Sunday, May 5, 2013

Batting 1,000, Scott

Historical perspective.

First, Cassandra Hilborn's current facebook photo.

Cassandra's lost weight. That happens when people get famous. They become conscious of how they photograph.

Given Cassandra's profound understanding of the quotes she posts to express her personality, I'll assume she knows who popularized the quote on her t-shirt, which says: "The heart wants what the heart wants."

Woody Allen was in a relationship with Mia Farrow. Mia had a bunch of adopted kids, and after the Woody/Mia thing blew up, Woody explained that they were adopted kids, not real family (he really said that).

Woody also had a bio kid with Mia Farrow, named Satchel (now Ronan Farrow). He adopted two of her other kids - Moses and Dylan.

 Then baby "Satchel" and little girl then known as Dylan.


One day Mia found a bunch of medical-shot calibre photos of her 'adopted' daughter Soon Yi, taken by Woody, and learned they were having an affair.

Concurrently, little Dylan said Woody had molested her.

A lot of Woody defenders think the Dylan accusation was just scorned woman stuff, but the girl is now an adult and hates him, his bio son hates him, and I, personally, think that a guy who thought he could just linger, lurk and hang out at his own kids' grade schools on the upper east side til admin kicked him out has left himself open to suspicion that he's capable of things.

Which is not factoring in that when she was a little girl, prior to the scandal, Woody Allen never let Dylan's feet touch the ground, he carried her everywhere and she always had to sit in his lap. She looked miserable.

When the affair was discovered Woody said the heart wants what the heart wants. He put that quote into the lexicon.

What his heart wanted was to fuck his girlfriend's daughter in secret while continuing a relationship with his girlfriend and being father to three of her kids.

He said a lot about how it wasn't a real family so he didn't really break one up, even though his eldest 'son', Moses, disagreed with his views quite vocally and the other two kids of 'his' grew up to disagree even more.

Mia's other two adult girls - Soon Yi contemporaries - said Woody had  made overtures to them before finding a more responsive target in Soon Yi.

When Allen married Soon Yi he adopted two daughters - privately, it is presumed, as one hopes no agency gave him the green light. Based on his logic, we can also presume he doesn't consider them "real daughters", so if they're lucky they're growing up stronger than he is and can kick his ass. Plus Soon Yi looks hard ass herself.

This is him with "daughter"* Bechet some years back.

And both 'daughters":

So the "heart wants what the heart wants" was the justification of an old perv for degenerate, destructive behavior.

Or, as Cass would spin it, it expresses the extravagant romanticism with a streak of rebellion that both she and Woody share, charismatic attributes not found in every dental hygienist in Ontario, I'll bet.

Her presentation of herself is pretty theatrical for someone we're meant to believe is simply a young woman dating an available single guy. She postures as a defiant heroine flipping the bird to critics and naysayers.

How is that part of the narrative she's supposed to be selling? Two nice young single people get together and start a relationship. There's nothing epic there.

She seems to be double messaging. Her tone would be more apt for a woman who actually WAS fucking a married man with a child, and telling us all to get bent because the "heart wants what the heart wants". The slogan of homewreckers everywhere. That's a homewrecker quote.

Otherwise it's misplaced histrionics because exactly what obstacles or opposition would a single 24 year old from Ontario face when she dates a single 25 year old from Ontario.

Nada. But Scott's fake gfs do tend to try to feed their ego and piggyback their vanity onto the platform of being his 'gf', and I guess just being a 'gf' isn't a big enough role for them to play.

So are the basics all too pedestrian for Cass? Is she hoping to push the boundaries and lead people to believe she actually is dating the married dad, Scott Moir? Otherwise her posturing is a little illogical.

She's such a student of literature and music, right? She finds that she herself amazingly personifies the subjects of many song lyrics and the character of some of the literary world's most notable personalities.

Boy, Scott Moir is just batting 1,000 in the entire "daughter" area, considering the shirt his social media girlfriend is wearing and the sordid origin of its displayed quote. At this rate, Scott may as well cut to the chase and hire Piper Gilles as his gf.


  1. Woody Allen is a disgusting creep. He should have been jailed.

    Cassandra's intelligence and knowledge of the world must come from women's magazines and internet boards with cutesy quotes. People use those things with no awareness of context. It's hilarious that Jessica Dube also loves to pin quotes on her Pinterest site. Lol

  2. You'd think the whole sham crowd would figure the universe was trying to tell them something with this stuff. Cassandra sports a quote on her chest that represents Woody Allen's defense for homewrecking. Did she not know? Probably not. But ironic that the Woody Allen scandal was so much about daughters, carelessness and disrespect towards daughters. His own and other people's.

    She does, though, realize that the quote has a defiant patina to it so one wonders what she thinks she's defying.

    Cassandra Hilborn on social media is dating a single, available, age-appropriate guy. Stop the presses! What's to be all declarative, brave and defiant about, so 'come what may' and individual? Who criticizes a single girl for dating a single guy? Nobody. Nobody who believes Scott and this girl are real has criticized her.

