Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A thought about Little Moir

I don't know how I feel about this video blogger:

twisted broad video blog on Louis C.K.

because I haven't seen enough of her. Her tag is "twisted broad" and she's a 40something wife and parent who opinionates on her youtube videoblogs.

However, this one video blog entry, linked above, struck me because she's talking back - politely - to the "most popular kid in class" culturally, and it's Louis C.K.

Her headline, when she works up to it, is YOUR KID IS NOT YOU. 

The Louis C.K. reference was what caught my eye, because recently, talking to someone about VM, a someone who has to market themselves in their own work, and talking with them about LM ("Little Moir", Virtue and Moir's three year old daughter), the person I was talking to remarked that somebody ought to have told Louis C.K. not to discuss his small child's private parts in his act, because that would really suck when the girl got older. Nobody apparently said DUDE, NO. Louis C.K. is being all real, so he's gonna go there, he's an obviously compassionate guy, obviously loves his kid, and this is who he is. His intent is not to harm -- and his kid is material. And it's universal. And she'll have to deal. I guess.

Getting to the LM part: Here, twistedbroad is disputing Louis C.K.'s lament about smart-phone dependent kids, and how nostalgic he is for his own tech-free upbringing. Her perspective is smart phones are here, and someone of their generation, including her generation, can't relate to what it means to grow up with today's technology (versus adapt to completely new technology as it's introduced). She disputes his POV that smart phones rob kids of empathy, alienate them from human interaction and thwart human connection. She dislikes his generalizations and his personalization. She claims her own kids are capable of putting down their phones and having a conversation, and that's because she gets to know her kids and it's because all kids aren't the same, and it's because it makes a difference if you don't alienate yourself from the environment your children occupy. As I'm describing it here she sounds like one of those assholes, but she goes into it thoroughly, and I get what she means and she has a point. Her main point is - the kid with the smart phone isn't Louis C.K. Her point is HER kids aren't her. So she (and Louis C.K.) can't impose their nostalgia or their uninformed (because it's simply not their experience) perspective on how negatively the smart phone is going to impact their kid's maturation and ability to relate/empathize/connect. And it's also unfair to impose on your child the way you want to feel about things (that one made me think of Tessa).

AND she says - Louis C.K. has no idea what it's like to have a famous parent. He has no clue. His daughter does. He doesn't. He doesn't know what it's like to have a parent that's famous that everybody loves and maybe you feel like crap and you're keeping it secret (she's not saying his kid feels like crap, she's saying his kid is not him, and his kid is having an experience that is completely different than Louis C.K.'s experience in life and possibly the phone helps. YOUR KID IS NOT YOU).

That's when I thought about LM and some of the shit VM have done either without a fucking thought about the blowback when she's older, or with the almighty arrogance that they know how it's going to affect her. Irrevocable, no turning back shit, from the exclusion of her throughout their Olympic careers while they simultaneously shout out everybody from their neices to their SYTYCD choreographer to their freaking buddies, to the revolting salacious fake gf image litter all over the web, to the "reality" show where mom and dad are telling us how honest they are while lying through their teeth before turning around and showcasing every media whore in their lives including their families and closest friends, and exclude their child, and then they bang the drum telling the world this is the real them.

They apparently already have met 12 year old Little Moir and know it's going to be fine with her and she's not going to feel like shit. They already talked it over with 30 year old Little Moir and know it's fine with her she's not anywhere on the record in her storied parents' careers and she has nothing public to show her grandchildren. (History is public. It's not private. Otherwise wouldn't all the scrapbooks Scott's freaking "buddies" have, all their memories, all their images, all their shared experiences with Scott and Tessa be enough? All the home videos? Why do they need a reality show to show off to US? They treat us like garbage. Why the need?* Because it's PUBLIC. THAT's history. They then become part of the permanent record.).

Nope. Tessa and Scott have spoken with 12 year old Little Moir and 30 year old Little Moir and she understands she's meant to be grateful and think the same way they think.

Or maybe Kate signed off on it all and that's good enough. After all, she raised Tessa. How could she be wrong?

Look at the decisions Tessa and Scott have made - look at their choices, their choices not to do things, side by side with the proactive choices they've made - how there's no wriggle room. How everything is all in, no exit strategy, no safety net or gray area. There's no - what if we're wrong? They've left nothing in the margins for "what if this doesn't play out for her as we've been counseled it would."

Nope. All in. On a child's life experience as she grows, repeatedly and purposefully compounded with every word out of their mouths, so there's not even the potential of Scott and Tessa saying "We made a mistake." Or "We were caught up." It's deliberate. It's concerted. It's intentional. It's repeated. They're fully aware.

They have no idea what it's like to be her, or will be like to be her, left with the detritus of Scott and Tessa's decisions, and they did it anyway. It's good to see the humility and the empathy. Maybe we can blame Scott and Tessa's smart phones? I, personally, think Windsor U's psych program has a lot to answer for.

I also know that no legitimate family counselor or psychologist who wasn't a star fucker would co-sign 80% of what they've put in public, knowing they have a child. 

That, I think, is another component of the sham that makes people recoil from Scott and Tessa and knocks us sideways with the arrogance. They don't know shit about her because they don't know what it's like to have themselves for parents. They're imposing they're own piety on her (all of this is holy on our part because we're keeping her OUT of the public eye) without calculating the effect of the shit they choose to put IN the public eye.

Scott and Tessa are faux-private parents whose tech and social media savvy, culturally speaking, begins and ends at text messaging. That's obvious just watching them anywhere else. They don't know cause and effect, how a relates to b, they have no long game, they don't know what consistency means, they don't follow through the logical implications of about half of what comes out of their mouths.

For me, it's the two things in combination that are a horror. What they chose to keep out (HER) and what they chose to put in public.

When they make a choice about one, that needs, for her sake, to impact the choices they make about the second. It didn't. They wanted it both ways.  It's keeping her out combined with what they chose to put in where the arrogance asserted itself. They didn't follow through on the respect they ought to have shown her, the respect that we must pretend initially drove their decision to keep her existence unacknowledged in the first place. If you keep someone out to protect them, following through means you have to be mindful of what you decide to put in. They weren't and aren't.
*Even Scott, a long time ago (way before the Olympics) was on his fb trying to get good, professional pictures of Skate Canada. What? Alma wasn't there with the camera? Why was Scott trying to get hooked up with the public material?


  1. What is wrong with these people? It's such a shame that an innocent child has to be raised by them.

  2. OC, I think you nailed it with this post. Every word and every point is spot on.

    I have a movie on right now. Two pre-teen/early teen girls go to live with their estranged father after their mother is killed. In one scene, one of the girls is upset and yells that "It's not just you anymore." The context was the father making life decisions ("This is my life") and not considering the girls' feelings ("What if I don't want to live like that?"). It resonanted with me when it comes to LM. Once their daughter was born, it wasn't just VM anymore. If they didn't have a child, the sham would still be gross in how they bait and play with the fans' minds, but it's the fact that there is a child turns this situation into something else. The things that they have done have been deliberate, repetitive, and permanent. It's horrible. I don't think Tessa or Scott would ever physically harm that child or neglect her in that matter, but what they have done is going to mentally and emotionally harm that child for years to come. What if 12-or-13 year old Little Moir has an unrequited crush on a boy and is feeling down on herself, and then comes across that statement from Scott "I would be my brother because then I would have a beautiful daughter." That's going to hurt and hurt deep. What if 19-year-old Little College Student Moir tells some new friends who her parents are, but they don't believe her after they look up VM and watch the documentary in which Little Moir was completely edited out of their lives. How will it feel for Little Moir when she watches that show (and she will someday), and every close family member and every friend of her parents is in that thing, except for her? Will she resent her cousins and the others who got so much attention and so many K&C shoutouts? If there are siblings down the line, her experience will even be different from theirs because she was the child who was born, living, and actively denied while her parents were still competing. For any siblings, these will be things that happened before they were born. It's not the same at all. Through VM's actions, this child has been singled out and dumped upon.

