Friday, March 8, 2013

Other things that are HARD

Working in a coal mine

Building the great pyramids by hand

Lion taming
Climbing Mt. Everest

Nuclear Physics

Debbi is well on her way to making Canadian figure skating as popular as this stuff.


  1. Debbie Wilkes has done more damage to the reputation of figure skating, not just Canadian figure skating, than any other single person alive today. Ultimately if there are no checks and balances to get rid of people like her, all future skating athletes will pay the price....which is what is happening now.

    That Skate Canada commercial, aired during the Doc, looked like it was made on a home computer and the new Skate Canada logo looks like it was designed by a 9 year old.

    Things have gone from bad to worse...... but a least the "Johnny Weirs" have been removed, which is a good thing to Wilkes/Stojko/MacDonald/Browning/Alma and Carol.

    1. Well she continues on for a reason even after the person who nominally hired her, William Thompson, has left. And if there's one reason someone like Debbi Wilkes is able to continue despite the damage she does and the damage not having somebody who knows what they're doing in her job instead, it's relationships. Somebody has her back. Somebody is covering her ass. Like this tough shit. Is it really aimed at "us" or at the public, or is it the obsession of somebody else - do the clubs whine about it, are there people on the council who are obsessed with overseeing a wimpy sport - who is the idiot?

      Debbi is a tool. She's a piece of work. But she's in the job because of politics and it takes more than one person to make a position political. Who are the others? Who is covering their own ass and so doesn't want to remove her for fear of having to account for why she was there so long in the first place, or who doesn't care what damage she does because she enables their own agenda?