Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cassandra will look great in yellow

The Ilderton skating club (and Alma Moir) is using London Worlds 2013 and Scott and Tessa as a fundraiser - hawking Worlds 2013 versions of the 2009-2010 Olympic "Believe" sweatshirts in a flattering shade of yellow at $20.00 per.

The cause is worthy - its bursary fund, which assists the club and young club figure skaters.
But boy, they really work the Scott and Tessa thing for the town, don't they?  Did they want Tessa and Scott to win the Olympics because of love for them, appreciation for their hard work and talent, and home town pride, or because they thought if Tessa and Scott won, Ilderton, and skating enterprises Moir, would hit the jackpot? Don't even mention all the support we gave over the years kids - you'll be paying us back the rest of your lives.

If I came from Mayberry I wouldn't want Mayberry to think it owned me. I don't think I'd want to serve as an exclusive Mayberry fundraising resource that Mayberry gloms onto whenever I'm town for something crucial to the next year of my career, when I'm in town as an elite athlete for the most critical competition of the pre-Olympic cycle (and we know the type of tunnel vision that requires), and I'm a spouse, and I'm a parent to a young child. But sure Mayberry, climb aboard on my back. I'm always ready to hand over the pound of flesh demanded in payment for your support. Where would I be without you? 

Or maybe every time I rolled into Mayberry I'd know it would be a nightmare no matter what, so may as well pile all the agendas on top of me at once and get it done.

I wonder if Ann Arbor has these expectation$ of Charlie and Meryl.

What am I saying. Remember that article during Canadians, how Scott and Tessa flee the insularity of Canton for the refreshingly NON-skating obsessed region of Ilderton and London? Meryl and Charlie probably have it way worse. All of Canton up in their grill, clamoring for their time and attention. Detroit never gets out of their face.

I know there was often a sea of Michelle Kwan support when she competed, but it wasn't organized, and I don't think it was from her dad Danny's various enterprises. Plus she was a California girl and even if when she skated there the stands were filled, people from California go out the exits and have other stuff to do besides figure skating.

It just seems like a crass thing to focus on during these worlds, in particular. At least in this way. But hey, this is the last worlds, so better squeeze the pump.

Yes, children, everyone thinks you're going to lose to Davis White at these Worlds, setting Davis White up to defeat you at the Olympics. Yes if you can't soundly defeat them with Carmen you may be screwed.

But forget that. What have you done for Ilderton lately? This is Ilderton's big chance - while you're still eligible, and they've done so much for you. It's family.

The pitch is - buy the sweatshirts to have a sea of visible support for Scott and Tessa, but at $20.00 a sweatshirt (which won't produce a fortune in that venue, it's true) - the point is to sell those shirts and fill out the bursary coffers.

The Moirs get right in there promoting. I certainly hope they're aiming this initiative at family/friends they already know have secured their tickets and will be attending or rooting. I hope they're not doing fan outreach, prompting fans to dig into their pockets for the Ilderton skating club.

Because the gall.

  • are Virtue Moir supporters having an easier time with Worlds tickets than other fans? The Ilderton club's goal is for the venue to be a "sea of yellow".
  • When is it going to be the Virtues' turn to capitalize on their famous kids/relatives? One of Tessa's brothers teaches school - doesn't that school have fund raising drives it can piggyback onto something Scott and Tessa are doing? Are no Virtues opening restaurants in London? I believe the Virtues supported Scott and Tessa coming up every bit as much as Moirville did.

  • Maybe the Virtues have their hands out in private.
Ilderton as ever proceeds on the notion that everybody is an extrovert, no less the people competing. Everything's about group, group, group. God forbid you're the personal space type of person, or a breathing room believer. You'll suffocate.
  • Are these people gonna buy the sweatshirts, cheer their lungs out, then head off home, or are they going to be working their contacts and burning up email trying to see if Scott and Tessa have any time to spend or if Scott and/or Tessa could spare some time cause it would thrill Kelly, Grandpa, Suzie, Uncle Phil or little Emma and make their life?
I haven't worked it out entirely why I think this if off-putting - it's just a gut feeling. An extremely tension filled Worlds at home. And mom and aunts and everybody are whipping up the town to be all up in your grill, and they are also whipping up the town to purchase some sweatshirts and do some fundraising in your name.

Maybe competitive athletes can think of nothing more exciting and there's nothing they appreciate more.

It's family, so no matter what other pressures are on them at this Worlds, THIS is something they have to support.

