Saturday, November 10, 2012

Boy, does Tessa know what that's like

Today in their long program, this happened to Alex Shibutani.

It hurt.

But he regrouped and completed the program.When he finished he did most of his weight bearing on his good leg as he went to the boards, and Maia put his skate guard on for him.

Tessa can empathize because in 2011, at the 4CC's, she had to stop a program because of a quad spasm.

Oh the pain.
Tessa didn't rub her leg, didn't wince, skated evenly on both blades as she stroked to the boards, and her facial expression was neutral/placid.
After they (officially) called it off, she and Scott returned to center ice and:
Wow. A deep bow bending and stretching that deep spasm'd quad. Alex, you wimp. 
I find what happened at the 4CC's very "them". A big huge lie, and then super careless with the supporting elements because really, they're gonna get away with it anyway and they've got better things to do than keep their behavior consistent with the lies they're telling. 


  1. Ha. I thought of V/M instantly when I saw the Shibs' video. You could really tell that Alex was in pain.

    1. And he couldn't have sucked it up more. There were no histrionic and yet he looked awful. The pain was all over his face and eyes.

      Scott and Tessa went for more of a blank look.

  2. So Blogger u are American??? Say No More... Tessa and Scott have a deep friendship. that is all. They Love each other to death, but not romantically...They just have a certain connection, unlike Davis & White. So forced. It actually makes me uncomfortable to watch. Tessa & Scott are the best ice dancers ever. God Bless Canada. Happy Late ThanksGiving...

  3. Anon 3:30

    Regardless of what's really up with Tessa and Scott, I do know for a fact the skating community at the upper senior levels is very small. Nationality makes no difference, there are close acquaintance and friendship relationships across the board. Naturally, along with that there is much awareness about anything to do with the skaters at that level and their lives off-ice. Especially among the North American elite senior skaters, coaches, skater-families, etc., both American and Canadian, things are pretty fluid.

    For all I know, the blogger could be European, Asian, whatever. I know for a fact when it comes to this level of skating it's not a barrier to knowing what is going on outside of the lens of the cameras.

    1. There are some people in the non-N.A. athletic community (which encompasses more than just figure skaters) who aren't even aware Scott and Tessa aren't supposed to be a couple over in N.A.

      VM's platonic schtick is aimed at Canadians.

    2. 3:30

      ?? I'm not understanding your assumption that not being Canadian equals not knowing anything about Tessa and Scott?

  4. I was just looking at the photos from a couple entries ago, regarding the recent alleged SO's of VM -- OMG, are the rocks those two girls sitting on (I assume Cassandra and friend?) the same ones as those photos of Scott and Jess during the Mexico destination-wedding of Scott's brother (I think summer of 2011)? It looks like the exact location.

    Lol. This just got even more hilarious. appears many family friends attended this wedding. What's left to surface now are photos of Tessa and the rest of the Virtue family at the same location. I've never thought there was any possibility in hell Tessa did not attend that wedding.

    1. " appears many family friends attended this wedding"

      if they are your family friends why don't you just ask them for some photos and "leak" them yourself anonymously?

  5. I've heard about this blog for quite some time on a couple of forums, and finally decided to check it out. I've gone through majority of it - and have some comments/questions. I've decided to post now rather then wait until I'm done particularly because the attack of their characters just didn't sit right. I'll start with the related post and continue raising questions where I deem fit.

    Specifically pertaining to Tessa's quad injury that required them to withdraw. You've based your assertion that it was all a sham on 2 pieces of 'evidence.'
    a) Tessa's face didn't portray as much pain as Alex's. Tessa has never been one to outwardly express her pain. If her first surgery is real (and based off what I've read, you believe it is)she never expressed her level of pain as Alex has - why should this situation be any different? And if you counter that by the lack of shock/ concern on their faces as Maia's, it can be easily explained by the fact that her quad had been bothering her coming into the competition - as she'd stated during the press release. That explanation is as easily acceptable as a made up injury - perhaps more so.

    b) Tessa was able to bow down and curtsy before the audience, which should not have been possible given her 'alleged' injury. How is it that you can believe Alex can finish SKATING the rest of his program, while bearing the pain, but Tessa can't perform two curtsy's?

    I do not have other evidence that can disprove/ prove your theory, and I'm not calling it farfetched, I just can't readily believe you, based on so little evidence. For majority of the claims you've made, you've used pictures supported by very strong and malicious language to assert your accuracy in explaining 'they are a couple/pregnancy' theory. However, if there's anything that can be learned, its pictures are not the ultimate proof, and a picture of one second in time does not dictate everything else. Secondly, the personal attack against Tessa and Scott's characters cannot be justified unless you actually know the person. You say they do not appreciate their fans, and go on to call them a bunch of other names - yet what is this all based on? I have met Tessa and Scott three times, albeit for brief moments and never have I felt anything other than genuine interest from them.

    All I'm essentially asking for is more PROOF of this 'sham' other than pictures and your interpretation of facial emotions and body language. The pictures and gifs you've created to explain the skating is a lot more appropriate to analyze SKATING - it doesn't really translate into analyzing a person's life. You talk about aspects of their lives with such certainty that I wonder if you know more about this scenario than you let on. I am in totally agreement that there are holes in the Jessica and Scott 'relationship,' but I don't think you adequately prove that your theory explains all the holes.

    1. I'm not OC, but I am someone else who knows of the real deal with V/M. The basic premise of this blog, that Tessa and Scott have been together forever, are married, and have a small child is true. As for the rest of it, it's just frustrating to know the truth of the situation and see how they're behaving... One sort of wants to know they why's behind all of this.

      This subject of proof is something that comes up time and time and time again. People want some sort of smoking gun to be posted--like their marriage license or the little one's birth certificate. I have a connection I was able to use to get an independent confirmation of the basic facts, but for various reasons, I can't say more than that or give you a smoking gun anymore than OC can. All I can say is that I think there's enough out there that if you really look at it, think about it, and put it all together, you'll have the proof you're looking for. That is all I know to tell you.