Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The NFL has been a proud promoter of the U.S.A.'s real national pastime since 1920 when it was known as the American Professional Football Association. It remains the premiere professional football organization in the United States.

The NFL is committed to maintaining its leading edge in the sport nationally while continuing to enhance its global reputation for excellence, as well as the NFL's signature excitement. In furtherance of these goals, the NFL is excited to share its new social media campaign.

Here's a preview:

The Commissioner dressed up and giving a briefing!
I want to show you some of the exciting things that are keeping the NFL busy:
Camera equipment!

Jacob Tamme
Colts tight end Jacob Tamme on MEDIA DAY!
That's not all. OUR NEW SPONSOR IS

Tide is the World's biggest selling laundry detergent brand!
Welcome, Tide, to the NFL family.
The NFL has more to share with you.

Tide is a great laundry detergent. It cleans and brightens. 
Tide pods only look like candy! lol!
You'll need real candy for your sweet tooth,

but Tide pods will leave your clothes sweet smelling!
It's Tide!
Looks like Vernon Williams is excited about 
his super clean shirt freshly washed in Tide.
Check back with us frequently for more exciting updates on the NFL's commitment to the continuing popularity of professional football - and wash your laundry with Tide!


  1. Hmmm I am assuming this is a parallel of the Thomas Sabo connection to Skate Canada...I am actually surprised that 3M Canada has become a spondor of Worlds...

  2. The NFL can afford silly, low-rent PR since their millions of fans are never going away. Skate Canada however, has no excuse. SC is supposed to be attracting fans and basically trying to sell skaters and skating to the public and they give out this kind of idiocy.

    I'm a little turned off to Thomas Sabo right now. Sorry, it was too much in my face. And I hate some of that jewelry on the guys -

    1. Okay so perhaps the pictures on Facebook with the Thomas Sabo were a tad photoshopped, LOL...but hey you have to look at the positive
      a) Skate Canada has added a new sponsor in Thomas Sabo
      b) at least we got pictures of the entire Canadian team that was at HPC with the Thomas Sabo products
      c) there were no pictures/video of Debbie and Barb - so that alone is a +1 for me...

  3. So why the he'll ate you always criticizing SC?

    1. Stupid phone. Supposed to be "why are you always criticizing SC?"

    2. This post was a satire of SC. It's not a real marketing campaign.

  4. Anon 8:08

    Those are good positives.
    I also noticed there was no Debbi or Barb hogging the spotlight when Cynthia Phaneuf announced her retirement. Which makes me wonder what is the future of Skatebuzz? Now that it's not all about featuring Debbi presenting skaters and skating stuff, it's like SC doesn't know what to do with this website. It's atrociously boring. I think they should hire a 15-yr-old who likes skating and working on websites. I'm sure he/she would do a much better job than what's (not) happening there right now.

    1. A fifteen-year old - and perhaps a five-year old, for that matter, would be better equipped to do the thinking for Barb and Debbi also. Those two are ridiculous.