Sunday, August 28, 2011

I hope this baby is never used as a prop (or propaganda)

But I don't like the odds
I think babies shouldn't be exploited to help push a scam on people. Normally I wouldn't put babies on the blog but Alma has her profile picture public and she certainly knows the difference. So that's a choice, and it's a choice that has a reason; no pretending it's just proud Grandma sharing with everybody, including fans she lies to all the time (on behalf of her loved ones, so this is not on her, particularly). And the blame for the above goes to Casen's parents.

HPC camp is nigh, and in preparation, yesterday Carol Moir revealed a spanking new renovated and broom clean facebook wall:
Carol Moir shows off her renovation
The same evening as her mom's renovation reveal, Carol Moir set herself up for an IPO:
Jessica, as usual, vacillates about the best look for an approaching occasion: Over a 72 hour period: Do I stick with this?
No - this !
We semi-match!  This!
Truly, I'd like NOT to anticipate b.s., or think - okay, this is a set up for a full half-gainer triple reversal off the third platform - but the odds are nil. All of this is on them and their games. They know exactly what they're doing, exactly who sees their facebooks, and calculate what's going to be done with them.


  1. Oh, I'd say they are definitely setting up for some b.s.
    That's their MO.

  2. where did you get the pics of jessica and scott? never seen them before

  3. The pictures are from the "Jess Dube" Facebook account. She's been rotating her profile pic for the last few days. I'm expecting to see one of her posing with Danny's new baby shortly. Gotta make sure that "Auntie Jess" puts in an appearance.

    Oy Canada, I hate to burst your bubble but I'm pretty sure that the reason Carol and Cara now have visible walls is the privacy and status setting changes that Facebook made yesterday. I don't think it has anything to do with the upcoming season and wanting to parade more photos.

  4. Using an unassuming baby as a prop in this charade? Kinda makes you wonder how much further they'll go, cause that's LOW.

  5. I also think that some now-visible walls are most likely due to facebook changes.

    However, I do agree with this blogger that Scott and Jessica and Co. have in the past spammed the fans with updates and photo albums. They've mostly now made things more private, but the profile pictures and other photos put out by others (Carol) still give the impression of a specific agenda on their part.

  6. I've noticed Jessica wears specific jewelry, especially at certain times and for certain photos, that is supposed to represent her connection to Scott. Do you think Skate Canada has also paid for that?

  7. Of course they'll use a baby. They don't think integrity or the rules of decency apply, because fans are the enemy and the "other". What you see in this situation is Debbi Wilkes and the Moirs putting their opinions about fans - accumulated over decades of experience - into practice, but lacking the competence to devise a sensible plan.

    It's even okay not to respect yourself if your target is fans. They're not real people.

    Fans are a genuine problem for anyone in public life that markets themselves. There plenty of ways to maintain the impression of access while preserving privacy and even denial. But. What the Moirs and Virtues & Skate Canada are doing is perpetuating a hoax. They pimp out everything from Christmas to family weddings and everything in between to convince fans they're getting the real stuff. They've already used a baby to do it.

    They're so very inexperienced at this and yet so very aggressive.

  8. Oy Canada...your comments above utterly disgust me. I have read through your blog for months now and simply cannot believe that you have the time you do to spend concerning yourself with all of this nonsense. I do however believe in freedom of speech. The baby above is not used as propaganda but rather has been welcomed and loved as a new member of the Moir family. Write all the nonsense you want about adults and your opinions about their lives but leave innocent children out of it. You clearly aren't a parent as anyone who brings a child into the world would never subject another child to such disgusting behavior.