Monday, December 26, 2011

Scott didn't like it anywhere

While Scott has engaged in plenty of icky sham behavior, it seems he has limits.

Last year, Jessica Dube participated in this breast cancer awareness outreach on facebook:

If you want to skip the link, here's the article:

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and while breast cancer is most certainly a disease worthy of awareness and fund-raising, sometimes attempts at raising awareness are a little… peculiar.
Remember last year’s Facebook campaign where all of your lady friends suddenly had status updates like “Black,” “Red,” or “Polka dots” and no one had any clue what was up? Oh, but then word got around that the updates were the bra colors of choice and the updates were meant to pique interest of those left out of the joke (read: males) in order to raise awareness about breast cancer. Um, ok?
While the logic of the trend didn’t quite connect–does titillating (no pun intended) men lead to cancer awareness? Or does it just titillate men?–it did raise a lot of speculation for a few days and at least the updates were breast-related.
This year’s Facebook awareness mission, however, is even more unusual.
You may have noticed several status updates in the past few days with phrases such as “I like it on the couch,” or “I like it on the floor.” These status updates aren’t referencing creative places the updater likes to, well, you know. Instead these locations are the places that the updater likes to keep their… purse.
But by updating their status with such a mysteriously evocative statement, women are, um, arousing attention to the breast cancer campaign. Right?
To reiterate, there is nothing wrong with campaigning for breast cancer awareness (or any disease, for that matter). In fact, quite the opposite is true–the effects of successful campaigning for the disease has led to a significant reduction in the disease. Yet what exactly does provocatively saying where you like to keep your purse have to do with a horrible disease that has challenged millions of lives?
So as well-intentioned as some of these updates might be, they seem a little misguided. My guess is that interest in breast cancer isn’t exactly what you’ll be piquing.
 So. Cutesy and titillating, and some of her friends were doing it. Right up Jessica's alley:

Barely an hour later, Scott is an emphatic spoil sport:

Kind of Johnny-on-the-spot for a guy who pretends he barely knows how to work the internet and neglects his own facebooks(s) weeks on end.

I wonder if he saw the update himself or if half his family/friends texted him. 


  1. This just shows how Scott is all over the place as far as the "I love Jessica" message to fans.

    He didn't mind posing for very suggestive, honeymoon-like photos on a beach; even lip-kissing, plus an abundance of other photos suggesting nights spent together. Then posting said photos on public facebook walls to ensure the widest possible distribution - people will have these photos on their hard drives for years to come. Who cares.

    But let some wall post of Jessica's suggest love-making on the floor or a kitchen-counter. Heaven forbid! But it's okay for Jessica to refer to Scott as her "lover".


  2. "I wonder if he saw the update himself or if half his family/friends texted him. "

    ^^That's what I think too.

    Jessica appears to be a ditz who lacks good judgment...the n word and this kind of not impressive.

  3. Jessica Dube is skating in singles for Nationals. what a fighter lololol

  4. In Jessica's defense, it might be difficult at times to understand what kind of bad judgment is okay or the difference between her own bad judgment/bad taste and the Moirs' bad judgment/bad taste. The sham game is played with boundaries that might elude her at times. It's kind of something you have to get a feel for. I'm sure I'm not the only one who might have trouble defining the boundaries, but would sort of "know it when I see it" - yes, no, yes, no not that - and the difference isn't a taste thing, either. I don't think Jessica WOULD know it when she sees it - obviously.

    Shamwise only. No excuse for playing the "I'm hip hop so the n word is okay" game.

  5. Hey if Jessica wants to compete in both singles and pairs more power to her but if she doesn't bring her A game - eventually the pity card will run thin...It will be interesting to see how Dube/Wolfe will be scored at nationals if they don't skate cleanly...yes this is their first nationals but with 4CCs and Worlds coming up etc, Skate Canada will need to start backing up Duhamel/Radford, Towers-Moore/Moscovitch, Lawrence/Swiegers, let alone upcoming promising pairs. I am hoping that Lawrence/Sweigers skate lights out - so we can see where the chips really fall. It will also be interesting to see if Dube/Wolfe don't have a decent outing if Sebastien Wolfe will have the motivation to continue. I just hope that L/S don't get thrown under the bus...

