Friday, June 7, 2013

Things that won't exist

When Scott and Tessa's actual status is reported, whether it's back-doored or front-doored, the narrative will go like this:

Scott and Tessa very young, very sensitive, fierce competitors, fiercely protective of family.

Fans - uber fans, uber intrusive, uber barrier-breaching, overly familiar. Examples of inappropriate fan behavior - isolated examples - will be dredged up to represent the whole.

And that will be it - if it's discussed at all.

What won't exist:
  • Jessica's facebook - never existed
  • Scott's fanpage
  • Menage a Trois sur la Glace
  • Debbi Wilkes and Skate Canada personnel and other skaters staging a sham photo call at the Olympics after the free dance
  • Debbi supervising sham mise en scenes at Canadians gala practices
  • Jessica in a horse-drawn buggy paraded like a prize pig down Ilderton's main street
  • Things like Jessica trolling for autographs accompanied by prison matrons Kate Virtue and Alma Moir at the GPF in Quebec with an assist from Skate Canada volunteers
  • Barb MacDonald using Above the Crowd and twitter for sham promotion
  • Jessica front and center with the Moirs at all Canadian competitions in the Olympic year while none of the North American national broadcast media acknowledged her presence (even though she'd been a high profile subject of several media profiles at the same events) and instead identified people around her, all while the same national broadcast media highlighted other romantic relationships among other athletes.
  • Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold
  • Steve Milton's many comments to the public about how Scott and Tessa are platonic and the public is deluded
  • The mise en scene at Skate Canada (with Semple)
  • Alma's facebook
  • Cassandra's facebook
  • Cassandra's twitter
  • Scott and Tessa's skype from Paris, about staying in Paris an extra day
  • PJ's lies
  • withdrawing from the 4CC's in 2011 and why
  • The blog doesn't exist
If fan suspicions are dealt with at all, it will be under "although rumors".

That's a LOT of public domain stuff, most of it put out by Scott and Tessa themselves, slated to be ignored by the official media. It says a lot about how official media protects what it believes to be its turf. Which, in turn, protects Scott and Tessa.

If any of Scott and Tessa's dirtier antics reach mainstream media, the mainstream media will treat it as information they picked up independently, not as information that has been discussed by fans for three straight years on public platforms. Mainstream media dislikes when the public gets a jump on it just as much as Moirville dislikes having their behavior towards fans called out and criticized in public by fans.

This is a power struggle, pure and simple. It's not about privacy. Scott and Tessa behave intimately in public, do a bridal magazine photo shoot, are open enough that anybody with a few degrees of separation can get the basics confirmed.  Enough fans know so that using "we have to keep it a secret from skating fans!" holds no water. And ironically - and IMO unsurprisingly - when fans know they immediately become more circumspect and respectful than they may be when they don't know.

It's a power struggle. That's all this is. It's not about the information.

Moirville (and those surrounding them, and Skate Canada, and Scott and Tessa) do not subscribe to "do unto others".  They are "because we are who we are, we can do whatever the fuck we want to and with fans, and fans better not push back." Boy, the pissiness about the push back!

The blog started because of how Moirville behaved. As the blog has said repeatedly, they treated supposedly sacred, private matters as sport. They entertained themselves with the sham. They laughed in fans faces with the sham. It was a pretext to mock, prank, trick and fuck with well-intentioned people, something that Moirs enjoy doing as a sideline, as is characteristic of most people who are very secure in themselves.

The excesses of the sham themselves were both about Moirville's need to be overinvolved with Scott and Tessa, but also about Moirville exploiting what they believed to be the parochial assumptions of stupid fans. Stupid fans believe that a married man and a dad would never pose kissing another woman on the lips, napping with her, having her on his lap, cooing back and forth on social media. An engaged man probably wouldn't do that shit either, not even as part of a hoax. It's just gross, and has so much blowback for his new family and his planned family.

What better reason to do it! Fans think they wouldn't be that gross. Well, they WILL be that gross!  As long as fans don't know the true state of things or don't have it confirmed, for some reason Moirville thinks it makes it less gross, instead of what it is. A married man posing like that to fuck with people. Dude. You're still posing like that, and you're still married, so it counts as disgusting. WE have nothing to do with it. It's you and what you're doing.

The entertainment and the skating media are happy to tell Scott and Tessa that fans are dreamers who wish they were together, cuing Scott and Tessa to throw cold water on fans' dreams. Scott and Tessa still get asked. Years on, you'd think journalists would pretend they couldn't ask anymore because the subject was tired, but nope, here it comes again.

Overall the interview pattern pushes fans into the role of stooge. It doesn't matter how repetitive things get, continually painting fans as a bunch of yahoos who can't separate reality from fantasy never gets old.

