Friday, November 30, 2012


It's weird how these are exactly like the last year of Jessica/Scott photos. Face the camera in a public event or at some party/gathering with lots of people, smile and call it a day, minimize the body contact.

Giving Cassandra credit, she doesn't have that needy look in her eyes when she looks at the camera lens, so the ick factor goes way down. The connection factor is still as nil as ever. They don't even sit like they know each other - she could be a fan or friend of a friend.

Scott throws his arm around the shoulders of fans but with fake girlfriends, especially in photos of recent vintage, he's all eh and tentative.

And after posing with a couple of guys:

Wow Tessa, you go out without Mommy?

Tessa snuggles next to a girlfiend while horizontal to send the countermessage that the photos with the guys are OBVIOUSLY platonic because she's cozier with a freaking girl than with them. Who knew Tessa had friends? The way she portrays herself, she skates and studies and hangs with her mom. Has she ever described friends?

This all seems like it should get a Level 2, GOES - 3 for future-hindsight image messaging.

Present day message: Scott and Tessa have significant others off ice! Look!

Future hindsight message: nothing ever happened or went on with any of these fakes. Look, a photo with Cassandra from the time he was supposedly dating Jessica! Look, all of these photos are exactly like regular fan photos! Look, Tessa and her parents and Scott and his parents are all in collusion with it, there were no triangles and nobody was cheating on anybody!

What about protecting yourselves from the future hindsight of people looking at these and realizing just exactly how ridiculously arrogant and self-obsessed you were? How you couldn't stand it when the fans calmed down about your status, so you kept trying to stir the pot? How a blog about the lies you guys tell that was at first a pain in the ass became a last resort showcase for getting attention?

The fact that their kid is completely edited out of their official story for the Sochi Olympics and that they will never see a shout out from the Kiss'N'Cry or their name mentioned in any of the articles to show THEIR kids - who cares. Family scrapbooks are cool enough!

The hardest thing to explain to people about Tessa/Scott's sham? The stupid. People follow along to a certain point and then they get that rotten fish smell expression where it's not even outrageous enough to be funny or - outrageous. It's just - who do these people think they are? What's wrong with them?

Call Capurnicus - he was wrong. The sun revolves around Scott and Tessa.

Cannot WAIT for Canadians to hear that announcer announce at the gala that Tessa and Scott are all that role models should be.

Oh well, let's look at the upside. Since Tessa is now perfectly willing to show herself on the web in a bikini, to pose with buddies on a boat, surely she won't nix the facebook or internet publication of a photo that would show her at the Moirs, or at a party, or with Scott somewhere anymore. She must be growing up. That's a good move for a mom.

Isn't it amazing though, all these off-ice photos of Tessa in one rush, and this is her intimate, private life! But with her professional, platonic partner, she still behaves as if a camera lens will dissolve her. She's the one who says they golf, drive places together, work out together, "are always together" so why does the photo spam try to show them having totally separate social lives?

Yes, let's have more of them. More outing American figure skaters while protecting
 your own (or what you think is protecting), more mocking fans and setting them up for sport,
more double standards depending upon whose skater from what country has won or lost, 
and more bragging on how much more wonderful you are than other people while
lying your faces off. Let's have Moir of that.


  1. Your assertions are preposterous, as always. Like, LOL LOL preposterous. Get help.

    1. The only thing preposterous is the asshat way in which Virtue/Moir continuously mess with their fans. They both need to fracking grow the hell up.

    2. Oh palease. They are not a couple off the ice but they play one on the ice. Simple. And incidentally, they are the BEST :)

    3. They're married and parents and live together. They're a couple off the ice.

  2. OK, so a few threads down - I thought that the purplecheshirecat tumblr was the leak source but I was informed instead that these pictures are "so easy to find LOL". So a hint for the rest of us? (Just to know the context of how these are being released, the pictures get seen here eventually anyways)

    1. Couldn't tell you - I found it with a Tessa Virtue search and there was the collage with a "thanks anon" shout out from the tumblr account owner.

