Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How's she liking her demotion?

I'm working on a new banner for the blog, which, in addition to choosing photos, involves pulling together quotes from F. Scott Fitzgerald, Scottie Pippen, Scott Disick and Scott Baio, maybe Tennessee Williams and absolutely Walt Whitman, because for all Cassandra's F. Scott-centricity nobody in American literature really expresses Cassandra Hilborn's newfound self-grandiosity like Walt.  ETA: The quote fits the persona CH is attempting to put across but ended up not fitting the banner. Maybe I can use it if the banner changes for the summer vacation consumation photos, where we'll be informed without a shadow of a doubt due to beach shots in skimpy swimwear taken at a sunny resort, that Scott Moir, daddy of a toddler, husband to Tessa Virtue, is now fucking Cassandra Hilborn. Because we need to see it. Facebook profile shots don't satisfy this people.

In the choosing photos part I returned to this lovely shot:

Which has one comment urging her to go be a star. Girl is too gorgeous for London.

She's trying, Candice! She's trying!

The photo won't be in the banner, but in the interests of research I clicked on the "like" button to see who might be suddenly liking it every time Cass Brook uploads a photo. Look who likes it:

That is some kind of friendly.

It's really nice that Scott can bed hop like this and the girls stay friends and admire each other's facebook poses. It's almost as pleasant as things tend to be back in Canton when Fedor finishes with Tanith, hops onto Tessa, hops off Tessa, jumps onto Jana, then scoops up Meryl. The girls all stay besties.

Come to think of it - Quebec and Ontario have one-upped Michigan, because Jess and Cass didn't just stay friends after Scott segued to Cass, it strengthened their connection.*

Of course, this shot hit facebook about a month before Cassandra's opening night, which was, as we recall, in "M'ovember", but I don't think it's stretching things to assume Jess had a good idea things were heating up to epic literature proportions and fast between Cassandra Hilborn and Jess's former amoreux.

I also have to wonder why in his photos with his passion du jour, Scott kisses or gets kissed, but Tessa doesn't even hold hands. It's almost like he agrees to double down on making it convincing as long as he's assured Tessa isn't doing anything at all, not even for the camera.

*Boy, if Worlds is the Sham Shindig it's setting up to be, I'm looking for some mega lip locking on instagram and twitter either during Words itself, or afterwards when Scott and Cassandra can finally be together in their swimsuits as Cassandra so eagerly anticipates, highlighted with admiring remarks by Jess. "Trop hot!"

Forget that it's revolting with a child in the picture (or actually, the child is not in the picture, but Daddy's fake girlfriend is, macking all over him). There's some being right to do!

#Moirs #winning

Cassandra's facebook showboating and twitter showboating read like "Look sweetie how hot your dad is for me! I'm hot for him too!"

The boys could learn from the girls here, huh. There was Bryce back in '09, whinging a bit to the camera that it was difficult to see Jessica with her boyfriend (who was Scott MOIR), and here the girls see passing the guy around as a bonding experience.

It's all so role-modely and clean cut and gosh darn Canadian and wholesome it can only have been inspired by the folks in Ilderton Ontario.

P.S. - you know what's really sad? Daddy is the first man in a child's life. I look at the (limited) pictures of Charlie Moir and his daughter, and what appears to be the love and happiness in his face, and I think - I hope this is what it looks like, because that's a lucky little girl. 

By any measure, a child of Scott Moir's should be incredibly lucky. An amazing masculine role model. Loving. Incredibly responsible. Works his ass off. Devoted. If there's ever someone willing to show up for the scut, it's him. Treats mommy like gold. Funny. Kind of the template for how a man should be  - it's a set up to make any kid feel secure.

But then THIS shit. Trash all that crap because you know what matters? One upmanship. And daddy doesn't have the balls to draw the line.

When you love somebody - it's even WORSE when you come across stuff that's unsettling or confusing. Of course Scott and Tessa will "explain" what we've already seen as well as what we're in for with Worlds 2013. But kids aren't robots you can program and they're not sponges either. They want to see things for themselves and figure it out for themselves and decide for themselves. And what's been done during Scott and Tessa's eligible career is a recipe for insecurity and doubt. Scott, with his own insecurities and ultra sensitivities, ought to be more aware of this than anyone.


  1. Oh, it gets even better.

    In that brief bit of time between her sham debut and when she shut the page down to feign privacy invasion, her friends list was still publically visible. Jess did not appear in her friends list by then, evne though she'd liked the photo a month before. The take away, IMO, is that they had Jess and Cassandra unfriend each other to make it look like Jess did it because she was upset that Scott had moved on.

    1. Oh for real? So for the first time in her life Jessica notices a Cassandra Hilborn photo enough to show up on CH's facebook to like it one month before the new sham debut(that seems to be the preferred Moir window), and then the two unfriend each other?

      So while the child is hidden away, THIS is added to the shit out there on the internet to enjoy for years to come? A couple of daddy's fake girlfriends pretending to be so hot for him one of them can't stand that he's moved on and disses the new girl and the new girl loves rubbing it in everyone's face?

      I guess if Scott and Tessa's kid has inherited its parents' "brains" the child will accept the "reason" for the sham and lies but how the HELL is the kid ever to accept the execution? Who wants to see or know about that shit with their daddy? How grotesquely overproduced it was. It has "getting off on it" all over it, and I'm sorry but that's sick when we're talking about your married son, brother, cousin, friend. Do they all enjoy playing with the fantasy of Scott's near incestuous sex life and girls acting out over him on social media?

      Would Scott have enjoyed seeing and knowing about that kind of crap with his mom when he was a kid? Or finding it? Or having to process it? He was sensitive, to say the LEAST.

