Sunday, January 22, 2017

Et tu Tracy doesn't quite cut it

And Marie France and Patrice Lauzon have helped make them better.And they’ve done a terrific job of finding what is it that’s going to make that little difference. You know, technically Tessa and Scott used to get back on the blade a little bit and it robbed them of power and it also robbed them of control and that was the first detail that Marie France went after, getting them a little bit more forward on the blade to give them that power and control and that showed off in the stability … There’s no doubt, when I watched them in Sochi I was sort of hanging on for them but I don’t do that naymore. Totally relaxed and confident.

They now have that unshakable technique to back up that superb artistry.*

Tracy Wilson after Virtue and Moir's Canadian Championships 2017 free dance.

I can't take this shit.

Here's Virtue and Moir's Sochi free dance:

Man if only they'd had some power and control they may have been able to defeat the team that "skated" on its flats.

Poor Virtue and Moir. How did they ever accomplish anything before Marie France?

Tracy tells us that Weaver & Poje couldn't be happier for the return of Virtue and Moir. They elevate everyone's skating, and isn't that what all competitive figure skaters want? It's not about medals. Who cares about demotion. And by Virtue and Moir, Tracy means Marie France, but we all know that.

I think Tracy Wilson is getting to be a little senior to be this much of a full on propagandist at this stage of her career. I always have the fantasy that as one gets older, one has less patience for bullshit, and more strength of character. Time shouldn't turn you into a weasel, but there she is.

*Again, Virtue and Moir were "bested" by Davis White in pcs.


  1. Head was ready to explode listening get to her. Eventually got up and left the room.

  2. I don't even care anymore. Apparently, this is the narrative getting spun, even Tessa and Scott have played into it so they are obviously aware. We get it... They are back!! and better!!! than!! ever!!!!

    Whatever. If this is what it takes aka a complete re-writing of history to set up VM for another Gold then so be it. And it is a re-write of history because are we forgetting how up in arms Canada and its press were when VM were "robbed" of Gold in Sochi? Surely that implies that they skated magnificently? But apparently now they were absolute shit before Marie France took them in like little battered birds and mended their wings and now they can SOAR!!!!!

    I have never rolled my eyes so hard. And as Kurt Browning likes to keep mentioning.... we better PRAY that Tessa's legs don't give out on her >_>

    1. LOL, well MFD does have a strong affinity for wings and flying in her choreo, maybe that can be the theme of V/M's Olympic FD!

  3. What can you expect from the woman that thought Bourne/Krazt deserved bronze in Nagano? Normally Tracy is an alright commentator but she has said some face palm worthy things.

  4. I nearly choked when I heard Tracy's bs. You could hardly believe such lies could come out of a commentator's mouth when our own eyes saw otherwise. But I guess we are living in a post-truth age now...

  5. Tracy was just presenting "alternative facts"!

  6. i laughed when I read that blurb (you posted) coming from Tracy. Man, frankly I actually believe Marina (yeah, yeah boo hiss) and Shpilband for pushing their skating skills and artistic interpretation to get where they're at today. Granted some ppl can't stomach the idea that V/M was robbed. (Which i do believe). Again why should I be surprised anyways with skating discipline. There will always be the narrative with the 'guidance' of these sport experts (Tracy Wilson, Kurt Browning, etc.) to 'help' us along the way. Clearly no balls to stand up to the truth of what's going on. Yes, yes it's now Marie France who's (supposedly) improved them further. Though to me, looking objectively, as a coach she still needs more experience in artistic interpretation and music selection. :-/

    1. Small potatoes with current world issues, but thought people here might like more detail on the call at Euros where C/L got a deduction several hours after the fact.


      The move in question (the call that this was a "lift" and therefore an extra element is correct, the issue is the timing/eligibility of the protest):

      I looked it up in the regulations:

      I won't link the entirety of discussion here, but these two threads cover most of the other issues:

      Apparently there's been further news about the situation in the FD thread at Goldenskate, but I haven't had a chance to wade through there. Apparently someone on there said it was Barbara Fusar-Poli who made the phone call. Some details are unknown but seems abundantly clear that at least part of protocol was blatantly not followed. Of course this is not surprising.


      PS: I haven't forgotten about making the feet-only video, OC, I just got very off track of skating stuff over the holidays and am still catching up with things. Glad you addressed Tracy's outrageous comments here.

    2. Having read the posts on the whole SD hoopla in the skating forums, I can't help but feel it to be a tad suspicious. The fact of the existing rule about the limit imposed on timing allocated for protest was overlooked this time. Not to mention the wording of the rule itself. Didn't it pertain only on human error of calculation? Someone stated that the judges may have gone with the decision only because there were 'too much noise' about it. Huh? My question is who broke it to the media and then proceed to bring it up to ISU after the fact. So the 'apparent' mistake (i.e. illegal element whatever) not really seen by any judges will be considered. C/L were at least or close to 1.5 pts above the reigning euro champs. In this case, it makes a compelling case because once the deduction happen, it pushed them back on top in the end. Looking at the combined sad+fd scores for the top 3, they were ever so close.

      Anyhow, Just when I thought the comps would be fair and judged according to the day. (Which I thought it did before this incident) This happens. Some even try to justify in making comparison with Canadian nationals where top 3 scores were adjusted too. But they were totally dissimilar.

      All things considered I am happy that the whole transparent judging panels have addressed.

    3. Totally agree that V/M became the team they are in significant part because of their training at Canton.

      Gadbois choreo has been nearly all of mediocre quality, and the camp doesn't seem to know what to do with good non-V/M teams or how to develop teams that aren't great yet but have potential.