    1. YEP.

      Plus in order for it to be okay she's going to be raised to make it okay. She won't be allowed to have a non-coerced reaction to everything.

      When you choose to have a child under the circumstances Virtue and Moir chose to have a child, that child has to become priority number one. The fact that they didn't alter, but upped the ante, on their public fake and sham output refutes that. There is so much in the public output that refutes the claim that they're trying to protect their child. So much of it looks as if they're extinquishing their child so they can put other people in the spotlight instead. If her existence were known, the many other people jockeying for a piece of Scott and Tessa would be shut out of the game. So Scott and Tessa chose the short-sighted route and basically sacrificed their child's future for short-term gain.

    2. What if someone ELSE who knows LM comes upon that statement from Scott and mocks her with it? Listen Moir, even your dad thought you were a dog. Even your dad wanted to upgrade.

    3. "What if someone ELSE who knows LM comes upon that statement from Scott and mocks her with it? Listen Moir, even your dad thought you were a dog. Even your dad wanted to upgrade."

      Followed up by "they couldn't even put you on tv, you were such a dog. They had to pretend you weren't even around."

      Then, that poor child goes home and tells mom and dad what happened. She's told that daddy didn't/doesn't really feel that way, he was just saying that to protect her! She should be grateful. A few hypocritical words about not caring what other people think and say about her can finish off the conversation.

      Tessa and Scott have put out into the world all the material any bully would ever need to make that child feel horrible.

    4. The way Scott and Tessa's "protection" can be turned around in this child thanks to what they've chosen to publicize is mind-boggling. We can all do it in our sleep. There are a million scenarios where this can be used to hurt her. There's the unrequited love scenario where she can look up her father so cleverly saying he'd trade places with his brother so he could have a beautiful daughter. There's also the scenario where she's a pretty girl with famous parents - someone who incites jealousy in others or possibly blowback from somebody she rejects romantically or socially.

      Tessa was a very sensitive girl growing up - I'm sure she didn't pass that on and her daughter doesn't give a shit what other people think and say. Her daughter doesn't give a shit that her parents have spent their entire public life pumping lies into the public realm.

      That's another thing. LM is the daughter of a couple of epic liars. What kind of credibility will she have - she could be tarnished by association. She's got a mother who can cry on cue about total bullshit. LM will of course take everything her parents tell HER as 100% sincere. Especially if they TELL her how sincere they are.

      And the many many proactive statements Scott and Tessa have made about how they like to spend free time; they include family, friends, nieces, separate interests, and of course, never her.

      The one they're protecting is also the one they are isolating. That is not a freaking favor to that little girl. She's isolated. Not physically, not emotionally, but every single thing Scott and Tessa have done this second Olympic quad has proactively sought the spotlight on their relationship and their off-ice lives in order to spotlight the people at home, and they're going to turn around and tell this little girl she is the sole freaking person in their entire world who didn't participate because ... why?

      It's not about not acknowledging her; it's the massive spotlight grab by everyone else that Virtue and Moir are facilitating. As this post said, what you keep out ought to go hand in hand with what you put IN. Once they decided to keep their child's existence out of the public realm, they had a responsibility to be considerate with what they put IN the public realm. They have failed miserably. IMO they are pieces of shit with that.

    5. "Tessa and Scott have put out into the world all the material any bully would ever need to make that child feel horrible."

      And interesting how Tessa doesn't seem to give a shit, or has re-wired her logic receptors and blown up all synapses that are responsible for making obvious connections.

      Tessa is the freaking Princess and the Pea of over-consciousness about what other people think about her. Just listen to her talk about how she felt when she had her first battle with CES. She thought other people were laughing at her (NOBODY was laughing at her, not inside the sport, not outside the sport. She was a rock star.) She pretends some exquisite "filter" from the internet transmitted to her that some people thought she was like Carmen and "that hurt." Uh huh.

      Some of the stuff she purports to be self-conscious about, hurt by, paranoid about, is ridiculous to the point of narcissism. Sometimes when she talks about her ultra sensitivity, get over yourself is the only possible retort.

      But I don't doubt this ultra sensitivity is part of who she is, even if it signals some immaturity persisting into her mid-twenties.

      A woman that sensitive could, at the least, be expected to have empathy for her child. Instead, at times, Tessa's choices for her child seem to be about Tessa. Remember Tessa saying she's "very protective" of her friends - the same friends who are about to show up on her reality show. There's self-perception in that statement, there's sanctimony in that statement, and, IMO, there's delusion in that statement. She seems to be looking at the fact that she's kept her child's existence unacknowledged in public and ignoring the fucking mega elephant in the room of what she's put in public, stuff that is going to do more than "filter" back to her daughter. Very often Tessa and Scott's values are just self-serving, not values at all.

    6. Well OC - don't know if you had a chance to see another quick interview from the Canadian Press (from the same junket of interviews which we got the Ryan Pyette and then this Heather interviewer) but in this one - Tessa actually says that distractions are a positive thing but both Scott and Tessa just come off as grasping for straws to justify the reasons for doing the series and that it was not a distraction. These interviews were after Skate Canada I believe in October - so I am hoping that VM have had enough time to get themselves in their bubble and just concentrate on the skating. But holycow are Tessa's answers sometimes all over the place. As stated before - Tessa and her family have always been private and all of a sudden - oh let's get to know you...let's see how this thing starts tonight but then again I think the first episode will be fairly tame and basically introduce us to Tessa and Scott...

    7. Oops my bad - I meant to say Colleen - - the interviewer above (not Heather)...

    8. 10:15 - I did see the interview where Tessa said distractions are a positive thing. She said the exact opposite in 2010.

      Distraction from what? The pressure? The fact that they're getting screwed in the non-rivalry with DW? Distraction from the importance of competitive skating emotionally - if they diversify their emotional focus it won't sting as much when they're fucked over in Sochi? What?

      They are always all over the place. They say whatever suits the agenda of the immediate moment and then they throw it away.

      This quad, their priorities appear to be, first and foremost, Moirville. One wonders if their priorities in 2010 weren't the same, only then Moirville's fortunes were even more intertwined with a win in Vancouver, so there was less conflict.

      But there is no way their kid is their first priority in terms of the long game. It looks mostly like she's young, doesn't know what's going on, so they can serve Moirville and then deal with the consequences of their choices later, once the child is older.

      One also suspects there are fallacies in everything they do, every time they frame their circumstances and then find solutions, there are fallacies in how they frame their choices and obtuseness in how they describe their circumstances.