There's something about it though. It feels inconsiderate. But that's me. I don't come from a small town that's about nothing but figure skating. If I were an Olympic figure skater about to take the ice at home, maybe I'd want everybody I know to shell out $20.00 for my mom and aunt's club bursary fund and fill the arena cheering, because I certainly want to be even more in their debt. No better time to get that done than an athletic competition where the pressure is excruciating.

Whatever - if you're a Virtue and Moir fan - a real fan - you'll dig into your wallet and get one of these fabulous yellow sweatshirts. $20.00 is the least you can spend after all Virtue and Moir have done for their fans.

Whatever else is planned in addition to aggressive sweatshirt hawking, you know it's going to be a sham-palooza. I fully expect Cassandra in the yellow Believe shirt to turn up in instagrams and profile pictures and mobile uploads - if not parked mid-Moirs.

ETA: Another thing - the self-appointed fan police - those who claim ties to the Moirs or knowledge a couple of steps removed - need to check themselves, IMO. Bear in mind that if we are meant to take Scott and Tessa's platonic status for real, anyone who suspects they have a baby is nuts, and should be treated as nuts, just as it would be if a bunch of fans got together and speculated that Meryl and Charlie had a secret baby.

You do not take it upon yourself to thrust yourself into a fan conversation somewhere and proclaim them wrong by virtue of your superior insider status.

What would be the point? The blog has been talking about it for 2 years. Why is it so important to put in check about half a dozen fans chatting on a fan site somewhere? That accomplishes what? Virtue and Moir have already made it clear that what fans say and think has no bearing on what they're going to claim fans say and think, and the media is going to go with Virtue and Moir's version. Fan speculation or even outright assertions don't affect the Moirs at all. They're undeterred.

So the purpose of interfering is -- what?

Something to do?

That would be it. It accomplishes nothing but to satisfy the ego of the person butting in.

Scott and Tessa, and any fans who speculate or reason out about them - are none of these people's business. They tried it with the blog and with fan discussions that took place prior to the blog. But now they've decided well, we can't control the blog types, but we better set the "safe" group straight.

They need to back off.

It's not their business, and furthermore, it only fuels the speculation because no other figure skater has self-appointed family friends or acquaintances or connections running around policing what fans say, while the subjects themselves keep their mouths shut. When some people thought Charlie was Jewish, Jacquie White went somewhere (wikipedia?) to say he wasn't and actually almost overshared about where the idea originated. When people fretted that Kristen Moore-Towers' news was a split with Dylan, SHE went to facebook to say that wasn't the news.  But every busybody in Ontario thinks it's their business to check fans when it comes to Scott and Tessa.

It isn't. Fans are allowed to think for themselves and see for themselves. If Scott or Tessa or any actual Moir or Virtue wanted to set the record straight, they've had ample opportunity. God knows they talk about a whole bunch of other stuff.

And furthermore, I think some busybody going the extra mile to make sure fans think something that was for Scott and Tessa's kid wasn't for their kid is absolutely grotesque. That kid is going to grow up.

P.S. Obviously, the motivation for a lot of the fan police is to protect the insider status. They enjoy being the ones who know something others don't. The "don't like to share" might also explain some of the home town enthusiasm for the sham as well.


  1. Well I am not crazy about the sweatshirt idea either...Alma and Carol this isn't a hockey was cute for the Olympics but not now. Look if Skate Canada wants to sell T-shirts promoting Team Canada - I am fine with that but V/M sweaters that are bright yellow - no thank you. I think banners or even pins are more appropriate.

  2. Yes, it is definitely off-putting.
    I wish they would all shut up already. And now I have to expect that video of VM from Worlds 2013 will always have a sea of yellow? But maybe that's the kind of thing that thrills VM.

    1. I can't see it thrilling them but VM appear to be being used quite a bit by their own families - even if they don't feel that way, I can definitely see VM feeling that they "owe" the Moirs and Ilderton and London everything, and letting the Moirs/Ilderton and London think they (or at least Scott) enjoy nothing more. Sometimes I wonder if Scott's constant proclamations of love for the home town isn't his way of throwing his body in front of the train for Tessa. He's taking it on so she's not run over/suffocated. After all, we really DON'T see the Virtues with their hands out, or capitalizing on Virtue and Moir's status in the skating world for some other endeavor. The Virtues have certainly been up to their necks in sham but it doesn't appear to have had the same self-interest component as the Ilderton side of it has had. It's more - this is what's going on, so it's our job to help.

