Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Very Special Skating Federation

Did you know?
That Kaitlyn Weaver's mom makes Andrew and Kaitlyn very special Christmas breakfast tacos on Christmas morning?
That Andrew and Kaitlyn live together and this year put up only a small Christmas tree?
That they spend Christmas day playing "Just Dance" together?
That Kaitlyn and Andrew are best friends?
That Kaitlyn and Andrew are heterosexual?
That Kaitlyn's aunt gives them a Christmas ornament every year?
That Kaitlyn and Andrew do their Christmas shopping together all over the world?
That Kaitlyn loves Andrew's cooking and Kaitlyn is a mean baker?*
That Kaitlyn and Andrew do not have sex with each other?
Happy Holidays! We wanted you all to know
we do everything together except fuck!
Did you know?

That Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison
used to be lovers and then were not?
used to have sex with each other then stopped?
banged the gong together but the music died? 
knew each other biblically but lost their religion?
were opposites, but that's good says their sports counselor, Dr. Sylvain Guimond, because
"if they are different, they are better than if they are exactly the same. Because where your strengths are, that's where I have my weaknesses. And where I have strength, that's where you have weakness.**
Or, as Rowan Atkinson would say:

Happy Holidays. We stopped fucking
 and won this World medal. Coincidence? 
You decide.*
Did you know?

That Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue
love each other in a way that's undeniable?

In a way that's undeniable
are part of each other's families?
that Scott thinks this is a fun way to promote Body Butter?
We don't have sex!
that Tessa missed the Grand Prix season and Nationals last year because of her shins?
that they get excited just to hold each others hands, but do not have sex with each other?
that Scott carried Tessa from her hospital bed after surgery last year, but they don't have sex?
that Scott used to glower because his buddies hit on Tessa, but he and Tessa have never had sex?***
that Tessa believes Scott bounds out of bed the second the alarm goes off, raring to go, and Scott says Tessa hits the snooze alarm five or six times but gets ready really fast, but they can only guess cause they don't live together or have sex with each other?
that they went to marriage counseling together but do not have sex?
that their relationship is "unique"**** ?

that they're heterosexual?
that as children, Tessa had a crush on Scott but doesn't know if he had a crush on her?

I wonder how Skate Canada knows which couples to focus upon. At the annual training camps and team meetings is it, "Okay, show of hands, who is having sex with each other and who isn't?  Those of you who once did, but stopped - hold that thought. We'll get back to you later."

And when the ones who are doing it raise their hands, Debbi calls em up to the rostrum and says, "No, you're not." And they go "Okay." ? Then the ones who had their hands down, Debbi calls em up to see what the problem is? Better not be gayness.

I'm curious when we'll get the news that Megean Duhamel and Eric Radford are not doing it. When will we hear that not fucking had nothing to do with Paul Poirier and Vanessa Crone's split? I kind of suspect that they're going with a different spin for Crone/Poirier. Poor Vanessa wasn't able to showcase Paul's masculinity, but now with Piper, it's just busting out all over.*****

Not that Debbi, Bill and Barb aren't all awfully attractive people, but when was the last time they got any with anyone they really wanted to get it from that really wanted them for them? Are they afraid if the public believes these attractive, successful young people ARE together they'll be jealous - as envious as Debbi, Bill and Barb? So it's better to assure everyone it's all perfect and close and darling and wonderful, but nobody's getting laid that you'd give a damn about? They can't handle it so the public can't?

It's always circling back to this icky with them.

What is it?

The three of them evoke the faculty of a particularly unsavory, stereotypical, gothic English boarding school. Leering and lascivious, like by proxy is the only way they can get near it.
*No euphemism intended - they're platonic.

**Thank you Dr. Sylvain "Debbi Wilkes" Guimond.

***with each other.

****"unique". Aw. How cute. They think it's unique. These small town kids. :)  Birds and Bees

*****Did you know that Paul Poirier
skates faster than most hockey players and falls harder than most football players -- all without padding?

has been around a Harley Davidson?


  1. "Poor Vanessa wasn't able to showcase Paul's masculinity but now with Piper it's just busting out all over.****"

    Mostly in the chestal region, judging by the short dance.

  2. best post so far LOL LOL LOL

    I agree something is soooo perverted wherever this stuff is coming from...

  3. I've been thinking about how OC surmised that this new W/P weirdness was to try to normalize the TS weirdness...I think you may be right, but I also think it will have the opposite effect ie that the fans who aren't 100% sold on TS official story but rationalize by saying how "unique and special" TS' relationship is, might raise an eyebrow at the suspiciously similar wording. But at least with TS there isn't the admission that they live in the same house, quite the opposite in fact as we've seen, ....it IS like "look at W/P, they're even MORE almost-but-not doing it".

  4. Well we'll see how this W/P angle plays out, I mean they share a house...perhaps we'll get a picture of two double beds in close vicinity (ie. the Flinstones)...actually I agree with the poster above that the icenetwork article will raise more eyebrows, LOL...ps love the Paul Poirier references....oieee

  5. Hilarious! I love your commentary... what articles did you find some of these gems, though? (Carrying from the hospital bed, alarm clocks, etc)

  6. ^I have quotes in my head from their post-Olympic and book blitz, so I'll google the quote and attach the name and the article pops up. The alarm clock is from a "newlywed game" type interview they did, answering questions about each other. I'll go back and put the links in the side later. The sad part is the reporter gave Scott the wrong definition of "mantra" (the reporter really meant "motto"). hospital bed piece came from when Scott and Tessa were prattling on about how wonderful it was that this time they were actually talking after her shin surgery, Scott's face was the first she was waking up, and he carried her out. Tessa said it was good to have someone used to lifting you. Me, I wonder why she had surgery in a hospital without wheelchairs.

    These skating articles repeat themes. In the post-accident accounts of the Dube/Davison face slash, they did the "first face she saw when she opened her eyes" thing too, but the face was Bryce, and then they worked in right away that he was her ex-boyfriend but still her BFF.

