Friday, June 14, 2013

The Humane Society?

This is a minor wtf but it is certainly consistent with Scott and Tessa's tendency to live with a disconnect between what they say and what they do.

I was  reading a summary of the ice dance press conference after this past season's 4CCs in Japan. The skaters all said very nice things about their partners, and Scott in particular was quite touching when he spoke about having Tessa as a partner.

The skaters also talked about their charity work. Charity work is a privilege available to skaters whose lives are training and competing, versus skaters whose lives are training, competing, and earning money to subsidize their training.

So with that in mind, Scott/Tessa and Davis/White are involved with charities, and Madison Chock isn't - she's too busy coaching in her down time.

One of Scott and Tessa's charities is the Humane Society.

I'm going to guess that they don't donate a gazillion dollars to the Humane Society, but rather use their public profile to promote the Humane Society's core values and agenda.

Of course then on facebook in front of thousands of facebook "friends", Scott does this:

Here's Canada's Humane Society about marine mammals in captivity, with a specific focus on dolphins.

The Humane Society web page, needless to say, also has information about respecting wildlife habitat, which is certainly consistent with hiring a catamaran that's pumping fuel into a starfish bed while you jump out and manhandle yourself some starfish.

Here's some observations from an ordinary Canadian about Saona Island starfish:
When on a tour to Saona Island or when snorkeling at your hotel, please do not remove the starfish from the water. They can survive only 10 seconds out of the water, but if you see how many people travel from the Bayahibe Cove to Saona Island in a day, imagine if half or even a quarter of them do it and the damage that is being caused. You can see them fine if you keep them just below the surface and take yourself down to their level. Just because they don't scream or squirm doesn't meant that they aren't uncomfortable.
The water is crystal clear, so we don't actually even need to pick them up at all. You can see that in this picture which is taken from the boat: … If the reason that you are taking a picture of yourself with a starfish is because it's cool to see that form of wildlife up close and personal, please give it the opportunity at a good long life that should be the case living in that Caribbean paradise! Some people say that the starfish are planted there (not) and plastic because they're hard and unfamiliar feeling (not), but they are truly a living being and should be respected as that.
Just something to think about. I was spending some time this evening looking at various pictures on the internet and found myself becoming angry seeing how many shots there were of people putting them on their heads and holding them out of the water and smiling.
You know where this woman is different from Scott and Tessa: "Just something to think about." She bothers. They don't. About so many things. They are template "Do as we say, not as we do" types.

 Anon Tourist photo from Saona Island
I'm not being picayune. I didn't make them adopt the Humane Society as one of their charitable causes. And unless they're idiots, they know the Humane Society is more than just cats, dogs and bunnies.

I know it's a pain in the ass to live according to your tree hugger principles, but nobody forced Scott and Tessa to support the Humane Society, and it's a little weird that in the few times Scott actually appears in public around anything to do with the animal kingdom it ends up romanticizing animal exploitation.

I wonder if there's any area in their non-skating lives whatseover - whatsoever - where what they say and what they do actually match.

P.S. The Humane Society isn't anti-food chain, it's just anti-exploitation and abuse, and it's pro-respect.

That last might be the part Scott struggles with.


  1. Is it possible that maybe they just didn't know? I didn't know about the starfish dying so quickly out of water until I read that just now and my background is in science. Maybe in the 4 or how many ever years it's been they've learned differently?

  2. "And by the way, telling lies, whether about a fake marriage or child, is disrespectful."

    What about telling lies about a real marriage or child?

    And what is this girl's deal? Moirs and PJ following her aside, I think if they knew who she was they'd have shut her down by now, or alienated her by trying. The game has always been more whack-a-mole. Are they seriously going with a circus barker now?

  3. 6:57, it's been known for years. And any idiot knows it's destructive to starfish beds for countless tourists to be trampling through them daily, not to mention the speedboat fuel in the water, and that's before we get to hoisting the starfish out of the water. If the Humane Society is an organization you support, it doesn't matter if you're on "vacation" with a pseudo girlfriend you find tedious and spending most of your time hanging with assorted American brain trusts, or that the bulk of most Carribean economies is tourism where there's a certain amount of destruction that occurs as a trade off for the dollar - don't leave your brain on the tarmac. Exercise some thought.

    As for the dolphins, no excuse whatsoever.

    7:08 - circus barker nails it.


  4. 6:57, I just googled "taking starfish out of the water, 2009" and instantly got numerous hits from 2009 advising not to do so, from ordinary citizens who knew better and were spreading the word.

    Besides, how much common sense do you need to realize that daily boatloads of rum fueled tourists chugging into a starfish bed, discharging these people into the beds themselves so they can grab the starfish for souvenir photos, isn't healthy for the starfish? Whether they live 10 seconds or 5 days or in between? They're constantly disrupted.

    Again, I'm not the one touting the Humane Society. It's them.


    1. Well but who cares about all that. Scott obviously thinks including the animals communicates romance and getting a photo is important, no matter how silly it is. The important thing is to share these special romantic moments with his beloved fans.

      It's funny, really. It looks like nothing more than trying to emulate some brochure advertisements. If only he could make it look as glorious as in the professional brochures--didn't quite pull it off. Of course any care for the animals doesn't come into it at all. It's about scoring points on social media with his private/public fake personal life--didn't quite pull that one off either. Lol

  5. at least they do alot of charity work unlike d/w who hardly do any.

    plus those photos are oldddd maybe they just started working with the humane society?

  6. I doubt Scott has ever had any intentions of mistreating any animal. What I find personally irritating is that they've been used as props in his campaign to hoax the fans.

  7. I agree, but IMO what counts in life are your actions and behavior. Without that, your intentions, feelings, beliefs, etc., don't matter.

    I don't think anybody but low lifes intends to mistreat animals - or for that matter, fans. But other things take priority, such as, for instance, expedience, and they end up doing it.

    Both of these scenarios are a no-brainer. Maybe that explains how Scott ended up doing it. Furthermore, to my recollection they've both said they support the Humane Society for quite some time. Since the best support they have to offer is their high profile, it's too bad that whatever it is they do gets so little publicity.