    2. Yes, for real. When she first surfaced, the first thing I did was go through all of the photos. As soon as I saw Jess had liked that one, I took a look at her friends list: no Jess. And it's not a case of Jess having selected an option not to show up in her friends' friend lists; Jess is still facebook friends with several Moirs and she appears on their friends lists still. If you unfriend someone, past likes and comments they made on your stuff do not go away. That leads us back to the fact that a month before Cassandra's debut, she and Jess were fb friends. By the time the mo-sham came to light, they weren't, making it appear that there was unfriending over Scott.

  2. Can we get a couple of t-shirts for Jess and Cass - sister wives? Can it get any weirder? And seriously, if all your besties can say about you is your pretty - well..that enuf said...

    1. You're pretty and you're gorgeous is probably the most popular comment posted to any girl's photo on facebook - it's why the photos are posted. If you're going to take a selfie of yourself in your jammies looking pouty and pseudo soulful and then you use photo effects on it to make it look vintage/romantic, and then you rotate it so it's artsy too, you're basically soliciting it.

      What's gross about all of this is someone is coming up with these scenarios, these ideas, these little dramas. About Scott Moir's fake sex life. They're a little overly preoccupied, a little too detail oriented - a little too fucking into it - and considering the number of people behind this who are related to him, something is wrong. And even more wrong because they can't see what they're revealing about themselves. They're too busy competing.

      Small towns are small towns, but this is a whole other deal. I think the zamboni fumes at the Ilderton rink have done some damage.

    2. "What's gross about all of this is someone is coming up with these scenarios, these ideas, these little dramas. About Scott Moir's fake sex life."

      They did the same thing when they posed Ryan Semple in bed for a twitter picture from Canton, and when Fedor and Tessa posed together in front of a fancy Hotel and pretended they had just spent a romantic weekend together.

      They get off on this crap -- the fake sex lives. Such a lovely legacy for their child.

      And absolutely, there's every reason to expect "Sham Shindig" for Worlds. I'm sure they've prepared some exciting (fake) sexy adventures to dump on social media.

    3. Yeah, but Scott has planted his lips on Jessica's lips. His actual lips. And his lips (or at least his chin) on her cheek. Not to mention the ultra close-up smarmy black and white dealie from the Dominican with Jess's eyes closed in bliss, and Jess kissing his cheek in another with Scott's eyes closed in bliss. Those two photos in particular are WONDERFUL. It was so bright of Scott and Tessa to widely publish those while they were setting themselves up for the Olympics as well as - if all went as planned and they won gold - to have a child immediately afterwards.

      OTOH - in her shamming ventures, Tessa just stands there and smiles. Sure, there's a context (hotel), or her supposed current dude is implying Tessa's in the kitchen with coffee while he's still in bed, but the actual Tessa isn't making any kind of "romantic" physical contact with her sham partner. No hugging. No picking up. No kissing her on the cheek or lips.

      That makes me think Scott is doubling down because I know how he feels about any guy - even gay guys - touching Tessa, with a possible one or two (but very very few) exceptions.

      How much simpler would it have been for Scott to let it be known in the mainstream media that yes, he and Jess had turned from friendship to romance, a la Evan/Tanith, and both families liked each other and were very happy. Then back it up with a few inoccuous appearances and pro forma facebook photos and we're done.

      Instead, his entire family crawled into his fantasy sex life with him. I wonder if they actually do get off on it - if they live through him to this extent, but this is some fantasy they enjoy because in this fantasy, they're uber involved as opposed to him being wedded to someone like Tessa, who actually, you know, needs room to breathe. Maybe this is how they'd really like it to be if he had another girlfriend. Practically under the bed. And they're living out their fantasy.

    4. I also think his friends are overly interested in his fake sex life. The social scene in London must be slim pickings if so many people are elbowing each other to climb aboard staging Scott Moir's fake sex life and not just that, participating in it vicariously.

  3. The theatrics - the detail - don't fit Scott and Tessa's claimed reason for shamming. A privacy shield.

    Let's suppose all of this nonsense is meant to make things convincing.

    Why do they need to make things convincing? Convince who? That's not the goal. Privacy is the goal - they've said. They have privacy. They'd have even more privacy (meaning no blog) if they hadn't made such a spectacle of themselves with the sham an idiot would know something was off.

    If they need privacy - they have it. Without knowing any of this social media gamesmanship, the media buys and then sells all the rot VM can pitch - platonic passion, lip bump (which recently got an encore), separate lives, separate loves. If it's not in the media, the job is done. They are officially platonic, and will remain so as long as they wish.

    The goal is privacy and they have it. From fans, at least.

    Why did the goal become "making it convincing" or "making it look good". Surely shamming isn't Scott's idea of a good time. There has to be a reason they over-produce the whole thing. It's not to protect Scott and Tessa. Scott and Tessa have all the protection they need - from the media. There's no celebrity on earth who has been able to "protect" themselves from speculation on the internet. That's noise, and, for Scott and Tessa, has no real life traction whatsoever. The "make it convincing" game isn't going to carry any water with the skating community.

    IOW it serves no purpose that supports the reason Scott and Tessa claim they sham in the first place. Privacy. It doesn't support their privacy.

    So it has to be for other reasons.

    1. And so again, it simply appears as if they use the sham to stir the shit and stir up the fans, and then use the "stirred up" state of the fandom as an excuse for further shamming.

      Somebody needs this as a job - or wants this as a job, and you know how it goes with some jobs - you have to create a need for it before you get to do it. And that definitely appears to be what's going on here. They sham to a ridiculous point so that fans start talking about how ridiculous and they use fan buzz to justify shamming more.

      Even though nothing in this cycle - the baiting, the mild buzz in reaction, the amping up in response - has one iota of impact on Scott and Tessa's privacy.

  4. I know the other reasons! It's to give two girls who love attention and love the camera an opportunity to be seen!! Scott Moir is generous that way.