  7. "In the post-accident accounts of the Dube/Davison face slash, they did the "first face she saw when she opened her eyes" thing too, but the face was Bryce, and then they worked in right away that he was her ex-boyfriend but still her BFF. "

    BFF forever? Not according to the "Menage a Trois" interview. Gee, can none of the SC skating teams keep their stories straight? In one of the articles post Dube/Davison split, Bryce said a time of most special memories with Jessica was when they were healing from the face-slash and how close and wonderful things were between them (blah blah blah...). Funny. Not a comment you'd expect about the time that they were supposedly having tons of conflict and hurt feelings from having broken up (and Bryce's best friend in the picture stealing his girl). Nor does it sound like someone who is "just" BFF with a previous girlfriend, with whom he had a painful breakup.

    Bryce forgot his script for that interview, I guess. Lol

  8. Love it, all of these stuff are so funny :)
    A question, where does the photo (the third one in which Tessa wears the spotted dress) come from?!

  9. If you timeline when the sham seems to have first surfaced with prominance on the internet, the face slash was a couple of months prior. Face slash in Feb. 07, "according to Scott, he is dating Jessica Dube" popped up on fsu in 4/07.

    Menage never said there was a Jessica/Bryce. It was Scott and Bryce whose lifelong friendship ended.

    The spotted dress photo was on a hard drive already from the blog's "Seems to be a Grayish Area" collage around when the blog started.

  10. For ^^ -- Newlywed game interview: http://www.mypreferredlifestyle.com/pdf/paired_for_life.pdf

    Hospital/surgery comments: http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/othersports/2010/10/29/15883441.html

  11. "Menage never said there was a Jessica/Bryce. It was Scott and Bryce whose lifelong friendship ended."

    But didn't the life-long friendship end because there was a Jessica/Bryce that had supposedly ended very very badly?

    Interesting, though, that Bryce specifically references the months after the face-slash as special between him and Jessica (and does anyone believe it's because they were no longer dating - as if that added to the "specialness". Uh-huh). And it was at around the same time (according to the "public record" of fsu) that Scott and Jessica started dating, thereby crushing Bryce. (Wait, those are the months of Bryce's best memories with Jessica... what the hell)

    None of their stories make sense or add up. (I'm so surprised.)

  12. Here's a link of Tessa in the leopard-spotted dress:


  13. I agree with most of the things the blogger posts here, but if s/he is STILL trying to "prove" that Tessa was pregnant in the season they sat out with some of the pictures above, s/he should try a little harder. I mean, seriously?

  14. Seriously, what is it that sets you off about the photos?

    Is it the photos that bug or that people might come to different conclusions than your own? A lot of people are really super duper bothered when other people think differently than they do about this topic. I've never understood why that is. I've had people visit here and say I don't give a shit blah blah blah, I just happened upon the blog - but it really bugs me people believe it! Is this supposed to be taken seriously? Really? And blah blah blah.

    They're not talking for themselves. They're upset about what others think. It's like it's some kind of competition.

    Please tell me what this blog has done to prove anything except say flat out that Scott and Jessica are a sham and Scott and Tessa are together. I started out saying it, and saying that I know it, because it's true and I have no problem saying it's true.

    And every other photo on this blog has been in the public domain (i.e., facebooks accessible to fans - i.e., the public), there has been a lot of observation about a LOT of photos, created out of context and experience and common sense.

    If you have a view of the photos above that disagrees with what you have inferred from the post - wonderful, as PJ Kwong might say. Other people might come to a different conclusion after looking at them, and apply their own experience, context, observation etc.

    I hope that's okay with you.

  15. Anon way upthread - partnerships without sex involved are so much more special, close and important than partnerships where there's sex. Jessica and Bryce got closer than ever after they stopped being close. I think all the ways they were closer after they stopped being really close have been enumerated too - the fact that she knew him better than anyone on the planet after they split, the fact that he can talk to her about any problem, even if the problem is with her. Best best friends. Not quite brother and sister, not quite dating, some area in between that's intimate but not corporeal. What's the word? Unique. Skate Canada has a lot of unique partnerships.

  16. Thanks for the link of the spotted dress.
    It's interesting because I always thought that Tessa gained weight because she started to eat meat (after her 21's birthday, as she declaired) but after knowing this blog I started to think about the pregnant possibility. Well, I really don't know, I mean, where that baby should be?! And if there is no baby, was Tessa so mean that she decided to abort?

  17. P.S. only one photo caption - the one that says "in a way that's undeniable" implies that I'm suggesting pregnancy - it's an inference some readers can take by looking at the photos side by side, right? I mean I didn't say anything, I just put them side by side, but I guess people could go "oh she's trying to prove it again!" But would they get that idea from just any set of side by side photos?

    IOW - you ^ above, are seeing what I'm seeing, but don't want it to mean what you believe I'm saying it means. But you know from the photos what's being implied, not really from what I'm saying. This is not really my issue. It's yours.

  18. Except that you keep claiming you're not trying to "prove" anything except that Jess/Scott are a scam and Tessa/Scott are together, except that you have definitely flat-out said otherwise in many of your posts. You have said that Tessa and Scott have made a "lifelong commitment" to each other and have said they have a "family" and have heavily, heavily hinted that said "family" member is going to be affected by the sham photos when s/he is old enough to troll social networking sites, etc. Why pretend that you've never tried to claim the pregnancy was real when you HAVE, time and time again? Why not just say it?

  19. I'm not the blogger, but as an observant fan I will come out and say that Tessa had the look of pregnancy all throughout the Fall of 2010. Do I have absolute proof? No. But it's certainly intriguing.

    I have no idea what this blogger knows/doesn't know with complete certainty nor what proof he/she has about this. I'm just putting this out there on my own.

  20. Anon above this one - when you and I have the same definition of "trying to prove" and claiming something, then we can continue this discussion. I don't think I've ever tried to "prove" a single thing. I've said that I know something for a fact. As I'm a blogger and on the internet, everyone can throw that one out - IF they want to.

    Do you get there's a difference between saying that Scott/Jessica are fake and he's with Tessa in a lifetime commitment and trying to prove it? This blog hasn't tried to prove anything. I've said what I know - that's not proof, that's me saying I have proof. I've never said what it was or shared it and that's not going to happen. Where did I say "and I'll prove it!"

    Before you get bent out of shape, know what words mean. I don't think the words you use so interchangeably mean the same things.

    I've got other stuff to say in a comment below this.

