are married with a child. She's direct in her response - people who say that are delusional and illogical. My favorite is "don't know celebrities" because - man, I hope that's Heather's vanity and not the Moirs thinking they know how this celebrity business works. Because man oh man.

      Anway, it's one thing to put a ton of shit on facebooks and instagrams and pretend it's just facebook or instagram and that the public "just happens" to see all of it and read it is just coincidence, and not the intent of the facebook or instagram.

      It's totally another thing to take it up a notch and directly attack and name call people who say there's a marriage and a baby. To belittle their sanity and brains, to taunt them.

      See what I mean? They've stepped on the glue trap with that last approach. It's not shadowy. It's direct. This is a family who belongs to Skate Canada, whose celebrity relatives/connections skate for Skate Canada, and these celebrity skaters are married parents. As part of their initiative to conceal the marriage, the Moirs are climbing onto twitter to call the people who know about the marriage, liars.

      But it's not a lie. Don't they see the problem with that? Yes, they can argue they want privacy. Or whatever. But it's NOT A LIE.

      So what else will they lie about in the public realm if they think it serves their self-interest? They run a restaurant, they run a skating business, they engage the public, parents, other skaters. This is not a discretion is the better part of valor tactic that they're taking. This isn't a "we'll put this out there and the public will do the math". This is "I am not a crook" territory.

    8. "This isn't a "we'll put this out there and the public will do the math". This is "I am not a crook" territory."

      Ah, but they've got Heather on twitter defending them. That makes everything all right.

    9. Well let's play devil's advocate here. CH is Scott's gf. She is part of the Medway group. She and her friends and I assuming her sisters were aware of the media frenzy that happened post Olympics 2010. You have been dating Scott for less than a year...there is presumably less than a year left for V/M's competitive career. And assuming that V/M continue to do shows for 2-3 years...why go on the offensive like this? I am assuming that you want to "piss" on your territory but boy does it come off as childish...All you needed to do is just ignore, ignore, ignore like the majority of the wives/girlfriends of pro-athletes...as for the Moirs - this just sends a message of control, control and control...baffles the mind...and if Tessa does not mean anything to Scott's crowd or family - well the best of luck to her...

    10. 12:16
      Ok, let's say CH is Scott's gf. And before that it was JD. Besides the way they come off controlling and like they're pissing all over their territory, as you put it, Scott also comes off like the biggest douchebag. He is perfectly okay with the smarmy cooing all over social media, with the way the gf's ignore his partner, appearing to get into jealous competition with her. His choice of gf's is a reflection on him and both times he chooses immature attention-seeking gf's. Both times he is drawn to relationships that come off like junior-high.

      Yeah, no matter how you slice it, these social media relationships are repugnant...and the Moirs too.

    11. 12:40 pm - well said - hostility and boundaries seems to be the key issues. As OC has pointed out - when you set-up this adversary triangle with Tessa it just boggles the mind.
      I mean Scott has worked with competent females from Marina Zoueva, Maria Mountain, Jennifer Swan, Marnie McBean and all of these ladies have worked in teams and instill the team concept - so when the Moirs etc greenlight this stuff - it just undermines Scott's credibility.

    12. It's not so much, I think, that there's a lack of love for Tessa as it's the way they are and how they do things is right and she's the one who should be assimilating, not them.

    13. OC 1:44
      It's the height of irony that supposedly in trying to maintain a barrier of privacy for Tessa all their jerking around on social media has actually caused more gossip, more twisted speculations.

      I used to believe their sob story about wanting privacy, but they've stirred the pot too many times, set up too many stings. Plus all of Scott's exhibitionism with the social media GF's. How is any of that privacy-seeking behavior? VM and Co. have never acted like people who just want some privacy.

    14. "This is "I am not a crook" territory."

      So where is our Woodward and Bernstein? I'd give anything for this shit to be over. I just want the skating back (enough stress to handle with that as it is!)

    15. Anon at 7:27 pm - the media aren't going to touch this at all - this is small potatoes - as someone else pointed out figure skating is such a niche sport - even moreso in North America over the last couple of years. Just think how long it took for the stories to come out for Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong - 2 athletes that earned ridiculous amount of money. V/M and other amateur athletes are not even well known in Canada let alone rest of the world and have nowhere near the earning power of other athletes. Thus unless Scott literally whacks Tessa a la Nancy Kerrigan on camera - no one cares...