  6. Jessica has an A game?

    Also, how's she going to fit pairs, singles and her communications studies at Concordia?

    Cheap shot.

    If Jessica's pity card hasn't run thin by now it's not going to for her entire rest of her career. Hell, when she started skating she only had nine fingers - the dye was cast from that lawnmower accident when she was four. Then a couple of car accidents(her driving). Then that big accident. Then the flashy accident that wasn't really much (the crash at WTT)and was her fault. Then the poor thing had to cope with skating singles while Bryce was injured. Then the poor thing finally found the confidence to break free of a skating relationship that hit a dead end long ago and maybe now we'll see her smile. Then the poor thing is being so professional and patient with her new partner who isn't anywhere near as good as she is (or so she and those around her would have us believe) but you'd never know it from her - she'd never say a word. They just need time, they're new.

    There's plenty more where that came from. There's isn't it wonderful she keeps on skating and stays loyal to Sebastien. If he goes away it will be I, for one, applaud Jessica for skating purely for the love of skating.

    That's the storyline. She can skate pairs, singles and syncrho if she wants - it's just SC giving her more focus and consideration than others at her current skill level as a single and ranking as a pair - at the expense of their other skaters who could use the attention/support - that's wrong.

  7. ^^ Exactly.

    If it weren't for the acclaim derived from Scott Moir's position in the skating world, plus Skate Canada's focus, she would have nothing to stand on - oh yeah, except if she had her own accomplishments and hard work. But SC's focus on her is not based on those things.

    Yes, Jessica's skating can be aesthetically pleasing when everything goes well and she doesn't make mistakes (which isn't often). But that's no different than many other single and pairs' skaters in Canada who skate equally well and are receiving no consideration at all from SC.

    I would like to see precisely what her standing would be, based on her own efforts in skating, without the benefit of the Moirs or SC's inappropriate attention and perks (bribes).

  8. LOL..thanks for the reality check...the holiday spirit was writing the "A game"...what?!!

  9. I do feel a bit bad for Jessica...I mean she certainly appears to be lazy and self-involved and things like the N-word are unacceptable...but just in the context of how she is used by the Moirs, and especially Scott's interaction with her....she comes across as a puppy dog who just wants a pat on the head...I wonder how aware she is of how ridiculous it all looks. Someone who had the smallest perception should realize how pathetic the alternate universe roles of "boyfriend doesn't like me anymore but won't break up with me" and "fake boyfriend and his family think I'm a drag" end up making her look. Either she's not aware or hasn't any pride. Again maybe making those kind of distinctions aren't her strong suit. One must conclude that she finds the incentives she gets satisfactory.

  10. It comes off like that for sure but I suspect she's earned the distrust.
    Some of the sham maneuvers raise eyebrows - one is treating Jessica like a perp in the Kiss'n"Cry - do you SEE the people around her including Tessa's dad, and the grip Debbie Mac has on her?

    And WTT. What strikes me as odd about the WTT on camera shunning is Jessica knows why Scott doesn't want to do sham stuff on camera "officially" so there should be no need to shun, block and do avoidance as Scott was doing on camera. Even Bryce was – which he wasn’t doing off camera at that event.
    There should be nothing to shun/avoid - Jessica should be cooperating, on the same page.
    What may provide an answer is her shennigans with Sebastien. She's set him up so many times, bailing out of lifts then making a conspicuous show of "consoling" him on ice after the competition. One fan in attendance at a regional praised her on a message board - said Sebastien was so pissed after a program and Jessica was so consoling. I suppose it never crossed the fan's mind that Sebastien was pissed at Jessica. She controls the narrative in that partnership - all the fault goes to Sebastien, and she sets him up in public, on camera. Oops, I don't quite trust him enough for these two simple lifts - look Annie! And then when the program is over, very actively doing "It's okay" behavior while he looks stoic. That's toxic. There's nothing he can do if he wants to carry on with the partnership. She sets him up, then makes a big whoop about how it was okay, so she gets praised for her patience and support. Nobody looks at what she did - not officially.