    2. I wish this were Facebook and I could "like" your comment, OC. Very insightful.

    3. I definitely think that Scott feels that he needs to give back to his hometown, family and friends. And I truly believe that he has a passion for skating. However -there needs to be boundaries. I don't know if the Moirs get the concept. The Virtues I think do because Tessa gets in the zone at a competition and she makes it clear that it is not personal.
      Yes, Ilderton, the community, the Moirs have made sacrifices for Scott - but I am not sure if they understand that it's time for them to let go. Perhaps during Worlds, forget about staying at the official hotel - perhaps it might be best to crash Maria Mountain's place (their trainer in London) cuz yeah - the pressure will be apparent.

  3. One last thing - whatever the outcome at Worlds for V/M - I am hoping that the crowd does not boo any teams or the results. Hopefully Scott will pass that message along...Actually one of my favourite interviews with V/M is after Worlds 2011 - when they when silver - a reporter asked them about the results and Scott immediately said that Meryl and Charlie are great skaters and great people and that he was happy for their win. Yes Scott is a fierce competitor but he respects others (with the exception of his little rant after the GP Final 2011 - where his frustration got the better of him)...

    1. Scott and Tessa were both very gracious after Worlds 2011 but the Ilderton side of the crowd was not. They held forth mega sour grapes and bitchy. I was taken aback by the public swipes on the family facebooks. At that Worlds and at the GPF they were a little personal, too. Scott and Tessa have made a point of saying how much they value their friendship with Meryl and Charlie, and that friendship does happen to be real.

      I thought at the time it was an incredible lapse in judgment, but weighing it against their proprietary feelings about Scott I've reconsidered. They aired that pettiness intentionally. Meryl and Charlie are outsiders, and they own some of Scott and Tessa's loyalty and affection. Possibly that doesn't sit well.

      Tessa is lucky she has Scott's unswerving adoration because if she didn't, God knows what she'd be subject to. As it is Ilderton and a lot of London has a largely Scott POV. Maybe because those with ties to the Virtues - and the Virtues themselves - are better at keeping their own counsel.

  4. But, did anyone think to ask Cassandra if she likes yellow? What if she looks terrible in yellow! The horror!

  5. You know Ryan Semple has worn yellow (colour of the Canadian ski suits) - so theoretically there should be no excuse for him not to wear yellow...hahaha

    1. 3:49

      But perhaps it's not about Ryan Semple anymore. The Pyette article from the London Free Press made a point of saying Tessa is friends with the Knights' team of 2005 (wouldn't they be too old for her? But whatever). In a previous comment the blogger brought up the possibility that it means we are to be on the lookout for a new boyfriend for Tessa come Worlds. Lol lol lol

    2. Well if Tessa has a new BF and they have ties to London - can we vote for Ryan Gosling?

    3. :) At this point I think it's only right they put it to a fan vote. They should have linked to a whole bunch of Medway girls' facebooks and had us vote for the winner on a "Scott's new girlfriend" page.

      And for Tessa's bf, it makes even more sense as it doesn't seem to me that her end vets all that well. Fans would do a better job.

    4. "And for Tessa's bf, it makes even more sense as it doesn't seem to me that her end vets all that well. Fans would do a better job."

      They absolutely have not done a good job vetting Tessa's boyfriends. But when you consider how tenaciously they clung to Jessica - and like you had mentioned once, the issues she would generate could be seen from space. With their track record, it makes me think they probably haven't done that well with the new girlfriend either. She's already acting like a 13-yr-old and has already been reported to be whining (Scott's friends are such adults). Time will tell what else they "missed" about this one too.

    5. I wonder if they had auditions for Scott's new gf, like a kinda Tom Cruise/scientology type thing.

    6. You'd think they'd catch on. The woman Scott loves - Tessa - is as allergic to the judgment of strangers and as averse to parading her private life before the public as vampires are to the sun. What attributes is a girl who signs on for the role of Scott's publicly fawning fake girlfriend likely to have?

      How likely is it that the girl who signs on for this gig a) is super happy with how her personal and professional life is progressing; b) has no desire for the admiration of strangers and attention of and power over strangers; and c) has faultless good taste?

    7. Well it seems that Mr. Semple just dissed a woman's ski wonder this guy was not given a farewell mention on Alpine Canada's facebook page...can you say macho guy that loves cars? but to diss women skiers - I mean that's arrogant considering his illustrious career..not...

  6. Cassandra tweeting lovey-dovey Scott stuff? Oh geez, can Scott's girlfriends get any more juvenile? Maybe she gets paid per lovey-dovey expression. That's the only thing that makes sense.

    1. One of Cassandra's friends commented on her facebook awhile back. "Why are you still in London? Go out and be a star!"

