Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Only 19 tweets and 10 are shamming

I don't know if this girl believes what she's tweeting but her sham-tweet ratio certainly distinguishes her as somebody for whom it's very very important that fans know how silly it is to believe Scott and Tessa are together. 10 tweets out of 19. I wonder if she's going to restrict her tweets soon!

Hear that Toddler Moir? Scott has beautiful nieces but not you. You're a silly idea. You're ridiculous. You don't exist. This girl can't even work her mind around how they would HIDE you.  Seeing as how the entire internet lives on your street, at your pediatrician's, on the tour bus, backstage, and in hotel rooms, and the entire internet knows what every single one of your relatives and family friends look like AND your mommy and daddy live at the rink, in hotel lobbies, and at press events and meet and greets. Impossible, it's true. So it's settled. You don't exist. Your mommy and daddy are making very sure we think you don't.

Or, OTOH, they're just using your existence as another spiteful tug of war prop in the game they started against the fans, and feel entitled to win. That feels about right as well.

I wonder if, when Toddler Moir starts school, if Scott and Tessa can register their child under a different last name. You know in order to win this thing, outlast this thing, they'll stick their kid in a burka before they allow that kid's information to be entered on public registrars and do school activities. Toddler Moir, know now that neither mommy nor daddy will attend your school plays or school events unless you pretend someone else is mommy or daddy. If you achieve something in school and make the local paper your mommy and daddy won't be quoted about how proud. You'll never be in a school newsletter. You'll never travel on a commercial airline and get to sit in your parents' laps or next to them. I'm sorry, but there's winning involved.

You know how when Scott and Tessa started competing everybody in their families was in the paper talking about them? Danny Moir was on camera and also gave interviews the year they won silver at Junior Worlds. Senior Moirs were constantly quoted and went verklempt. Kate Virtue talked about her close relationship with Tessa. Jim Virtue talked about how watching Scott and Tessa skate was worth any money they put into it. This has been going on since they were middle-schoolers. I guess Scott and Tessa had an awful experience being acknowledged in the media by their families, their families talking about their pride in them, sharing stories Scott and Tessa were too "humble" to mention themeselves. Because they're making damn sure their own child will never know what that's like.

Just like now, this child's early life direction will continue to be shaped by Mom and Dad's ego requirements, cowardice, and lack of humility.

Also, Scott and Jessica were talking about marriage and she wanted school and he wanted skating. That makes complete sense when one realizes they didn't skate together and had sustained a long-distance relationship for years. Surely somewhere in between his training and her becoming a scholar they could have continued to visit on weekends and vacation together just as they did when both were skating and training in different parts of the country and then discussed marriage again after early 2014. Shit, Scott and Tessa claim they're not even doing Worlds 2014. Jessica and Scott couldn't hang on til then?

Hear that Toddler Moir? Your daddy's name is just owned in public by everybody but mommy. He wanted to marry Jessica Dube. He and the new girl are very serious and VERY happy. Soon, when Sochi is over he can move on from your mommy and marry Cassandra Hilborn.

Yes, Scott has moved on with a hometown girl who is just the SWEETEST (remember when sham promoters would constantly churn how cute and sweet and darling Jessica and Scott were together). They might get married after Sochi!

I can't believe how Moirville lets Scott's name be dragged around like this, and the child's existence be toyed with like this. Keep mouths shut, fine, but to proactively show up on social media and be aggressive with it when there is no threat whatsoever to the child's actual privacy, no disturbence of the status quo that has existed for years, and actually no compelling reason other than spite is gross.

It shows their priorities for sure. It also shows that they KNOW legit media will never address social media, so they can show their true character on social media and present a different face in legit media. On social media, being competitive is all that matters to them. They'll use a child not yet three. They'll use Scott's intimate relationship with Tessa and repurpose it to make claims about two other women. All for what? There is no threat here at all. So what are they doing it for?

I never EVER want to hear Tessa and Scott whining about "hurtful" rumors like Tessa being similar to Carmen or any other rumor of any kind when they green light this sort of shit to go out in public.

