Friday, March 8, 2013

Soon to be less popular than Canadian figure skating

Football. Your mom can play it. Not a real sport.
Baseball. It's gay.
Soccer. This "team" has a girl on it. Enough said.
Basketball. A girl and a boy are guarding a boy.

These photos illustrate why football, basketball, baseball and soccer are on the way out, soon to be taken over by the fierce, dangerous, scientific, risky, high jumping and fast twirling sport of figure skating. You mom can play football. If you want to organize some of the little kids in your community, get some t-shirts printed and some caps for a dollar each and get them playing baseball. You don't even need a special court to play basketball - you can play it in almost any schoolyard. How can it be a real sport?

The thing with basketball, baseball, football and soccer is you can play these sports safely on a team at any skill level for fun or you can just grab the ball and play with your mom, your friends or your family for fun. It's EASY.


  1. Apparently Tessa and Scott have but one bed between the two of them. Someone had better fix that. People are going to start getting suspicious.

    1. 10:46

    2. For Canadians in London in 2009 Scott and Tessa also made it clear ahead of time that they were staying at the skater hotel (just like they apparently said this time) and they didn't stay there. It was all blah blah treat it like a regular competition, stay at the skater hotel so we can focus, etc. Then they didn't.

      Maybe this guy remembers that.

    3. "Maybe this guy remembers that."

      This would be a first.

      With all the contradictory information (fibs) VM have given since forever, it's the most amazing thing how these reporter people covering VM never remember any of it.

    4. You got me there. What are the odd?

      Must be another reason then.

    5. Adding something else - if it's a real sport like Debbi insists it should be reported on like a real sport, shouldn't it, and not real reporters who moonlight as paid groupies.

      That guy who failed to confirm the existence of Manti T'eo's dead girlfriend had to beat himself up in Sports Illustrated and take us through his fact check process.

      Meanwhile that same guy could write about figure skating and pull absolutely anything he wanted out his back end about their personal lives and never be accountable. Just use the subjects of your article as sources - let them say potato today and potatah tomorrow and who cares if it makes no sense!

      College football is way more serious than figure skating, right Debbi?

      I don't think Debbi would ever want to give up the whole groupies-as-journalists set up so she's sort of wanting a lot of incompatible elements to come together in her quest to make figure skating a real sport. Which is what this is all about - Debbi's doing it for figure skating. She loves it.