  21. Okay, fine, you aren't trying to PROVE anything, though you are claiming you have PROOF. Fine, hide behind double meanings, whatever. I'm not asking you to provide proof and I don't particularly care, either. My comment above, and this one, are just wondering why you are so cagey/"hint hint" about the pregnancy aspect (and have been since it apparently happened), whereas you have said flat out that Jess/Scott are fake and Tessa/Scott are real. You can say that, and claim you have proof (that you aren't going to share, again, that isn't the point), but why don't you just say "Tessa lied about her injury in the post-Olympic season to cover a pregnancy" instead of being all coy and saying that people can "infer" whatever they want from your words? Are you afraid SC is going to sue you for libel or something? (Ha, as if they'd be capable of such a thing.)

  22. One, although I realize it's the squeaky wheel effect, I'm always struck by how livid people get when this topic comes up. First it was the idea of Jessica/Scott being a hoax in the first place (which it is) and Scott/Tessa being together.

    And for some, it's this.

    And actually, I'll change my mind - for now - to the poster above who is confusing the words claim and prove, and what it means to say and hint with prove, and because I have some questions.

    If you believe a lot of what this blog says, does that mean you believe the premise, Scott/Jessica are fake and Scott/Tessa are together? If not, then ignore the rest of what I'll say. If so, here's some more questions.

    Why is this issue so outrageous? People - like another poster here - look at those photos and think she ate a lot of meat? She never said she switched to meat or stopped being vegetarian, she said she broke her veggie streak with a steak on her 20th birthday. That's all I read. Not to mention - there are a lot of fat vegetarians (pasta and bread will do that) and lean carnivores. People fill in the blanks on their own way too much.*

    Here are three reasons I can think of that make people have conniptions.

    1) They'd never do it. They'd never go out there promoting a book pivoting off their platonic passion while Tessa is sitting there in that condition. They might fake Christmas, weddings, Olympics, birthdays, facebooks, books, rifts, who what when where and with who and where and when, and then slap a title on it and take people's money for it, but they would never ever EVER do a thing like that.

    2) It's impossible! You can't hide that!

    3) Where is it?

    I think 3 is the most ludicrous question and I think 1 is something that should be true but unfortunately is not, and 2 happens way more than people think, especially if they're not expecting to see it and especially if they mostly see people on video or in 2 dimensions.

    In a comment about Jessica's breast cancer status update, I talked about "knowing it when you see it" that Jessica didn't have a good feel for where the line was between the shamming she'd been doing all along and what she did on her status update, and she used poor judgment (according to Scott & Co. at least) and got slapped down a bit.

    This topic is a bit like that. It goes to how much hubris Team VM have, and how insane they are, and also makes one wonder precisely how they'll get out of it, and I'm not going to not allude to, hint at and reference what I believe - I'm going to do that. At the same time, it's kind of a fluid area, taste-wise, and as this is my blog I'm the one who has to decide where it is.

    I'm more interested in why people get so pissed when it's a blog, if it's that crazy then it's harmless and a sideshow, as all internet crazy stuff is. I think people get upset at the idea of why others would believe it.

  23. Anon above - it looks like I answered your question when I was typing my comment directly above. I can't explain it to you. Other people get it on their own - it's one of those things. If you don't get it, you don't. If you know what I'm hinting, what is the difference? I haven't provided "proof" of Scott and Tessa yet you seem to have no trouble with that anymore, but you're having a fit over my only "hinting" about something when you already know what it is I'm saying - so what exactly is the problem?

  24. Again, you totally missed my point except in the second-last paragraph of your comment above. My point wasn't that I believe or don't believe the pregnancy rumours. I don't care. What I was trying to ask was why you aren't as upfront about this as you are about the Scott/Jess scam and the Tessa/Scott "reality" (I put that in quotation marks not because I believe it or don't believe it, but because it is up in the air for most people). You somewhat answered that question in your second-last paragraph above. The whole "Why do people care about what others think?" argument had nothing to do with what I was asking.

  25. Oh - by the way "proof and claim" is not a double meaning, they're separate words with SEPARATE meanings. So there's another word we're not using the same way. A double meaning means "claim" means one thing, but can also mean 'proof'. SEPARATE is they have two different meanings. In this case, the words are separate. There's no double meaning.

    BTW - the carelessness and maybe lack of patience about what things mean in both words and images is something that has made some fans easy to set up and hoax.

  26. Okay, then we're clear. That is why.

  27. I stumbled across this blog last week while searching for something else related to Virtue/Moir. I've read through most everything and am just trying to process it all and wrap my head around it.

    To be honest, at this point, I'm still not sure what I believe and what I don't. On one hand, it seems just all seems so crazy and impossible. Why on earth would anyone go to these kinds of lengths? Wouldn't someone eventually find out about this who would have something to gain, if only a moment of attention, if they spilled the beans? It all just seems so absolutely insane to the nth degree.

    On the other hand, for about as long as I've been following T and S, there "we're just friends" story has never quite added up all the way for me. I've definitely noticed some inconsistencies over the past several years between various things they've said and done.

    Granted I've never met them in person or seen them skate live, but my gut feeling about there being something more than friendship when it comes to their relationship has never been influenced by their on-ice performances. There are plenty of pairs and dance teams over the years that can turn on that romantic connection on ice and clearly be anything but off. The vibes I've gotten from watching their interaction in interviews, off-ice moments, etc. is what has made me wonder time-and-time again. I'd always feel a little crazy and wonder if I'd been imagining things every time a new reminder came out that they were just friends. Now, I'm thinking I should trust my own instincts a little better and that I'm not actually nuts after all.

    The thing I feel least sure about is their having a child. I'm not convinced, but I'm not unconvinced either, if you know what I mean. One thing I have noticed is that Tessa was definitely heavier last fall. What bugs me in particular are the videos from All That Skate in October, right before her supposed second surgery. She was clearly not at what would be considered fighting weight for a female figure skater. You would think if they'd been training and getting ready for the GP, she would have been as thin last October as she was in the Fall 09 and this season. The last images, video really, I could find of VM before 4CC where some not-so-great in quality vids of the Christmas show last December in London. I really couldn't tell for sure, but she looked like she was larger than in October. As a question, where they even at Canadian Nationals as spectators? I'm thinking they weren't...