  3. Ryan Pyette pulling a Rosie in his latest article:


    This made me cringe:

    "If Virtue and Moir don't win the Olympics again, history will judge them to be on a par with Davis-White, not as the singular best in a generation of ice dancers."

    1. The byeline of the article says "Free Press Staff" and does not name Pyette. Pyette hasn't said a word about them since he did that video interview back in October. I wonder if even he has had enough.

      "If Virtue and Moir don't win the Olympics again, history will judge them to be on a par with Davis-White, not as the singular best in a generation of ice dancers."

      VM won't be considered on par with DW. They'll be considered inferior to DW. History will remember DW as being better.

    2. What I noticed in that lfpress article is ":Moir's big brother like protection of his partner."

      They've returned to the unique but like brother-sister narrative.

      Do these bozos who see them together and report on them actually believe that crap? (rolleyes)

    3. If you look at in terms of wins, then yes, D/W have more wins overall, especially if you count all their GPF titles. But V/M's were the trailblazers; getting on the World podium in only their second try, first North Americans to win Olympics (as well as being the youngest, winning it on home ice, and their first trip to a Games); most diverse repertoire, and their Olympic FD is considered on par with Bolero. Nobody can claim D/W are trailblazers, and most of their programs are in no way groundbreaking.

      The US media will remember them as the second coming of Torvill & Dean, but I don't think ice dance purists will do the same. At least one would hope.

    4. 11:47 again.

      I noticed that too, 12:20. How anyone could buy that one at this point is mindboggling.

      The brother-sister crap is also particularly ridiculous given the photos released from the show with VM looking at each other in a way that brothers and sisters don't or shouldn't.

    5. The photos released of them on the ice look very romantic but the off ice ones seem to have been very carefully posed so that they don't look like a couple.

      Still, no one should behave with their sibling the way that V and M do with each other.

    6. "the off ice ones seem to have been very carefully posed so that they don't look like a couple."

      This. I've been noticing the same thing in all the photos the WNetwork has been putting out. When Tessa and Scott behave naturally they look more couple-like. These photos carefully keep all hands off each other and to me they just look unnatural (for VM). Careful posing indeed.

      Whatever the motives of WNetwork and all the other agencies providing funding, I think one of VM's primary motives, besides bestowing face-time on Moirville, was an attempt to set in stone their platonic narrative. At this point I'm wondering if they themselves can separate any original, teen-age reasons for shamming and what has developed into this arrogant obstinate attitude against the fans who dare call them out on their lies.

      The W Network must have bought into their lies? They seem to be completely on board with Tessa and Scott in pushing their agenda. I can't wait to see if this works as far as supposedly "settling" the matter or if it hilariously speeds up the trainwreck toward an unexpected disclosure.

    7. Seriously - the off ice pictures come off as photos that Davis-White would take...

    8. Fair point about the off ice pics and they do look unnatural for VM.

      "The W Network must have bought into their lies?"

      They must have. The W Network and other sponsors seem to be all in with this show and its promotion. These are companies that seem legit and to care about their image. Much like Roots must have balked over the risk of the sham reflecting badly on them, you think these other entities would also not want VM's lies to reflect poorly on their brands. Want to produce a serious, factual, real documentary? I don't think anyone is going to want you near it if you were known to be involved in the epic perpetuation of a gross sham upon the public. It just doesn't seem that these companies would have all come aboard if they'd known VM's true status. It also begs the question of why didn't they do a better job of checking into VM's background. This blog is always near the top of the google search results for VM-related inquiries. If I were thinking about being a part of this project, I certainly would have done some digging.

      " I think one of VM's primary motives, besides bestowing face-time on Moirville, was an attempt to set in stone their platonic narrative.:

      I think so as well. I just can't fathom why anyone would want to live their life like that though. I know OC has said that it's not this way within their own community, but I still cannot imagine why anyone would want to do what they've done.

      " I can't wait to see if this works as far as supposedly "settling" the matter or if it hilariously speeds up the trainwreck toward an unexpected disclosure. "

      I'm hoping for and expecting the latter. By putting this on television, they are going to reach a far more broad audience. They're broadcasting the lies to a lot more people. If someone who was previously unfamiliar with them googles, they are going to find this blog. For most searches, it's among the very first entries in the search results. At most, it's only on the 2nd to 3rd page. If you do a simple search for virtue moir, at the bottom of the first page in the related searches section, one of them is dube moir blog. It's different enough from the other ones that most people will click on it out of curiosity. I'm sure that some will do the usual "that's crazy", but others will go looking for more information. These people may have real world connections who will be able to get them the real information. That increases the number of people who know. There's also the chance that as big as they're going with their shamming and lying this time, that there are people out there who already know who may start talking.

    9. I hope all the speculations of the negative effects on VM's child don't happen that way. It's incredibly sad to think how this child has been shoved aside -- I'm sure in the name of love and in the name of protection -- to avoid admitting the hoax and to make Moirville happy. But I'm willing to give a little bit of benefit of doubt and watch to see how things turn out. A big part of my waiting is to see how VM are portrayed and how they handle the revelations of truth (and lies). I'm extremely disappointed they're doing a TV show while belligerently carrying on their same fake personas. But somehow I'm still willing to wait and see.

      And blogger is right in that this focus on their personal lives is not what the fans are really about. It's about the skating stupid.

    10. So big brother analogy is back in the picture..how sweet...must have been horrible for Mr. Moir to have skated to Mahler and Umbrella of Cherbourg (two of his favorite FDs) with his sister...

    11. Anon at 1:58 pm - I think the majority of VM fans will tune in to see the behind the scenes of their training and skating sessions. Anything off ice in terms of personal - will be all scripted. It wouldn't shock me in the end of the series - if we still have a gray area regarding their relationship. VM have been portraying the same personas for years (she will be the ballerina and he will be the wanna be hockey player). Just look at the interviews they give compared to even Weaver/Poje. In that regard - they have been media trained a la Sidney Crosby from a very young age. Yes these camera crews have followed them around at competitions etc but everything has been staged. In the end - depending on the demographic the editors want to capture and the network it is shown on (W) - I think the storyline will be more Tessa's POV.

    12. "VM have been portraying the same personas for years (she will be the ballerina and he will be the wanna be hockey player)."

      Such a juvenile story-line. If they had competent management their media stories would be reflecting the adults that they are, if not necessarily their true off-ice status.

    13. He's also right that the so-called "rivalry" is nonexistent. VM aren't allowed to win against DW. They weren't even allowed to win the GPF short. There IS no rivalry.

  4. why haven't the legions of skaters at canton ice rink and even davis/white "outed" Tessa and scott? there's no way there isn't pictures of them being a couple at the rink. how does Tessa and scott control like the 100 people a day there? from staff to skaters?

    1. This has been asked before. What would be the incentive? I knew long before this blog and I didn't put it on the internet. I had plenty of people to discuss it with.