    16. Me again at 7:55 pm - as a side story to the upcoming winter olympics in Sochi...I was recently on a business trip in St. Louis, where I was having breakfast at a higher end hotel and had an interesting conversation with an executive for an advertising company. This executive also travels to London and Paris on a frequest basis - so he also is aware of the European markets. Basically he said that 2012 was a solid year for advertising due to the US presidential campaign and the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Naturally I asked if the upcoming Winter Games will be good for advertising and he flat out said that it's not a money-maker for NBC or the advertising companies. Thankfully he indicated that 2014 will be good to them due to the upcoming hotly contested US congressional elections.

  15. "Scott and Tessa are married, they have a young child. That is the truth." And yet, still .... not a shred of any kind of evidence, not even a blurry photo. How do you know there is a "legitimate" marriage if you have not personally seen the marriage certificate or attended the wedding? Even brangelina, with all the money they have and all the security, could not pull off this kind of stealth. This whole thing would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. Talk about obsessed. Can't wait till they marry other people so you will have to find a new obsession. Of course, you will probably call those marriages cover-ups as well. We'll see their wedding photos to others, pics of their children with others, and you will still be crying conspiracy and still have no evidence.

    1. "How do you know there is a "legitimate" marriage if you have not personally seen the marriage certificate or attended the wedding?"

      OK...so you think the marriage story is something V/M insiders want us to believe? ^This logic requires that if someone had connections to people who most definitely would know the truth, that they should suspect that these people are lying when they say they are married.

    2. BTW - brangelina could pull this - and more - off in their sleep.

    3. Again with the hilarious mentions of "truth" and nothing, zero, nada to support it other than a vague reference to "connections to people that know" - good heavens, do you work for Fox News? REALLY? This is all you have. It's laughable and sad all at the same time.

    4. 5:06, are you almost done? You clearly know the score and your patronizing comments are getting old. It's pretty obvious that neither OC nor anyone else is going to give up their sources, so it's time to toddle along now.

    5. No, I think as long as "OC" - coincidence those letters also stand for obsessive compulsive? - continues her SHAM she should be ready to respond to those who question her "facts" - of which, she has none.

      Even Lainey Gossip provides blinds with a lot more detail, and certainly she should be more afraid of celebrities with teams of lawyers and unlimited bank accounts.

    6. I get that the Moirs and company are pissed and I might have an inkling as to why but you're starting to sound a tad unhinged. It can go both ways, dear.

    7. Lol I'm not the one making up babies and marriages, then posting them on a blog and answering myself to make it look like I have lots of followers agreeing with me. You take the unhinged cake, dear!

      And notice - she STILL deflects rather than straight on answering questions.

    8. Hmm well, I'm reasonably sure that I'm not the blogger (unless I'm doing it in my sleep) and I know I'm not the one leaving most of these comments, so there has to be at least a few other people involved.

    9. LOL 9:17! So true. I'm pretty sure I'm not the blogger either and I also know that I'm not leaving the majority of the comments.

      There are a lot of people who know about this.

    10. "Even Lainey Gossip provides blinds with a lot more detail, and certainly she should be more afraid of celebrities with teams of lawyers and unlimited bank accounts."

      Why do you keep talking about lawsuits? You do realize I haven't been and won't be sued? What you're saying is all these people who work for tabloids have to put their proof out there for fear of being sued.

      I'm not going to be sued and have no need to worry about it, so your point escapes me. Furthermore the reason most tabloids at least semi source their articles is a) they've paid for the info and b) they've got it from an interested party who wants it in the tabloid, and they are delivering the story not as fact but as 'this good, reliable source told us this."

      See the difference? I don't need to do that. What's behind this blog is a fact, not a story. There's no chance of it being wrong, so a lawsuit isn't a problem.

    11. "I'm not going to be sued and have no need to worry about it, "

      Perfect! Then please tell everyone exactly who you are - your real name, location, etc. Since you have NOTHING to hide.

    12. @7:38, can you please me YOUR real name, location etc etc so I can believe what you say about this blog being fiction? Where is your proof that Scott and Tessa are not married and parents of a young child?

    13. Another weak attempt at deflecting. You first dear, since you are the one that put up this blog and claim it's the truth. All I'm asking for is proof, and none has been provided - STILL. The blogger bears the burden of proof by making these accusations in the first place.

    14. Again, I'm not the blogger. I'm no one of any consequence. I'm just a fan. The blogger has presented enough evidence that I believe it's possible Tessa and Scott ARE married and have a child. Where is your proof otherwise? And don't tell me to check out Cassandra Hilborn's Facebook page.

  16. 4:50 pm is Exhibit A of why the Moir sham overkill was unnecessary.