    I still have to figure out Tessa's reasons, but oh well. She's probably as generous as Scott, and is happy to let him promote attention-loving girls who need the chance to be photographed as much as possible and then have all those photos on public social media. They have to make sure they're seen, you know!

    1. Look at this crowd. If I were Tessa, I'd be down for just about anything that kept them out of my hair.

  5. For somebody who's so secure in her ( fake ) relationship, like Cassandra pretends to be with Scott, she sure spends a lot of time trying to convince random strangers on the internet that her relationship is the real thing ... Nothing says " I love you " like selling out on fb and Twitter to complete strangers <3

    I wonder if Scott would really kiss her though. Sure he did it with Jessica ( if these little pecks with closed lips actually count ) but things have changed now and with a kid in the picture I can hardly imagine Scott would still kiss random women. I have enough faith in Scott's common sense that he'd at least draw the line there. Maybe I'm just naive though.
    I don't see Tessa kissing anybody because I believe Scott couldn't take it and also because this doesn't seem to be something Tessa would be willing to do either. Maybe she really doesn't mind if Scott is lip locking with other women but she doesn't seem to be the kind of person who would want to kiss anybody, not even Scott, in public ( unless it's on ice and she can pretend their lips just accidentally brushed or whatever nonsense she can come up with ).

    1. Idk, Scott had no problems lip-locking with Jessica after the child was born. According to photos from his brother's destination beach wedding. I can't wait to hear how the heck all these people justified their actions. Maybe they're trying to sanitize a little, but I think essentially they're operating on the same excuses/justifications as ever and IMO when the thinking is skewed it's easy to cross all kinds of limits. They are not thinking right, therefore they are easily self-deceived.

    2. Yeah, I have no faith in Scott's common sense. I think he's so degraded by this at this point he might figure there's no saving anything and besides, you know how they are. The Moirs are competing with this thing now. They're always upping the ante and apparently Scott is willing to betray himself for them if it keeps them satisfied. He's got a kid, a wife, a training schedule, a giant family, Worlds to prep for, fake vacation photos to plan and stage, the Olympics to strategize. If his family wants to stick it to critics by waving Scott's lips around on Cassandra all over the internet Scott might show up and do it and then vamoose.

      Obviously there is so much crap on the web at the moment that they might also rationalize it's too late now to protect the kid. Besides, it's their kid - they will handle it. Maybe the kid will either have the Virtue mania for privacy - in which case the child will be thrilled they were never part of Scott and Tessa's public history - or the kid will have the Moirs' pathalogically immature, chip-on-shoulder, aggressive need to win and be right and will applaud everything that went down.

      You show that internet!

      I don't think Tessa is so private she's not going to kiss anybody in public. I think Scott couldn't take it - that's the one thing (the guy who is kissing or hugging her might enjoy it - OMG). I think she IS that disciplined and in need of control off ice.

      So I agree with 4:14 am. After a period of discretion - when the overkill with Jessica seemed to reduce to "hi - we're a couple in our profile pic!" photos, it seems they're back to full bore. My money is on Scott having his lips warmed up.

      There's something completely exhibtionistic about it too. It's like they have to pretend to be such private people, but in the guise of shamming they get to act out a lot of narcissism.

    3. I suspect Cassandra is enjoying the personal showcase, down to the F. Scott Fitzgerald quotage. It's not about Scott, it's about the platform this creates to display how special she is. Scott is a means to an end and an excuse. That appears to be why she signed on. She's really overreaching with the quotes but when else is she going to be able to present herself this way and have an excuse to do it. It's an opportunity for her to show everybody her fantasy of herself, in the guise of doing the job. Please with the sham - this is clearly - the Moirs, the sham girlfriends - an occasion for a lot of people to act out a whole lot of weird dynamics in their personalities.

    4. Oh - as to justifying their actions - when do we imagine that's going to happen? At the absolute most they will have some type of reveal and that will be it.

      They are never going to acknowledge, much less justify, all the gross crap they did on social media. EVER. It didn't happen. We know the press isn't going to acknowledge they saw it or know about it either, so it never happened.

    5. "There's something completely exhibtionistic about it too. It's like they have to pretend to be such private people, but in the guise of shamming they get to act out a lot of narcissism."

      Yes, isn't this the truth! From the very beginning of the Scott-Jessica relationship, and now with the lover du jour, there's that very icky feeling of exhibitionism. What's interesting is that in fact, Scott and Tessa do come across as people who are private. The only way to understand the social media OTT displays of "private moments with my SO" is to stick them in the category of fake games.

      Completely agree with you about the home-crowd around them getting off on all of it. It's so gross.

    6. "They are never going to acknowledge, much less justify, all the gross crap they did on social media. EVER. It didn't happen. We know the press isn't going to acknowledge they saw it or know about it either, so it never happened."

      Interesting point. However, all the gross crap will be on social media, or the internet, forever. Not to mention, it's probably on many people's hard drives. For years, discussions about VM online will inevitably have someone dredging up all the crap, along with photo-evidence, because they can. It'll be there and it'll be accessible. You don't think there will ever be a time when they are asked about it specifically? It's not like this stuff is in a secret place somewhere. It's out there.

    7. No they never will be asked about it EVER.

      The media has successfully ignored all the discussion on the web, ignored the blog (I know there are some that are aware of it), ignored twitter. It's only out there on the internet and the media enjoys making up shit about fans on the internet just as much as Tessa and Scott do. Look at the calibre of so called journalists who are around figure skating. They've all got their knee pades on and they all have the intellectual rigor of Rod Black and Rosie DiManno. Figure skating writing is like entertainment writing - the people who write about it are either groupies (the stringers, the assignment reporters) or part of some corporate outlet uninterested in actual stuff. I get the frustration in never having all of this addressed and aired out in some official way, but it's not happening.

