Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coming Soon - It's Spamtastic (2009)

When, contrary to prior custom, one's beloved is spending May training break in Europe with her mom and sister attending to critical matters vital to your mutual happiness in the months ahead, and may also be seeing to a personal refinement, a good partner is tasked with responsibilities of his own.

This is no time for mere r&r as one migrates to the Dominican for a week in early May, along with countless other Canadians and figure skaters.

While soaking in Bavaro sun and Bavaro rum, he must carry out the upcoming season's essential first order of business in the company of a familiar face and her loyal siblings.

Fortunately for our friend, when one wearies of do it yourself photo opportunities, all-inclusive resorts such as Dreams Punta Cana Resort and Spa offer the romantic beach photo shoot. Free. One dons swim attire, is put through poses a la romance novel, and pays $10.00 American for each shot selected for your <3 facebook album, your end of year memory collage, and your many future facebook profile shots, the first of which (along with the <3 album within) is scheduled to be publicly unveiled four months later at the start of Skate Canada's High Performance Camp, soon after the inaugural performance of a romantic, future Olympic gold medal winning free dance. Years of smoking gun profile photos and album content can be stockpiled from one hour's effort - a cost/benefit win/win.

While the main event is prepared, here is French-Canadian figure skater Catherine Miller and her (platonic) friend Roxanne Bourque, making do in their own May 2009 Punta Cana beach photo shoot.

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