Friday, November 30, 2012

Look Daddy has a bf who isn't mommy and mommy has a bf who isn't daddy

Amazing. Tessa can't be photographed off ice with SCOTT, her platonic, professional business partner. Not once on his facebook.  Only once, and shamed into it, on his fan page.

This woman isn''t shy. She's controlling.

Her "bf" with her in a bikini? Bring it on, internet! She's right out there!

This is a married couple with a child taking their spare time to pose for photos of themselves with fake significant others so that a bunch of fans - fans at this point begging to be spared - will find them and know Team Sham isn't bowing down to any fucking blog. Virtue Moir will stop trying to fuck over the fans in THEIR time, not some fucking blog's.

Oh, they're not trying to make people think they're really dating these people. They're self obsessed, but not enough to really care anymore.  This is about the scorecard.


  1. Doesn't anyone find it beyond creepy that Scott's new "GF" looks remarkably like Tessa??? Who are they kidding with this crap?

    1. I think Cassandra is way prettier than Tessa.She is Natural & Orgiginal. If you know what I mean:)Good for Scotty.

  2. I thought the same ?!

  3. but if you say that Tessa and Scott were married because there are no reliable data or photos about? the child is what is seen in profile alma moir on fb? and what are these pictures of alleged boyfriends and girlfriends? is a game for 4? or for 5?