    1. What a great defense! I stand fully corrected - you have convinced me with your outstanding response. :::rolling eyes::::

    2. It's not OC's (or anyone's) job or intent to convince you. Whether or not you are personally convinced has no bearing on V/M's true status.

      Furthermore, comparing V/M's level of celebrity to that of Brangelina's shows you have no perspective of how things are out in the bigger world. V/M are stars of a niche sport. Most people have no freaking clue who they (or any other skaters) are.

    3. 6:42 but once again a rumor that says they're married prompts so much hostility. Why, I wonder?

      You know, today in the stat counter there were an unusual number of searches for various versions of "Tessa dating David Pelletier" from a number of different provinces. That rumor persists - that Tessa Virtue broke up Pelletier's marriage. It's a lie, and one she's implied is hurtful. I've yet to see anybody foam at the mouth over that rumor the way they do over this blog reporting that Tessa and Scott are legally married. Why does that infuriate people?


    4. Here's as good a spot as any to consider the fan that was so obsessed with the Sale/Pelletier divorce they went on a crusade to convince fans the reason was Tessa. On twitter, this fan tried hard to badger media outlets to "expose" Tessa's role in the break up.

      It finally dawned on me that Tessa being the reason for the split is the only way this fan can be at peace with it - why, who knows, but at this point it's obvious. She's not trying to bash Tessa. She just really needs Tessa to be the reason or she can't handle the Sale/Pelletier divorce.


    5. "6:42 but once again a rumor that says they're married prompts so much hostility. Why, I wonder?"

      IKR. The truth of V/M's status is that they're married parents. It's about as far away from scandalous as you can get, very sweet, and something that many fangirls profess to want. Yet, there's all the anger. Do they know deep down that it's true and are angry about the lying? Is it because some of these people wanted to see some sort of romantic fantasy play out in real time and are angry that they missed it, as I suspect is the issue in a few cases?

      It is indeed mighty interesting that the nasty DP rumor doesn't raise nearly as much anger.

    6. Sometimes I think the insistence of some people (or maybe it's just one person) to produce evidence, specifically a document, is nothing more than trying to goad the blog into exposing its sources of information. The blog has given plenty of specific things from the public domain that can be looked up and considered. If that is not enough to convince them, well what can you do. The blog has said over and over it is not betraying any sources, I don't see the point in throwing a fit and insisting nothing is believable without certain kinds of evidence. If nothing said here is enough, well, so? Then like the blogger has said, they can believe it's just lies and ridiculous ones at that, and go have a good laugh. There's no reason for the hostility.

    7. Well, I know at least one fan is committed to Pelletier/Tessa and has visited the blog a number of times trying to pitch it as an alternative to the blog's "theory".

      I think the lies are part of it, but a lot of it is that fans enjoy sharing their theories and scenarios with each other and the reality that Scott and Tessa have been said and done since before most of these fans knew who they were and Scott and Tessa are many miles ahead of them is something they publicly resist because it threatens the community bonds built on sharing theories and "respecting" (while condescending to ) Scott and Tessa.

      Also, the concept of being a good fan versus a bad fan is upended if they ever realize the "good" fans have been exploited, and appreciated mostly because they're easy to exploit.

    8. "Also, the concept of being a good fan versus a bad fan is upended if they ever realize the "good" fans have been exploited, and appreciated mostly because they're easy to exploit."

      Yep. I think it's so hard to deny that there's maliciousness in V/M's approach with fans, "good" fans can point fingers at the blog and its believers and say it's aimed at us instead. When actually it was aimed at ALL of us far before the blog existed.

    9. Hilarious!! Inventing "hostility" where there is none as a defense/deflect mechanism, then brushing off questions asking for proof (of course - we should just take these outrageous accusations at face value from an anonymous blogger who can't even muster up anything better than mouthing the words "sources", "truth" and "fact") and finally, telling anyone who asks to google these supposed "specific things" that indicate the blogger is actually more than an obsessed fan distraught over the fact her favorites are not together as she wishes, and must invent a conspiracy theory in order to cope. Oh yes ... everyone who questions this blogger is just "hostile."

    10. Who's the "we"? Multiple personalities or who?

      If you think Im just an obsessed fan making shit up, and you are "a HA!" ing all over the place, what's do you think happens next?

    11. That's the same question I asked you - what happens after the Olympics, when Scott and Tessa retire and end up marrying other people? You'll make up a divorce? It will be interesting to see how you choose to save face ... or perhaps this blog will just disappear entirely.

    12. That's another thing she doesn't have to worry about, 7:35. Tessa and Scott won't be marrying other people after the games because they're married to each other.

      I don't know how OC knows. I know how I know and who told me and that what OC is saying is fact. I'm not ratting my source out.