    8. OC 8:43

      Scott and Tessa and Co. must see things in this light. They certainly don't act like they'll be asked about any of the social media crap. It's unbelievable Worlds is in their home town and they know without a doubt they can keep posing Scott with a fake girlfriend and any official outlets will turn a blind eye. No wonder the Moirs feel free to keep upping the ante. It really makes me angry they treat fans this way.

    9. Scott & Tessa and the Moirs & Co. know most of the media as people, and they also know what the media needs to keep playing the game - how they should phrase things, what stuff to keep away from the official arena so the media is justified ignoring it, etc. They know how to play it so the media can do their jobs with some "cover". That's all the media needs - or wants.

      Just remember this is the media that dutifully puts themselves in scrum formation so Barb or whomever can get the exciting shot of Scott and Tessa pressed on all sides by reporters jutting out audio devices demanding answers about the level four combination dance spin at training camp. The reporters actually pose - they stick their arms and recording devices low at Scott and Tessa and keep their bodies clear of the frame around Scott and Tessa.

      They don't know anything about skating, they have no respect for fans, and we all know the journalists attracted to figure skating have a soap opera streak in them.

  6. Seems like Cassandra deleted me from her followers list on twitter today. Oh, what a wise thing to do.

    1. 5:55

      Really? Cue the appearance of wanting privacy along with more "accidental" releases of kissing pictures.

      That's how these people roll.

    2. *gasp* Nooo, maybe Cassandra found out how violated her privacy is!

      We used to have a follower in common, she and I, but now we don't. I don't know if it was the same person as anon 5:55 or if she just deleted all fan followers...

  7. OC 8:46

    Yeah, my money is also on Scott getting his lips warmed up.
    And then there are vacation pictures to look forward to. Near-naked on the beach - another romantic, professional photo-shoot? Scott already has practice and Cassandra loves the camera. A winning combination to make sure they really really really show how much tbey love each other.

  8. In this photo of Cassandra in pj's and bed, was this supposed to be so fans would think of Scott as being part of this scene?

    1. I don't think so. It's from October 2012, and Cassandra was only sprung on us in m'ovember.

      And of course, and obviously, this was why Scott ditched his fan page. He had fake girlfriend V.2 on the tarmac, plus he and Tessa were planning to sell "We're not on the internet!" so, bye bye fan page.

      I'll tell you how Cassandra strikes me. She's pretty, with tons of hair, and tall-appearing and long-legged. She comes from a family that is comfortable. She's heard that she's a pretty girl. IMO she is, but not "professionally pretty" - i.e., not the sort of looks that, if discovered, could provide a living or make her a "discovery" (acting, modeling). She's not that. She's more like put on a cute dress and get paid to hit the club with her friends type of hot - but that's a dime a dozen. Cassandra works the hair and shows leg, her friend shows cleavage, that's how it goes - free drinks and a reasonable paycheck. I'm not saying she's doing that, I'm just saying, in the realm of "my looks are my fortune" - that's her bailiwick. It's not big time modeling or so unusually gorgeous let's groom her to be a movie star.

      As she has presented herself in the sham so far, she gives off (in 2 dimensions of course) the impression of someone who is waiting for her looks to take her where she wants to be and she's 23 and where the hell is the pay off? She's pretty, damn it!

      She thinks they should pay off in some way, if the right angle falls in her lap or so it kind of feels. So maybe in her mind it's all - Scott is famous, maybe I'll come to the right person's attention.

      Cassandra can't be doing this without her parents' approval - the Florida trips are on their dime, not hers. Do the Hilborns really tell themselves they're helping to "protect" Scott and Tessa? They have no judgment of their own? They're not promoting their daughter? They're putting their own responsibility on hold - Scott has a child - and endorsing their daughter slobbering over him on twitter and all that's to come in London? I find it absolutely gross that Scott and Tessa's child is 2, and because their thinking is skewed, and Ilderton's thinking is skewed, the Hilborn's believe that lets them off the hook and they can market their kid at the expense of Scott's kid. "Hey - not my responsibility!"

  9. Can Scott take a photo with Cassandra where it doesn't look like he's just been kicked in the balls and is smiling through the pain? No? Alright then.

    1. What I enjoy is he always looks like this but his family and the girl and everyone else grin like fools.

      Do they actually give a shit about him or are they too busy pretending he's still fifteen and not to be taken seriously as a man, and now let's focus on all we ourselves are getting out of this. Maybe even laugh at how much he hates it. And hey - we still have some yellow "Believe" sweatshirts in stock! Hurry while supplies last!

      The guy needs to respect himself more than he does off the ice. At least respect your fucking child enough to knock this off. Your kid doesn't need to see daddy like this. It makes perfect strangers uncomfortable - how the hell is it going to make the kid feel? THEY'RE not going to remember what happened outside the camera frame during this era - they're just going to see photos like the rest of us see the photos.

      I can't believe Cassandra & Co. are so vain and so childish they'll posture and preen like this with a married man who has a little one.

      Not to dredge up old and buried incidents, but a couple of years ago there was a fan incident concerning Scott where another fan defended the "incident" one by saying "At least it worked!" IOW, at the time the idea was - forget how sketchy the scenario seemed to be - it paid off!

      Now that situation is over and done and everybody's moved on, and I'm just bringing it up because of the other person saying "it paid off!"

      Fans are the lowest of the low and this Ilderton crowd uses them to justify all THEIR shit. What Cassandra and the Ilderton group are doing is fan level shit. Oh so what. So what about the child, so what about what is going to be on the web for years to come for this little one to see daddy doing with other women - this is MY chance! My daughter is pretty - it's her chance to shine! And the daughter going - I'M pretty - it's MY chance to shine and to work through my personal fan fiction version of myself.

      They're worse. They're actually worse than fans. No standards of their own. The Sham team wants to do it - they'll capitalize on it without exercising their own judgment or declining due to their own self-respect. There's a complete abdicating of responsibility here.

