Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I've been wondering if this image hints at Meryl and Charlie's program theme.
Retirement Community?

Russian Soldiers Repel Hitler
If they skate that one in Sochi the rules say give them the gold.

I don't think another ice dance team could
execute this theme as spot on.

The Kid.
I can see this being a Meryl showcase.

Similarly, The Champ:

They have developed their artistic side.
Van Gogh's Two Peasant Women Digging in a Field With Snow

Jane Eyre
Cutting the cake.

Contemporary and socially aware:

From Gabriel Stabiel and Juliet Linderman's photo series
Refugee Hotel
Hewing to the "uplifting" requirement:

A look back at the games of childhood.
Tribute to athletes injured on the field of play.


  1. LOL I wonder if we'll be able to identify this moment once the programs are debuted in the fall. No doubt it's some overly dramatic and SAVE ME CHARLIE! type of thing.

  2. scheherazade.

  3. @amount85 and @amags18 on twitter think davis & white are the better skaters and are picking on people that think V/M are better. THEY ARE MEAN ANX HATEFUL TOWARDS PEOPLE THAT DEFEND V//M. GRASSROOTS. PICK ON THEM. IT'S TIME TO SPEAK UP FOR TESSA & SCOTT

    1. 3:28 PM - could totally see that.