    The thing that does nag at me is that there seems to be nothing out there that would really correspond to later stages of pregnancy, and there are some images where she looks less chunky. But, then again, anyone who's watched tv knows there are ways to film/shoot pregnant woman so it's not noticeable. I also keep thinking of a friends' aunt who was 5 1/2 months pregnant and not really showing much at all. I suppose if you take into account a first pregnancy in an athlete with strong core/abdominal muscles, it's entirely possible that she just didn't get that big...

    The one thing I'm pretty much sold on is Scott and Jess being a fake out. I don't think it's possible for anyone to have expressed any less enthusiasm over their "boyfriend's" Olympic win. Seriously, I've seen people more excited over a trip to Target than she looked when T and S won in Vancouver.

  28. ^ They didn't go to Canadian Nationals at all. "Tessa" made the announcement via email.

    Previously, at the Mississauga Western Ontario competition where they did a book-signing (it's good that at that time it worked out for Tessa to have a good reason to be with Scott when he want to see his beloved compete) - Debbi did a Skatebuzz interview with them, where she "interrupted" their book signing to loom over the table with the microphone. (I don't understand why they didn't do a simple stand-up before or after the signing but that wouldn't create as much need for Debbi interject herself in front of the "crowd" and then lean into the shot, and no need to make a to do before and after.)

    This is the thing with Debbi. They were NEVER going to go to Nationals, not to compete, not as spectators. But she kept bringing it up - they had to talk about how they hoped to be there and Debbi kept talking about them being there whether it was skating or not skating. While Scott and Tessa smiled and shifted around and were like "We hope so.!"

    Debbi was going out of her way there to get those lies on record. She was prompting them to lie. It could easily have been, well, great your rehab is on track, you both look wonderful, good luck whatever you decide! - whatever her usual laying it on would be - but not pushing and compelling them/prompting/instructing them to pretty much declare they'd be at Nationals - which they hemmed and hawed about - but- watch it, you'll see it. This is a "Director of Business Development" going out of her way to create a falsehood.

    That's where the hoax goes off the rails. Hubris. There are too many agendas hitched to the sham. It's not simply let's protect the privacy of our skaters who are in a high pressure sport. It's also the power-tripping Directors getting off on manipulating everything because they have information the public does not, and to me it couldn't be clearer there is a gross perverted thrill they get from it that they don't want to relinquish - especially since the information they're controlling is intimate information. It's also we want to promote and sell Scott and Tessa's relationship, tied to their skating, but keep crap going at the same time.

    They're using tactics without context, and borrowing a whole bunch of different strategems that were never intended to be used together the way these are, and never intended to be used by people at Scott and Tessa's level. They're for a Brangelina. At Scott and Tessa's level you go low. You keep it low key. You don't get aggressive. They're aggressive, self-satisfied, vain and egocentric and stupid. It's a mess.

  29. In addition - in a normal, non-toxic, functional organization, no Director of Business Development, no executive, not even a marketing department would have the time, the insistance, the drive to do all this nonsense. It's not nearly as complicated as some fans think - it's basically hitching the sham to a very predictable circuit where the skaters and everybody else are already working/appearing. But there's an intensity to the focus on it, to the way it feels like SC actually looks for opportunities to showcase it, where there were none before, that begs the question, what ELSE do these women (Debbi, Barb, etc.) do with their day? I think it's difficult not to conclude they're overpaid, overexposed and under-employed, under-producing, and this shit is pretty much their primary responsibility. What it takes to perform the job their titles claim they're doing and also make sure this kind of thing is always going on is not possible. Nobody is doing that job. It's a fake-out. That's why SC is in the sponsor shape it's in.

    Look at Barb - an event that is done every year, that practically runs itself - HPC. She had nothin. Her ass was totally shown up by USFSA because she was too busy putting elements in place that showcased HER. Look what an intense, high-level sports environment this is (yeah, a handful of skaters showing their programs to a relative handful of invited, credentialed, scheduled media patsies, and no fans). Look what's keeping me busy - look, a photo of professional lighting equipment! Look at this boring ass, silent movie showing the skaters unnecessarily mouthing into a clutch of recording devices.

    What the hell? She had to take to the SC twitter and imitate the tweets being sent out by individual USFSA figure skaters cause she hadn't previously encouraged her skaters to be on twitter? Why - because they don't think of ways for the skaters to outreach without going through THEM (Debbi and Barb). SC is a pork barrel for them - courtesy at least in part of Canadian tax money.

  30. This is all very fascinating...what a scandal! I wonder what T and S would reveal if it were their choice... How much say do you think they have in this?

  31. I don't think it's a scandal really, just a huge mess. What they're hiding is normal and done before and face it, if it came out on its own, with nothing else involved, would people die of shock? I doubt it.

    The problem lies with Skate Canada's multiple agendas, being too pro-active with too many types of lies, too much aggression, no respect for what they're doing, way too much self-regard on a personal level and no humility.

    Tessa and Scott are trying to serve too many masters. Themselves and their career and their need for privacy. Skate Canada. Their family. Their business interests. And it's all operating inside a lie so all those elements get dragged into it. Even their career. Look at the 4CCs. To cut it short, I don't believe the free dance was in any shape to be skated, and I don't think Tessa herself was yet in shape to skate that fd. The short dance no problem - that was something she'd skated during the summer and fall as an exhibition - it had mileage, her legs were powerful, and only one low lift in which she finessed the "back arch" by expanding her chest and upper back and supporting the rest of her core against Scott. The sd was a new feature of the ice dance competition, and they intended to compete at Worlds for real. So they needed international judging feedback on their short - they couldn't go into Worlds with it an unknown. So they decided, IMO, to go ahead with the 4CCs purely to get the short dance out there. And the free dance withdrawal was, IMO, an act. Their body language, the "eh" way they reacted to bad twizzles, their unusually "off" focus and forced energy, and Tessa's body language after bailing all spoke of bogus. As did their equinamity - no biggie - despite Scott pretending later he was frustrated.

    We've all seen people with a spasmed muscle that's bad enough to make them call a competition - they don't bend their legs comfortably to bow, they rub the afflicted area (Tessa didn't) and they favor the leg when skating to the boards (Tessa didn't). But they needed some excuse and weren't going to use "shins" as that had been a real issue they were afraid could affect the judging.