Fans are under one misconception - they think the media is adversarial to the public figure.That's not true. In entertainment, that's never true. They're adversarial to US. We're just the $$. They're on the side of the public figure. They want to preserve access, they like having all the story, the story behind the story, they like knowing the gossip, they like the not-for-publication stuff. The "preserve access" stuff is real, but it's also a way to divide the elites from the not-elites. We've seen this with mere fan "insiders" who have ten shit fits when the sacred info becomes more widely known. The more people know, the less "insider" they feel.

The entertainment and skating media are unwilling to ask Scott and Tessa about the fact that many fans say they are married with a child and lying about it. Straight up - ask it so they can deny it. Put it on fans. Say fans are saying you guys are married and have a child. It doesn't matter that it's not all fans. Not all fans confused Scott and Tessa's "characters on the ice" with their real lives - in fact, almost no fans did. That didn't stop the media from focusing on the beliefs of a bunch of fans that Scott, Tessa and the journalist totally made up.

This marriage-and-baby rumor is real. It''s a perfect club to beat us with. So ask! Blame us! Have a laugh amongst yourselves, as you enjoy so much.

P.J. has a sense of humor. Imagine if someone tweeted that Tanith and Ben were married with a kid, or Meryl and Charlie married with a kid. Wouldn't P.J. simply say no, or laugh, or have fun with it, versus getting sanctimonious, high-horsing it, and acting like the rumor was seriously inappropriate?

We didn't say Scott and Tessa ATE a child, P.J.

It's said they HAVE a child. Inside a lawful marriage.

What P.J. finds seriously inappropriate is mere fans pushing back against the crap.

Otherwise, what is so offensive? As a lie, or a foolish fantasy, it makes fans look ridiculous. Scott loves that. Their favorite media stooges love that. Scott loves bringing up fan misconceptions. He loves making up fan misconceptions to belittle and dismiss. There is no figure skater alive with Scott Moir's commitment to telling us what we think about him and Tessa. He's incessant. One wonders where he gets his convictions about what we think about him, seeing as he and Tessa are never on social media and live in a bubble. Maybe via the same efficient, VM-specific osmosis filter that told him we'd confused Tessa with Carmen (right after he'd finished telling us fans thought Tessa couldn't skate Carmen because they were nothing alike).

They were willing to tell us some fans thought Tessa was like Carmen - that's pretty fucking #crazy, isn't it? That's insulting, what it suggests about Tessa - basically that she's a treachorous slut. Nobody shrank from asking that on the grounds that they didn't want to give it credibiltiy. In fact, Scott and Tessa made the issue up and arranged that it be asked.

If it weren't true, what would be offensive about asking them about how fans say they're lying and they're actually married with a child? That's actually just another hilarious example of fan fantasy and there's nothing the skating media and Scott and Tessa enjoy talking about more than that.

Why did P.J. act like we wanted her to ask Scott if he beat Tessa or something? She was asked if she would ask them about the very kind of hysterically funny obsessive fan delusion that Scott and Tessa LOVE to laugh about. Why wasn't PJ laughing?


  1. What was the real reason for withdrawal at 2011 4CC's?

  2. Charlie is now following Heather. And Heather is merrily chatting away to Hilborn. She must have been working on orders all along. I hope their stupidity somehow backfires and leaves them all in very hot water. Do you really think they'll ever come clean? Everytime I think they can't escalate things any further, they do.

    1. Hmm - well, it looks like Charlie has now unfollowed Heather. Smart move.

      They all still look stupid though. Come on, Cassandra and Charlie and Nicole all following each other? Yeah,riiiight.

    2. Interesting. It looks like Heather and Charlie had a little conversation, where Heather says "you're welcome" to something Charlie said, and then also thanks him for following her. Now Charlie's remark to Heather has been deleted (we can only see Heather's side of the conversation) plus Charlie unfollowed her.

      Incredibly, it looks like Charlie came on to praise or thank Heather for her tweets! I wonder what made him change tactics so quickly, although I guess we should still be expecting these accounts to join Heather in her campaign.

      Just like VM and Moirville have always handled things - Tessa is heading into an important competitive season and she's the recipient of media adulation for her own talent and beauty and as one-half of an elite skating team. What could be more reasonable than making sure Scott's social media girlfriend gets in on some of the action - she too is pretty! And for good measure, Scott prefers her! She's even prettier than Tessa! Here are some photos to make sure you see her, not Tessa! And please don't think of Tessa with Scott, think instead of this other girl! Yay!


  3. Well, I think they will only come clean at the point of a gun. But at some point their child is registered in school. What if their child wants to become a figure skater? What if their child develops into a decent figure skater? Do they pretend aunt and uncle are their parents? Do Scott and Tessa expand their family (as I believe they will) and pretend they don't have the other kids either?

