Saturday, October 27, 2012

So it was good for you too, Rosie?

She's lovely.
If you don't know Rosie DiManno, this is her:

Why your hometown columnist sucks

It's unfortunate how a pair of ice dancers as magnificent as Virtue and Moir find themselves surrounded by the tackiest bunch of needy, cheap, intellectual deadbeats this side of .

Thank God they also have Zoueva, Tracy Wilson, Maria Mountain and a host of others as counterweight to the clowns that occupy directorships at Skate Canada, and now the first person to weigh in on Carmen is that prominent masturbatory dimwit, Rosie DiManno. It's no wonder Skate Canada loves her. Here's her article, not recommended if suffering from Tessa Virtue esque "tummy problems, if you know what I mean". *

Rosie gets off while ruining it for everyone else, which also gets her off

When any "journalist" - or anyone, really, writes about sex like this - like it's been 1972 since they've seen a penis - they reveal more about themselves than whatever it is they're trying to describe. This is Carmen. Carmen is a sexy story. The moves are sexual/sensual but are using the vocabulary of contemporary dance movement. You see more groping on Dancing with the Stars, any music video, and SYTYCD, only difference is, Tessa and Scott's choreography actually has meaning.

*Debbi is the fucking worst.


  1. stepped aside to demurely vomit....are you f-ing kidding... how does that fit into the story.

    I do not know of anyone who is demure while vomiting. She ran off the podium after they were announced. I am not sure if they showed it on tv, but she bolted and scott when with her initially before coming back to accept bother of their medals. She was back by the time liz manley waddled out in her heels to present the flowers as the athlete ambassador

  2. Maybe Tessa is a psychic and was just ahead of everyone else vomiting when reading that.

    Just for clarification for those who were spared...
    Is "tummy troubles" how Debbi explained T's exit from the medal ceremony? And did she really compare P/P to W/M?

    1. Yes to both questions. Didn't hear the PP/WM comparison first hand but it seems she stretched it out, first in the form of a question - "do you know who they remind me of?" then the pause for suspense, then "W/M!"

      Everything at this event was a pretext to bring up Paul and Piper, or just Piper. If I were W&P I'd be pissed at being so obviously passed over.

      Debbi's intrusive presence made the event slightly nauseating for everyone in attendance. Maybe Tessa bolted for the bathroom in solidarity, and if she spotted Rosie's "face" in the venue, knowing there was a Carmen piece in the works, she'd have lost all chance of keeping things down.

  3. Tessa & Scoot stole this routine...

    1. I posted this link over on fanforum because I thought the flavour and two or three similar moves were interesting, that's all. To say they stole the routine is so OTT.

  4. Ew, "nether regions", "stripper pole", "pelvic thrusts" and "demurely vomit"? This is so disrespectful.

    "In Friday’s short dance segment, Moir got all tangled up in a lift, had a face-full of skirt. (“Yeah, that’s the story of my life day-to-day,” he’d joked. Virtue shot back: “On the ice.”)"

    Is this a joke, or more insistence that they are never together off the ice?