    13. "I'm not ratting my source out."

      Oh but why ever not? Since you say it's the TRUTH, what do you have to fear? The blogger isn't worried about getting sued, why are you??

    14. Again, I'm not the blogger. I'm not worried about getting sued. I'm probably saying too much, but it could cause problems professionally for my source.

    15. Again, if it's the truth it can't cause anyone any problems. If your "source" works for them, told the TRUTH and got fired, they could sue them for that. Try to make up a better excuse.

  17. Yes, it IS your job to convince me if you're going to throw around words like "truth" and "fact" without a single thing to back it up. Of course there wasn't an ounce of hostility in the responses - your attempt at deflecting is weak, but nice try. I also find it amusing how suddenly you get responses one right after the other - all anonymous of course - in "support." Again, nice try. It's obvious one person is responding, most likely the blog author, trying to make it look like several people are supporting her.

    1. "Yes, it IS your job to convince me if you're going to throw around words like "truth" and "fact" without a single thing to back it up."

      How do you figure?

    2. Read for comprehension, dear.

    3. I have and the reality is, if I don't care what you believe, the blog has no such job. There's no reason whatsoever the blog can't say "truth" and "fact" for the rest of its existence whether you're convinced or not.

    4. "There's no reason whatsoever the blog can't say "truth" and "fact" for the rest of its existence"

      You're right - you can print whatever fiction you want hiding behind your alias so you can't get sued. But really, it belongs on fanfiction or a similar site. But don't expect anyone with intelligence to believe you when you can't provide a single fact, or even a believable story source. So quit getting pissed off when people call you out on your airy-fairy bs and you have NOTHING to back it up. Not even your own credibility, because you choose to hide behind your anonymous account. A free blog site does not make you credible.

    5. 7:32, would you like a laxative? It might make you feel better.

    6. If anyone needs meds, it's the blogger. Perhaps that's the problem with her inability to distinguish reality from fiction? Sad, really.

    7. It's pretty sad that you feel you must spend so much time here, trying to convince people that the blogger is lying. I don't give a fuck what the blogger says - I've talked to others independent of here, who have said the same thing. Are all of them lying as well? What purpose would that serve?

    8. So who are these "others" you have "talked to"? Isn't that called hearsay in a court of law? Remember, no one is afraid of getting sued, it's THE TRUTH. Right????

    9. When did this turn into a bad episode of Law & Order? It's not about getting sued -- it's about being respectful of the people who have said things.

    10. You aren't "owed" anything. This is a blog, not the New York Times. Don't like what is said? Don't visit. Good grief, grow up.

  18. I just lost a long comment so I'll just summarize. There's an S&P fan on a crusade to prove, badger, expose what they believe to be true - Pelletier/Tessa. Periodically they visit the blog with a 'hear me out' comment proposing an alternative 'theory' - that the child is Pelletier's, that the lies and marketing are covering up Pelletier/Tessa.

    Scott and Tessa's marriage, though, is not a theory but the irrefutable fact behind this blog's existence (irrefutable in the real world) - and I repeat this every time this person visits.

    This person is quite intense - maybe they think if they score points on a sideline back and forth on competitive equitation it will somehow make Pelletier/Tessa true, maybe if they laugh, badger and talk of lawsuits and professional gossip columnists it will help.

    But you can't make a fantasy reality via a fan crusade.

    Despite this person's years on twitter trying to get media types to 'expose' Pelletier and Tessa, they have never succeeded, because Tessa Virtue has been with Scott forever and married to Scott since 2009.

    Around the time of BOTB this person planted a fake blind about how, purely by happenstance one evening, due to where she'd, by chance, parked her car, she happened to see someone who was clearly a 'ponytailed' Tessa and a protective Pelletier (arm slung around her shoulders) scurrying in the shadows in the town where BOTB was being broadcast. (Most fans who'd been around the skating boards online immediately knew this anecdote had been manufactured by the Pelletier/Tessa fanatic).

    She will really go anywhere, approach anyone - leading with the statement that Pelletier/Tessa is fact and it's time the media acknowledged as much.

    If she put the same aggression, energy and time into Scott Tessa, I bet the time would come when she'd get her own independent confirmation/irrefutable proof that they're husband and wife. She won't though, because she couldn't bear it. She needs Pelletier/Tessa to be true. I don't know why the idea of Tessa/Pelletier consoles her for S&P, but it does.

    The blog, however, is not a threat to that fantasy. The truth is.

    1. "But you can't make a fantasy reality via a fan crusade."

      Spoken like someone who knows. Describes this blog perfectly, really.

