Saturday, February 26, 2011

May 2009: Scott and Jessica's Dream Vacation at Dreams: The Photo Shoot That Keeps on Giving (also featuring real couples)

And here is Jessica's 2009 My Year In Photos Collage
posted to the Facebook Wall of Her Gazillion
Facebook "Friends" (a/k/a "fans") ,  Just
In Case We Missed Alma's Album


  1. Oy Canada,
    This is just precious.
    I'm looking forward to the posting of so many other tender, intimate albums that Jessica and Scott (and their friends and family) have so unselfishly shared with us. They must love their fans so much, and hold us in such high esteem, to allow us to enjoy such moments with them.
    Other public figures should learn from them and also share their private lives with the public. It almost makes me want to cry. Thank you!!!

  2. You're most welcome candlebeam. They're generous to a fault with their fans. While protecting their skating partnerships like Fort Knox, this precious, private and PERSONAL relationship gets spammed to their thousands of facebook fans a la a take-out restaurant littering the neighborhood with take-out menus. And then those facebook fans disseminate it via pms and emails. There's no chance a facebook friend of theirs will ever miss a photo spam, it's like signs for Disneyland in Anaheim.

  3. I'm not sure yet where I stand on this blog's premise that everything between Scott and Jessica is fake. To be honest, I'm not sure I care.

    No matter though, this kind of album is much too personal to have been shared with the public. This kind of "sharing" makes me lose respect for them. Like you, I also took note of the fact that it's release was timed to the beginning of the Olympic season and Scott and Tessa being in the public eye with the first showing of Mahler. What the hell are these people thinking?

    I don't care at all what they're doing with each other in private, but they seem to have lost sight of the fact that as elite athletes many impressionable young people look up to them. Are you saying that SC condones this?