Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Well, she's looking fit

Here's a weird situation that's difficult to pin down without confirmation, but there are various hypothesis that would make things pretty simple.

Jessica's facebook and albums of facebook friends recently display a Jessica of such diverse body types it can't be immediately determined which photos are current.

The above photo appears to show Jessica after participating in Montreal's "color run" this past weekend. So
  • Jessica has knocked another item off her bucket list.
  • Her ankle is all better (5K run and all).
  • She looks pretty bulky (or bulk-ier).
Jessica is out of the GP due to what Skate Canada has variously said is either her bum ankle or a "slow start". (Maybe her bum ankle caused the slow start).

Without extenuating circumstances, "Slow start" is a puzzler. What's the deal? Forgive me, but I don't think Jessica's calendar is jam packed.

But. If her ankle is better and she's training diligently for Canadians, shouldn't she be more streamlined at this point? Particularly if she's fit enough to do charity runs? She's a pairs skater!

Jessica is a copycat. Of a lot of people - Bryce, for example. Magazine types. Would she try and ape Tessa, be pregnant, plan on heroically competing at Canadians? (Unlike Tessa, she can't do Worlds without Canadians). Jessica is someone I believe is shrewd, but neither bright, nor insightful.

Still, to imitate Tessa to that extent seems awfully far fetched - and self-destructive. Their circumstances couldn't be more removed from each other.

Jessica isn't studying for a doctorate while simultaneously training elite gymnastics. The ankle is okay. If we take it as real, then she's back on the ice, but if she's back to training in earnest, she should be approaching at least basic fighting trim at this point. Instead, she's looking even more substantial than in the CTC Familia album.


  1. To be fair to poor Jessica, she does appear to be wearing a t-shirt over a hoodie. That's gonna make anyone look bulkier than they are.

    1. I agree this photo can't be definitive about weight speculations. Although Jess can't be too out of shape if she's running 5K's.

      That being said, the non-explanations given so far about ankles and "not being ready" sound evasive and fishy. Gven that it involves both Jess Dube and Skate Canada, odds are pretty good they're lying. The thing is, it could be a non-issue and nothing more than these guys thinking they're more important/interesting than they really are.

    2. Why a t-shirt over a hoodie though? Even in Quebec it's only October. Why the fudge-wear.

      Plus there are photo games happening on fb.