      I'm looking forward to Ryan Pyette strapping on the knee pads and creating his next prose poem to the wonders of small town Ilderton and the surrounding London-ish environment. They waited years and years to showcase themselves - be a role model for how to support their youngsters and how to create a healthy and productive figure skating program, and how to get the entire community involved. And this is what they do with it. Expose all of their not-ready-for prime time provincial entitlement, dysfunction, LACK of respect for anyone outside skating, and lack of respect for their own.

    2. It's a real shame. The story that Scott and Tessa do have is a beautiful one but their legacy is all the shit they've churned out over the years.

      The pictures of Scott with Cassandra aren't fooling anyone. Making strangers uncomfortable, indeed. The one that she's using as her current Facebook profile pic looks more like she's a crazy fan who just happened to bump into him at the bar and forced him to take a photo with her. But, since we already saw the one of her kissing him on the cheek, we know it was from Valentine's Day and are meant to assume it's the two lovebirds cuddling up.

      I can't even imagine what this will do to their child. :(

  10. 8:11

    Is there any chance at all that the story surrounding VM during Worlds (before-during-after) would be mainly about skating? Not the glories of small town and big family, the boyfriends or girlfriends, the platonic passions of VM, the horrible bad fans who ship them? PLEASE could we enjoy their skating without all that garbage?

    Don't get me wrong, I understand the media's need to bring in something personal about the athletes. But for years now the reporting on VM waxes poetic about their town and families and we all know the "personal" stuff is nothing but bs. I'm beyond fed up with their lies. I want to hear about the skating and I please please please do NOT want to see photos or video-footage of the "sea of yellow." I'm dreading it.

    1. Ryan Pyette already promoted the sweatshirt sale in an article. So he's in the tank.

      About SKATING? Look at the article on Maria Mountain. Not only did the "journalist" give out the street address, point out the precise space, and share the times and days Scott and Tessa train, but the writer went on to describe Scott doing a "Triple loop".

      Skating writers don't know shit about skating. That's why they write about the other crap. The press around worlds and VM is going to be one huge Ode to Ilderton and how there's nothing better than skating right in the yellow maw of a thousand of your nearest and dearest. And then they'll make sure we see Cassandra celebrating. And after THAT, because we already got the heads up, Cassandra's fb profile, her fb cover shot, and some instagrams will show the post-season beach vacation/honeymoon the lovebirds are taking.

      I was reading the other day that Megan Duhamel's mom worked from 8:00 a.m. to midnight because that's the only way the family could afford her skating. She wasn't any phenom either, so it had to be a lot of grind without glory for years and years. And her dad visiting her when she was homesick - basically going without sleep for a quick, turnaround visit because he had to be at work. There wasn't the money to go see her compete, either.

      That's basically a lot of thankless work to help your child. Now that she's a two time Canadian champion and an international medalist I wonder what her family is expecting from Megan to pay back all their investment in her.

      You mean they're not expecting anything? What's wrong with them?

    2. "That's basically a lot of thankless work to help your child. Now that she's a two time Canadian champion and an international medalist I wonder what her family is expecting from Megan to pay back all their investment in her."

      I respect and admire Meghan so much. And she's unfailingly kind to fans, and no idiotic games for fans about a fake personal life.

      So unlike the Moirs, who show their gratitude to the fans who adore and love their children by pissing all over them on social media.

  11. So sweet, Cassandra and Scott spending Valentine's at a crowded bar. That's exactly how I dream of spending time with my sweetie who mostly lives out of town. It must be so fun to organize group outings so that the lovers can see each other. Cute!!! ♥

  12. In terms of the media - exposing personal lives - well I don't see that happening either. Look at Sale/Pelletier's divorce...nobody touched that story...Elena(of I/K) with Morozov...even V/T to a certain extent...my two cents..

  13. Anon 10:30

    Yeah, the official media isn't touching the dirt.

    How ironic that in this case it's VM and Co. who are eagerly falling over themselves to "expose" VM's "personal life" for the benefit of fans. Is there anything that is real about Tessa and Scott on social media or official media? On social media they're showcasing fake sex-lives and on the official record they talk very seriously about their separate lives, living with Mommy Kate, going separate ways after skating, what the fans are thinking and wanting, and all sorts of other imaginative and creative (lies) narratives.

  14. Are Tessa's parents still married ? If they are I really wonder what daddy Virtue thinks about his wife abandoning him and their marriage just to live with their grown up daughter.

    I believe Scott deliberately says nothing about his fake girlfriends and leaves all the work to him so when/if he and Tessa ever come out he can just pretent that nothing ever happened. The media is on their side anyway and he'll be able to just claim that Jessica and Cassandra took it a bit too far with their admiration for him and that they were actually just friends. And that's probably what he'll tell his child too.

    1. I don't know the status and I'm curious if the parents are actually separated (the impression left when Kate Virtue basically claims now she's lived with her daughter in Michigan since Scott and Tessa changed training centers - there's at least two lies in that claim), or if it serves their purpose to leave the impression they're separated in order to validate the whole "I live with mommy" memo.

    2. Anon 1:14

      Lol, I wonder how much Jessica and Cassandra would appreciate being designated crazy fans who had a fantasy life with Scott. You really think Scott could get away with assigning them that role? If I were them I would probably scream bloody murder and immediately give a tell-all interview to the first person who asked (well, who also offered lots of $$ and promised to publish flattering pictures of me. Lol, as I'm sure that's why Jessica and Cassandra are in on this game - for as much as they can benefit).

    3. He wouldn't be able to get away with that story without it seeming like he had some affairs, not when there are kissing pictures involved. If he tried to claim that, then they could make up stuff about how hard it was to be the mistress or something. I don't think they'll be put in a position where they have to give an explanation, but if they do, I think they'll go with the "we had to have privacy from crazy fans" - that's who they always blame it on anyways.