      Davis White would NEVER out Virtue and Moir. Nobody would. Anybody who'd out Virtue and Moir could out somebody else or betray somebody else about something else. The analogy I've used is the episode of Mad Men where Don Draper learns nobody wants to work with him. When his company lost Lucky Strike (a cigarette company) Draper wrote letter to the NYT saying his company would never take a cigarette company as a client again. He was basically saying he wouldn't represent a merchant of death. The letter was a cynical ploy to turn a client loss into principled stand and get some positive publicity. The agency was feted by the American Cancer Society but the American Cancer Society didn't hire his agency, because anybody who'd turn on one client would turn on another client. Anybody who "outed" Scott and Tessa would be doing it for what reason? Personal publicity. If they out Scott and Tessa, they'll betray the secrets of others. Furthermore, figure skating is incestuous. Your competition today could be your colleague and business partner tomorrow or after your career is done. Your rival today can send you clients or hook you up with opportunity tomorrow. Don't shit where you eat, IOW.

      People pretend the internet is this free-wheeling place but how many secrets have actually been exposed on the internet? For example, like many many many people, I know a few things about a few celebrities thanks to the same sorts of connections a lot of people have. When I go to the gossip sites, this info is never there. Why don't people put it out there. There is actually very LITTLE real gossip, real exposure, real stuff on the web when it comes to "exposing" the reality in any celebrity's life. People who know stuff or have heard stuff tend to trade stories among themselves (and that is true of Virtue and Moir not just in pms and emails but also in person), but not put it on some public forum. There's also the question of - will my slant on this information betray where I got it from?

    2. Anon at 9:03 am - I understand where you are coming from. But seriously why hasn't someone leaked pictures of Weaver/Poje or VT. Hell did anyone really know that Charlie and Tanith were a couple before they came out. No one outed Brian Boitano or Jeff Buttle. Look at Miki Ando - she had a kid - and no one leaked it...for the most part - unless a skater has an active social media presence - we really don't know much about them

    3. DW could never out VM for fear of being exposed themselves. As arrogant and hypocritical they are they certainly know how lucky they are that VM's publicity sucks and that Tessa and Scott are civil with them. They are the interior team and everybody in the ice dance world knows it that's why they can't afford it to step an anybody's toes. Their vanilla interviews and boring public personas prove it time and time again. And I doubt Marina would appreciate indiscretions at her rink.
      The other skaters admire VM far too much to ever humiliate them in such a way and in a scene with so many secret relationships, gays, politics and beards nobody would probably bat an eyelash at what VM are doing. They either don't care or are doing it themselves so why would they bother with VM ?
      Why so many fans who have no agendas and no reason to lie ( like the Russian fans at TEB ) play along is odd though.

    4. *inferior team. Damn autocorrect

  5. ok, what about the fans that see them in public ALL OVER Detroit and Canada? its not that hard to snap a pic if ur already anonymous at random bar Canada. that's what I don't really get. I can understand the skating world. but they are out in public and are known. no way someone in home town or Detroit or random fans-or how about DW fans who would want to hurt vm? I get skaiting world rationale. but real-world rationale, that rationale doesn't cut it at all. I want to believe u oycanada but seriously, no kid, and scott's a player with these big-boob bimbos, and Tessa just cares about making bank for next couple of years.

    1. I'm the same way 10:23, I get why no one in the skating world has squealed on them but I'm baffled as to the lack of anyone else knowing. They do get recognized out and about, but oddly they are rarely together and never with a child. I'd rather not believe that Scott would date someone like Cassandra but until there is actual proof that V-M are married and that a child does exist, I'm sort of stuck in limbo.

      Hopefully with the advent of the show, more people who know will come out of the woodwork and share?

    2. 10:23 and 10:31, although VM are famous within skating, in the bigger world, they're not well known. They have said themselves that they fly under the radar when they're in Michigan. They are simply not recognized by most people. The odds of them being recognized and photographed by someone on social media who is also willing to share are very slim.

      It's worth pointing out that other skaters are not recognized out and about with their SOs and photographs and reports promptly uploaded to social media sites.

      The hometown crowd definitely isn't going to post any pics.

      There's also a difference in people knowing and people choosing to share it publicly online. There are people who have this information who are discussing it privately but haven't yet been willing to come forward publicly

    3. If people who have the information and are discussing it privately are so concerned about the damage being done to a child and that V-M are going on television to hoax an entire country, why don't they share it? This blog is filled with concerned for a child that may or may not even exist. At what point is it prudent for someone to speak out against them?

    4. They are barely recognized in Detroit and Canada. The figure skating fandom is extremely small spread out across the population you're including. What do you think the chances are "fans" are going to spot them?

      Do you know where they live or do you just know where they train? I wouldn't take their word for it or make assumptions.

      I think people think the internet is something other than what it is. I know people who've seen celebrities in circumstances at variance with their p.r. Why don't they put it on the web and get specific. For example, not just "a" club if something was observed in a club, but what club? Hardly ever happens. Even blind items have a lot of camoflage in them.

      When push comes to shove, people don't go on the web with shit they know. This blog did it because of the unbelieveably arrogant way Scott and Tessa and their connections behaved on social media. Instead of living up to their claims - that they were faking on social media for privacy - they were assholes who were clearly having sport with fans, being malicious, having a good time mocking people, setting them up to let them down and make them feel foolish. They did this repeatedly. And they did this as if social media were their fiefdom, a one way street where nobody was permitted to speak up. That took incredible arrogance - most celebrities go into social media well aware that the fans who follow them can push back, and they behave with that in mind. Scott and Tessa had to know - in fact, I know they knew - that some of those Scott & Jessica were sweeping into their accounts as friends, by the bucketload, knew the score, but they behaved as if nobody had either permission or the entitlement to call them out. They were wrong. When the blog started, I started it because of the specific platform they were using - social media - not because they were lying about who they are to each other. They acted as if social media belonged to them and it doesn't.


      Why haven't fans spotted Weaver & Poje who are far less calculating about how they present themselves to the public? People don't "out" on the internet. They out to each other, in person.


    5. As others have pointed out - why weren't Tanith and Charlie "spotted"? They were at the same competitions, in the same hotels frequently enough, throughout a high stakes Olympic year. I think once he and she were spotted outside a hotel at a venue but Ben was with them.

      Yet we know from her tweets that she and Charlie go here, there and everywhere together, even prior to this season. She's also, IMO, easier to spot - she's blonde, she's louder, he's blonde. They've got signature looks. Tessa and Scott are beautiful but look lower key, especially off ice, and they're both more petite than fans generally expect, especially off ice.

      Tanitih and Charlie probably have been spotted from time to time, but why run to tweet it?

      Also, when this blog was on its short December hiatus, it became even more obvious to me how small time all of this is. Most people I know have know idea who Scott and Tessa are, or Davis White, or anybody currently skating. The last skater they remember is Michelle Kwan. Fandom is a small small world.

      I think what people think they'd do if they 'caught' Tessa and Scott and what they'd actually do if they did might be different. The people who wonder about why they haven't been spotted often seem to be people dying for "proof" for themselves, so they can settle the matter in their own minds. Well, if they saw the proof, they'd have it. Why would they go on the web when their own need to know had been satisfied?

      That's just trying to get an angle on how things work on the web. I'd suggest stop looking at why Scott and Tessa haven't been busted or spotted (two different things, btw) and ask yourself who and what have been busted on the web. If you think they should be, then it must be a regular thing for celebrities to be busted. It's not. That doesn't mean people don't see them. They just talk about it with people they know. They don't run to the web to share with people they DON'T know but who wish they did.


