Sunday, August 7, 2011

He Got Over That One

But when you're a big enough deal to think you're
really smart enough to make total fools of thousands
of fans who trust you, go ahead.


  1. My biggest problem with Jessica and Scott's relationship being a sham is that she is everywhere. Why would anyone go to expense of, for example, flying Jessica to Mexico for Danny's wedding? In the photographs, she's right there beside Scott at the table. The amount of people who would have to be involved in this is boggling my mind.

  2. Love your YouTube videos, I'm not even completely sure what I think but they had me giggling all the way through!! Where do Marina and Igor fit into all this? They must be pretty involved especially after the 4cc incident... Why would they be ok with this? I get the Skate Canada officials, but Marina and Igor are anything but mediocre.

  3. The logistics of this is not as difficult as you think - it's the same people all the time. Scott's mom and aunt are coaches and cousins are figure skaters - all part of Skate Canada and he remains tight with the same old school friends in London and Ilderton. Everybody's known Jessica (and Bryce) and everybody's parents for more than ten years, everybody is networked across Canada up the whazoo. This is having someone show up for photographs, someone who already knows most of the people wherever she's going.

    Why would you fake a Xmas? They did. More than one. Why would you spam your facebook fans with Dominican bullshit and hideous posed shots? Why haul your ass up to Quebec to attend a wedding you'd just as soon skip? Why pose in a freaking apple orchard and playground? Why spend the entire Olympic year timing Jessica's appearances with Scott and Tessa's times in the spotlight? Why stick Jessica dead center for each Canadian free dance but don't bother when it's an international competition? Why lie your ass off and then PUBLISH IT and PROMOTE IT in book form. Why have a neighbor pimp out his baby to help the sham along in an empty restaurant?

    Why start the Olympic season suddenly telling anyone who will listen that you and your partner are just a couple of gosh darn lucky kids, the luckiest darn kids in the world who probably don't even know what a lie looks like, you are so awestruck by all this and way too much of a kid to be contemplating a couple of huge personal milestones.

    Why kiss Canada's ass every moment you breathe while lying nonstop to Canada's face? What should Canadians believe - that Scott and Tessa and SC are really as appreciative as they claim, or that Scott, Tessa and Skate Canada have Canadian fans figured for a bunch of yokel schmucks who will buy anything they dish out if they smile and recite the sound bites?

    They are overachievers in everything so they are overachievers in bullshit too and it's just amazing nobody has had a come to Jesus meeting with them, but there's something wrong up there with Skate Canada, and the Moirs and the Virtues to have ever begun carrying on this way.

    Not a fan of Jessica but she was not on the planning committee for this.

    These people (and it's not a staggering amount - consider it is photographs, not real life, and facebook comments, not real life) are assholes who spend more time on this garbage than they do on the stuff that should actually hold their attention. They crawl into the minds of fans and definitely comes off that their favorite thing is keeping control of whatever fans imagine goes on in these people's bedrooms, which is pretty gross on their part - liking to have their fingerprints on that stuff.

    ut yes, as over the top as it's been and will continue to be, it is fake.

    As everybody knows, this is overkill for a REAL relationship. Real relationships don't function like this. This is not real, and it stands alone as the most grotesque and offensively managed fake one in the history of fake ones, on both sides of the divide. For the fans who watch and know it's fake, for the fans who buy into it and defend with all their hearts, and it's pretty foul to watch the leading man perform it.

  4. Anon 2, I don't know anything about what goes on at Arctic Edge. That said, I'd be surprised if anyone at Arctic Edge has anything to do with this beyond having Scott and Tessa's backs, protecting their privacy and doing what they can to make them comfortable in view of the decisions that have already been made by Skate Canada and their families. And helping out a friend.

    This is not an area coaches would meddle with with a ten foot pole - there's too much family, too much SC politics. They'll cope with the reality they've got and decisions others make.

    I doubt Marina or Igor had anything to do with cooking this up or keeping it up - they are both too sophisticated and have too much sense.

    Unlike other sham relationships, including Fedor/Tessa, there is a huge supporting cast in this one, it's true, but that once again goes to maybe you should sham it up with somebody you can actually stand to be around on your own more than five minutes. Too late now.

  5. You've made quite a case for the reasons Scott and Tessa would be involved in something like this. I'm still waiting to see or understand what's in it for Jessica? Ok, so maybe at the beginning it's about privacy leading up to the Olympics. But why continue with it? After the Olympic season, how does she benefit in any way besides looking foolish?

  6. But now Carol, Alma and even Jessica have locked down their Facebook accounts. We aren't being spammed with photos or gross je t'aime comments like we were before. If they were intent on doing that, surely none of that would have happened.

    Believe me, I'd LOVE to know that Scott wasn't with Jessica but it just doesn't make sense.

    Also, this is going back a ways but since another anon brought up the 4CCs, I'm just wondering -- was your reasoning behind the withdrawal the fact that Tessa had recently had a baby? I was never quite clear on that.

  7. anon #1 -flying Jessica to Mexico for Danny's wedding? In the photographs, she's right there beside Scott at the table....really? i wasnt aware there were any posted...are they in blue or white?

  8. @BellaDonna137 There are photos from Danny's wedding out there but they're not in the usual place. I'm not posting the link here. If someone else has it, they can post it.

    Are Scott and Jessica in blue or white? Scott has a white shirt on... (I'm not sure how that question is relevant?)

  9. Carol has scrubbed her facebook wall clean and it's now open for business. Season 2011-2012 Jessica/Scott here we come.

    She only closed down Rebecca's wedding album after it was linked here - makes it a little too obvious that it existed to purvey the hoax to the fans. Scott's cousin Cara Moir has also scrubbed her wall and she's now open to the public, which is a new thing.

    Alma Moir has posted a photo of Danny and his new baby (his wife's pregnancy is visible in the photos of his wedding) - because we all know if Danny's Tessa had a baby, Tessa and Scott couldn't possibly. We must have them confused.

    Clearly new season prep is here.

    It's interesting to me that when "Jessica Dube's" facebook was accepting any and all comers by the hundreds after the Olympics, she rotated sham photos with photos of her own life. Sham photos showed up reliably - she'd make a ;) allusion to Scott on her wall, or a friend would, then she'd allude to a specific visit adding another ;) (no name usually) then she'd remark what a GREAT time she'd had, then a beat, then a flood of photos. After it was over, she'd return to her regular profile and it would remain that way til it was time for another sham push.

    Since opening "Jess Dube" she has only had hoax photos up, which are, of course, all that's visible to the general public, and that is why she has to have those up. Scott put up his first sham profile pic only after restricting his facebook against the hundreds/thousands of fans he'd added in sweeps after the Olympics. He claims to have opened his fan page because he'd reached his friends limit on his "personal" page, but he also changed the access status of his "personal" page so most of the new fans he'd added (so that they could be a sham audience) were locked out, put up a sham photo for the first time, and retained the fans who are most vocal about believing in Jessica/Scott and eager to go around the internet correcting fans who don't.