    4. He already told the 'media' he and Tessa aren't on the internet - that's good enough for them. The media won't look on the web - they're not there.

      The entertainment media at this level is comfortable with inconsistency and contradiction, not prone to taking the sport seriously (obviously) and they're certainly not prone to taking fans seriously. Figure skating is really personality "journalism" written by quasi-groupies who want to protect and promote the sport, which is a big umbrella. At this level, they're publicity arms of the sport and that's it. They're not going to see anything they decide not to see.

  15. 1:14

    Except that "too far" would somehow also have to cover the lip-locks, the honeymoon-type Dominican shots, napping together on the sofa, a romantic key-pendant Christmas gift, etc etc etc....too numerous to mention. And there's every expectation there will soon be enough Cassandra-Scott photos in equally compromising frames. Not to even begin mentioning the "mon amoreux" and other similar disgusting public posts.

    Blogger is probably right, that the official media will ignore this. But the slimy poses and posts will be around forever, and certain of the family members (children, nieces, nephews) will find them with no problems. Their school-friends, too.

  16. Lovely. The Addicted facebook page administrators throwing a fit and going through the members' list to ban anyone who would dare say they agree with anything written on this blog. No one is allowed to have an opinion that they don't approve of!!

    Are they for real? This is better than a comic strip. Do they know how silly they look?

    1. The disgusting thing is that they keep going with the "OH WELL, LET'S HOPE FOR A KISS, OH THEY'RE JUST SO HOT/CUTE *LOVE*, OH PLEASE GET MERRY AND MAKE BABIES, OPS THEY KISS, OPS THEY TOUCH EACH OTHER, *OHTHESETWO*" and crap like these things, while they're shutting down everyone who has an opinion which is not theirs. SHIT, SHIT, SHIT.

      That group is only shit.
      They don't even deserve consideration.

    2. The person who created that page did just say you are only allowed to talk about nice things. Nice means approved by them. Or else.

      But discussions about intimate things regarding Scott's physique are allowed. I guess that's a "nice and pretty" topic of discussion. You just must not express any opinions that are contrary to theirs. Or the people who run that place will call you names, scold you, and then ban you from their group. Oh yes, they're so kind and nice.

      It looked to me like there were a lot of people agreeing with these "horrible" opinions and that's what brought out the claws.

    3. Yeah, now they're all terrified just because they don't want to leave the group, let's just be a mass of sheeps that follows everything the admins say, you know, WE are real TS'fans, YOU don't even deserve to have a human right to discuss if you have other opinions about their private fucking life.
      That just proves me WHY Tessa and Scott are doing what they are doing. Their fans are just idiots.

    4. I'm so disgusted by the behaviour on Facebook today. The pinned post on the group reads:

      As of right now Rosanna and I are doing a complete overhaul of this group. Members who are making false claims, attacking others for their opinions and/or causing general trouble will be removed ASAP. Do not request to be re-added to the group because it will not happen. We want people to feel safe enough to discuss all things Tessa and Scott however this has somehow become less about their skating and more to do with rumors and spite. NO MORE. If you wish to leave because you disagree with this then decision please feel free.


  17. If blogger all the time deleted messages she dont like, why admins of V-M couldnt do the same? I even cant understand, why she need to justified here? She did this group. At any forumyou could read own rules of communication that can not be broken by community members.
    So you think you have right to do what you are doing in your blog, so will give other people doing what they want.
    Honestly i am happy blogger will not be in this big V-M fans community anymore, because thats place for people, who love V-M skating, but not for people, who is full of hating to all V-M friends and family.
    You could made your own community - what a problem? But i remeber blogger did one, but it wasnt too popular. maybe now it will be.

    1. Anon at 3:42 - you are correct that message boards communities can moderate their users etc. I am not a member of the facebook community - thus the policing of that group did not bother me. As for this blog, do I agree with all the content or point of views? No. But like others have stated - it a forum where you can discuss issues that are taboo on other forums. If I had to guess, the majority of posters here - adore V/M as skaters. I think what is questioned is their public relations. At the end of the day, even if you have met Tessa and Scott at skating events, fan meet and greets etc, we really don't know who they really are and I am fine with that. I am glad to see that they are passionate about skating and that they have pushed the boundaries of ice-dancing.

    2. Sorry, but i didnt saw any word in this blog, wich show respect to V-M in any direction - like skaters, or people, or dancers. Only 1000 times - they are liers, Moiirs are a devils, Scott girfriends - worst persons ever, who pose for money with him :) Please, tell me, where she said about V-M skating, neew programs? About what happened with Tess at 4CC? Any words of support?
      Even more - we will stop support V-M, because they are liers. (like i think - becoase they didnt want to be together).
      Did bloger and her supporters saw T-S "live"? No. Did she have proves? No. She watched videos and photos 1000 times and try to made fairtale nothing more.
      People, who "leave" in reall life and saw FS competitions a lot off times, saw Scott and Jess 1000 000 times together, but who cares about this? Facts nothing matter, only photos or blogger thoughts.
      Yes, blogger have right to leave in her own World. Other people could support her. But this is didnt have any common with reall life.
      And for me, whp respect V-M skating and inivation of there programs, this blog is worst place in net where i could talk about them.

    3. 6:28, I was trying to figure out why, after two years of visiting here, suddenly there's a new temper tantrum, like the blog's new and it's all fresh. It's now come to me.

      Meryl and Charlie!

      You can time the reappearance of 6:28 with this blog's recent discussion of how Meryl and Charlie are a positive force in Scott and Tessa's life; an antidote to the stresses Scott and Tessa experience in other relationships.

      It's about Meryl. 6:28 is PISSED. No wonder 6:28 is fulminating about lies lies lies. 6:28 only cares about one thing this blog has said. That Meryl and Charlie and Scott and Tessa are genuinely close, that Meryl and Charlie provide an important element of security and understanding for Tessa and Scott. Cue the heart attack.

