Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Words

These photos make me cry. What a lovely little girl. Canada is full of lovely children like that. This girl. Children everywhere in Canada who fall easily in love with Scott and Tessa.

Skate Canada is apparently very busy bringing in straight, male hockey fans. Little girls will have to keep waiting in line.*

I love this photo. Oxbow students (Scott's alumni) cheering on the cd practice at Canadians 2010.

Why so stupid Skate Canada? Why? WHY?

Okay, that was words.
*Pssst - Skate Canada - little girls - and little boys - have families. I'm just spitballing here  - maybe families are a potential target market for figure skating?


  1. Awww, what adorable pictures.
    Tessa looks like a princess.

    Tessa and Scott would be wonderful marketing (something appropriate) to little children.

  2. They would be wonderful marketing figure skating events in Canada to little children!