Know what the takeaway here is going to be?

"Jessica Dube would be pretty surprised to learn she wasn't actually dating Scott Moir for five years."

Obviously, there was some type of sordid triangle dynamic going on, Scott was bouncing between Jessica and Tessa and it took awhile to work itself out.

Think that's not going to happen? It will.

"Scott got involved with this hometown girl who got super attached super quickly."

Their kid will have to deal, they'll have to deal. I don't care what rumors come out prior to Sochi - they will probably make some up and then act sad about them - they have no business dealing with the topic of rumors whatsoever when they put them out themselves, without caring about the consequences.

They certainly are unique. They said a mouthful with that one.

P.S. - this girl is showing all the signs of someone who knows the sham is lies. She's so prolific. She's so adament. She knows so much about the dynamics of Scott's romantic life. How do all these strangers know Scott was considering marriage to Jessica? Does he blab on the bus? Does his family give a "Status of Scott" update at the Ilderton rink before skating classes? How does this girl not only know he was considering marriage to Jessica but also may marry Cassandra? And has never EVER had anything to do with Tessa? Who the hell knows who has slept with who? Which of us would ever be 1,000% sure about people in this supposed situation? Lots of times our closest friends have bits and pieces of our lives and we have bits and pieces of theirs, and then other friends have different bits and pieces, because of timing and when they happened to share an experience or when they happened to fall into a conversation. Except for Scott. People don't know tons of details. But they all know this. He has never EVER touched Tessa other than as a sister (off the ice). EVER. They may not know what their sister has done or their brother, but they all know this about Scott. They may not know details about Fake Girl X but they know she's a sweetheart and she and Scott are very happy together and it's pretty serious. Who knew Scott was so forthcoming, and so good at keeping mere acquaintances updated? 

Does Scott know the ins and outs of the love life of Heather's cousin? Who Heather's cousin used to date, why they broke up, who they're with now, who they definitely 100% for sure never ever slept with?

This is not how real stuff is talked about. Real stuff with real people in their bedrooms is not a bullet pointed set of talking points that everybody received and never veers off message. There IS no "on message" in real, actual, three dimensional relationships. And whether or not someone is dating his partner isn't treated as a crisis. It's always 100% no way, shape or form has he ever EVER been with Tessa. What "fans" and "friends" get so riled up about real things when the subject is so inoccuous? Why the consistent overreaction from everybody selling this message?

I also want to walk back to Heather's logic here.

1. Scott and Jessica were talking about marriage but she wanted school and he wanted skating.
2. Cassandra Hilborn is a dental hygienist.
2. Scott has said he and Tessa will retire from competition after Sochi.
3. Heather says Scott will probably marry dental hygienist Cassandra Hilborn after Sochi.
4. Why couldn't Scott marry college junior Jessica Dube after Sochi? Cassandra's not a skater either.

That he wanted skating, she wanted school was mindless. Heather just caught some stupid because Jessica was also a skater and it 'sounded' like a fit even though as soon as you read it, you realize it makes no sense.


  1. She's up to 21 now.

    "how do i know things? my cousin knows scott. trust me, he's not dating/married to/anything with tess!"

    "scott&tessa are close but they don't really spend much time together. they each have their own lives."

  2. Well Moirville can't leave anything left alone. It's good to know that Scott Moir's romantic life is discussed on a daily basis at your local Tim Horton's in Ilderton and how people really know Scott and what his future plans are/timelines...cuz he is such an open guy?
    You also have to wonder how Scott does not have any real friends outside Ilderton...cuz Canton/Detroit Michigan doesn't count right? Insert sarcasm...

    1. Scott and Tessa's life may not be discussed on a daily basis at the Tim Horton's (does Ilderton have one?) but these people who sham it up on the one hand sure have a ton of opinions they love to share and information (complete with opinions) that they love to disseminate on the other hand. Scott and Tessa's business is like an industry there.

