Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Walk of Sham(e)

This blog has discussed the benefits Jessica Dube receives from the sham, but seldom gives props to her contributions. It can't be an easy job, being a virtual Moir, although I'm sure as the years then decades roll on, Jessica will continue to rise to the challenge - or perhaps just do the whole thing sedated. Why not? It would take a discerning outsider to distinguish ordinary-demeanor Jessica from a Jessica enjoying the assistance of a couple of xanax washed down with a little rum and diet coke.

Maybe the Moirs will learn to understand French! Jessica can dream.

Or maybe it's a good thing they don't.

The sham girlfriend's role here is heavy on hearty, more-Moirs-the-merrier family fun and low on glamor - no dinner with the Queen, no Gemini awards, no red carpet, no chauffeured around in a Japanese Hyundai while pink rose petals fall gently from above.

In deference to the season, a bit of appreciation might be appropriate as we look at Jessica's labors in the Field of Sham.

Wear it with pride Jessica
Jessica looks as if she could be slightly anxious in the photo above. If so, hard to figure. Scott and Tessa have just skated brilliantly.  She's got Danny behind her and Cara to her left.  Who wouldn't find that relaxing?


Long day at Ilderton's Scott & Tessa's Gold Medal Celebration.

Perp Walk
Best bf ever.

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  1. As per previous years, we the fans now know to wait with bated breath to see what Scott-Jessica Christmas and New Year's "couple" gems will be unleashed on facebook.

    Since they began with this "We spend Holidays together" crap in 2009, they have not disappointed. This year, with their facebooks closed, the question becomes - Which friend or relative will be chosen to be the one to generously "share" an album with the public?