    Running up to the 4CCs we heard nothing but TWO programs. Mike Slipchuk tweeted about TWO programs. In a second hand report on ice network we were told the free dance was a masterpiece, ESPECIALLY the brilliant LIFTS. Scott's Aunt Carol took to her facebook wall to proclaim her excitement over TWO programs. She's been excited for Worlds, GPs, Olympics and other comps, I don't recall her ever reminding everyone that TWO programs would be skated.

    A lot of people think fudging a competition is a line they wouldn't cross but I don't think they believe they've crossed any lines. The sham? That's about protecting their private lives and their career - THEIRS. And the rest can be shoveled under Tessa's rote phrase "the nature of our sport" that is an umbrella excuse for everything else. The 4CCs - they didn't do Paul & Islam out of the alternate slot in their minds; they were competing Worlds for real and 4CCs was strategic Worlds prep. All they did was skate and bail and come away with needed sd feedback - where's the harm? The public was not defrauded - there's no betting on figure skating.

    IMO it goes back to hiring and game plans put into motion by Thompson in 2007. He made horrific decisions in hiring and management in general and even in areas not affecting VM he and whomever he works with operated on a number of absolutely ridiculous assumptions, never revisited their validity, and bulldozed ahead.

  32. If the executives at SC have fancy titles but aren't doing those jobs - if they aggressively sell lies and spend a great deal of their time doing that instead of running SC - if they are in fact working at building for themselves a secure economic future, courtesy of SC monies and at the expense of the skaters' well-being and development - well, I don't know what you call that but I call it a scandal.

    Maybe it did start out as only the customary kind of ineptness that happens in niche organizations with not much business sense and a lot of politics and egos. But what this blog has described so far goes way beyond that and now it looks like it has become rife with corruption and personal agendas - again, at the expense of a Federation that should exist for the promotion and economic health of a sport and the athletes. How is all of this not a scandal?

  33. I'm still not convinced that there aren't canadian journalists who might find this worth looking into. I know CBC is chummy with figure skating, but the Fifth Estate might be worth a try.

  34. I appreciate what the two previous anonymous posters have indicated about corruption within Skate Canad. However the media will not go there. Why? The media knows there is corruption within the NHL (hockey) which is Canada'a game and believe me there are stories out there that would make your skin crawl and we know that the sport right now is not interesting in looking after the health of its players or youngsters (looking at the concussion/injury rate) just at the pro level. It's purely a business. Thus if the CBC, TSN or another canadian media outlet doesn't touch the NHL in general - then it's not going to touch Canadian figure skating. Perhaps to many of us the way SC is run is totally unprofessional and we see certain implications of unfairness, corruption etc but to the average joe - there are corruption stories told everyday on the news that have far-more reaching implications, thus this story would not have the same impact...just my two cents...

  35. In my view, it doesn't go beyond a niche organization with not much business sense and a whole lot of politics and egos. This is pretty much what happens. A lot of self-aggrandizing bullshit and personality politics and using the organization for self-promotion while the health of the organization at large goes down the toilet. SC isn't the first - although with them it is really egregious. The organization may hit hard times but not usually are the boobs in control brought up on charges. They just resign or move on to other opportunities, blah blah.

    And yes, SC has a big soap opera component with the Scott and Tessa situation and how completely icky Skate Canada is by creating a marketing program built on blue balls and the Big Tease with its skating partnerships, but I think a lot of media would just roll their eyes. The victims are fans. Fans are a separate category than the public. The media isn't crazy about fans either and when you realize the nature of skating fans and how the stereotype is the so called "frau" (a datalounge term pretty much but it summarizes a category of fan for which there is universal contempt - middle-aged, female and romantic).

    Where the scandal lies is not even in Debbi not really being a Director of Business Development or Barb trying to build relationships with Icenetwork and imitate whomever she can so as to cover the fact that her ambition outstrips her competence. It's really in these dumb asses getting in there and using resources for a job that belongs to a skater's separate agent or personal management company. NOT a skating federation getting in there and promoting lies and staging hoaxes. How stupid are these people to wade in with both feet and get their hands dirty with this? Debbi in the Kiss'N'Cry smiling like Dolores Umbridge, overseeing that crap?

    I would imagine that at this stage, a lot of the SC regional organizations are working as hard as they can despite the National office. I'd hope that's the case - kind of create a functional satellites despite the toxic core. It won't affect the practices at "star" level, of course. Mike Slipchuk certainly seems to have gone regional and lost his infatuation with the whole star system - at least publicly.

  36. "t the sport right now is not interesting in looking after the health of its players or youngsters (looking at the concussion/injury rate) just at the pro level. It's purely a business"

    The NHL certainly has its problems as does any organization, but I don't agree with this. This fall the league is really starting to deal with the concussion problems, handing out penalties and suspensions very harshly. Also it's not like the increase in concussions is about business interests, it has more to do with changes to the rules that increase the speed of the game which in theory is good to push the sport strategy-wise and also to the trajectory of how equipment has developed sot that is soft to absorb the impact of checking, but too soft to adequately protect a player's nervous system.

    But that's not the point of this blog, and I agree that there's corruption that is more useful to uncover for the public's sake. And what OC says about the media not seeing themselves as being on the public's side makes sense.

    (LOL at Dolores Umbridge, that's EXACTLY who she's like mannerism-wise)

  37. "Debbi in the Kiss'N'Cry smiling like Dolores Umbridge, overseeing that crap?"

    LOL. A perfect description.

  38. Thanks for answering my question about Canadian Nationals. I'm not in Canada, so I wasn't for sure, but I didn't think they were there. It seems like they would have been, at least for part of a day to sign books, if they weren't busy doing other things...

    The USFSA seems to do plenty of nutty things (hello, 45 foot banner of Rachel Flatt to advertise 4CC's), but nothing they've done is comparable to this giant mess that Skate Canada has cooked up.