  3. It would have been funnier if she said she is friends with Moir or Virtue! Anyway, her tweets are strange and I bet with you that anyone close to Virtue and Moir will not say anything about their private lives (as long as it concerns the truth).

  4. Don't you know that as soon as you become a resident of Ilderton, you gain instant knowledge of Scott Moir's innermost thoughts and feelings? Or he hired someone to fly a plane with a banner reading "I love Cassandra Hilborn!" trailing behind.

    This is all so bizarre and gross.

    1. Everybody who knows Scott or any Moir becomes instantly privy to his previous status with his former girlfriend (they planned to marry), and why they broke up, knows the current girlfriend is a darling and they will probably marry, and most of all, they absolutely know who he never ever ever ever slept with in any shape or form EVER.

      Her cousin knows all this first hand, your dog knows it, everybody knows it. Become acquainted with any Moir and you may not learn all the details of that Moir but you will learn all the facts about Scott. You might be vague about whether somebody else you know even better or longer is still with their boyfriend or at the same job or has been seeing anybody lately, but goddamn even from miles away you will be on point about Scott's status.

      And as usual the loudest crap is coming from the Moir side, because Scott's the one whose fake gfs use social media, which is where all this comes from and it's all any of these people know about.

      Heather's cousin knows Scott and knows that he and Tessa are "close" but spend no time together - but has never met Tessa? How is Heather's cousin ignorant about whether Tessa is seeing anybody?

      It's amazing - when Tessa isn't on social media nobody has any idea if she's seeing anybody. Only when a Ryan Semple makes a staged appearance are we suddenly inundated with people who've seen them and know the details. And nobody knew about Scott seeing this girl until m'ovember.

      Tessa's the one who lies mostly low about shamming on social media, and by coincidence, all the "insiders" who know things independently through their cousin or a friend of the Moirs (nobody ever knows any Virtues) never know anything about who she's dating or what a swell guy he is or how serious they are. Scott shows up on social media via some new prop's social media accounts and suddenly everybody knows the details through a very good source.

  5. I love the information about Scott and Jessica planning to marry. That's how couples so in love & headed to marriage behave, like junior high kids on facebook and like the guy (Scott) has an allergy to his love. Oh yes, and he also considers another woman his other half and his bff.

    And isn't it precious - from that bizarre relationship to one just like it with a girl from home. And it's serious! Just a couple months after ending that other almost-married relationship Scott is almost-married again.


  6. To just do a quick reality test, let's take a real couple that is prolific on social media. Tanith talks all the time. We know she lives with Charlie. When they came 'out' in People magazine it was reported they share a hotel room on tour. When she was home from one of her out of state commitments she tweeted something about how great it was to be home with - and she listed the stuff, which included @charlieawhite. It was non salacious, but she was glad to be home with her boyfriend.

    They have tons of friends between them and lots of family. How come those people aren't on social media gabbing about how serious they are and how they might marry?

    I'll tell you why because Tanith and/or Charlie would be pissed as hell. You don't go talking about the love lives of people you know on twitter, on public twitter. Or even of people your cousin knows. Your cousin would kill you. You don't inform the world they might marry before they've said anything.

    It's for the couple to talk about.

    What kind of people spend this much energy loudly getting others to discuss who they're not with? And are so dog-with-a-bone about it? Do they realize that their own obsession with shutting this down, with using Scott's "private life" as a weapon to shut it down - is revealing?

    You know what shuts something down more easily than anything else? The truth. All by itself, no effort, no anger or bullying.

    We all know if Scott weren't with Tessa these twitter conversations would not exist, nobody would be mad at people who said they are together, because nobody would be interested. This is all politics.

    Because it's true (they are together), it's a hot button topic. If it weren't true people would let it roll off their backs. As a lie ('scott and Tessa are really together!') it's very uninteresting.

    It's because it's the truth that it's so contentious.

    I like the strategy of strangers on twitter revealing the details of Scott's private life in public so as to convince people he's not with his platonic partner.

