Friday, October 26, 2012

That's not an enhancement

LynnRutherford: Skate Canada has enhanced the event by having Debbi Wilkes & Liz Manley offer insights after each skater.

It feels like Skate Canada is finding make-work for Debbi. Really want to know how and when she's business developing. Thomas Sabo makes very cool pseudo-goth jewelry but they're not a title sponsor and SC is still in need of one or more of those.

Find make-work for Debbi, SC, but why do those in attendance have to have the value of their expensive tickets depreciated by listening to her inane observations? It's difficult enough to get an audience for these events, why turn them off?


  1. Was at the event tonight and would rather kill myself than listen to her "conversation" with Liz Manley between the skaters, it really took away from the event. Is this common at other competitions? A good number of the SC delegation plopped themselves down near where I was sitting toward the end of the night in time for VM and did not stop talking

    1. This is typical Debbi behavior at every competition where she's present. Only now they've handed her a microphone and give her the job of making everyone in the arena want to slit their wrists or smack her in the face, instead of those just unfortunate enough to sit anywhere near her. God forBID anyone in Canada enjoy figure skating. The format is that Debbi and Liz talk AFTER EVERY single fucking skater has skated.

      The woman has an insatiable ego coupled with a mean streak.

    2. Well it was annoying that's for sure!

      A side note - when Debbie had her TV show years ago in Toronto, my uncle had the contract to deal with her wardrobe as a delivery man. He could not stand her because of how nasty she was so he used to wrinkle her clothes up in a ball and do everything he could to annoy her. No one at the production company was ever mad at him....

    3. Anon, all anyone needs is a minute observing Debbi to know of course she's a nasty piece of work behind the scenes - and on camera as well, although she thinks it's not obvious. She is immediately someone you dislike. Why? What are the three things that jump out about Debbi?

      1) She's unctuous.
      2) She's controlling.
      3) She's self-aggrandizing.

      IOW, she's a phony.

      With Debbi, there's literally nothing else. She's content-free.

      I'm going to bring your comment here up to yet another Debbi post. As she's all over Skate Canada, she may as well be all over the blog.