    I can totally understand wanting to keep V/M's real relationship on the down low while they were very young and just getting onto the international scene. I could especially see this before, say, both had finished high school and had reached legal adulthood. However, once they were adults and things were really serious, like making a lifetime commitment sort of serious, then they should have come clean. I understand the need/want for privacy, but has as been pointed out previously, there are many competent managers/pr people who could have helped V/M keep their privacy while being truthful with the public and their fans.

    On another note, I find a lot about this whole things to be ironic. Whether they realize it or not, V/M would be better off to have gone with the truth. No need to have to go to such elaborate lengths to hide things, and IMO, a lot more freedom. Then, you have the fact that a scandal has been manufactured to cover up a very non-scandalous, and quite beautiful, real-life truth. Also, Skate Canada, by insisting on going with the cooked up craziness of "they aren't dating, but wouldn't it be dreamy if they were" story, instead of the truth, have hurt themselves too. The real story is a freaking real-life fairytale. Boy and girl meet and are set up by older cousin and sibling. Then, they're paired on the ice. They fall in love, marry, win an Olympic Gold medal, have a baby, and here they are still competing. The public, particularly the every-four-year-fans and the fans who came for 'shipping rather than the skating, eat this stuff up.

    On another note, I've spent some time I probably shouldn't have reading/watching some articles/interviews from the run-up and lead-out from the Olympics. It really does seem that at one point they might have been planning to come clean. There's, of course, the interview where Tessa says "maybe" to the dating question. I believe there are also some quotes from Scott indicating that he didn't think that dating in the future would burden the skating relationship. Then, there's this little gem from the Toronto Star right before the Olympics: "While Moir is dating another member of the Canadian skating team, there are no jealousies afoot – though some in their family circles still hope that romance might bloom with the dance couple." (Taken from http://virtuemoirarticles.blog.com/2010/07/19/moir-and-virtue-make-elegant-tandem/)

    So, if you're trying to discourage fans from thinking you're a couple, why give them the information/encouragement that family members were hoping for a romance?

  39. ^Yes to the above, and SC has made an even bigger mess than you've described, as have Scott and Tessa. At the same time, I think "real life fairy-tale" and fans eating up the real stuff as opposed to the made-up crap is exactly what they don't want. I think they received a hyped up, amped up nightmare spin about what would happen if fans knew.

    In reality, I don't think it would have been necessary to sell themselves as a real life fairy tale if they'd been managed by an IMG - their appeal speaks for itself.

    No need for Skate Canada's TMI porno-tease of who they are. That's absurd, always has been. Tessa and Scott would never have had to present a real life version of that and if they were lead to believe that was the alternative, they were crazy to listen.

    They don't want the "real life fairy tale" route because that's theirs and belongs to them and I'm sure don't want to account for every decision they make. But they wouldn't have needed to. Someone convinced them that's what would have happened.

    Skate Canada has created a sacchrine "New Moon" type image for fans to swallow instead. Fine, but don't step out in the spotlight and start announcing your lies, instructing people to believe them, and patting them on the head if they don't. That's obnoxious.

    Skate Canada seems to have designed all of this with the idea that the 1990s or early 2000s would be recreated with their post-Vancouver star skaters. Their skaters would be cross-over stars, like G&G and S&P Although I think S&P were hyped up past their organic popularity and G&G maintained plenty of privacy. It was only after he'd died and Gordeeva published a book about their fairy tale romance that fan intrusion became a burden.

    I think fans love to wade in when they can make shit up and there's nothing official out there to contradict them. When there's something real, they hesitate. Post-divorce, the media and most of the fans have left S&P alone, for example, save for random obsessives and a few others attempting to say they cheated on each other. But that's just surface-y stuff. They've been left alone, still skate together and nobody is muckraking about the demise of their marriage.

    IOW more and more I think this was a false issue around which they built an unnecessary defense. Just the fact that Scott and Tessa have been aware and in control the entire time, clear about their feelings for each other and their plans for the future since before most of their fans ever heard of them would take the wind out of many of the sails of fans who kind of see them as charming real life fan fiction characters who need their help and insight.

  40. Ah, I've get what you're getting out; they didn't want the fairytale or to be publicized in that way. I understand that. Still, and I know you get this, there are a million other ways they could have gone without having to resort to lying. Competent PR knows how to control the public image without having to resulting to an epic amount of lying. If what's going on was presented to V/M as the only alternative to a hyped-up, out-of-proportion, nightmare scenario... it's just... incompetence to the point of malice, IMO. Maybe those are strong words, but, yeesh. I guess it would kill these people to use a little common sense. If just one person could have summoned up a little common sense along the way...

    I also get what you're saying about the fans who see V/M as fan fic characters. Reality, I suppose, wouldn't be as much fun as the fantasy--which often seems to involve Meryl Sue Davis and Charlie Sue White nudging V/M togther. *gag me*

  41. "If what's going on was presented to V/M as the only alternative to a hyped-up, out-of-proportion, nightmare scenario... it's just... incompetence to the point of malice"

    And you know what's sad? Along the way V/M and Co. have learned an attitude of malice toward the fans in the way they've handled things. Alma Moir's public photo albums had a downright malicious tone. So have some of Scott's set-ups (the Monaco announcement; the Birthday "messsage" on his wall, etc.)

    The advice was not only outrageously incompetent, I think you are absolutely right about the malice. It's such a shame to look back and see the classless enthusiasm with which they embraced this stupid stupid plan. I keep hoping it's not too late for someone (anyone?) to have an epiphany and apply common sense. And how about some integrity while they're at it.

  42. Love "epic" amount of lying because that's the truth.

    There really was the stench of malice and contempt off the sham, I agree, layer in smug.

    Monaco was pure malice. It was the album title's exclamation points that stuck the knife in.

    Tessa's end gets less focus, but she practices sanctimony, prattling on about "balance", recruiting her charm and feigning earnest sincerity.

    When you're outright lying, don't do that. Don't say you "feel bad" or guilty. If you do, but intend to continue lying, that doesn't win you points. If you're offering that up because you think it makes you look credible - oh, I'm so sorry the truth isn't what you want it to be - I feel so bad having to say it so many times! - when the truth IS what they think - that's insufferable.

    Sometimes she comes off as a Debbi Wilkes-in-training with her formulaic, patronizing prattle. That would be a tragedy. She has a similar mark though - the mark of someone savvier and more intelligent than they're pretending to be, talking down to people they think are less than themselves. People who can only understand what's spoon fed, through childlike repetition.