    Because that would so happen if he were really in a different private relationship and his partner really was platonic. People who knew someone who knew him would be constantly on social media repeating the true things they'd heard about him and his girlfriends, all to get people to stop saying he's with his buddy Tessa. Doesn't everybody do that? If there was a wild but persistent rumor that Charlie was really with Meryl, wouldn't friends, family and strangers get on twitter to report that Charlie and Tanith were super happy, friendships make the best relationships, and they'd probably marry after Sochi - all without a word from Charlie? And for good measure, share with us what happened between Charlie and his last girlfriend - they came close to marriage?

    That would happen if this situation were real?

  7. Well and the timing of these tweets seems interesting. Right after the "GiveYourEverything" Canadian Olympic Team meeting in Vancouver, this fan tweets about almost every single bullet point this blog has mentioned - minus the Skate Canada incompetency...and the obvious D/W's all about the personal biography of Scott Moir...
    As others have pointed out, if this fan is legit and you know that both V/M do not use social media - why is this person airing dirty laudry about them? And to boot - this person is a skater? This person probably attended Worlds in London - where even the D/W ubers who attended had a good time at the event - this person didn't tweet then? Rolls-eyes...

    Like I have mentioned before I think before Sochi, V/M and D/W will lose fans because of the obvious crap from third parties.

  8. Not only the timing is strange but that she is coming out of nowhere tweeting about Virtue and Moir and their love life she knows because her cousin is friends with Scott Moir. It cannot get any more obvious than that. Except for one tweet, where she is talking about getting coffe, all other are about the relationship of Virtue and Moir. I wonder what the 4 not shown tweets were all about. Getting coffee because skating is so exhausting!

    1. The whole impression we get here is Scott's siblings, cousins and in-laws spend a lot of time informing acquaintances about the status of Scott's love life. Not just who he's dating and not dating but why he broke up with someone (up until the second they broke up they were so close they considered marriage!) and how happy and serious he is now.

      I wonder if Scott does the same thing. I wonder if when he meets somebody he tells them all about Charlie and Danny's marriages, how they're doing, what the wives are like, how happy they are, why Danny broke up with prior girlfriends, so that anybody Scott knows even slightly will be constantly up to speed on Charlie and Danny and can tell any stranger who asks.

      As usual there's a logic deficit. "Hide the baby?" Seems to me this chick is using that because a bunch of slow-ish fans have asked it, so they're going to work that one. How do you hide a baby!

      I know man, how the hell do you hide a baby or toddler? We all wake up with Virtue and Moir - we'd see if there was a kid in their home! Skaters who are parents strap the child to them when they skate their programs - we don't see Tessa and Scott doing that. We know all the Moirs and all the Virtues in existence - we don't see some unknown toddler in the front row of competitions held by obvious Moirs sporting yellow sweatshirts, so how can this child exist? Where is this child at press conferences? Where is this child during practices and warm-ups at competitions?

      Basically this girl is doing "hide the baby" because some fans have said "how can they hide a baby" so she figures let's massage that one. She better not work it too hard on that one because then when some people think "how can they hide the child" they'll realize actually it's not so difficult.

      Then Jessica chose school and Scott chose skating. I thought Jessica went to school because she had an ankle injury and couldn't train. And how is that a conflict considering she and Scott neither trained together nor skated together? This tweet seems to pretend Scott and Jessica's relationship only existed when they had a similar competitive schedule at the same events (which is actually the truth - that's when they'd sham) - and encourages us to think so too. So in a way she's telling the truth. Scott and Jessica "broke up" in part because Jessica's situation was no longer convenient to shamming. But for a real couple to break up for the reasons she gave, when Scott's competitive skating career ends in less than a year?

      She's in on it. She's out there shamming like crazy and as ever, I really like how Moirville is so ruthlessly competitive that it's like - oh, people think we're being grotesque and insensitive about Toddler Moir? We'll double down, bitches!

      Great, great people.

