Wednesday, February 8, 2012

See, they're not together

Couples walk together in corridors, heading into and out of banquets, and whenever a camera is running. Scott and Tessa aren't a couple, so this happens: 
We're so not a couple we're ignoring each other.
Are Scott and Cynthia a couple, as he was making a conspicuous show of talking to Cynthia in this video snippet?

If by some chance Cynthia's platonic, then why can't Scott walk with his platonic best bud, Tess? Is it that bit where they are desperate for time apart, and if not time, at least feet apart because of all that time they're together at the rink? See - off the ice, they try to be separate!!!*

Or maybe here they're hoping they won't be recognized if they walk apart?

Then there's this:

From "Jessica Dube's" Vancouver Olympics album.
I don't get this. I never understood why the game was played differently by Dube & Davison, who'd acknowledged they'd actually been 'lovers'.  I mean, whoa.

Wouldn't the photo above promote confusion? It looks double datey. Yet not a problem for them to go to banquets together, sit at dinners together even though she's Jessica Dube, Official Girlfriend of Scott Moir.

Tessa and Scott, who have never ever been a couple, let alone lovers, except for that adorable time when they were wee children (I love their stories - they never even kissed - that's why Scott had to dump her lol!) must appear to have each taken out a restraining order. If they are photographed at a banquet, Scott gets up from his fucking chair.

Sometimes things go awry.
Let's fix that.

Tessa learns she's "not on the list" for the bus taking skaters to practice.
No worries, the other skaters pooled a portion of their
appearance fees to get Tessa her own separate bus.
We're sure, right? No Tessa? 'Cause if it's a question of money, I've got it.
No Tessa! :)

Scott even has noise-cancelling headphones to shut out 
possible sound from the Tessa Bus.
I'm looking forward to Ice, Sweat and Tears, a look at competitive figure skating through the eyes of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, with the cooperation of Skate Canada. Unique is not a word to be bandied about carelessly but this project is gonna qualify.
*Tessa, you are such a freak.


  1. The fourth and the fifth photos are too amusing one above the other. I mean, where the camera goes on, Scott is in front of it, clapping with the others and pretending to be sitted there. Then, in the other one, OMG probably he choosed the wrong table and the wrong chair. It can't be acceptable that he's sitting next to his platonic partner that-he-tries-to-avoid-off-the-ice. Impossible, really, surely he was forced to sit there.

  2. Clearly Scott is just one of those assholes who needs an entire seat for his bag on the bus.

    The Tessa Bus. looooooooool.

    I've seen that picture from the Worlds banquet several times and I'm still not sure why Scott was posing with his leg up on the chair.

    1. Simple. If he's sitting next to her it's saying they're a couple. Then the people who've seen a gazillion photos of him posing seated next to Jessica will be confused. As, you know, us fans so easily are.

    2. Oops - we fans.

      See? We're stupid.

  3. They really aren't together. That is why it was so absurd when Scott said that they had the best connection of any skaters in the last 5 years. It was so absurd because we all know that they are dating differnt people.... Scott(Jessica Dube), Tessa ( Ryan Semple). Their act is getting old. Especially when we, and all the judges know that they are such great actors. THEY really don't have the connection they think they do... WE ALL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. They are just ice dancers
    (actors)they are pissed because the rest of the teams are catching up to them actting wise...

    1. Their mystique has disappeared.... Everyone was guessing. Where they a couple or not? It is now well proven that they ARE NOT A COUPLE & NEVER WILL BE. Their " so called" chemistry is now in question. The fans and judges have picked-up on this and have scored them so low this season. They are good actors, but the rest of the icedance couples(even though are not couples off-ice either) are surpassing them in the connetion department. If only they were a real coiple off the ice??? I think it would help them, but they are not. They are in love witth different people. The magic is over!!!

    2. Nice try, hun.

  4. FYI - this isn't fan forum. But you're welcome here as long as it doesn't turn into spam.

  5. Scott Moir to Andre Poje during 2012 4CC small medal ceremony while taking a group photo " Get in here Big Daddy!!!. LOL

    1. R Scott and Andrew secretly dating??? They are getting closer now that Andrew had moved down to Detorit. LMFAO

  6. LOL I was thinking the same thing! They would be a perfect cuple hahahaha! (I laughed my soul out when andrew lifted scott on the podium LOL)