Sunday, February 20, 2011

Overdoing It

Skate Canada sanctimoniously links itself with Canadian patriotism while treating actual Canadians - i.e., figure skating fans - like idiots and easy marks.

There's also Skate Canada's moronic image management strategems and schemes to have things both ways. SC's allergy to reality and honesty even when reality and honesty would be constructive is, of course, a classic feature of control freaks.  SC's solutions complicate problems, call attention to problems, but as long as the solutions are controlled by Skate Canada, that's what matters.  One wonders if they're living through their famous skaters. Debbi Wilkes' mug is certainly pasted over at Skatebuzz a hell of a lot more than any figure skater's.

The small, not-shin, not-thigh reason Virtue and Moir's free dance wasn't ready won't be revealed.  The longer Scott and Tessa hide, the more impossible coming clean will seem.  Revealing the truth could release the Pandora's box of lies set in motion years ago, ludicrously compounded, and recently, stupidly committed to publication in their book and reiterated in promotional appearances.  Lies that, ironically, conceal normal, very lovely, non-scandalous realities.  Lies that were ovedone from inception, ridiculous in execution, and demean Scott, Tessa and fans.

Skate Canada's hubris is such that this season they've seemingly convinced Scott and Tessa they can fake out not only fans, but nature and biology too.

Everything that fakery was and is intended to achieve for Scott and Tessa could have been accomplished with professionalism, maturity, respect and, frankly, smarter lies.  But, I believe Skate Canada piggybacked its own self-aggrandizing agenda onto its management of Scott and Tessa, and Scott/Tressa feel trapped.  It's easy to suspect Skate Canada enjoys having its fingerprints on every inch of Scott and Tessa's public and private existence.  Isn't Skate Canada run by mediocre former competitive Skate Canada figure skaters?

Skate Canada needs VM more than VM needs SC. Scott and Tessa need to behave like the adults they are in the management of their skating careers and personal lives. Seek sane and common sensical direction out of the merely ephemeral prison SC has built.

Nice new profile shot Jessica, btw. (Well, not new. May 2009)


  1. It seems to me it would be a good idea to go ahead and post all of the very romantic Dominican get-away album that was so generously shared with the fans. Save Jessica the trouble of going through the pictures one by one for her profiles.

  2. Good point. I'd be helping Jessica, and, if I included compare/contrast examples of similar photoshoots (such as one featuring her former SC teammate Catherine Miller), and photoshoots featuring actual couples, I'd be assisting whatever visitors this blog receives in the contextualizing of the Jessica/Scott romantic getaway photoshoot.

    I'd also further my interest in providing a conveniently searchable archive for young and curious members of the Moir/Virtue clan as they reach the googling age in years to come. So many things should never be lost to belatedly restricted facebook applications.

    Give it a few days. I'll heads up so we can all take our dramamine.