      But if the blog is ALL lies, then they can argue that the stuff about Meryl/Charlie is too. That's all that matters to 6:28, and it's all a front.

      It's funny - when it comes to Charlie/Meryl and their coach, Marina, suddenly some fans who hate the blog because it's mean believe THEY know better than Scott and Tessa. They insult what Scott and Tessa do, because they, these fans, are know better.

      Some blog critics of 6:28's mindset pick and choose what they think is okay to criticize in Virtue and Moir.

      Insult their coach, their friendships, insult someone they love (Meryl), pretend you know better than they do about their choreography and training - all that is fine. Go ahead, talk about them as like they're kids who don't see clearly, have bad influences, or are unable to do what they really want - that's fine too.

      Because if Tessa and Scott were really free to do what they needed to do, they'd do what the fan wants from them (Especially Scott). Right?

      So here comes the blog is lying.

      Except there's something interesting about that, too.

      Back in the day, before the blog, it was okay to wish that Scott would have dumped Tessa in time because her legs threatened her participation in the Olympics. By hook or by crook Scott HAD to win a gold medal. Tessa Virtue was just a means to an end for Scott to win a gold medal for some fans, and if she was hurt too bad but hurry Scott, get somebody new!

      But then something changed.

      The major change is that once the blog said Scott and Tessa were married, that Scott loved her, that he would never EVER continue his competitive career with another partner because she's his wife and he's in love with her, big change about how these people talked about Tessa.

      They started supporting both Tessa and Scott the same. A miracle. After years of treating Tessa like nothing but supporting cast. But now they know who she is to Scott - so they changed their ways.

      So 6:28 doesn't mean what they say about the WHOLE blog. Not anymore anyway. They are just acting out and venting because of the Meryl and Charlie parts that came up recently.

  18. Look,like you didnt want understand my point. My answer were about people, who support you, love T-S and respect them. Sorry, but from you i didnt find any good words about V-M and there families and friends.
    I remeber, how V-M start compete in seniors and how many people were impressed with TEAM, not just be Scott. Maybe it was some people, who like Scott more, but not most of them.
    Even this your post is full of hating to Scott.
    Yes, you said kind words about Meryl and Charlie. Only about them from all people, who is close to V-M. Maybe you like them, thats why you are not bothering with Charlie Tanith and Meryl Fedor relationships. And didnt start blog like this, when Charlie change his status at the same time with Scott on FB and Tanith posted a lot off photos with him. It was OK< but for some fans it was sad, because Scott and Tessa MUST be together.
    This kind of fans never talk about skating. Did you?
    Its you all time post - V-M lie and D-W are angels. So who talking about V-M respect at all?
    We talked with Charlie mom and she said - he was pissed off, because Scott choose to skae in Moscow this season and he must go to Japon. Not because they hate each other, but because for both of them gold more important, then this relationships. And things will be like this before 2014 OG.
    And i hope Tessa and Scott will achive all they want despite all the negative that you spread in the internet against them.
    Everyone belive in what they want, but proves will be good. But this only your words, nothing more

    1. No it's not only my words, nothing more. It is a fact that Scott and Tessa are married.

      You're basically ranting here and it has little or no connection to what the blog has ever said, you are making it up. If it continues yes, you will be delighted to know that you're going to go off the blog (not deleted, because I save old comments that are taken off - I think I have a few of your old ones still).

      You're talking about a blog you made up in your head, and it's obvious this is all based how you hate DW.

      I'm very sorry Jacquie White said Charlie was pissed off. Your reports are always so honest. I was crushed when Scott and Tessa retired after Worlds 2011 because they were so heartbroken over the results - just like you reported Kate Virtue told you they would.

      I remember how on message boards, some people were always using their imagination to pair Scott up with other skaters, like Madison Chock. They thought she had better expression, and Tessa's legs were going to fall off anyway, so nothing personal, it was just better for his career if Scott got a more dramatic, healthier partner when he could.

      Then it all changed when the blog reported their real status.

  19. Anon 9:46,
    unfortunately some fans want Tess and Scott to be together so much that they're ready to believe anything. The fact that so many people are believing the nonsense displayed in this blog is a proof of that.

    Tess and Scott do have a great chemistry together and i wouldn't be surprised if they actually were a couple. But ever since blogger started talking about secret babies it's been obvious that she has actually no idea what she's talking about and there is no truth behind her words. Also as a nurse I wonder if blogger has ever seen a pregnant lady before if she believes that Tess was ready to pop late 2010 :D:D. Sorry but no.

    1. The baby is only secret from the public. It's not even secret from all of the media and fans.

      I am pretty curious if people who post as you do actually believe what they say, or are simply protective of being "insider" fans and just dislike the idea of insider stuff becoming common knowledge. Either way, I feel badly that people come out and sweepingly claim the baby is impossible and so was the pregnancy, when the reality is both are true and Scott and Tessa allow people to crawl out on a limb for them this way.

    2. Oh I do believe what i'm saying. And the fact is that there's no way Tessa could have been pregnant. Her belly didn't grow and her body is so slim that a baby couldn't have been hiding anywhere. If she was pregnant it would have been apparent. It's quite concerning that you yourself believe that or anyone else for that matter.

    3. I don't believe it, I know it, so don't be concerned. I think Tessa's own doctors, and nurses, not to mention Tessa herself, would be startled to realize the child is impossible.

      IMO, nurse or not, it's a good thing to know more about how things were managed before being absolutely sure you're right.

    4. I guess you and I were looking at a Tessa Virtue during that period of time then. *shrug*

    5. Oops. That comment was meant for 10:43 and should say that we were looking at a different Tessa Virtue.

    6. But are you a nurse, 10:53 a.m.? It's too bad this nurse wasn't present to inform the medical team caring for Tessa that she wasn't, in fact, with child.