      Maybe that's a clue to her signing on for this gig. Apparently she's not in love with her job if she's bitching about not having sufficient off days, even though that's all for show.

    2. If I had to guess - I think Cassandra and her brother would love to be models - judging from instagram pictures...

  7. Wow, this is getting stupid. I think you're right, I think this must be about their hometown friends and family. There was absolutely no reason to add a new girl in, let alone make it this childish...again.

    Anyways, OT...but our other Canadian stars seem to be getting quite a bit of media attention. W/P had a feature on the CBC Toronto News at 6 - I had only ever seen them mentioned on the local K/W news before - and this week Patrick was interviewed by Peter Mansbridge, and will be on Strombo's show tonight. Where are all the interviews with TS? Or are W/P our best hope for Sochi now? Even the documentary that was supposed to be about them isn't about them.

  8. Regarding the self-appointed fan police incident...I guess we're just supposed to believe that "Scott and Tessa's baby" was never uttered and that giving a rubber ducky (not a stuffed toy) to the super duper platonic skating partner of the lucky uncle was simply unintentional.


    These people do need to check themselves. If there weren't already mountains of evidence piling up, this alone would have convinced me.

    1. And if you're convinced, it matters - why?

      It doesn't. These people just think they own Scott and Tessa. They're self-important.

      Let Scott and Tessa get out there themselves and make fun of, mock, dispute the idea they have a child.

      Come on guys. I know you have it in you.

  9. For those of us who can no longer view the super secret facebook group, are we talking about a fan or two stepping out of line, or a major (if powerless) uprising?

  10. One day I'd like to read that Scott's "girlfriend" makes wishes also to Tessa, his best friend who has contributed so much to his success. Any real girlfriend least one photo that says good luck...Only love scott, the best in the world etc...Look at Tanith, surely she is more mature...(sorry for my bad english)

  11. Isn't just about everybody more mature than Scott's hometown circle? The pettiness from the parental generation on down, the unearned feeling of superiority, the meanspirited attitude towards "not our crowd", the self-satisfaction and lack of judgment. The ignorance. I'm sure there are plenty of people in Ilderton and among the Moirs and their connections who don't fit that description, but of course, these are not the people making a display of themselves on facebook, nor volunteering to be major players in a sham instead of having a life of their own.

    Tanith beats the drum for Meryl and Charlie both. Scott's fake girlfriends fawn over only Scott, their champion. You'd think he was a singles skater. Of course the impression that comes across is they're competitive with Tessa - otherwise why not mention her? So stupid.

    There have been plenty of occasions where Tanith was photographed with Meryl and Charlie - at personal appearances, at the Olympics, etc. But Tessa runs and hides when Scott makes appearances with the "girlfriend" - even when the girlfriend was Tessa's own freaking teammate, Jessica Dube. It was ridiculous. Does Dylan Moscovitch run and hide from Ian Beharry? He skated in an exhibition with him!

    Why is Tessa keeping away from any photo with the girlfriend or with Scott when the girlfriend is around considered to be helping out the sham plausibility? It looks absurd. It always suggests a triangle, otherwise, Scott would be just the buddy/partner of Tessa and Jessica a teammate/buddy, and Cassandra a skating community hometown pal, like it is with everybody else. They always layer on more intrigue.

    I agree with the comment on Cassandra's facebook - if this is what adults have to do with their time, maybe they need to get out of London.

    I am looking forward to seeing which former London Knight has put himself forward as Tessa's seasonal boyfriend. Pyette didn't drop that totally random mention into the article for nothing.

  12. The Moirs had to wait for years until they finally had a skating star in their family, since it didn't happen with Scott's brothers and cousin. And now that it finally paid off they want to cash in on it as much as possible. Scott always jokingly says he didn't have another choice but to become a figure skater and that he didn't like it at all at the beginning but I don't believe this is a joke at all. IMO his mother and aunt were a driving force behind it. This is their dream and luckily they at last have one kid that makes it come true,
    Kate Virtue most certainly played her part in Tessa's career as well but I believe she did it for other reasons than the Moirs. The Moirs just want to be somebody, be it in the skating world or little Ilderton. They want to be seen, they want to be important and who is Scott to deny them this opportunity ? He won't say no to them though I believe he should take a huge step back and finally do what he wants instead of having his family controling his life and career. It's his name and reputation that are on the line after all.

    1. Anon 2:40

      Both Scott and Tessa made it this far because they love what they do, regardless of family pressure. However, have to agree with you that at some point it might be beneficial for both of them to have their own lives, separate from Ilderton, London and/or the Moir family skating business. Coaching together somewhere for a while, in a different part of the world, could be a good thing.