    In WTT, when Scott and Tessa are in the Kiss'N'Cry after the fd, Scott is joking with Tessa, with Igor, a LOT with Bryce, a bit with Joannie, always talking around and looking past Jessica. At one point, he looks up and over at Joannie. Jessica is next to Joannie. The instant Scott looks up and over Jessica instantly makes a 'mwah!" at Scott. He looks past her - and I kind of feel she knows he wasn't looking at her. But man, that was like a snake striking.

  11. She’s pulled a lot of crap with Bryce over the years but nothing like how she set him up to end their partnership with what she felt were maximum points for herself - making like Little Girl Lost without him, thrilling fans who were always a bit uncertain about her by seeming to return his loyalty to her. Aw, poor thing was skating singles just to stay in shape for his return. Then - BAM. She certainly botched the announcement for that one but that wasn't her attention - she's so self-involved she didn't realize her referring to Bryce's injury as something she needed to realize her new spark for skating without him was not exactly the best thing to say. Bryce fans were PISSED. He didn't see it coming - he and his whole family were set up as her support system while she skated singles. His injury was more about her during that period than him, she made such a to do about oh the woe without Bryce, I'm sure it was gratifying.

    Now Sebastien. She has it set up so a simpler program and any botched element execution isn't on her. That's why I think her puppy-dog routine on camera with the Moirs may not be genuine. Oh, sweet, friendly me with these sourpusses or conspicuously fake-ass family!

    It was also notable that on her board, the Moirs, including Scott, and their friends often spoke to her like they were mocking her - and not remotely like themselves. Caps, exclamation points, dramatic adverbs ("sooooo cute!"). Is everybody that meanspirited or has she earned her way to that treatment?

    I wonder if, without the controls of Cara, the Moirs, other skaters, she'd pull more shit like that -that she KNOWS he doesn't want but she can get away with because if she did it on camera, he couldn't snarl at her because she's supposed to be his gf. Ignoring on camera is one thing. She knows hostility is another.

    And a move like the "mwah" has deniability - so harmless! What?

    But if it's a sensitive point with Scott on broadcast television, not so harmless. Especially if she doesn't care about distinctions like that and he does. He doesn't deal with her when there's no sham going on - and she's someone everyone has known more than ten years and used to think better of - so there has to be a reason. Off camera she can't do a thing - those Moirs including Scott are no shrinking violets. On camera or in public with cameras trained, maybe that's why Scott requires buffers.

    Distrust and dislike has to come from somewhere. With Bryce she pulled a lot of crap over the years. In public, this includes the way she set up Bryce and the public before lowering the boom on ending that partnership. She blew the handling of that because she's self-involved, but that wasn't her intention.

  12. Jessica puts out a Miss Sunshine persona on her facebook but it was clear from wall post exchanges with friends and comments under photos that you don't tease or make fun of Jessica, while Jessica can stick the needle in anyone. She is the VIP of her crowd (not the Moir crowd, the Montreal end). She and her friend Sarah went to Paris and did some leaping photos for the camera. Jessica let it be known in a comment under one photo that Sarah face-planted right after one photo was taken. It was like "what came after was even better!" Sarah sounded abashed when she replied. I felt bad. Nobody every makes those remarks about Jessica, teases her - except for Bryce. Everyone else apparently understands they are to jolly her along, praise her and use nothing but positive reinforcement and any humor ought to be aimed at others, never her. She of course is free, and appears to enjoy - taking ha ha shots at other people.

  13. Regarding the perception Jessica has, as mentioned by a previous Anon - maybe that's why she can carry on with this? I get the impression Annie babys her female students and perhaps Jessica has mostly been surrounded with that kind of atmosphere. If she can tune out the negative stuff and focus on the press she hears/receives from her coaches, from SC, from the media - well, in that case, she would have every reason to believe she's doing great and she's a real star to be associated with Scott Moir plus be the recipient of star treatment from SC. What's not to like?