      How efficient that "anon" passed along a set of Tessa + friends + bf with Scott + friends + gf images. One stop shopping for both of them, in the form of collage. I guess somehow Tessa and Scott continue to be so beset by people insisting they're together (instead of the way it is in the real world - most people insisting they're not together and only the blog saying they are), that Tessa and Scott joined forces and together sent out images of their totally separate social lives with their separate bf and gf, yet posed innocuously so out of context they could be posing with strangers. That's not self-obsessed at all.

      How on earth could they struggle through GPF without a timely reminder they date other people? They could never concentrate on their programs without getting some points up on that scoreboard!

      Glad to see that poor, gun shy Tessa is coming out of her shell at last.

    2. P.S. - I don't do instagram searches but if you do, apparently you can find the photos there.

      The fact of the matter is, if there's a sham photo on the web, or even a trail to a sham photo, it will be found in an instant and in the next instant, it's everywhere for the fans to see. The Moir Virtue Team knows it. It's been that way from day one. You don't have to set your watch by it - while you're setting your watch, the entire process is already done.

    3. Thanks! Just wondered if I was missing something obvious. I still can't find them other than on tumblr, but it doesn't matter. But ugh, this is all so sad.

  3. I thought Scott dumping Jess in the interview about the jacket was to clear the air for an impending Scott-and-Tessa relationship announcement. Then he pops up with new girlfriend?

    1. I was never anticipating an announcement about him and Tessa, but it was reasonable to hope they'd drop the social media crap and the "platonic" asides in articles, keep their own counsel, and just skate without the bullshit.

      You can never set your expectations low enough for these two - they'll always find a lower level and crawl under it. We know what's important to them. If they just shut up and quit the mind fuckery that would give people who call them out on their lies "the satisfaction".

      It's immaterial that they're the ones lying and those who call them out are telling the truth.

      Never mind that stubbornly clinging to your perogative to fuck with people is a weird entitlement to insist upon.

      What I suspect is they wanted to offload Jessica the second she dumped Bryce in 2011, but that would have looked suspicious. So they went through the subsequent season, only erecting more physical and image barriers between Scott and Jessica, bringing Tessa into the photos more often, bringing Kate in, etc. to just make it clear everybody was on the same page and there hadn't been a triangle or funny business with Jessica. Then when the season is over; she's dumped. I suspect the "Former girlfriend" didn't happen because the sham got old and they were growing up, but because Jessica dropped Bryce.

      I do enjoy that in a couple of the photos, Cassandra Holbin is sporting the same sort of uncomfortable-ish facial expression as Scott.

      Not only is Scott still shamming with the new gf but Tessa is out there as well, reserved, privacy loving girl that she is, showing off her implied connection with Ryan Semple, as well as showing off that the guy whom she says carried her out of her hospital bed after her last shin surgery plays no part in her social life whatsoever. A life she is happy to share on instagram as long as it doesn't include her platonic business partner, skating partner and best friend.

      You'd think the boyfriends would be a little WTF about that, just as you'd think Scott's girlfriends would feel a little weird that he protects and hides his off-ice time with Tessa like Fort Knox.

      More to the point, it's something for fans to notice.

  4. Anon 10:41

    I wasn't expecting that kind of announcement but at least I was expecting they were clearing the air of any more social media crap with other fake stories. Why is it so hard to just have the general attitude of "No Comment" instead of going down this road again. I hate to agree with those calling them assholes - but they are.

    1. They're assholes and also they're immature. If they didn't sham it up prior to competitions this season what does that say about all the times they shammed it up before competitions in the past? That it wasn't necessary? OMG!

      They're just keeping on keeping on because stopping would be an admission that it was all ridiculous from the beginning. Which it was, but somehow they believe they save face (and are not giving people "the satisfaction") if they persist.

  5. I'm Anon 1:00 - Too funny that I used the same wording - crap - for VM's social media games.

  6. What announcement?