    2. Scott may have had no choice but to be a figure skater, but he fell in love with it when he fell in love with Tessa, which would be just about when he met her. Once they were skating together that was all the incentive he needed. Anon 2:40 was right - they made it this far because they love it and love each other, and, of course, because they had the support - the money was there, the willingness on the part of the families was there. But their joy in it was in skating with and for each other and playing off each other and working together. It's not about making Ilderton a skating mecca.

      I agree about the distinction between the Moirs and the Virtues. I won't cite specific examples right now but I know which side of the family (family includes for the purpose of this comment, neighbors, friends, etc. who are tied to the Moirs versus the Virtues) is the most opinionated and the most personally invested, and, IMO, has the issue with boundaries.

      I said before Tessa is fortunate in Scott's love for her, and fortunate in her emotionally intelligent parents (particularly her mother however I mock the "mommy" narrative), or she might have found herself getting the Meryl Davis/Charlie White treatment every time there was a bump in the road. As it was, there was no question of that if you wanted any type of relationship with Scott.

      The maternal side of Scott's family is passionate about skating. Skating crazy. I set them apart from Skate Canada because I don't think they use skating for personal advancement. I think they just want to advance skating - and since they've poured their lives into Ilderton, and figure skating in Ilderton, yes, they see Scott and Tessa as hitting the jackpot for Ilderton skating. They do run a good program, a good camp. It IS about the skating for them, but whether it's Ilderton skating or getting the Moir name out there, either one can create boundary issues and I definitely think the passion to promote skating in Ilderton has created a one dimensional outlook on Scott and Tessa and possibly insufficient respect for their other needs - personal, non-skating, individual, etc.

      They both have tried to tweak the story a bit of late, but most of the time both have talked of Canton as a veritable oasis of privacy, where they are just two skaters training at Arctic Edge but in the Canton
      World at large they have themselves to themselves.

      Maybe if Ilderton tried less to live through them or capitalie on them this whole stupid mess wouldn't have endured as long as it has.

    3. Basically I think if you support and "invest" in a child with the expectation that if they succeed you're going to elevate your own interests, you're no better than Dina Lohan. Dina Lohan had show business aspirations of her own.

      If that's why Scott's family supported him, they ought to have just let the Virtues do all the work - all the driving, all the traveling, all the money. The Ilderton Skating Club didn't win Olympic gold. Scott and Tessa did, thanks to their talent and their (non-Ilderton) coaching.

      It's Scott's life. It's Tessa's. It's not Ilderton's. What can he do for the Ilderton Skating Club? There are limits. He can't give those skaters his talent. He can't find little Tessa clones for all the aspiring ice dancers. Ilderton is a one horse town when it comes to figure skating. The Moirs who run it do a good job. That should be enough after a point.

    4. Another observation: there's quotes from Marina, I believe, that Scott and Tessa's parents made the decision to shift the team from Kitchener-Waterloo to Arctic Edge. But there's also a quote from Alma to the effect that if they wanted Scott and Tessa to factor internationally, they had to "play the game" - and that's why VM went to Canton.

      Okay. It's not because Marina is a brilliant choreographer, a coach of Olympic champions, an elite. It's just politics.

      I feel that by contextualizing it as a 'game' Alma left open the idea that local coaching was just as good, but skating was so political they decided to play along and get Scott Tessa a political coaching situation. It was such an ungenerous remark. By omission, it denied Marina her due. It was as if Alma was saying it was a chess move and nothing more. Cause sure, Carol Moir or MacIntosh/Killing could have coached VM to gold.

    5. "I feel that by contextualizing it as a 'game' Alma left open the idea that local coaching was just as good, but skating was so political they decided to play along and get Scott Tessa a political coaching situation. It was such an ungenerous remark. By omission, it denied Marina her due. It was as if Alma was saying it was a chess move and nothing more. Cause sure, Carol Moir or MacIntosh/Killing could have coached VM to gold."

      Ironic probably isn't the right word for it, but it's interesting that Alma dismissed the move to Canton as politics when Paul MacIntosh has said that although there were a few hurt feelings initially, he'd taken Tessa and Scott as far as he could. I believe he actually is quoted as saying that he couldn't have done with them what Zoueva and Shpilband did. I thought that was incredibly generous and classy of MacIntosh and it appears that V-M have his full support to this very day. For the record, and somewhat off topic, I think the truth of the coaching choices is that V-M wouldn't be where they are now without all of MacIntosh, Killing, Zoueva, and Shpilband. MacIntosh/Killing gave them a fantastic foundation that Zoueva/Shpilband were able to build on.