    I think she's trying to push the fourth wall a bit and flip off people who slag off on her for fake girlfriending it on twitter. The problem is that she's doing a worlds collide gambit here - real Cassandra is flipping us off using fake Cassandra's situation with the fake, social media version of Scott.

    So what we've got here really is real Cassandra telling us all she can be with the married ice dancer who is also a young father to a vulnerable toddler because fuck us - her heart wants it.

    Is that what's going on? No. But that's the net takeaway of her grandstanding. Why talk about your heart if you want to flip off critics of the sham? Her heart isn't why she's shamming. If you want to make a theatrical show of how little you care that people criticize you for your fake online relationship, leave hearts and stuff out of it.

    THAT t-shirt is saying I'm in a real relationship with Scott Moir and fuck you if you don't like it. Due to the quote's history it's also acknowledging that being with Scott Moir is a breach of societal norms because he's married with a child, but her heart wants what it wants. Got that bitches?

    Here's where an ability to keep their messages clear would help. They overload their messages. Here's where the quote above on this banner "Egotism is the anasthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity" once again proves ultra-apt for these legends-in-their-own-fantasies set of clowns.

  3. Do Scott and Tessa even realize or pay attention to the girlfriend's antics on social media? With Jessica, the way the Moir family was involved often felt like they were the ones directing the Scott/Jessica show. We know how that turned out so well.

    Maybe this group of friends thought they could do a better job? They're not. Cassandra doesn't come across any more sympathetic than Jessica and the feeling of defiance from her is illogical, as you point out. All it does is amp up the revulsion factor.

    1. It's gross all around. The fake girlfriends relate everything to their own ego. Due to the Moirville bent for overstatement coupled with the reality that Scott has no relationship with his fakes, the women just end up fawning over him loudly and often on social media. Since this is the second social media girlfriend to express her love in emoticons and hash tags, nobody could be blamed for thinking Scott requires this from his girlfriends. They need to be all over him on social media, letting us know they have no other interest in life. They literally live for only him.

      And then of course there's the imbalance. They're all over him, but what about him? He'll pose for pictures, but he's not on social media and never mentions their names in old media. Sure, he denies Tessa (and by extension, erases his child), but where are his quotes about Jessica Dube? Or Cassandra? When do the names come out of his mouth? Where's the "great girl", "great skater" "big support" "old friend" "really knows me" - and all the other references to having a relationship with someone not Tessa?

      We get girls falling over themselves over Scott on social media while as far as old media goes, Scott won't mention them. They look desperate, he looks strange.

  4. "Her presentation of herself is pretty theatrical for someone we're meant to believe is simply a young woman dating an available single guy. She presents herself as a defiant heroine flipping the bird to critics and naysayers."

    It is, but this is so common with females on social media. Defiance against an invisible boogeywoman hellbent on stealing her man. Lots of average, boring girls want to pretend they have a love story as exciting as Bonnie & Clyde. So they do a lot of bird-flipping in the form of faux-modeling shots and in-your-face quotes.

    1. I know - Cassandra's efforts to distinguish herself on social media via appropriating the same grandiose tripe every other girl with a mundane life appropriates is typical.

      But seriously, what is she doing? She has a job with this that's not about her. It's about Scott and Tessa, and maintaining a very simple, consistent facade for the public. The End. Why is she using the job to grandstand for the satisfaction of her own ego and vanity? She knows the relationship isn't real so there's no reason for her to take criticism personally. Everyone around Virtue Moir knows there are people who know and roll their eyes at what everyone's doing - the Moirs, Jessica, Tessa, Scott, Cassandra, Semple, whomever. That comes with the territory - they do know they're not gods that mere humans would never think to question, right?

      That's real Cass - what's her problem?

      As to faux Cass - what is the purpose of making this all about her, amping it up? The more she does that the less convincing the game becomes. Of course, maybe none of them at this stage give a shit about convincing anyone. It's all about protecting their egos and saving face.

      Yes, Scott and Tessa were definitely ready for parenthood.

  5. Cassandra may have seemed more mature/adult than Jessica (owns her own home, has steady career-type job) but is the sham any different? No. Isn't it interesting all the same descriptions given the Jess "relationship" apply again. Grotesque, silly, immature, OTT desperation posts from the gf, fake from space, etc.

    VM really wanted a repeat? Why?

    And this time around the fans aren't buying it. We know Moirville reads this blog and other fan places so they must know this all comes across as major disgusting. I'm sure I speak for many that we could care less about the sham as a real narrative. It's still of interest only in the sense that it provides conversation about how these people can be so stupid. It's also become hilarious in a sad kind of way.

    Oh well, Cass and Scott and Co are knocking themselves out just for us. We should be so appreciative.

  6. Even if creating and maintaining a social media GF for Scott is essentially not for the fans but to keep Moirville occupied, as the blog has speculated, they still react in ways that show they know what fans are saying.

    I find Cassandra's personal defiance partcularly offensive, given the reality of the situation. All these people are going to look so extremely clownish when the truth comes out, as it inevitably will. But I'm sure all of Moirville will rally round and proclaim themselves brilliant. They'll be done with sham activities but I bet they'll be occupied publicly patting themselves on the back. I'm expecting they will provide food for fodder for years to come, seeing as how they've managed to do things so far.