    Many high achievers conflate perfectionism and neurosis. They're not the same.

    I don't know if it was Barb's idea to have Scott tell his fan page fans he needed a new profile pic and ask: "any suggestions"? It played like one of Barb's childish, pseudo clever ideas, oblivious to context.

    Poor, foolish fans jumped in with suggestions (mostly for a "Tessa picture" as anyone with a heart would have known they'd ask). Some linked to examples. All tried hard to be respectful and contain their excitement. They invested time and thought and shared some of themselves. They were definitely hoping and expecting since this was the first time Scott had asked them, that they mattered.

    Psych!! Audrey and Fred! See? Scott's playing Fred and Tessa's playing Audrey!

    What assholes. Nobody considers context. Nobody considers that fans are on that page hoping for authentic fan/skater interaction (fan/SKATER - not fan/personal life). A little thing like a profile picture - so much good will. But after everybody shared their ideas and wishes - ha ha!

    Suppose this was Barb's suggestion. After all, someone at SC believes the "real" Audrey and Fred tie-in with Scott-and-Tessa is just brilliant. Scott didn't see the set-up was mean? They never considered how their past treatment of fans would play into this gambit, how it would be hurtful in that context, and how you don't ask even fans what they think with apparent sincerity only to throw in their face that you never cared what they thought to begin with? This didn't register because they were focused on a "clever" promotional concept removed from a sensitive context. You can't remove this shit from context. They have no common sense whatsoever. I can blame SC (Barb in this case as it has her tone) - but it's Scott's freaking fan page, so he mustn't have any either.

  43. The two most recent examples that made me feel that stench of malice (what an apt word for this) were when Alma posted on Scott's public FAN page about hoping he and "all his girls" got to Paris safely, and then that little video clip Tessa and Scott did enthusing like first-time tourists about staying another day in Paris.

    I suppose Alma could rationalize that she meant "another" group of girls, that it wasn't about Jessica at all. But she knows that's not how the fans will take it. Why post that kind of thing on her son's fan page? She doesn't have access to his private facebook page? To his cell phone to call or text him her good wishes? It was a message to the fans, not to Scott, and it was malicious.

    They've done this so often, now I know that kind of behaviour from the V/M people is a set-up for the fans to be watching for upcoming photos or other kinds of sham-mentions from SC or some kind of media. And sure enough, when I saw that video clip of the extra-day in Paris, I knew that was continuing the set-up started by Alma for some Scott-Jessica interactions that are supposed to be for sharing with the fans. In that video Scott and Tessa not only pretend to be wide-eyed kids visiting the Paris tourist sights (like oycanada mentioned before - as if they had never seen that stuff before), but Scott actually corrects himself when mentioning the Louvre, that he's not going with Tessa, but..."I will be going to the Louvre...." It was important to get that message out - "I", not "us", for that specific tourist site. It was informing us about forthcoming photos/video with Jessica. That's their MO.

    Probably staying in Paris really was about a professional photo-shoot, but if they can also work in the sham, well so much the better - kill two birds with one stone. And in this particular instance the absurdity just screams out - first of all, as if Tessa isn't the kind of person that would enjoy the Louvre (yeah right); second, as if Scott would want to spend precious bf/gf time with his long-distance love touring a museum (yeah right).

    The way they knowingly set these things up and then push sham material in where they know the fans are expecting to see Scott and Tessa is entirely malicious. Why do they do that? Is that how SC first started it out and then Scott-Tessa and families/friends took their cues from them? It's such a bizarre and unprofessional way to interact with the fans/the public.

    I've been extremely curious as to why they haven't released Scott-Jessica photos from Paris yet (or the GPF, or the Holidays) and I wonder if the blog is having an effect. Usually by now we would have been bombarded (and predictably, family and friends would be rushing in to say things like, "how cuuuuteee!!") Anon upthread said it right - *gag me*

  44. About the video announcement Scott and Tessa did regarding Paris. All they needed to do was look into the camera and talk like adults and say the truth about what concerned their skating (nothing personal). Which was, "We're staying an extra day to hit a bunch of sites and we're going to have fun with a camera crew and reenact Audrey-Fred in Paris." That's all. The fans would get excited about seeing this fun photo-shoot in the near future. Instead, even though I think most fans know to just expect a professional photo-shoot from that extra day in Paris, Scott and Tessa deliberately set it up in the hopes that fans will, in fact, be disappointed. Why act like a couple of childish, wide-eyed tourists? The "wink wink nudge nudge" about this being just for special and personal "us" time, coupled with Scott's conspicuous switch to "I" from "we" only regarding one of the Paris locales, definitely comes across as a manipulative game. Playing with the fans while setting them up.

    The way Scott managed that facebook-page transition looks exactly like what's going on - they don't have competent, professional guidance and management. So they hear about some idea, probably along the lines of, "You should have an official fan page instead of interacting with fans through your personal page." And off they go to implement, with no clue about how it should be done correctly. Everything they do has this stamp of amateurish on it and it ends up in fact being boorish.

  45. I deleted and reposted this comment after editing bcause I realized my original comment and the comment two up really WERE saying the same thing about the photo shoot, so why act like I'm making an extra point?

    Glad I did because the new comment above points out what ought to have been done. Which is act like a freaking adult. What - are we all in kindergarten, we have to believe Scott and Tessa have the excitement of children about being in Paris or we won't relate to them? Bite me. Even kids know what a photo shoot is. Raise the bar a bit, you morons!

    Okay, that was harsher than what I was starting to say, but man.

    Anyway, you know that smile - that "heh heh" smile when you kind of think someone might be making fun of you? I think a lot of fans are like that now when it comes to Tessa and Scott. Team Virtue Moir doesn't know what respect looks like. Well be real, they do know, but fans don't make the cut. Still, I think they should discipline themselves not to make their contempt so obvious.

    Scott's transition from his "personal fb page" to his fanpage was a botch. One day, he clowns how he's such a big deal he's reached his fb friend limit, and so here's his fan page! He doesn't want anyone left out. Yay! He says he's shutting "this one" (his "real" fb) down. Okay!