    6. I think Alma knows what Marina brings to the table but she's not going to acknowledge it. Another instance of pettiness and immaturity.

      Another thing about Cassandra. I know perfectly well the Ilderton crew (which includes Scott's old school pals) had a good time for themselves making fun of Jessica. And, to be fair, if you measure Jessica against who Scott and Tessa are on and off the ice, there's a lot to mock. So now, one of their own has taken over the role. And looky here - what an improvement! It's not mockable at all!

      Except it is. And for the exact same reasons. It's juvenile. Attention seeking. A little entitled and vain. We're not looking at brain trusts.

      What's the difference?


    7. I have no doubt Alma knows what Marina brings to the table, even if she is being petty. I just thought it was interesting that while Alma was being petty in the press, MacIntosh was being gracious.

      As for the Cassandra thing, honestly, I think it may actually be more mockable than the Jessica thing. Of course, none of these people understand it. Not the brighest in the least...

    8. They are full of themselves, but because they are also generous and accessible among their own, it's doubtful they recognize it.

      The Marina thing is unbelieveably petty. When the Moirs & Co. hold a PUBLIC facebook conversation that takes swipes at Meryl and Charlie, they're ignoring that Meryl and Charlie are coached by Scott and Tessa's coach. What they're doing is just not done, it's terrible sportsmanship. But it's revealing. In their mind, Marina isn't one of them. Meryl and Charlie aren't one of them. Marina is a necessary evil - they need her, but aren't going to be generous about it, even though the woman is a Canadian citizen herself. I wonder if it again goes to the fact that this is a sophisticated, international personality with whom Scott and Tessa are both very close, so jealousy comes into it.

      One of the comments here observed that Tessa's background has something in common with Meryl and Charlie's - more than with the Moirs, even though the Virtues are an athletic family and Jim Virtue is a member of the Western Ontario board. I know that there are those around Scott who see Tessa entirely through Scott - who she is to him, how he feels about her - versus someone in her own right.

  13. I come from a town that's not that much bigger than Ilderton, and I am quite famililar with how these smalltown busybody types can be. I've been thinking about some of my own experiences and things I've observed, extrapolating to the situation with the Ilderton crowd, trying to imagine it all with their behavior, etc. towards V-M. I don't think I'd want to be in V-M's shoes, particularly Scott's, when it comes to dealing with these people.

    I may be off-base about this, but, IMO, it almost seems like that for these people (and, I'm sure, not the whole town of Ilderton is this way), it's not enough to just be proud of the hometown kid and his partner for their accomplishments and simply supportive of them as they continue to compete. The analogy that I came up with is that they seem to think that giving their support, etc. over the years was an investment in Tessa and Scott, Inc., like buying stock and owning a piece of the company. Now that "the kids" have hit the big time, they feel entitled to dividends in the form of time, attention, etc. The thing is, of course, it doesn't and shouldn't work like that with people. The town doesn't own Scott and Tessa, but they sure think they do. As a result, there is no sense of appropriate boundaries and a heaping ton of inappropriate demands, wants, and expectations that are unfair to Tessa and Scott as they try to live their lives on and off the ice.

    The beahavior of the Ilderton side of things is such a stark contrast to the Virtue contingent. Beyond even the immediate Virtue family, Tessa's extended family is huge just like the extended Moir family. Yet, unlike the Moir side, the Virtues, et al., seem to get that this isn't about them and don't try to make it so. They're all still there, quitely and appropriately giving the support that is needed without seeking or expecting any special favors in return.

    While I think this whole sham business is insane and know there are far better ways of handling people who need to be handled (understatment there), I do sympathize with and understand why Tessa and Scott would fear what the Ilderton crowd might do or say if everything was all out in the open. This crowd clearly has boundary issues, and people with boundary issues tend to have major problems knowing when to shut up and keep things to themselves. Beyond telling things that a lot of people would have sense enough to know shouldn't be told, I'd imagine there would be some embellishing of the truth and some out right fabrication going on.

    Given that there has to be a better way, what would be the logical, professional way to have handled a problem like the Ilderton crew?

    1. I think much of what you say is on point. Scott and Tessa aren't just public property, their story is Ilderton property, believe me. And to an extent, London property. It's the community's to talk about to anyone they choose, and yes, the story is filtered through each individual's biases and ego. Do other members of that community have their private business public property? Would they enjoy it?