  19. P.S. - I know she's tried Lainey, etc. and other gossip websites, trying to interpret blind items, I now imagine, as being Tessa/Pelletier, contacting them "directly" about Pelletier/Tessa, but no luck. I guess now that she rationalizes they can't outright report it without being sued. Because that makes sense. I am not 100% following why someone is now on the blog saying this blog can't say what it says without showing the proof, since even Lainey has to either b.i. or source shit to avoid being sued.

    The problem with this person's point of view is obviously I can say it's a fact, have been saying it's a fact, and will continue saying it's a fact, and am not worried about being sued, because it is a fact.

    Lainey's column needs content. There's just about nothing on her (or any) gossip site she's verified for herself. She has no real info. It's all p.r.

    The way she provides content and covers her ass at the same time is she says, "someone told me this". That way, if it's wrong, she's reported what she's told, not the thing itself.

    There's no chance I'm wrong, so there's no need to for the blog to either blind the info or secondary source it.

    1. "There's no chance I'm wrong, so there's no need to for the blog to either blind the info or secondary source it."

      Especially when you blog completely anonymously and enjoy writing fiction.

    2. Why does this blog upset you SO MUCH? Please tell me why.

    3. For real - you think anyone can have a google blog - google, a mega corporation - post illegal shit, and as long as they use a pseudonym on the blog they're protected from lawsuits? Is that how you think it works?

      You're going into your own post by the way. I don't think it's necessary for the comments section to host someone's nervous breakdown/temper tantrum.

    4. Curious though - why do you think I haven't been sued?

  20. OT - here's how an operation like Lainey's works.

    First, at this point in her game, she needs content, not info. She doesn't have little reporters out there digging stuff up. What she does have is column space.

    Last year, she took a somewhat personal tone in telling us that this blind item actor guy (who she near-explicitly wanted us to interpret as Jon Hamm) was not one of the few good guys after all, but ran around on his long term girlfriend. Lainey was terribly bitter and betrayed.

    Where did she get this? Doubtful anyone connected with Jennifer Westfeldt because, true or not, that info would be bad for a 40 something actress/writer/director's image, to go from one-half of a cool power couple to being put on the shelf by her more famous boyfriend. She's at a touchy stage of her career.

    Where it's most likely Lainey got it was someone's publicist who gave it to her (backed up by whatever general anecdotes) - in exchange for a later mention of the publicist's client in her column.

    You can see how self-serving it all is. While there's a lot of shit that takes place in entertainment, it's not dug up or uncovered, and a lot of what makes it to a column like Lainey's is suspect or agenda'd. Most of it is either reworked from elsewhere, already out there, or it's complete shit.

    Since Lainey needs the content, she prints the shit. She doesn't have the time, connections or resources to dig up real stuff. So, like other tabloids and gossip pages, she covers herself with b.i.s and "someone told me."

    People like Lainey don't do legwork. They don't have real sources. They have favor trading, p.r. and spin.

    The blog, and others who know the truth about Scott and Tessa, don't need that type of protection.

    1. "People like Lainey don't do legwork. They don't have real sources. "

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! At least Lainey gives details about her sources, even if vague - you can't even do that!

    2. 8:04
      I've read through all your very angry posts and it's clear no matter how much you bully the blogger and other people who post here (and I'm not the blogger nor am I any of the previous persons who were trying to reason with you), you are not going to get anyone to give up their sources. Nor should they give them up.

      This is not my blog so I have no say in what you post, but I guess you're free to keep ranting. We can all be amused watching you unravel.

  21. Okay, so obviously the ranting visitor IS the Pelletier/Virtue fanatic.

    I don't know what threat this blog is to her. This blog didn't marry Scott and Tessa. They married themselves. This blog didn't create their relationship - they did.

    But I sort of get the "logic" as this fan seems to believe she can, through force of will, WILL the Pelletier/Virtue pairing into reality. It's like something out of Harry Potter. The blog is fucking up the channels of the spell that she thinks is creating Pelletier/Tessa. If the blog stops muddying the atmosphere, Tessa and Pelletier can take form.

  22. BTW - you've tried many times to make this blog a forum for ALL "theories" about Scott and Tessa, so you could get a discussion going about your Pelletier/Virtue delusions. Apparently you've had a breakdown and are now acting out over your failure to get Pelletier/Tessa to happen. That's the agenda. It's not even to refute the blog - it's simply to scream and scream to shut out the blog's message.

    I've seldom done it before but I will now park future conversations you have with yourself in spam and then collect them for its own post, and add them as you continue to use the comments section to engage in a call and response with yourself.