Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mike Slipchuk is okay

Mike Slipchuk
As imperfectly as this blog has done so, I've tried to chronicle the VM p.r. and the SC activity, while bashing some of the egregiously unqualified, arrogant and self-serving Skate Canada personnel. And in the past, I've recited Slipchuk's name in the mantra of Skate Canada stooge-boobs.

But there's a distinction between Slipchuk, and Bill Thompson (formerly, before his departure), Barb MacDonald, and Debbi Wilkes.

I believe I've said it before, but why not repeat. Has Mike Slipchuk, in the past, carried water for the sham - and not just the sham, per se, but lied for Scott and Tessa? (I'm thinking specifically of his tweets prior to 4CC's 2011.) Yes. Did he chime in about some of the more asinine public relations schemes Skate Canada commenced bragging about in 2008? He did.

Here's the difference between Slipchuk and the others, however:

Apart from his b.s. p.r. contributions, does he make an actual contribution to Skate Canada not only at star level, but below star level?


When he does speak to the media, do I learn more about Slipchuk then whatever he's talking about?


When he speaks about Chan and Kaetlyn Osmond, for example, does he sound like a complete tool, or does he make sense? Is there logic to his remarks? Is it Slipchuk-centered, pandering-centered, or is it "Yeah, that figures" centered?

It's "yeah, that figures" centered. The viewer/listener is all "yeah, that figures." versus "Who is this embarrassing asshole?"

Has he been a media whore in the past two years?

He hasn't.

Is he working in his own interests or in the interest of the skaters?

I think the skaters, which, as it happens, turns out to be also in his own interests. Most smart people understand that being competent is good business. Skate Canada isn't overrun with those types. But Slipchuk is competent, and because he is, he's able to focus on the interests of the organization and its skaters, as well as his own.

Isn't it odd how the one person among the Satan's minions employed by Skate Canada who is actually doing anything, and qualified to do what he does, is the one person who most readily gave up the need to see his name, face, words, etc. in the spotlight? The one person who is actually applying his education, his abilities, etc. towards the greater good of the organization for which he works, is the one person who's dialed down his time in the media spotlight?

Funny how that works.

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