    1. I think it's getting the point where there will be unsquashable rumours in the years to come that Scott was having affairs.

    2. Anon 1:17

      Not just Scott. There's enough internet gossip out there, all easy to find, about Tessa's alledged affairs with Andreev, Pelletier, Semple, and who knows who else by the time this is over. The difference is Scott has generously also provided reams of photo-evidence, with more to come in a couple weeks, according to Miss Cass's tweets.

      They really are idiots. I feel terribly sorry for their child.

    3. Is she yammering on about a vacation now? I'm curious as to how this will work. They seem to have been careful up to now with Cass to pose her in situations with either friends or in photographs that aren't obviously boyfriend-girlfriend. Beach vacation photos kinda ruin that effect.

    4. I'm 1:17, I agree, the difference is in the photos. The photo output of Scott - both in volume and incriminating comment - absolutely buries what is out there of Tessa. And that's why I only focused on Scott. I don't know that rumours on message boards will necessarily "last" even though they'll still be out there in print. The photos are what people will believe - just think of how effective they've been at convincing people in the present time, even with what a sloppy job they've done of it. This is all so sickening.

    5. *incriminating content

    6. I have to say I do too. There's a real child involved here. Show some fucking taste and respect. How about not acting like you can't breathe without the kid's daddy.

      I know I am criticizing Tanith as to her role as promoter of Davis & White, but I can't think there's a single thing she's said about Fedor, Evan - and even Charlie (her real bf) that couldn't be shown to the kids of any of these people if she ended up with none of them. She shows them respect, their families respect, and his partner (Meryl) respect.

      I'm sorry, we all remember when we were kids. I don't think any kid would enjoy, even knowing it was "pretend" some girl going on about my dad in public this way. The relationship may be fake but that's his real name she's using, his real career, and his real partner she's ignoring. Tessa is a psychology student - how much does Windsor's program suck, anyway? How and why is this their way of doing it? There are so many ways to get this done without being skeevy.

      And yes, of course the internet isn't going away so of course people will claim there were affairs. They'll say I couldn't have posed like that to fake it - no other shams pose like that (which is true). There's no other social media relationship available to and aimed at the public that drools on like that. The child will hear the truth from the parents but Jesus I would wonder if it were me.

      There are people in the fandom who have a very limited idea of logistics, very fixed presumptions and assumptions, lack of information, lack of awareness and they love to post on message boards and make shit up. People aren't going to keep timelines straight and absorb the whole picture. The people who talk the most are those who avidly consume social media, where they've been horrible. The people who read legit media (only) are casual fans - that's where Scott and Tessa have been discreet. It's like they thought legit media is what lasts and social media is fleeting. They're wrong. In the fandom it's social media that lasts and lasts.

      Sure the kid will get context and explanations (and timelines) from mom and dad but what a thing to have to learn about, get clear on, and then ignore. It's so unfair, so selfish and wrong.

      There is no way they can say they had to do it because wanting privacy (or secrecy) and choosing to be exhibitionistic and smarmy with the charade of your fake relationship are two different things. There's no need to be exhibitionistic and smarmy in a fake relationship. They are making these choices for their child at this point. It almost sheds more light onto their character than you'd want to know. Where's the sensitivity chip? Where's the foresight? Where's the empathy, the sense of what's appropriate? Just because it's fake all that goes out the window? It's still his real name, real face, real him that's the material for it all. Do they not see that that matters?

      Scott cringes even when gay guys get too close to Tessa. Why doesn't he know that what his fake gfs say and the pictures he takes will not be comfortable for a child, fake or not? It's still him.

      Maybe they have a plan to buy up the internet after Sochi and they think when they "retire" this stuff will all fade away long before the child reaches any kind of consciousness. I've got news for them. Furthermore, if they did all this on the assumption the stuff would fade away, why didn't they verify before going forward on erroneous assumptions? They made a huge decision on mistaken beliefs, and they didn't even attempt to see if the belief was valid.

  7. I'm 1:40 - I don't know first-hand about Cassandra's tweets. It's from reports I've heard but cannot personally verify. Maybe someone who does know for sure can confirm.

  8. Ahahaha I just noticed the garbage can full of hashtags. The banners are one of the best things about this blog.


    wonder how long it will take for his name to be taken off their website as the only contact for these beloved skaters.

    1. Considering that it took until the tour was almost over to add SOI to their schedule and they're apparently holding their "Frst Aninual Golf Classic" (damn that i. Where does it go anyway?!) in June, I'd say a while.

      Their website is such a joke. As is almost everything they present to the public.

    2. Re their website - a whole season with the new/improved site and they barely kept up with listing competitions, SOI and results. This is not a professionnally managed site, in spite of the pretty title of the supposed agent.

      I know they wish to remain private, but gosh darn they can't ever have photos of all the things they're involved in that are public? Like comps, shows, official appearances.... There's a lot of material (public) . What's the great fear of promoting that? I don't get it, it's not like anyone expects anything "private."