Saturday, September 1, 2012

One week before Dominican 09

Jessica and Bryce had a rough 2008-2009 season with an especially disappointing 7th place finish at Worlds following their exciting podium result the year before. This wasn't how they'd hoped their pre-Olympic season would play out.

2008-2009 appeared to be especially marked by ups and downs on the personal front, with Bryce focused on what they needed to accomplish to set themselves up for the Olympics and Jessica feeling that what they needed for Vancouver could better be accomplished with a somewhat different approach than the one Bryce had in mind. Her perspective - her needs - were different, and didn't include skating Carmen (their best program in terms of choreography and layout, IMO, and also as far as flattering costuming and make-up for Jessica) the best she could skate it in international competitions.

Things were so rough that near season's end Bryce and Jessica took to tellement sports to confess the Scott Moir-fueled tensions that still marked their partnership two years after Moir-Dube declared their romantic status.

One imagines that by the time WTT 2009 was over (where she fell on a sit spin, clocked Bryce in the eye with her elbow in a split twist initiating another round of blame-Bryce-poor-Jessica on fsu, and otherwise martyred herself all over the Yoyogi arena) and she and Bryce were faced with doing a brief tour with SOI just prior to Jessica's Punta Cana vacation, going-through-the-motions would be just about the best they could muster before taking a much needed break from the sight of each other.

I respect how professional they're being.
Just close your eyes and think of starfish, Jessica.

2008-2009 - what a setback. If only Jessica could have 
somehow persuaded Bryce to respect HER needs.

We can feel what a slog this tour was for both of them.

Sadly that's sometimes how it goes with a team. You have a rocky season, you get
together for a post-mortem, and yet simply can't find common ground.

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