      I'd also be interested to see other examples of "so slim there's no place for the baby to hide" or if this poster actually did look at all of the visuals on Tessa from that time period, even if they are in possession of no other information. That part of the statement makes me hope that good vision isn't necessary to her nursing specialty.

    7. 10:43, I'm laughing so hard at you right now, and I know you're going to see--or not see rather--and believe what you want, but really? Tessa's belly didn't grow? There are a lot of pics out there showing the opposite if you really take a look. Beyond that, you didn't notice how large her chest became?

      If you really want to dig, there's a video on youtube with some footage of practice for Shall We Dance in September 2010 where at one point you can see the baby moving.

      I'm sure if you're really a nurse, you're aware that there are some women that just don't carry normally, carrying to the back instead of the front. When the placenta attached to the anterior (front side) of the uterus, the baby grows towards the back. Mom gets wider and looks fat, but doesn't look typically pregnant. When you add in that it was Tessa's first pregnancy--first time mom's don't tend to get as big, and her incredibly strong abdominal core, you have a situation where she didn't look typically pregnant. They also did a good job trying to dress her to disguise, ie. using a belt to create the illusion of a waste, jackets, dresses in the style that Tessa normally wouldn't wear (Gemini awards).

    8. 10:43

      Any quick google research will show plenty of anecdotes of pregnancies that never showed much, in addition to medical experts saying this is indeed possible.

      I'm not arguing whether Tessa was pregnant or not, I'm simply saying there's plenty of evidence that it's possible to hide it till the very end. Just because you yourself have not come across someone like this does not make it untrue. I myself know of a person that was at the end of the last trimester and it wasn't obvious at all.

    9. No, I'm not a nurse. :( I guess my opinion is therefore invalid. I'm just going to ignore all the changes in Tessa's body and latch onto the theory that she just ate a lot of chocolate.

    10. That should be attaches, not attached.

    11. Yes i'm actually a nurse and yes I know that some people are smaller when they are pregnant than others. But I still don't believe that Tess was pregnant during that time. :) But whatever people I have my opinion you have yours :)

      And BTW I do have good vision and i am good at my job so there's no need to get nasty.

    12. I apologize - it's just that your last description - so slim there was no place for a baby to hide - makes it doubtful you've seen all there is to see, just on material that's on the web.

      Which is not, by the way, upon what my knowledge of the child is based.

    13. Anon 11:22

      First you say that in your knowledge as a nurse, it was impossible for Tessa to be pregnant. Now you're saying that yes, you know some people are smaller than others while pregnant. So I guess in the end it comes down to your opinion, not insider-nurse knowledge.

      You're not the only one with good vision. You're just interpreting the facts differently than some others. And some of those others, by the way, have also been pregnant themselves and do know what they're looking at.

    14. Then my question is how do you know? Do you know someone who's close to v/m?

    15. https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/68101_177913592232799_7461138_n.jpg


      Chocolate? Meat? Really?
      Yeaaaaaah, for sure.

    16. 3:31, you didn't even link the best ones! ;)

      My favorites from that set:
      https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/162643_177916622232496_2203178_n.jpg Below Tessa's breasts, you can see the top swell of her most definitely anything-but-flat tummy.

      https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/34833_177917822232376_1299682_n.jpg In this one, you can really see how big around she is, particulary, especially for her. Also, notice where the waist of that skirt is sitting. It's just a few inches below her breats and miles above where her waistline normally is.

      And a nice belly shot: https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/166491_177917945565697_5360815_n.jpg

      These pics were from December 19, 2010, btw.

  20. Please, give me only 1 prove, not 100 time post "they are merried" :)
    And please, show me 1 sentence, where you post something good about Tessa and Scott.
    I feel sorry you never sw T-S live, but from other hand i am happy, because i am not sure now will they be in safe, if you will came too close to them :)))))))
    Sorry, but now i am sure who you are and must to tell to Addicted admins to delete your 100 FB page from this group :)
    Free steach its not only about your rights to post what you want and where you want, but its other people right what they want where they want, no?
    If its discussion both sides could put there arguments, no? But you are like preacher :))))))))))) Its OK in your blog (even if i find all this your pictures rude), but be ready people will not agree with outside

    1. It's your choice to read the blog in your head versus the blog that actually exists, but I know you prefer your own version of a whole lot of things.

      You aren't arguing anything. You're having a fit. You set up idiotic rhetorical questions and answer them yourself.

      You demand proof. I am the one who needs to be certain, I am the one who needs the facts, because this is my blog.

      I said before my main issue with people who come into the comments section is people who think the blog is speaking personally to them and so they use the comments section to demand the blogger focus on convincing them individually. Oh you have to do this and that or I simply won't believe you.

      OMG, say it's not so!

      I know worlds is soon, and the related stress and paranoia accounts for most of this from you, but this is as far as it's going.

    2. V-M will stop bothering you soon, dont worry.
      Good luck to you in your anti-V-M War!
      Hope you will have chanceto see them on ice and hope you will have good doctor :)
      I hope you post all this from hospital for crazy people.
      Good luck

    3. "Sorry, but now i am sure who you are and must to tell to Addicted admins to delete your 100 FB page from this group"

      OMG, this is hilarious!

      That Addicted page has always been a joke and now they've become policemen of fans' opinions. You fit in very well over there.

    4. "And please, show me 1 sentence, where you post something good about Tessa and Scott."

      You are looking like an complete idiot - in general, but especially because of this - because anyone who reads this blog AT ALL knows how consistently and passionately this blogger has defended their skating and dance abilities. One example of many - and pani, luckily this is right up your alley, it's probably the only post on here that criticizes M/C - but here, enjoy http://dubemoir.blogspot.ca/2012/10/off-topic-but.html