Sunday, February 26, 2012

Comment Alert

From time to time, the blog comments section gets argumentative. A visitor might say stuff like "I just found this blog" and then say how absurd the blog is, how disturbed the blogger must be, hitting the customary fan war points.

Often, someone who decides to tell the blog how it is will present themselves as uninvested and above it, even if they practically live here and have for months. I don't think the person is bothered by the blog being "ridiculous", just finds the bloggER infuriating and has gotten obsessed about it and competitive.

So I want to repeat something I posted last time: I have a statcounter that I set up awhile ago because somebody left a porn link on the blog disguised as a user i.d. And I realized somebody can decide to hijack a comments section or sidetrack a topic. In those cases it might be useful to block an ISP by matching the time stamp of the comment with the time stamp on statcounter. Statcounter has a lot of stats

I haven't blocked anyone's ISP and I don't look at the ISPs of most people who comment. But if a pattern shows up I might and have looked. I feel embarrassed if somebody is carrying on about how they got here, when they got here, and how much time they spend here when I have information about all that that they don't know I have. So I want to mention to people who comment that if this matters to them, they might want to hold back on the stuff they say about themselves like the amount of time they spend on the blog and when they found it if it's something the statcounter can contradict.


  1. "Often a person obsessed with telling the blog how it is will assume the posture of someone much less invested and far more above it, even if the person expressing that opinion practically lives here and has for months."


    Really? There have been people checking out the blog for months and then pretending to be above it all? Too funny.

  2. I know you've posted in the past about your Skate Canada visitors but I'm curious if any other familiar IPs have spent some time on here. Say, anyone from the Ilderton or Canton areas.

  3. First anon, the people who do that are typically among the most frequent and active blog visitors (versus leaving the browser open) who spend the longest time on the blog. When someone weighs in with "I just found this place, blah blah blah " and I look at the time stamp and then at stat counter, it's like - seriously?

    That's why I've posted about the stat counter before - so if people want to have multiple personalities, agree with themselves, or other gambits (which has happened) or introduce themselves as objective newcomers who just found the blog they'll be aware that I can see it.

    This isn't about holding stat counter over people's heads. But since discussion goes on in the comments section I'm not going to have a discussion or argument in cases where the whole thing is bogus. I'm not going to pretend like it's on the level.

    I'm sure plenty of people have honest negative opinions about the material here. I am though, often flummoxed by how formulaic others can be when they're getting their vent on. First it's the above it all pose. Then it's the telling the blogger about themselves, always in the same shame-based way (apparently if you tell someone they're taking something too seriously or too personally, it's supposed to just kill. Or, at least, put the person on the defensive).

  4. Second anon - yes to Canton, no to Ilderton (yes to London, yes to Windsor).

  5. What did you mean when you said VM will come clean after Sochi? Are they expected to retire then, and if they are retired then they don't need to sham anymore? If so, do they think people will just be like "ok, they lied to us all these years. Cool."

    What is the story about the bus and Tessa couldn't get on it?

    1. I didn't get the bus story too but I think it could be related to the same old freaking story: "See, we're avoiding each other off the ice".

    2. My understanding is this - that she must have been on the bus because she needed to get from place to place on the tour like everyone else, there's pictures of her getting ON to the bus, but then she somehow makes herself scarce during the picture/videos inside the bus so there is no evidence she was sitting next to Scott....even though there is an empty spot with his backpack in it next to him....LOL

    3. Scott Moir should have to have a bag over is head skating, Tessa is way more beutiful than Scott, His now didturbes me. Tessa is was more beautiful for that team, I wish Scott would get a noce job too. He is handsome and all, but that nose has got to go...

    4. Uhh, false. Scott wouldn't be Scott without his distinctive profile. Tessa didn't need a nose job either but I have to admit that I prefer her look now.

    5. "Tessa is way more beautiful than Scott" is just a subjective statement, I want to remember that she wouldn't be so "perfect" without that nose job. She would be a beautful girl as well as Scott is now with his nose.
      I think Tessa shouldn't have done it; now she's stunning, of course, but you know, too much "forced" to the perfectionism.