    6. [[I want to believe u oycanada but seriously, no kid, and scott's a player with these big-boob bimbos, and Tessa just cares about making bank for next couple of years.]]

      You say you need to see photographic evidence - people should be snapping random pictures and posting them on a public site. But aren't you claiming certain assumptions without the same evidence? How did you conclude Tessa only cares about making money and Scott is a player with big-boob bimbos?

      I've seen quite a few people claim they know with certainty Tessa and Scott are married and have a child. On what basis do you claim that Tessa is a cold-hearted money-loving bitch or that Scott is a player? Photos? Links please?

    7. "Also, when this blog was on its short December hiatus, it became even more obvious to me how small time all of this is."

      Thinking how small time this is makes it even more ridiculous how big they seem to be going with putting the sham on television. A show that they seem to be promoting to nth degree, down to giant video ads displayed in Canadian cities, giant banners in shopping malls, ads on the subway, and commercials that pop up on youtube in Canada when trying to view videos that are not at all related to VM.

    8. It's funny that they're going biggest of all in a venture that promotes their community and Moirville. That says it all about what's driving all of this. It's Moirville's hungry maw and the media whores in that community desperate for a last big spotlight grab before Sochi.

      The people who are complaining that there has been no proof posted on the web strike me as people who want other people to do them a favor. They haven't seen Scott and Tessa, they don't have their own proof, and they just really wish this would be settled by somebody who'd provide a smoking gun.

      Look at it from the perspective of those with the smoking gun. They KNOW the truth. THEIR minds aren't unsettled. They're not confused by all of this shit and what it means. They know the truth. Scott and Tessa are married and have a child.

      What - besides altruism - would drive these people to give the proof to everybody else on the web? I feel bad that people don't know what to believe - I better share so they feel more comfortable?

      Is that how this stuff really works? People tend to be "I know, cool, I'm going to talk about it in pms with other people who know." Nothing attached to their screen name in public. I just don't think people who may have spotted them (and don't forget Scott and Tessa fly under the radar) have much incentive to tell people who don't, just to give these internet strangers piece of mind.

      There have also been plenty of fans who know and DON'T want other people to know. They think it makes them closer to Scott and Tessa, more inside. They think it makes them more in the loop, and you can't be in the loop unless people are outside the loop.

      There's also a caution people have even if they can't really articulate why they're being cautious. I know people who have vaguely alluded to or described what they know or have heard, but don't get specific, not even in private.

      IOW, for those clamoring for the smoking gun, they're not really looking at why someone would provide one just so everybody has the same proof. They just wish it would happen so they'd know themselves. That's not realistic and it's not how internet - or fan - politics play out.

    9. How many people who were all over the web years ago going I KNOW Jessica and Scott are together! I know it! then publicly linked all the photos from the albums they'd downloaded off facebook? Why not? Create an alter ego account and let everybody see!

      Nope. pms. Private communities. Closed flickr accounts. What for? Share with everybody! Why go around SAYING you know Jessica and Scott are together and keep the photos to yourself?

      They were fake photos but these people thought they were real and these people went all cloak and dagger with it despite the fact they had been published on a public facebook (once you have one friend on your facebook, your stuff is public because that friend has the right to republish anything visible to them).

    10. 1:58
      What was so hilarious about these fans who created private accounts to display all their Jessica & Scott pictures was that on the public forums they were incensed anyone would republish the PUBLIC photos from Scott and Jessica's sites. Hypocrites. Sanctimoniously scolding people for accessing photos that VM and Co. clearly intended to be public, while those same fans were saving all the photos they came across.

    11. It wasn't about privacy for them (these fans); it was about power. There are plenty of fans who want to be inside, and, back then, wanted what they thought was the status of being "trusted" by Scott and/or Jessica, but they also wanted to bait other fans with the stuff they had "secretly" stored in these restricted accounts. And that, too, was embarrassing, because Scott and Tessa knew these people were preening and priding themselves on all of this, and using it. The very people who thought they were trusted by Scott and Tessa were the people Scott and Tessa were exploiting. Back then, nobody was going to publish that stuff on a message board because a lot of them had screen names that related to their fb names, and they were afraid Scott would then see them as a mere "fan" and no longer trust them. He never trusted shit, he was using them. At the same time, they wanted to show off the inside stuff they knew.

      It was freaking social media. Why was it just the blog that posted some of this stuff? It's ridiculous. And the reason the blog posted them was the game was humiliating. A whole bunch of fans sneaking around trying to dl photos Scott and Tessa had created for them to see, and fans are being set up to be fools. Fuck that, I finally figured. :) They're public. On purpose.


      But that's how fans operate. All this status, dl, chosen few, covert, political b.s.

    12. Anon at 10:31 AM,

      "I'd rather not believe that Scott would date someone like Cassandra but until there is actual proof that V-M are married and that a child does exist, I'm sort of stuck in limbo. "

      I am curious about this. If Cassandra isn't the beard the blog says she is, then why shouldn't Scott go out with a girl like her? From the photos posted I can see she's pretty and wants to be a model but her modeling shots are sort of lame. I don't see what is bad about that. I know she's seems like a famewhore, but IMO the main reason she's a famewhore is because she's not actually dating Scott, and is pretending to date a married father to get internet attention. THAT is shady and weird. But if she's his REAL girlfriend and has been seen in a couple of candids kissing and groping him, that's not really that big of a deal is it? If she's REAL, she's not that much of a famewhore, because she's never been named in public (perhaps that is about to change with their show) nor acknowledged as his girlfriend. Nothing she's doing seems weird in the context of a girl her age with her actual boyfriend.

      I just find it curious why someone would have anything against her if she were who she's presented to be. If fans who are inclined to believe VM don't like her or see something off about their relationship, IMO it's because their relationship looks (and is) totally fake.

    13. 4:26
      I believe Cassandra's a fake gf. But if she were real, it's a turn-off that in all her social media presence (facebook, twitter) there's never been a single mention of Tessa nor any acknowledgement that her bf has a partner who is half of this famous team (Scott wouldn't have celebrity status without Tessa). It's all "me me me with Scott."

      Real or fake, the famewhore aspect comes across loud and clear. It doesn't say good things about Scott that he chooses that kind of gf.

    14. Yep, but as soon as it appeared - well as soon as it was EMPHASIZED - that Scott and Tessa may actually be blocked from a second coronation, Cassandra's mom is on fb with comments about Scott and TESSA this, Scott and TESSA that. Everybody knows the fame belongs to both of them. The whole thing is a charade. The Hilborns may pretend, on social media, that the skating career is an incidental to the great love of Cassandra and Scott, but they and everyone else involved with this are all about the skating career and the fame, and Tessa is of a piece with it. When things get tense, as in the GPF, that shows.

      What makes you think Scott himself chooses the fake girlfriend? More goes into the choice than Scott. With Jessica it was a perceived similarity of situation with Bryce, plus convenient scheduling, plus Bryce (I am convinced Bryce was a huge value add in the early going).

      It's "me me me with Scott" because the core of the message it Scott has a girlfriend and isn't with Tessa, and so they stay on message. I don't know why they leave Tessa out of it instead of including her in a comfortable three way as Tanith/Charlie/Meryl do - Tanith's the gf, Meryl's the partner and also a friend of Tanith's. It certainly stands out that the fake gf is somehow instructed never to acknowledge Tessa and vice versa. Whatever is behind that, and I have a few guesses, you'd think they'd extend that sensibility to their child but they don't.