  9. Will someone PLEASE just hire this girl already?



    2. Hmmm too bad she isn't American - she could have tried out for America's Next Top Model...well best of luck to her modeling career..don't give up the day job just yet..hmmm I would think that the same applies to the brother...

    3. Can the resume include playing GF to an Olympic gold medalist? Surely posing next to him and dressing for the occasion adds points? Lol

    4. LOL @ 10:08 Except I'm not sure the brother has a day job. He seems to be involved with some sort of social media marketing but I guess that leaves plenty of time for hanging out at the beach and snapping pics with his besties.

    5. Quite frankly, I'm shocked she didn't include Scott in her list of qualifications.

    6. She would have to be minimum 2 inches taller and five pounds lighter.

    7. That's for legit modeling. Fashion modeling, runway, editorial, cosmetics.

      For Cassandra's category, there's catalog (LL Bean, for instance) - and 'glamor' modeling (Hawaiian Tropic used to be ground zero for those ambitions, also local ads - car dealerships, eyewear - that type of thing).

    8. 10:28 a.m. - I'd actually believe the reason she agreed to sham is she thought Scott's fame would attract attention to her looks/photos and she'd benefit from the overflow.

      As I said in the latest post though, it doesn't really work like that. Scott IS her qualification. If she has representation her people would submit her with that tag "Scott Moir's lady". Being the SO of a celebrity or even semi-celebrity has opened modeling, acting and similar opportunities to girls (and some guys) who otherwise wouldn't make the cut. BUT, the name is the angle. The trade off for the opportunity is the relationship is highlighted in the text.

      Is Scott willing to do that? Otherwise, Cassandra seems to be hoping that the connection is simply a numbers game. It will attract views to her social media images, and maybe one of the views will like what they see and offer her something in her own right.

      Without tagging her, explicitly, to Scott, that won't happen. I suppose that, as with Jessica, there could be a thing or two set up for her (a la Jessica getting on Hello magazine's "most beautiful" list), but no traction.

      She's like Marnie on HBO's "Girls". Soshanna tells her she could totally get a "pretty person" job. Marnie affects an excess of modesty and Shoshanna and her boyfriend say "not modeling". It turns out to be a gentleman's club (high end) hostess job where the uniform is shorts and heels. That type of job is everywhere for someone like CH.

  10. Yes how does this Heather know so much about who Scott wants to marry? This is a sham twitter account along the lines of whoever claimed to see Cass at nationals/worlds.

    1. 10:37
      To be fair, there is TV evidence Cass and her mom sat with the Moirs at Worlds.

      I hope the tweets keep coming - they're hilarious.

    2. EVERYBODY knows who Scott wants to marry. I just hope Cassandra won't be too disappointed when she learns that Scott is already married. Damn, what a sordid triangle this is.

    3. Cassandra and her mom sat with the brothers (or near the brothers), their families, and other Moirville members, but unlike with Jessica, the parental Moirs were elsewhere.

    4. 6:53 -- I think the parental Moirs were busy with their volunteering duties during Worlds in London. Otherwise, they probably would have been sitting with these other family members, you think?

      I remember the Moir-Virtue families were always shown together in the stands during Tessa and Scott's younger years and the first year as seniors. But ever since the sham became full-blown these two family groups rarely sit in the same area anymore. Which is simply another totally ridiculous thing they do that in fact shows how the whole set-up is unnatural. Tessa and Scott say they're bff, also they themselves have said the families are very good friends. They say they have never ever no never had "those kinds" of feelings for each other since puberty (age 8 or 10 doesn't count). So what's the problem with sitting together including Scott's GF? The Virtues are mad Scott has a GF? It makes Tessa uncomfortable? If they all sit together Scott's GF is less real? It's stupid. People who are only bff without any other feelings wouldn't give a damn about the other's SO. But instead the takeaway, as always, is that some kind of (sordid) triangle is going on.

