Friday, June 14, 2013

Celebrities who have fucked up on twitter

While it goes without saying that very few public figures are as experienced in the realm of celebrity as the Moirs and their friend Heather, below the blog lists a few high profile personalities who have blundered badly on twitter despite working with a matrix of professional managers and public relations representatives, and despite years and years in the spotlight. Their tweets created a backlash, and required public relations mojo to get their asses out of a sling. Their twitter blunders weren't just what they said and how they said it. It includes what they favorited and photos they posted.
  1. Alec Baldwin
  2. Ashton Kutchner
  3. Jim Carey
  4. Kenneth Cole (the company)
  5. Rep. Anthony Weiner
  6. Al Roker(!)
  7. Sarah Palin
  8. Kim Kardashian
  9. Gilbert Gottfried (he tweeted himself out of a job)
  10. Lisa Lampanelli
  11. Hope Solo
  12. Chris Johnson of the Titans (He blasted fans)
  13. Paris Hilton (hers was epic)
  14. 50cent
  15. Scott Baio
There are businesses and services that have sprung up to put out twitter fires and contain fallout and prevent mistakes from recurring. That's how prone even thoroughly media trained personalities working for professional organizations with actual functioning credentialed qualified hard working technologically savvy public relations departments are to fucking up on twitter.

Most athletes are on twitter because everyone is on twitter versus being on twitter to advance a specific agenda of perpetuating their own lies while discrediting people - through garden variety belittling plus a few fake photos -  who are actually telling the truth.

Furthermore, it's doubtful that if these athletes were trying to proactively discredit other people who are telling the truth, in order to perpetuate their own hoax, that it would be their own fan base and supporters that they were targeting. Ask Chris Johnson how that went over.

This is a fabulous plan of action to undertake free-style on a public social media platform that attracts an international subscriber base numbering in the millions and is also consistently monitored by mainstream media and gossip pages. I'm sure the Moirs will show everyone how it's done.


  1. The blog has said more than once that it believes legit media will ignore all the Moirville crap on social media. I could see them thinking twitter is just like all the other platforms they've used. They do want their message about Scott's private life to go out to as many people as possible, so (shrug) why not twitter? Reach a million people at once. Cassandra is already doing that. What, they think her private tweets and photos will never be searchable? But they don't care. That's what they want.

    1. It depends. Twitter is a whole lot different than facebook. It's not a bunch of discrete pages using the same platform. Furthermore, while the mainstream media stays away, for the most part, from facebook, even the facebooks belonging to high profile people, they are all over twitter. Even private citizens have been chewed up by the media when they post the wrong tweet. The media, IOW, can pretend to ignore facebook, they can't pretend not to know what's going on on twitter. It's very different, no matter what your twitter settings may be. It's a bigger stage and a more public one.

    2. The media actually treats twitter as if tweets are on the record. They don't treat facebook that way.

      Furthermore, twitter is a whole lot easier to follow than a whole bunch of separate facebook accounts. In twitter everybody's in the same stream, in facebook everybody's fishing in their own separate pond.

  2. Unbelievable--Heather scolding the fans on twitter for lies and immaturity. That's rich, after all the stunts the Moirs have pulled.

    The blog is so right--the sanctimony is insufferable.

    1. Heather also said Scott is likely to marry Cassandra after Sochi.

      She's said Cassandra is obviously hotter and more attractive than Tessa.

      She's called Tessa "too princessy."

      She wants Scott and Cassandra and Connor to model together because it would be hot.

      She thinks Scott and Cassandra would make beautiful babies.

      Sarah Palin got in trouble because she "favorite"'d a photo. Not her own - a stranger's on twitter. Furthermore, the photo was simply right up her own alley - it was pretty close to stuff she'd said herself. But she got KILLED. She claimed she never intentionally favorited anything.

      Charlie, Nicole and then Carol followed Heather. Besides all the other things that reveals about Moirville's intentions on twitter, it bestows credibility on Heather's twitter content, including the remarks repeated here in this comment.