      I also agree with your investment analogy. In addition to that, I also think there's pressure on Scott to demonstrate that he "hasn't changed". That he's still one of them, only, you know, with a gold medal. Of course he's a guy with a wife and child in addition to a guy who has to focus on his ongoing competition challenges, and all of those things mean he isn't like them at all. Their idea is just fold Tessa and the kid into Moir Inc.

      Their idea of "hasn't changed" is very specific and self-referential. Don't have loyalties, affinities, friendships of any strength beyond those at home - the people and the places. Otherwise you're being a big shot.

      Of course there's a better way. I think the logical way would be to live their lives and let the chips fall where they may, and that includes at home. Scott and Tessa may feel as if there's way too much on their plate to deal with it, but that's only if you think you have to 'deal' with it. Let THEM - the home town - deal with it. You live your life.

  14. Good points...I also think it was telling that Marina pointed out in an interview a couple of years ago that Meryl, Charlie and Scott would always hang out together even outside the rink playing ie. baseball and that Tessa just needed a little more time to herself.
    You can tell that D/W and V/M adored both Marina and Igor. And I truly believe it when Tessa has said that the only person that knows what I have been through is Scott. At the end of the day, it's you and your partner on the ice that have to perform and be there for each other. The Moirs and Ilderton might think that Scott is all theirs...but Scott's world is bigger than them...I mean seriously wouldn't the Russians including Zhulin want to hire Scott after Sochi as an example...don't get me wrong - I think Scott loves his family etc but I think after retirement and has time to think and breath - if he wants to pursue a life outside skating - nore power to him (and come back to the sport later in life). I am just not sure the Moirs would be as supportive of a choice outside skating.
    Last point - if I had to guess - Scott might come off as a simpleton in the media - but I think that this guy is a lot smarter than he lets on and is not just a funny guy. He is a hard worker, definitely a team player and loyal. I think once he cuts the cord off with Mom and some other family members - he will flourish.

    1. "I think once he cuts the cord off with Mom and some other family members - he will flourish."

      It might not be so much that he must "cut the cords" but more about living his own life and letting the chips fall where they may, as oc says. It's possible to maintain close ties without letting them run your life.

      That would mean living in integrity (no lies), and sometimes he will have time for the home-town crowd and sometimes he won't. If he's married to someone who needs more space and time apart from the big group stuff, that must take priority, he doesn't have to publicly pretend that issue doesn't exist for him. It's such a diss on Tessa for him to give out this story about himself that he's all about running off to hang with a big group of buddies from home (And here's the photos to prove it! And look, even my girlfriend belongs to that crowd!!). As if he's so happy to get away from his skating partner who is more private, or needs more space.

      Being a mature adult is all about learning to live life and make decisions (grown-up decisions) without allowing other people's opinions to have an inordinate control over your life. If the childhood buddies and family back home are hurt and offended because his life has taken him in a direction, that excludes them from some areas of his life, that's on them, not on Scott.

    2. OMG - Scott is no simpleton. He totally downplays his quieter side. The funny side is part of who he is, but it's also what everyone likes and enjoys. It's "Scotty". He's not just "Scotty". He's an adult man and a serious person.

      He also has a lot of humility in ways maybe people might not expect. Yes, he's an incredible competitor who passionately believes he and Tessa are the best. But in other ways he may underrate himself - or really, overrate how challenging or "difficult" his personality is, and feel almost more grateful than he should or feel that he owes more than he does. He may underrate who he is off the ice (not where Tessa is concerned, but with others). The public persona is "don't take this guy seriously." He's crazy, he's a goof. Of course, he's much more than that but it can be convenient to disregard it.

    3. 10:58

      I don't think anyone thinks he's a simpleton. But I think their sham-think has led to using his public goofy side as part of this scheme they've cooked up. Even his funny side can seem OTT because they're so hyper conscious about wanting to give out certain narratives about themselves. So often it seems he's more than happy to give the impression all he does outside of skating is to be at the beck and call of his family and his buddies. Maybe it's partly because of that humility you mention. His gratefulness. But if he is ever real with the public about his life circumstances, wouldn't this all come across differently?

    4. Both Tessa and Scott have worked hard to give out the message that they prefer not to spend time with each other off-ice. Tessa with her emphasis on school and all the time that takes in her life (while living with her mother). And Scott being all about spending every possible moment off-ice surrounded by home-town friends and family. No time nor place for Tessa in his off-ice life. You'd think they "go home" on the weekends for the express purpose of getting away from each other. The public social media stuff put out by Scott's friends never includes Tessa at all. To them, she doesn't exist. By extension, imo it gives the impression she's that unimportant to Scott away from the rink.
      Which I suppose is just what VM want the public to think.