    Heather reminds me of a specific Scott/Tessa troll that often can sound sane and then can't stand that their shit-stirring is too subtle, and starts waving the troll flag accompanied by a brass band playing the troll theme. It's truly 0-100 mph with this troll and Heather is a lot like them.

    1. "Well, I think they will only come clean at the point of a gun. But at some point their child is registered in school."

      Not only considering the child's life, but as a family they want to forever NOT be a publicly acknowledged couple/family? It's the most bizarre thing - are they always single and available on social media, or single but dating? As if they were still in high school? It is truly grotesque.

    2. IMO, what would be priceless is if the kid grows up to also be an OGM skater but denies that Tessa and Scott are it's parents.

      Reporter: So, you're the oldest child of OGM ice dancers Tessa...
      All-grown-up TM: NO. I don't have parents.

    3. "All-grown-up TM: NO. I don't have parents."

      Lol. TM would also have a set of fake parents he/she spends time with, is affectionate with and vacations with. You gotta do this up right you know. Lots of photos and posts on the social media of the day.

  4. Something to add to the "Won't Exist" list:
    Skate Canada announcing during a competition, via Skatebug, to a full arena, that Scott and Jessica were dating. No mention of other skater relationships. Only Scott and Jessica's relationship status merited this kind of advertisement from their fed.

  5. The larger point is with people like P.J. pretending ignorance, fan reaction to Tessa, Scott, Jessica's, the Moirs and Skate Canada's social media antics as well as other public stagecraft and hoaxes can be painted as unprovoked.

    She's showing her ass, basically. If you don't want to give something credibility what better way to accomplish that then have the subjects themselves deny it. They weren't too refined to address the Pelletier rumors. Wouldn't addressing it give those stories credibility? Apparently not. As well, why is P.J. treating this story as mad or crazy instead of silly? If it were a lie wouldn't it be a silly lie? Instead she got sanctimonious and disingenuous.

    Virtue and Moir's part in this is edited out of the record so people like PJ can act like private Scott and Tessa minding their own business when this fan nonsense comes out of nowhere. She hasn't a keyboard to stand on.

    1. PJ definitely showed her ass with the hashtag #stopthemadness.
      She says she never heard the rumour, but that hashtag is a sure indication she's aware this subject has been talked about all over the place.

      Sanctimonious and disingenuous are perfect descriptions.

  6. P.J. gets asked silly and sometimes inappropriate questions by nutty fans every day. As far as she was pretending, this was the first she'd heard this rumor. The first fan who asked. Why did she react that way instead of paying lip service and treating it like just another crazy fan one-off - especially since she says she never heard the story before.

    A very silly story, P.J. It's not Scott is having an affair with Meryl and undermining his partnership with Tessa. It's not Charlie stepping out on Tanith with Tessa. It's right out of the playbook Scott and Tessa claim fans read out of all the time. Why take umbrage? According to the skaters themselves, fans have all kinds of misbegotten notions about them, most of them romantic. Scott and Tessa have never shied away from discussing fans romantic delusions. They even make some up. What makes this one no go P.J.?

  7. Heather doesn't follow Cassandra, and Cassandra doesn't follow Heather. Heather couldn't possibly be seeing any of Cassandra's tweets if her follower hasn't been approved by Ms. Hilborn.

    It's a delusional sham, clearly. Heather isn't anybody to the Moirville crew. No one of any significance follows her, she has no 'in' on social media.

    1. Anon 5:46

      I think you're right, it doesn't look like Heather has any social 'in' with Moirville on social media. Which makes it all the more surprising that apparently Charlie posted something favorable on Heather's twitter page when clearly the main topic is Scott's great love for Cassandra. Maybe Moirville likes what they see and decided to endorse her.

    2. Anon 6:02

      Did I miss something from Charlie? Because it just looks like Heather is pointlessly tweeting him.

      I feel almost bad for Cassandra, some girl she's probably never heard of is tweeting her like she knows her. But then again, I don't ever feel bad for Cassandra.

      Heather appears to be the perfect candidate for being a new 'in' with the Moirville crew.

    3. She at one point said "thanks for the follow" to Charlie. Reports above say that he has since unfollowed her.

    4. Did anyone see if Charlie actually WAS following her at one point?

    5. The Moirs and their friends sure do get interested when people start talking. Charlie, Cara, Carol and Sandy Lee.

    6. 9:19
      Can you elaborate?

  8. Replies
    1. Well, Sandy Lee's cover photo says it all. One of Moirville's own, making sure to add her 2 cents to Scott's personal life that they all love to share on social media.