  14. Jessica is the star of her training center, community and family; enabled and coddled left and right. I expect to see her hanging with a younger crowd as her peers evolve and her own agenda remains maintaining the status quo of the past 5 years.

    But Scott and Tessa are Skate Canada's stars, more important than Jessica and both their families are more important than the Dubes. Outside her local world, vis a vis the sham, Jessica's working with more important 'stars' than she, and has to do as told without the due deference she prefers.

    There are benefits from the sham that any skater would want. But Scott and Tessa have the status, admiration and success she'd like for herself (particularly the admiration). I don't think she's the sort who takes into account that Scott and Tessa work roughly eighty gazillion times harder than she does. More like - maybe the secret is Tessa's hair, or clothing style, or program music choice!

    When doing sham activity she has perks, but it must have come as a rude shock that the face slash did not buy her eternal genuflecting from the crowd in Ontario.

    She's not trustworthy. She'll use whatever leverage she acquires at someone else's expense and she's used to being the one in control at home. If she's treated in a way where someone else is in control, she'll look for ways to get back at them. Bryce had the high cards before his injury and SC was behind him. It was time for D&D to step it up. They were visiting other coaches and I believe there was pressure to change completely. Jessica went along because she didn't want to hit the type of wall where they split and Bryce went with someone else. But when he was injured, the power balance shifted because she could maneuver and he could not.

    I think that is what the Moirs guard against.

    They give Jessica no opportunity to mock, unsettle or just piss off Scott while his hands are tied on camera or in public. Or force him to look like a douche.

    If she knows there's something he doesn't want, she could "innocently" make it happen. So, it's set up so there's never a chance for her to set Scott up in public where he can't defend against.

    I wouldn't pull any shit if I had Cara or Alma next to me and I'm sure Scott has zero interest in personally keeping her in check.

    It's so ridiculous. While Jessica's gotten worse, her motivational issues, her training habits, and other things should have indicated early on that she was not the best choice for this job. I think different factors contributed - a language gap at that time. Jessica was a heroine for returning to the ice right after the accident. Bryce's status with the Moir family and the Virtues. The similar situations of D&D and V&M in 2007. Jessica not precisely keeping a game face at the idea of Bryce shamming with Tessa (an idea I believe was in the hopper back then). The convenience - same competition schedule, different disciplines. The obvious down sides were ignored. These people have always missed the obvious.

  15. I'm the one who said I feel kind of bad for JD, lots of good points OC, the big picture certainly is not flattering for her lol I thought maybe she just wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but when you consider her skating effort, I don't know why I assumed she was trying to please the Moirs in good faith. I hope Sebastien bails soon, it's makes my skin crawl every time they take a bow and her "encouraging" him. ick

    happy new year!

  16. Happy New Year! :)

    Ever look at her facebook when it was open? Jessica would status update, for instance, something like: "At cafe presse!" and her friends would "like" and "comment" like she'd just cured cancer. No joking around - Cafe Presse was serious and an absolutely wonderful accomplishment. Bravo, Jess!

    Her "Dear Sunshine, please stay forever" status update got a standing ovation, comparisons to the sun itself that were flattering to Jessica, and thanks for speaking directly to the sun on their behalf. That was such a hit she repeated it months later.

    Her status updates get praised. That's coddling.

  17. Now that Jessica's and Scott's pages are "private", do you suppose Scott (and his friends and family) are interchanging the same kind of cutesie messages with Jessica? Are they still playing to the fan-audience, in the expectation that certain "friends" will share with the fans at large?

  18. Yes, I think it operates exactly as before. Only difference is that at least to them the appearance is more "private" so when things get passed around, fans buy into it being private more easily. In the past it was getting difficult to spin as private when those involved practically grabbed fans by the scruff of the neck and pushed their faces into the photos, and kind of also had someone at the facebooks with a megophone inviting strangers to come on in and be fb friends. Of course this didn't really occur to them until it was pointed out.

  19. "Of course this didn't really occur to them until it was pointed out."