    He doesn't. Everyone can see he doesn't. He starts unfriending tons of fans, who can see him do it. Fans ask each other - "Have you been unfriended?" "No, I'm still there; I think it's because he's only keeping people he trusts."

    Ouch. Way to go out of your WAY to be a douche, Scott Moir. It's like telling someone the party's been cancelled but hey, can't wait to see them at school! Then they drive by your house - and you know that's their way home from work - hear the music and see the lights blazing, and realize you didn't want them to come. That's what Scott did to hundreds of fans, basically.

    Scott ought to have created the fan page and deleted off his 'regular' fb without the big misdirection. People would have made the adjustment and carried on. Instead people were made to feel unnecessarily foolish. (Some of the rejectees had been big posters on his other fb and were like - oh, guess he didn't like me.)

    Why be professional about it though? Why not just be contemptuous like always? Let people immediately see that what you said wasn't true and the fb was all about rejection. Establish once more that the louder you say something, the bigger the chances you're lying.

  46. Did you ever saw Scott, or Jess, or Tessa, or Alma ect?
    Its only words - what is your proofs?
    Your main mistake - history about Tessas pregnancy. Maybe you took there baby and will grow up him (or her) untill Sochi :))))))))))))))
    Look like Scott-Tessa is your obsession

  47. What's an obsession? Is it spending two hours logged into a blog you think is crazy or are there other signs?

  48. Hmmm. I know that I quite often leave this blog open in a tab and forget about it. My IP probably stays logged on for hours at a time but I'm not actually reading posts over and over again.

  49. ^Yes, and I'm sure your visitor activity path shows that.

  50. So you didnt saw and didnt know Scott, Jessica, Tessa and all others? So you didnt have any proofs. OK. Its free blog, but i only womder, how people belive in all this especially in secrete baby :)))))))))))))))
    And obsession is - you didnt post about anything else, only about Moir family.

  51. Hey, you know what could help fans not believing in the sekrete baby? If it turned out some very reliable fans with no agenda saw Tessa in a swimsuit or lingerie or trying on clothes in a specialty store last season between summer and winter. I bet someone did, don't you?

  52. To the Anon 12:30 -

    This blog is about Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue and therefore the Moir family will be discussed. Were you perhaps looking for discussions on other topics? I'm sure there are plenty of other places that are discussing whatever it is you were wishing to discuss?

    I'm sure you're free to believe whatever you wish, but please don't tell all the rest of us what we are supposed to believe.

  53. You could see Tessa Moir in a specialty store - missis Danny Moir :)))))))))))))))))))))))
    If you belive in secrete baby - where this bady? Tell me please :)

  54. Anon above, this isn't going on much longer. The baby is with them, where did you think it was? On facebook? At the arena?

  55. Yes, the baby is in their luggage, because Scott and Tessa don't have a home(s).

    P.S. - and yes, this is the last word between us for now (mine).

    What you need to do is come up with a scenario where you can mention that someone with no agenda saw Tessa under circumstances that prove she couldn't have been pregnant. Get the words 'very slim in middle' in there. Or "thin waiste."

    I know - a fan's work is never done, but I have faith you'll get on that one right away.

  56. Addendum to make the last word wordier. Some are answers to what I put in spam (not deleted, as some day there may be an entire post of various hissy fits attempting to hijack the comment thread).

    Baby is in luggage and skate bag, yes. Tessa and Scott live at airport and rink. They no have home. Baby can't travel with them because we know every single person in their lives and so we'd know which was their baby if the baby went with them, just by looking at the person holding the baby.

    Tessa and Scott didn't actually compete at 4CCs, remember? They only competed the short dance at the 4CCs in February, a dance they had skated all along. They didn't do the free dance til Worlds in April.

  57. Hey OC - thanks for changing the header pictures and color scheme..LOL...maybe Skate Canada should be selling "Platonic" t-shirts at nationals...

  58. What a good idea - I think they may be bringing even more teams on board the trend so it's something they should try. But knowing Skate Canada they wouldn't get the merchandise to the vendor booths in sufficient quantity until the competition was nearly done.

  59. Hey maybe by Worlds - Skate Canada will have all their pairs and dance teams have "Platonic" on their skateguards / water bottles / team jackets under the Skate Canada logo...yes definitely a team building experience...oiee...the possibilities...

  60. I smell photo shoot.

    Or a new white tee-shirt initiative:

    "Determined - and Platonic!"

    "Enthusiastic - and Platonic!"

    "Carp Diem - while Platonic1'

  61. "Unique - and Platonic!"

    "Undeniable Love - and Platonic!"

    "Part of Each Other - and Platonic!"

    "Roomies - and Platonic!"

    "Non-Lovers - I swear!"

  62. Since the entry about Jessica's use of the n word is past I'll put this here. I just have to say how appalled I am that she would consider this word a part of her vocabulary. It's a big disappointment.

  63. Off topic - it seems that the previous official V/M webpage (www.virtuemoir.com) has a link that works but is a ghost of it's former self...and who really owns it remains a mystery...definitely not IMG...

  64. This is the info on the domain virtuemoir.com from GoDaddy:

    International Management Group

    175 Bloor St. East
    suite 1001 south tower
    Toronto, ON M4W3R8

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, LLC (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: VIRTUEMOIR.COM
    Created on: 21-Oct-09
    Expires on: 21-Oct-12
    Last Updated on: 13-Dec-11

    Administrative Contact:
    Meixner, Kira kira.meixner@imgworld.com
    International Management Group
    175 Bloor St. East
    suite 1001 south tower
    Toronto, ON M4W3R8

    Technical Contact:
    Meixner, Kira kira.meixner@imgworld.com
    International Management Group
    175 Bloor St. East
    suite 1001 south tower
    Toronto, ON M4W3R8

  65. I don't actually expect to see anything there - I imagine it was renewed as much to keep it out of the hands of mischief-makers as because there's any intention to set up a well-maintained web page.

  66. Scott and Tessa aren't on IMG's client list in figure skating. They're not with Jay Ogden's group. He's in NYC and has been the figure skating division going back to the 1990s. Now the roster doesn't include Weaver & Poje either and supposedly they've signed, so the case isn't closed.


    Perhaps Scott and Tessa envision an IMG association after Sochi.