      Scott comes across as having more respect for his wife than his daughter. There are lines he won't cross because of Tessa that he stomps on where his daughter is concerned.


    15. IOW, fans repeatedly make the mistake thinking that the tone and presentation of the sham is left up to the girlfriend in question. Ignoring that both the Jessica and Cassandra shams are EXACTLY alike. Neither one ever mentioned Tessa. Jessica's facebook never celebrated VM's Olympic championship - how insane was that? How unreal? The most Cassandra's stuff mentioned Tessa was a whine - Tour 1 - Cass - 0.

      This does not reflect who Jessica and Cassandra are. These are not two women going - I'm milking this sham for all it's worth; I'm milking my fake status for all it's worth and I'll be damned if I mention Tessa! This is my show!

      No, it's Scott and Tessa's show, and the fame war shit Jessica and Cassandra get from it are byproducts. It's Scott and Tessa's show. If Scott and Tessa wanted the fake girlfriend to mention Tessa, if they wanted a Tanith/Charlie/Meryl set up, Jessica and Cassandra would be fawning over Tessa in every other tweet.

      The lack of Tessa mention is a Scott and Tessa thing, not a fake gf fame whore thing. They're fame whores, but they don't determine Tessa's exclusion. Scott and Tessa do. To me, it just highlights Scott's particularity when it comes to Tessa, and his revolting carelessness when it comes to his daughter.


  6. it's called evidence for very serious charges of basically fraud and denying existence of child. sorry, but you've got some big statements out there, and your "trust me' and timelines are not enough.

    1. And how is that a motivator, for me or for anyone else who knows? Who cares?

      I think your remark just cuts to the core of these complaints (which I won't let take over the comments section). People want to have the information other people have and won't share, and they never think what on earth would motivate someone to share it, other than providing relief to a stranger on the web. That's not as big an incentive as some may believe. Nor is "well, unless you share the proof, I won't believe it."

      Okay, you won't. How is that my problem?

      As to serious charges - really? This is a hoax VM are perpetuating. It is morally and ethically wrong. If you're saying it's ILLEGAL, I presume you've researched how it's illegal. You haven't just made an assumption and thrown it out.

      The timelines are there, and the statements are there, so people can see for themselves and draw their own conclusions, including yours.

    2. The only people or entity I could see having a legal case against Virtue and Moir would be a) Steve Milton and b) the W network if it turns out Virtue and Moir have used them and lied to them so their reputations would lend credibility to Virtue and Moir.

      That really is my conundrum with Milton, in particular. Either he, a journalist who has received peer awards and recognition for his sports journalism - turned groupie without notifying the public, and used his journalistic credibilty to help VM hoax (in which case he's got a HUGE blind spot and somehow got star fucker with ice dancers where he didn't with football players) - OR they duped him, damaging a reputation won over decades, and he'd probably have the right to sue.

    3. OC 2:15. Would the book publishers also have a legal case against VM? The House of Anansi Press trusted Milton and VM but VM let them publish a book filled with lies.

      Roots was smart to get out. Of all the entities who have sponsored VM they will be the only company that will come out of this looking clean.

    4. Well, Roots is unique among the companies that affiliated themselves with VM. They envisioned a very close partnership with VM representing not just the clothes, but the brand image, which was super Canadian, super grass rootsy (I remember one of the founders saying it's not just Olympic champions they support, but also yoga teachers and things like that). For want of a better word they really go after a very holistic image. It's sort of VM have more in common with you than you think than look at these celebrity athletes wearing our clothes. Without being specific it's sort of values-driven, health-driven, blah blah and very Canadian and very much about being "Canada's brand." Roots clothes fit into lifestyle. It's not chocolate. It's not a body butter you smear on, blab about, then move on. It's literally representing the brand and you have to embody what the brand wants to represent. What the brand doesn't represent is a couple of clean-scrubbed Olympic gold medalists telling everybody they're brother and sister while married and pregnant and meantime hoaxing people on facebook with a fake girlfriend. Nobody would every believe Roots didn't know Tessa was pregnant and they were married if the relationship had continued, and at the back end of this deal people could flip off Roots once the truth came out. Roots really couldn't take that quasi-preachy stance - we stand for this, we are you, we promote these values at every level from the yoga instructor to the Olympic champions. They're bigger, with stronger public ties to the Canadian public, than anything else connected with Scott and Tessa. Scott and Tessa weren't creating that image, they were emphasizing that image, while, in reality, mocking it. That's not going to look good on Roots if it continued the association. I don't think the brand thinks short term.


  7. So I get how a lot of skaters have private lives and want to keep their sexual orientation, significant others, and drug or alcohol issues private. But has anyone else ever done something as extreme as hiding a child? It's rarely happened even among high profile celebrities (that we know of, obviously), and usually it's in the context of a man having a child with a woman he is not married to and them living off the grid. I can't think of any case when or WHY a married couple would hide a pregnancy, while parading the woman around in public, and then appearing shortly after the birth with a child. Ando wasn't out and about while she was pregnant and she didn't compete two months later pretending nothing happened. That's a huge difference.

    So I mean, if I'm Meryl, and I can deploy someone to leak this on my behalf, I would totally do it, because what? Tessa and Scott are going to come back and reveal who I'm dating and that I'm not really fluent in Italian? It seems like it would be worth it to rattle Tessa and Scott before Sochi. That's why I'll be nervous until the night of the FD that this gets "leaked" if VM are ahead or close.

    It's so weird because I do believe this blog is true, but I also think there's more to the story... the amount of planning that has gone into hiding that a young heterosexual couple conceived a child after they wed just does not add up... their baby would not be considered a bad secret under any moral codes, so why???

    1. Setting aside other points you make, why would you reveal if you are Meryl? That makes no sense whatsoever. They share a coach. DW is doing very well. That only conforms to some soap opera vixen versus vixen scenario fans have made up in their heads. Yes, there's tension, undoubtedly, because they're both after the same thing (Olympic gold) but this concept some fans have - including those at the Skating Lesson - that it plays itself out in some puerile melodramatic mean girls way makes no sense.

    2. I guess my feeling is that VM do not want this out, therefore this being out would be a big distraction and upset for VM, so I can't understand why DW wouldn't have done it after 2012 Worlds. I said "Meryl" as an example instead of Charlie because we already know he bought a house with Tanith.

      I am saying it because DW are using lots of dirty tricks, from their actual skating being cheated, attempting to coopt every good quality VM have just by saying in an interview they have it, subtly wuzrobbing themselves, rarely having a good word to say about VM's skating, etc. I find it SO hard to believe they have this bomb and are not doing anything with it while they are so desperate "working on their GOE for Sochi," that's why I feel like since they've held it this long they might release it right when it will make an impact. It's not about soap opera it's about DW being so pathetically desperate to win and trying to win using every method except skating.

    3. Don't you think DW are winning handily without it? Why would they be desperate? It's a cake walk for them. Virtue and Moir outskated them by miles at the GPF and DW won. You're not desperate if you're winning and they're winning. I don't think they see VM as a threat. They see it as theirs to lose, not VM's to win. Just keep on keeping on.

