Friday, February 18, 2011

Meryl and Charlie SD press conference, Taipei, Taiwan

Something makes Meryl and Charlie look sad, weary, turned off, and pissed off, and it ain't coming in second.

Me sad too, Meryl and Charlie. Me sad too.

And Meryl? Love you for this. It's February. A chill is appropriate:

They have gone through a lot this season," Davis said of the Canadians. "I'm not exactly sure what happened, but we don't really think about it too much. When we come into competitions, we worry about skating our best. When we leave a competition, we're thinking about how we can improve. I'm sure they are disappointed but we are excited and happy with how we skated.
A lot of people are alarmed by V/M these days, wondering why somebody reality-based doesn't step in and stop it.

When a figure skater experiences a "thigh spasm" in the middle of a lift, it inhibits their range of motion when they withdraw and skate to the boards. It hurts like a mofo. They don't look like this when they have a program stopping muscle spasm:

Conveniently, what stopped the program was a spasm so far up her leg there is no question it wasn't shins.

Noted though, that a lift strains the core (a core that needs to be not only strong, but ELASTIC for dance lifts) not a thigh.

P.S Nice costume Tessa. Suits the fd masterpiece nobody ever sees.

This guy's left quad actually hurts

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