      Oh, and today is Tessa's birthday. A traditional time for Scott to show how he's getting it on with another girl. It's very very important to communicate to the social media crowd that Tessa is unimportant and on her birthday Scott would rather not be with her (people might misinterpret that). To make sure this is understood, the week of Tessa's birthday he takes off to some beach for the annual honeymoon with the current "very serious" GF. Of course, Tessa will be in another continent. Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea.

    5. last year they were finishing the SOI tour on her birthday...

    6. 1:12
      Yes, SOI several times has finished right on, or a day or two from Tessa's birthday. But it's true, they like to give the impression they don't do anything together for that day and they also like to make people believe Scott leaves asap - on his own and with a gf - to rest on a beach. Because naturally, he can't unwind on a beach if Tessa is around. We're also led to believe Tessa has to run to some place across the world from Scott so that she too can rest.

    7. OC 6:53

      The fan on FSU who claimed to have seen Cassandra at Canadians said "Scott's gf" was sitting with Scott's dad and brothers.

      But that fan does seem to be the only one who saw her at that competition. Cassandra must have apparating powers. Lol

      However, isn't it interesting that it's the established narrative that Scott's gf will sit with his family. Isn't that so not real-life? She doesn't have her own family and friends? Why must she always sit with *his* family? Scott doesn't sit with *her* family/group of friends ever.

      Particularly during Worlds in London, the place was crawling with Scott's friends. Cassandra didn't want to sit with her own group of friends or with her own family? Right, she on purpose chooses to sit next to the bf's family who also ignores her.

      Fake fake fake fake.

  11. What what what what???? who is this girl???? ahahahahah poor kid! this means that tessa e scott will merry after sochi if they just don't do it!! cassandra is really a model!! scott is only her job

  12. "and by coincidence, all the "insiders" who know things independently through their cousin or a friend of the Moirs (nobody ever knows any Virtues) never know anything about who she's dating or what a swell guy he is or how serious they are. Scott shows up on social media via some new prop's social media accounts and suddenly everybody knows the details through a very good source."

    You'd think there would be more people putting 2 and 2 together - the way all the "insider information" revolves around Scott (Moirs) and never Tessa (Virtues). The Virtues are said to also be a big extended family in the area, but they're invisible. Apparently the Virtues have no friends of friends or friends of cousins or friends of neighbors. It's so not possible that "close Moir friends" would know about Scott and not his partner who IS his life, and who has said the Virtue and Moir families are close. How do all these Moir friends or friends of friends have no information about these Virtues who are said to be so close to them?

    It's all incredibly eye-rolling.

  13. thanks to the blog that keeps us updated on the falsity of tessa and scott! but no one has noticed the pink backpack in the photo of the cast of stars on ice?

    1. It has been noticed but not brought up here, to the best of my knowledge.

    2. What exact photo? I haven't noticed anything

    3. Links please?

    4. Yes I noticed but...what's strange ?

    5. Some people have speculated it's a little girl's backpack.


      Is this the photo you're talking about ?

      Even if they have a baby, i don't think that they would take him/her on tour with them

  14. YES this is the photo I was referring to! I could not put it on the blog! and casually scott there is no ... during the tour there are a lot of photos of tessa with everyone, scott where? one imagines with the child. I do not know if you can bring children on the tour but I do not think a child can stay without their parents for more than a month whereas finished the tour had to take the plane to go on vacation

    1. "I do not know if you can bring children on the tour"

      In the past, notably, S/P's son and Daria Grinkova both went on the tour, or at least came along for part of it. I'm thinking V/M's child would be just as welcome to tag along like the others have.

    2. There's no reason why they couldn't brought the child along. All they would have had to say is, "Our child will be joining us. We'll need to have someone available to watch her during the show." Done and done. It's not like it's a gruelling pace with multiple shows in a day. Most times there were days off between cities.

      And yes, Scott is rather conveniently absent from that photo. One imagines that he gathered a small someone up and stepped to the side.

    3. If Scott and Tessa travel with a nanny (or some family member who plays that role) it's no problem at all to include a child. They don't seem to have money problems so paying for a nanny sounds feasible.