    5. Even to the point - where they don't sit next to each other on a plane....

    6. Anon 4:08

      That has to be one of the most ridiculous efforts ever in trying to communicate their off-ice aversion to each other.

      Another ridiculous effort -- implying that Tessa was excluded from Scott's brother's wedding-guest list because OF COURSE Tessa and Scott cannot stand the sight of each other during vacation times. And this after having said they are part of each others families.

    7. I think there's a striking difference between the Michigan-based and Canadian based skating "clans". Although Tessa wasn't in the photographs shared on facebook the photos from Maia Shibutani's 16th birthday party showed a warm, unassuming, lovely event and the good feelings among all the attendees was palpable even in 2 dimensions. Scott didn't have beverages spilled down his shirt front and he wasn't amping up the crazy. The Michigan-based skaters who trained with Marina and then left skating still give her shout outs on facebook. Yet Marina is a Canadian citizen, not US, but there's a generous, open spirit missing from the Canadian contingent in their social media presentation which is often juvenile and petty.

      I think Tessa didn't admit she went to Danny's wedding because it was May, and if she and Scott admit to seeing each other at any point during vacation break, it's tantamount to admitting they're married. That's why she failed to attend the Cody/Anabelle wedding as well. It's that great logic at work.

  15. "And furthermore, I think some busybody going the extra mile to make sure fans think something that was for Scott and Tessa's kid wasn't for their kid is absolutely grotesque."

    Not only that, this certain person who inserted herself into the conversation on that facebook page is outright lying. The two ladies she mentions who always give out stuffed toys at these competitions are not the source of the rubber-ducky gifts. It's clearly on video so it's not even as if she has a different heresay version of this incident. The person who gave these duckies to VM is a young lady, who by the way was not handing out gifts to any other skaters. Those people who are so anxious to shoot down any "controversial" discussions should first check facts before accusing some fans of making things up.

    1. Yes. And furthermore, if all of this is so amusing, why insert yourself to shoot it down? If it's not amusing, but troubling, Scott and Tessa are ones who should shoot it down. They had no problem touring the country while Tessa was pregnant, making up stories about how completely platonic they were. Tessa and Scott talk about fans all the time. Fans think they're in love! Fans urge them to get together. Fans are put off by Carmen. Blah blah blah. If they can shoot down stories that don't even exist, then surely the actual baby "story" is something they can joke about and also dismiss. It seems like an ideal story for a few Scott wisecracks, doesn't it?

      The reality is fans like the one we're talking about are protecting themselves, not Scott and Tessa. They're protecting their self-assigned role as gatekeeper and possessor of the truth that others don't know. It's status. They'd rather the club stayed exclusive

    2. I think the one interview that was strange was the ET Canada one where out of the blue - Tessa hinted that she was not the reason for the break-up of Jamie Sale and David Pelletier. At that point, the rumours were just on the internet on figure skating boards and were not in the mainstream media - so I think it was a surprise to see a statement at that point in time.

    3. Another point - you don't have to know anything at all about these two to see that Scott is miserable shamming. He was miserable shamming with Jessica and rebelled and acted out right in front of our eyes. He doesn't look any happier with Cassandra. The contrast between his outright misery and discomfort and the OTT cloying kootchy coo lovey dovey official tone affected by the "girlfriends" has always been tough on the stomach.

      But it's gone on almost 6 years now. He was 19 when it started and now he's 25. He's a principal actor in the entire asinine charade that is ostensibly for his benefit, and he fucking hates every second but can't or has been convinced not to pull the plug.

      At times he has to say and do stuff that makes him seem like an ass. He has to treat an entire category of people - fans - like crap, mostly because fans have become the designated scapegoat for things for which they're not responsible. This isn't who the guy is, but it's who he has to act like, be and become.

      The bottom line is that when the face of the sham has obviously absolutely hated being part of it, and yet it goes on, that carries on at 25 while he's a married father, and the people around him continue to find it entertaining in the most juvenile of ways and nobody is saying - Jesus Christ, there's something wrong with this - then something is seriously toxic in the environment he's part of, and there's an incredible amount of selfishness behind it all.

      They supposedly love him, but disrespect his misery, as it were, and worse, HE disrespects himself by failing to honor himself.

      There's something rotton in the situation that has absolutely nothing to do with the fandom.

      I would not put it all on Tessa either because when you look at all the characters in the play the result of not shamming might land her in the same spot he's in.

      They speak of themselves as kids and maybe that's their own cop out. We're kids.

      They're not kids. What's gone on doesn't reflect well on where they come from. I know for sure it ain't us. We didn't drive them to this.