      Even if you believe outing Virtue and Moir is in Meryl's character, how do you suppose "Meryl" would do it? Sneak it in in an anonymous tweet? Hire somebody as a deputy to break the story? How is she going to do it? And WHY would she do it? She and Charlie are cruising no matter how they skate and no matter how VM skate. Again, I don't believe this is in her character, nor does it make sense even if it WERE in her character. They share a coach and many of the same affiliations/connections.

      How on earth would this advance her and Charlie's agenda? It would blow THEM up, not VM up. This is a fan fantasy, no bearing on reality and little connection to common sense.


    4. They should definitely be worried. I don't think it'll happen for VM in Sochi, unfortunately, but it's close enough that they should be worried about another Nice.

      There are a million anonymous ways to get something out. Hire a photographer for a day to take pictures of them and their child, if they don't already have. Then make an anonymous blog like this, only with pictures. Have a friend of a friend of a friend leak some details to Perez Hilton or TSL.

      How would it blow DW up if it's anon? lol.

    5. "Don't you think DW are winning handily without it?"

      This. D/W have absolutely no reason to leak this, because they are winning in Sochi, and have known it all season long. Everybody knows this. D/W are spending an ounce more of energy on skating than is absolutely necessary this season, because it's totally not necessary. Wouldn't be surprised at all if they don't even show up to practice most days because really...they don't need to practice. The last thing they'd be worrying about is trying to psych V/M out.

    6. 6:33
      I agree there must be many anonymous ways to expose a hoax without pointing back to a particular source (like DW).

      After this first show and the way they've upped the ante so so grossly, I hope someone does expose them and soon. How is it possible all the people who know can sit back and watch this garbage and think it's just what everyone else does, ho-hum. Tessa and Scott showed their level of asshole. Are they going to get away with it?

    7. Are they going to get away with it? Yes, because no one has the balls to really out them. Apparently everyone is cool with this.

    8. 6:49, I also hope that someone exposes them and soon.

    9. I can't believe someone here hasn't exposed them. I used to get it -- all y0u guys felt you couldn't expose them because you'd lose your "secret access" -- but now it's about protecting a young innocent child from parents who are unfit to parent. You all okay with standing by and seeing a child get ruined so you can keep your precious access? There's a special place in hell for you.

      And btw, I don't mean posting pics or shit like that. I mean calling child protective services and getting this child away from its parents.

    10. Child protective services about WHAT?

      They're shitheads. So are a lot of parents. You don't take a kid away from their parents because their parents are insensitive assholes. Half the kids in North America would be re-homed.

      If he did kiss Cassandra on the reality show, that's audacious but it's also one of the cruelest things I've ever heard about. I think they only care about the first.

      They're winning something, I think, in their own minds, but it's not something anybody good would want to win. It shows Ilderton's ass, and even though people say Scott's not Ilderton, this show says he is. I like that he'll do this just to stick it to people. That really shows the priorities. I wish he put that much effort in winning at ice dance.


    11. Furthermore, when people say DW are pulling every trick in the book - are they doing it alone? Why the hell would Meryl need to wheel and deal and scheme? That's nuts. She and Charlie are the beneficiaries of a LOT of help. The ISU. The commentariat. The judges. They are doing what they're doing WITH HELP. They get the same feedback other skaters get. If they were told - guys, you're not skating enough - they'd have to buckle down and skate.

      Someone in this thread or the one down below reviewed DW's rise and called them "compliant". You said it. They're not these schemers who are somehow pulling the wool over everyone's eyes. They're being held up and their scores are inflated, but you better believe they are also told how they need to skate (programs, content or lack of content, choreography) and how they need to come across as personalities and they're doing it. I think compliant is a perfect word for them. Usually figure skaters buck and rebel or resist in SOME way - most do. These two have been absolute model students and teacher's pets. Meryl doesn't have to do anything, although just the idea that it would be "Meryl" is ridiculous.


    12. Funny OC I'm the one who mentioned "Meryl" and I think I also made the post about compliant the other day. I don't get the issues with me saying "Meryl." It's a figurehead. The point is, Davis White OR THE PEOPLE WHO WORK ON THEIR BEHALF have reasons to want to out Virtue Moir and given the desperation shown by Davis White OR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE RUNNING THEIR CAMPAIGN it is surprising to me that this information has not been used.

      The issue was that they won't be outed because of this delicate balance of sources and access and skaters having their own skeletons and not wanting to upset that apple cart. But there are plenty of people who can do this anonymously, without risking their access, for the purpose of getting into VM's heads for DW's benefit. And as for skeletons, I highly highly highly doubt in a million years that Meryl and Charlie (mostly Meryl, since Charlie's relationship is known) have any secrets they wouldn't be willing to risk.

    13. IMO the "more to the story" is the toxic dysfunction in Moirville. THAT's the outlier.

      Back when the blog started the ONE thing that separated Scott and Tessa from other financially well-off, successful figure skaters and how they managed their privacy was where they came from and the level of investment in them from their community. That community is a freaking monster of ego and arrogance and entitlement.

      Others here have noted that Moirville and VM are reactionary. Everything is competition to them. The blog comes out and they react. They don't just react, they have to one up (not just the blog, but I'm sure the blog is a short cut to taking fan temperature).

      The blog, quite some time ago, pointed out the very obvious divide between social media and "legit" media. Scott and Tessa were very careful to keep all the girlfriend sleaze on social media. In legit media he never even said his "gf's" name even though she herself was a famous Olympic figure skater - the face slash girl yet. Throughout all the "older, mature sister" "unique relationship' "Not dating" interviews they gave, Jessica never came up. The interviewers never asked about her. Scott never brought her up.

      Cassandra was the same - social media, not legit media.

      Well shut the fucking front door - we can't let anyone be right about that one can we! Here's a reality show - legit media - and Scott is kissing Cassandra in it! What do you say now?

      What do I say now - or what do fans say? That you're still fucking married and you still have a child and upping the ante doesn't change that. You've upped the ante and covered yourself in slime. It's not even the actual kiss, it's the fucking MOTIVE. It's the WHY. That's what is foul. I could even see a sort of benign, silly, stupid sham where something like that was shown. This isn't that because that's not what they're doing. They're trying to stick it to people. They can't parade on facebook so let's take it network. This is just the facebook shit blown up. Throw some fuel on the thing and light a match. They're doing for THAT, not to have a reality show, but basically to act out against fans who dare have half a brain.

      What kind of people can't stand it when other people don't believe them when they lie? Everybody who lies usually has an outspoken sector that doesn't believe them and says so. For Scott and Tessa, all of the sports media is playing along. All of the message boards play along. Only here calls them out, and it's an anonymous blog where the fans most of the time are freaking over the skating.

      I'll tell you this, and I wish it weren't true, and I'll probably get over it, but this is the kind of shit that makes me fret about the skating a whole lot less. They should be separate - because the worst of fandom is all about athletic performance being tied up with personalities, and that just damages the sport. Figure skating has enough of that as it is. Scott and Tessa, though, are certainly helping to poison the well as much, in their own way, as DW.

