Sunday, November 4, 2012

Barb MacDonald don't want to miss a thing*

Look here - Scott and Tessa are doing the between-the-legs grab that has some onlookers clutching their pearls, and who is standing on her tippy-toes and craning her neck even though she's in the front row?  It's Director of Communications Barb MacDonald!

If she were their coach or other trainer, or even if she were High Performance director, okay, cause she wants to make sure they nail every bit of the technique on that critical element.

But Barb is Director of Exclamation Points and Piper_Paul_Are Fun and gets her orders from Debbi Wilkes anyway. You'd think she'd be very fine watching on the jumbotron or one of the many monitors back there, or, you know, just regular watching. But nope. Before Scott and Tessa even start the actual skating part, she's gonna topple right over the boards. I wonder what she finds so mesmerizing.
*aerosmith shout out.


  1. jess & scott arent even dating anymore. they broke up last march....

    1. They can't be broken up - they were never together. It was fake.

    2. Oycanada, I can't wait to here your take on this latest version of shamming.

      The sheeple are being so predictable too. Everytime anyone posts anything about feeling disappointed because they thought V/M seemed coupley now or, heaven forbid, that they feel led on by V/M, there's an immediate chorus of "but we have to be happy for Scott!" It's quite ironic that those who feel disappointment, feel like they've been watching a couple, and feel like they've been tricked are really the ones who are closer to reality.

    3. I haven't seen the profile picture but heard about it. It's so revolting.

      The blog title "Jessica Dube loves Scott Moir" is a title encompassing all of their lies and all of Skate Canada's manipulations, not just one specific choice of sham girlfriend.

      They are married and have a baby. This doesn't trouble them. I think they're doing this out of basically spite, and to tell the doubters to fuck off. Morally, they have no standing, ethically they have no standing. I have no words for people who set up a hoax that exploits people's lack of information, who do more than use the hoax as a shield, but arrogantly try to profit from it, who aggressively address people's doubts by claiming they are confusing reality with movies, all the while they themselves are the ones running this scam, are lying and making fools of people.

      And then when called out, they act like the victims. They act as if they're beseiged by haters and they turn belligerent, as if it's their entitlement to lie and our job to roll over.

      THEY feel put upon and act out, too spiteful to just lie low and let something die. By God, they will decide when they stop lying!!!

      This is how they operate.

      I suspect Tessa tunes it all out. If she refuses to know about it there's nothing to deal with. It's easy to do if all of your lies are aimed at a social media audience. Social media isn't really followed by the legitimate media. Social media dislikes the fandom anyway (they really do). And the legitimate media dislikes social media because it levels the playing field and they're no longer the opinion-makers they were.

      Do they have the courage of their convictions about their privacy and own the sham where the world can see it (like Tanith and Evan?). No. They want to have their cake and eat it too. They want the fans to eat it and they want to slide away without ever being accountable for how they exploited and manipulated people.

      By aiming everything at social media and fan sites, when the reality is revealed they won't be called to account or called out on the record. The legit media will just be all - oh these kids are together - nobody really believed them anyway when they said they were platonic! - a fantasy will be spun about how it was handled. This is because all the meanspirited, obnoxious one-upmanship was out of sight of the people whom they think count. Which believe me, isn't us.

      Scott made a very nice thank you to fans after Skate Canada, thanked them for spending their hard earned money on figure skating.

      And look at this - stung again. Fan appreciation my ass.

      It's a little rough to always be Lucy and Charlie Brown and the football with them, but that's how they roll. They continue their habit of never ONCE extending a thank you or acknowledgement that isn't priming the public for another lie.

      So basically, what Scott and Tessa are doing is as craven as it gets. They let the Jessica thing die out. They come out with an overtly sexy Carmen. Lest anyone think only people as close as Tessa and Scott actually ARE could do Carmen, along comes Cassandra. Tessa Virtue has got to fucking quit thinking she can control how people THINK or what they think. That is none of Tessa Virtue's fucking business (no, she is not the only one but I believe this is a huge impulse of hers). She's the one who needs to quit overthinking, instead of worrying what's in other people's heads.

  2. Can't wait to hear your thoughts about that Cassandra girl.

  3. Sigh.....I don't know what the story is behind that picture, but surely they can't be so stupid as to try this again. JD looks like a class act in comparison.

  4. I've defended them in the past but maybe Scott and Tessa really are that big of assholes.

    1. Here's what they're about.

      Right and wrong isn't important. Sochi, winning the little social media competition that has sprung up between the blog and them, digging in with their position - it's all about them. Right and wrong - that's a luxury they kind of have to set aside. They'll make up for it maybe after Sochi.

      I bet they'd think what they were doing was a whole lot more wrong if they had to face the people they were lying to, but we're faceless. They might think it was wrong if it hit them in the pocketbook, but it doesn't really as most of their professional business connections don't know the scams they're running on social media.

      IOW, they perceive right and wrong in terms of the consequence of doing wrong to THEM. Same sin, same wrong, but if doing it to just us has very few consequences that affect them, their conscience can bear it. Scott will wear that cross, finger that cross and pray on that cross.

      Think about what it is we want from them that they're protecting from us, the thing that justifies "right and wrong will have to wait. We feel a little guilty, but."

      I'll wait.

      Nothing? Yeah, nothing. They can't even fill an arena for their Federation, they're such rock stars who need all kinds of strategems to protect themselves from the fans.

      A couple of notes - isn't it funny that Tessa doesn't even touch her fake boyfriends (other than a classic fan pose of arm round the shoulder) but Scott holds hands, lip kisses, etc. etc. I wonder why Tessa doesn't get to fake intimacy on facebook?

    2. cuz she is a lesbian.. and that is really what the shame is covering up.

  5. Why do you care about other people's business? They skate, they make the country proud, they win medals. Is that not enough? Who they sleep with is their business!

    1. Not OC, but it became my business when they decided to proactively lie to and hoax the fans and the public. They were the ones who involved fans/public in this.