Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tis the season

Two holiday seasons in a row, the Moir/Jessica Xmas Celebration on Facebook invited literally thousands to - hey - check out Scott and Jessica's Fun Family Xmas!
"Moir Rock Band Family Xmas '09"

"Xmas 2010!"
Scott's red-eye isn't the only annual holiday tradition.

In  2009, the festivities happened Chez Moir and in 2010 at Le Domicile du Dube, but at each Scott and Jessica donned coordinated, suggestive of just-out-of-bed sweats, accessorized with bedhead, and only a light make-up application by Jessica in deference to the camera's lens. This attire is de rigueur, regardless if the rest of the family wears jeans.

Both photo albums are organized around a sofa upon which the lovebirds perch.

Small differences - at the Moir household, the beverage of choice is wine:
Aunt Carol

I'm not myself til I've had my morning wine either.

In fairness, as Scott and Jessica have changed out of the cozy-couple sweats, it may be 5 p.m. somewhere in Canada.

While at the Dubes, that looks like a coffee or tea cup just above Jessica's left shoulder.
I hope neither Scott nor Jessica spend future holidays away from parents and siblings because how would anyone celebrate without the sofa focal point.

Scott waits to see what gift he has gotten Jessica:
OMG that's hilarious!
I mean - aw - that's so romantic.

Tessa test-driving a Tiffany's key in early 2009.
She's the best partner ever.

So that's what I got him. I wonder if someone is
making fun of me. I'm never sure.

Will they break tradition this year or will it still be sweats and any-which-way hair to represent a couple of just-rolled-out-of-bed xmas homebodies in a long-term relationship. Surely despite their recent discretion with facebook, we won't be deprived. It's Christmas!

I'm hopeful. After the GPF free dance, Scott allowed as how before getting back to it, they would be spending the holidays "hopefully with family" while looking at Tessa. I take this to mean he'd remembered to allude to his annual holiday celebration with Jessica either in the bosom of his family or Jessica's, and was hoping Tessa was pleased he had.

Maybe there will be a twist this season, and Tessa will ring the doorbell and surprise everyone with a gift en route to taking a sleigh ride with her mom, Kate, and Ryan Semple. I feel like Cara may have retired, and new personnel stepping in.

To date, from her amoureux, Jessica has received a Tiffany's key pendant at a slightly lower price point than one Tessa had worn in early '09, and in 2010 she was presented with a charcoal/white/black striped tunic sweater - a lower price point version of various outerwear Tessa had sported during competitions the previous competitive season.

I think it's time all concerned stepped it up and got Jessica:

At two carats, it's a bit pricy but the Virtue family are avid supporters of this love story. Perhaps they'll pitch in. When it comes to Jessica not only is group effort the watchword, but no expense is spared.

Scott and Jessica are both 24 - getting up there to still be unmarried in certain parts of Canada. This deal is sealed. Neither has so much as been "on a break' since 2007. We know where this is headed. We, the fans, should not be left in the lurch after having a ringside seat from the start - we should see this.

So we have the Xmas 2011 profile photo to anticipate, and photos showing up on other facebooks. I hope we don't miss New Year's although last New Year's Eve will be hard to top:

Happy Most Wonderful Time of the Year - 2011-2012! to Jessica and Scott.


  1. Nooo...Why did you change the header? What a nasty surprise...

  2. It will change back after xmas to how it was before!

    But I feel it's in the spirit and good preparation for holiday spam. You know that psychologists think 'flooding' (exposure to traumatic situation/object/image, etc.) is the only way to become immune to it.

  3. immune system can handle so much...LOL...gotta a chuckle about Tessa, Ryan Semple and the sleigh ride though...or perhaps there will be a picture of them skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa...stranger things have happened...I just hope Tessa doesn't go skiing ...

  4. "and good preparation for holiday spam."

    Lol. Great entries.

    Like you, I wouldn't be surprised if we the fans are given, again, a spectator seat at a private Moir or Dube Holiday celebration, featuring ScottJessica.

    As you mentioned somewhere else in the blog, these guys are ever watchful in their largesse toward fans, to stay current with the Jessica and Scott photos and updates. But actual professional interests, like official websites, don't matter. The fans really don't care about that kind of stuff. Thanks so much to Scott and Jessica (and Tessa) for keeping us updated with the private and personal stuff.

    Scott and Tessa - Eh - Stick a "Christmas" photo of Scott and Tessa from some forgotten official event from last year on Scott's "official" facebook profile. Who cares about that one.

  5. You gotta admit that on his "private" facebook, Scott is pretty adamant about his great love for Jessica. Nothing can dislodge that profile picture. Shit, even Jessica's fb had a photo of her holding a Baby Moir, but Scott's fb is only Jessica, 24/7. Nothing else in his life warrants a change of photo. Not xmas. Not a skating event. Not a family occasion. only Jessica from Monaco 2010. Ever since his facebook went 'private'.

  6. Does anyone think that all this off-ice outings etc is starting to take a toll on Scott ie. his frustration outburst at the GP final recently. I mean if this is really a sham relationship if I was the guy I would think enough is enough...

  7. I don't think Scott is a fan but I suspect Tessa makes it worth his while.

    I think he's been thinking enough is enough since 2009. It's not all up to him though.

  8. "his frustration outburst at the GP final recently. I mean if this is really a sham relationship if I was the guy I would think enough is enough... "

    Who knows about that frustrated GPF outburst, but I agree with the blogger that right after the GPF, since it was in Quebec, is when the next set of spam/sham Holiday photos were taken.

  9. I just left that previous post and didn't finish my thought - what I meant to say was that maybe the thought of having to take some extra time in Quebec for the sake of being in the same picture frame as Jessica is what contributed in a big way to that frustrated outburst.


  10. Yep. No doubt the short dance left him full of the Christmas sham spirit. :)

  11. Seeing as how this blog has been right about many things, I'm looking forward to seeing Scott's Christmas gift to Jessica this year - Could an engagement ring for Jessica be the next facebook album, courtesy of the Moir-Dube's Holiday facebook celebrations that they make sure to document just for us fans? :)

  12. I think Scott and Jessica sre just the right match for eacch othere. (none of the are particularly good looking, and see to have the same sence of humore. They are soo right in saying that everyone a another half out in the world that they are meant to meet, and I think these two founf eachother. GOOD FOR THEM. UGLY people mke the most Bautiful babies....

  13. I'm laughing at all the pictures of Tessa and Scott around their living room