    14. BTW - I'm very curious now if the legit media brings up Scott's girlfriend by name or if they still pretend he has none. Does Scott now answer questions in legit media about his relationship with his girlfriend and name her? Is that door open now or does everyone pretend not to have seen the reality show content the way they pretend not to have seen facebook?

      When somebody kisses his "girlfriend" on a heavily advertised reality program, they have opened the door to talk about that relationship in the media. So let's see if they go there. If they don't or won't, WHY put that in the reality show in the first place? These things are synergistic - the reality show content and Scott and Tessa's interviews about what's in it. Therefore, Cassandra has to be something Scott will not talk about in interviews. Any of the journalists who've seen the show- that will be topic A considering Scott and Tessa's relationship is always Topic A in their interviews and this is the definitive answer. It can't be OFF the table. That makes no sense.

    15. 8:12 here, I agree with this:

      "I'll tell you this, and I wish it weren't true, and I'll probably get over it, but this is the kind of shit that makes me fret about the skating a whole lot less. They should be separate - because the worst of fandom is all about athletic performance being tied up with personalities, and that just damages the sport. Figure skating has enough of that as it is. Scott and Tessa, though, are certainly helping to poison the well as much, in their own way, as DW."

      Bullshit like JMG helping them work on "chemistry" in an effort to show just how GROSS they find touching each other bleeds into their scoring because what they should be showing is how they have had a 10 year relationship with JMG, they have put in the foundation of ballroom dancing and are translating it into the ice (puttin' in the work, in the DW parlance). I don't think that's too technical for the audience. A typical DWTS intro has more about technique.

      Hopefully the Chinese judge isn't watching. Think he'd be heartbroken to see Scott with Cassandra. He might dock a few PCS points for performance.

    16. And actually, it just crossed my mind that if Scott and Tessa signed on the dotted line for a reality show, Moirville must have been fucking SUFFERING and in agony the past three years since the facebooks were restricted. Just look at it. They lost a platform and they couldn't stand it. It was so bad they encouraged Scott and Tessa (who agreed) to take it to a reality show so they could have a spotlight back. They've been starving themselves for three years because they couldn't act out on facebook.

      These are his people. This is where he comes from and who he is.

    17. Oh geez 8:21 for real? There's a section of him showing them how to work on CHEMISTRY? We can't be fucking grown ups along the lines you outline? Skating together for seventeen years, done some of the most extraordinarily interdependant programs every put on ice - can we take the chemistry for granted please or is the bitterness keeping these people up at night?

      You're right - there's more technique and figure skating in a DW promo.

    18. ""I'll tell you this, and I wish it weren't true, and I'll probably get over it, but this is the kind of shit that makes me fret about the skating a whole lot less. They should be separate - because the worst of fandom is all about athletic performance being tied up with personalities, and that just damages the sport. Figure skating has enough of that as it is. Scott and Tessa, though, are certainly helping to poison the well as much, in their own way, as DW.""

      This. I may or may not get over it, but in this moment, I'm not going to spend any more time fretting over how they do in Sochi. I don't want DW to win, so I suppose I'm pulling for some sort of miracle on ice that results in PB winning in Sochi. It's a nice compromise. They can skate and dance a lot better than DW, although not as good as VM. They also seem to be decent people. Not that that should factor in to things, but, again, in this moment.

      Winning over the blog and the fans who dared to think is more important than winning the OGM in Sochi or the that little girl that they bought into this world.

      They are awful people.

    19. Jean Marc tells Tessa to look at Scott like a piece of meat, and she says she's bad at flirting. It's as bad as you can imagine, OC, and worse.

    20. And they do this right when DW is banging the chemistry and connection drum as loud as they can.



    21. "Winning over the blog and the fans who dared to think is more important than winning the OGM in Sochi or the that little girl that they bought into this world. "

      Yeah, that's the thing. The hostility "towards fans who dared to think." Mother of God. The hubris of these people.

      I'm sorry - are we not allowed to have any hostility over the meanspirited, mocking and humiliating way they treated fans FIRST? Right in the faces of fans for years?

      No? We're not allowed?

      THEY went on facebook. They went large on facebook. Without educating themselves about facebook, they acted out on it, they got malicious and meanspirited and they had obvious sport with the fans, snarking among themselves.

      Any other celebrity or sports figure that acts out on social media gets it in the teeth. Any slightly higher profile celebrity connections who went that route would get bitch slapped from here to the next galaxy. This ain't about the Moirs. It's about how they behaved. They're lucky it's a small sport and they got push back from only one source.

      This is figure skating and figure skaters. They're nonentities in the mainstream sports world. The media doesn't track what they do.

      That doesn't mean the thousands of fans they brought in to their facebooks don't track what they do. That's how fucking social media WORKS.

      The pushback isn't about them - it was about how nasty they got on facebook, how they got off on humiliating people - a whole spectrum of fans.

      They humiliated fans who fell for the hints and teases and being led on and jerked around and then got the bait and switch and the psych out.This was grade school level humiliation, like sticking a note in an unpopular girl's lunch that pretends to be from some guy she secretly likes, and degrading her when she believes it. That's the level here.

      Then they humiliated fans who prided themselves on being "trusted" by Scott, fans who went around policing other fans and puffing out their chests because of the inside scoop they had with photos and status updates. He made fools of those people who were priding themselves on being special.

      Any athlete does that crap they get slapped back. It so happens figure skating is a small small world with a very small fandom (even smaller if you count the fans) so in this case only ONE quarter pushed back - the blog. THAT'S HOW IT WORKS.

  8. So Cassandra was acknowledged in the show? Please someone give a summary! TY!

  9. @TessaScottOnW was awesome - except that whole bit when Scott kissed someone who isn't Tessa. I'm a total tween. #TessaAndScott #TeamCanada

    Sounds like the show is having the desired effect. It's so ballsy and ridiculous I almost root for them to pull it off for the lulz.

  10. Well - let's say - we may have to rename this Tessa Virtue - the next Bacholerette...

  11. dude, you're totally stupid. the bigger a conspiracy is, the harder it is to sustain. they are probably screwing around, but a kid? please. what happened on the show tn? they are not not together. scott is with whomever he wants, and so is Tessa. they have chemistry that they use to their advantage, they mess around, they are young and talented and use all their tools to their full advantage. if they were together for real, it would work in their favor the way it does for weaver poje. they are so hell bent on success they would use it if they had it. you're so wrapped up in your lie that you have totally lost the plot. u have no proof, you're some crazed fan from Ontario with nothing better to do

    1. Sorry 7:47, despite what was portrayed on the show tonight, in real reality, VM have been married for 4 years and have a 3-year-old daughter. It's no lie.

      BTW, WP are not officially on the record as a couple. If asked, they say that they are platonic.

    2. 7:54 - and they leave it there. That's what I like about them. Beyond that they don't crawl into people's heads and try to rearrange the furniture layout - presuming they know what's in there. They say they're platonic and it's our business if we believe them or not. That's where Virtue Moir and Ilderton are truly, truly sick.

    3. I like that too about WP. There's nothing gross.

  12. I have found these claims outlandish but I saw this interview and must admit that Tessa looks pregnant in the current interview footage (ie when she's wearing the white shirt with black cardigan over)


    1. She's not pregnant there. That interview was uploaded in October 2009. She had the baby sometime between Christmas 2010 and 4CC 2011.