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Look who's here

Note - for some reason the gifs of the 09 4CC turned out huge, too big for blogger, so I'm going to have to do them again later before they can be loaded onto the post. Also, while I was trying to load the huge gifs, "revert to draft" must have been hit on this entry, so it went off line until I noticed.

Bryce helps Jessica on BOTB

Not surprised. I thought they'd bring in Bryce at some point, because BOTB loves stuff like that. But he's there.

Also here:

Bryce spotting Jessica's lift

I wasn't sure it was him at first because a few other guys involved with BOTB are also semi-tall, dark-haired and can produce five o'clock shadow every six minutes, so they look similar when they're bundled up. But the first link comments confirm it's BD. (To me, the second link looks a lot like John Kerr until it goes close-up)

If the Jessica/Scott sham were still going on, I believe this would still be what we'd see in official media and social media linked to BOTB anyway. Bryce. Not Scott. That's how it's always been. Only in strictly "personal" social media (Skate Canada's twitter is so inept I count it as personal - it's not that professional) did they sham it up.

I wonder why it's not Sebastien Wolfe helping her with her lift. :P

I've read Dube/Savage had a successful opening night, so congrats to them, but in the video of Bryce pitching in on ice, Jessica's face looks as nauseated with terror as it did most of the time when she was getting up there via Wolfe.

I had wondered how Jessica was going to navigate the aspects of the BOTB experience that didn't look like a natural fit, but if Bryce is helping out, problem solved.

This could have come about via a number of routes - BOTB's suggestion, BOTB and SC's suggestion (further retcon of D&D's split), Jessica could have rung him up, Jessica and Bryce could have long since re-set their relationship back on solid ground. It's no surprise that Bryce Davison is a bygones sort of guy.

It also throws another possible explanation into the speculation about why Moirville is re-bff-ing Jessica on instagram, twitter, and her BOTB facebook. If Bryce is back in the mix, there you go. It would not surprise me if after this, Bryce and Jessica made the occasional tour and guest star appearance as D&D.

Other stuff:

This is more Toddler Moir rumination. When I read the below, I started wondering if Toddler Moir will one day be College Freshman Moir and still "hidden" in the public sphere.

Well, not true. I started wondering that some time back.

We all know if Moirville could have that cup taken from them (the reveal that all along they've been liars), they'd do it. Indefinite procrastination - next best thing.

I'd not previously heard of Howard Sounes' 2001 Dylan biography, Down the Highway: The Life Of Bob Dylan but apparently it revealed that Bob Dylan been secretly married for about six years starting in 1986, tying the knot six months after the birth of a daughter.*

This daughter is now marrying her partner, and the partner's family is chatting to the press about how, although Bob Dylan's a great dad, he'll probably give the wedding a miss.

Missing a wedding doesn't mean you're not a good dad

Parallels with Virtue Moir might be:

"Secret" wedding. Although, unlike Virtue and Moir, his then-wife was actually known to be Dylan's then-girlfriend. It just wasn't publicized that they'd gotten hitched.

The child was kept "secret" from the public for fifteen years. That's a long time, but I feel as if Moirville can see that and raise Dylan and his ex another ten.

The reason for keeping her secret has been given as "privacy."

So there you go. There's a precedent for Scott and Tessa to go on indefinitely.

There are a few differences.

When Dylan's child was a teen-ager, she opted to take her father's last name. Previously, she'd had her mom's last name.

Dylan has other kids with his last name, who weren't hidden.

He'd had a prior marriage that wasn't hidden.

Per what I've been reading, he's a notorious lothario with a complicated love life (read, multiple paramours stashed all over the country, frequent overlap), possibly has even more kids.

Maybe Virtue and Moir's situation has changed, and they don't want to advertise themselves as a married unit with a child, and end up locked in, if, for instance, their favorite description for their relationship and their circumstances - "unique" - has taken on more dimensions or complications.

I don't really think that, but there's a difference between the challenges of a conventionally married, faithful couple with a child they'd planned, a couple who can fly under the radar almost anywhere, go unaccosted in the streets and in public, who compete at events where even some of those attending haven't heard of them - and an aging, eccentric, internationally iconic, world famous singer songwriter whose action-packed love life has been a multi-tiered, occasionally sordid, colorful mosiac spanning decades. So maybe subsequently Virtue Moir have acquired more things in common with Dylan than is presently understood.

Dylan is "obsessively private" in a weird, grandiose, narcissistic show biz sort of way, traveling with a team of security, incessantly touring while staying inaccessible to the public attending his shows, and, according to one report, habitually butchering his most recognizeable hits to the point that half the time the crowd doesn't know what he's singing.

And while he's said to be "reclusive" in the ostentatious, "look at me being reclusive" style popularized by other privacy-seeking show-offs like Woody Allen, in his favor, I don't recall him ever telling the public that he was most definitely NOT married to, for instance, his first wife (with whom he had most of his kids).

His history departs from Virtue and Moir's in other ways. Down the Highway, the biography, reveals his marriage and his chid. It doesn't lie about his marriage.

"Journalist" Steve Milton, Virtue and Moir's Boswell, repeated over and over that Virtue and Moir were platonic, that their relationship had never been romantic at any point, that it existed in a twilight region of passionate but effortlessly platonic emotional and psychological intimacy.

Milton repeated this in articles he wrote after that book came out, calling people who believed Virtue and Moir were together, "dreamers".

When Milton worked with Virtue and Moir on that book, they were married. And expecting a baby. That was still the case when they did book signings. He appeared at at least one of the signings with Virtue and Moir.

Subsequent to that book, he received recognition for his work as a sports journalist. You know - journalist. Not fiction writer. Not Public Relations Professional.**

Sports journalists don't generally proactively lie to the public on behalf of the athletes who are the subjects of their writing, but many writers and journalists seem to make an exception when they write about figure skating.

I think they don't believe figure skaters are real athletes. Look at Phil Hersch - him knowing nothing about skating despite having written about it (more accurately, despite having "covered" it in terms of its human interest value and non-technical performance attributes) didn't stop him from declaring Yuna Kim the only athlete in figure skating. They don't consider figure skating a real sport, and they don't consider the public that follows figure skating to be real members of the public.

With Scott and Tessa, we have to believe that their real world is those they actually know, or who work in and around their lives, and the world that doesn't count is the public realm. This is something we should keep in mind when their reality show airs. Whatever we see, we are justified in believing it's garbage.

When you start by faking that you're not married, and you don't acknowledge the existence of your child (yet sign up for a freaking reality show ANYWAY), there's not much reality going on, and that includes how Ilderton will be presented.

Since they have such disdain for what the public thinks, I've always wondered why Scott made such a point of this back in 2009:

I'm going to gif this later, and 2009 Canadians. For now, at program's end where, exactly as he did at Canadians, exactly when the camera is where it is, he thwacks Tessa's behind with his skate guards.

And then look at him waiting until the camera has cut from the replay back to the Kiss'n'Cry before he takes the water bottle from Tessa and slugs some down, his arm draped over the back of the bench like a guy trying the yawn and reach at a movie theatre circa 1947. You can SEE Scott anticipating seeing himself on the monitor before he takes the water.

Canadians 2009
4CC 2009
Kiss'n'Cry 4CC 09

4CC Bench 2009

Who was this for except us? Both times, he's swatting her ass when the camera is at the same angle, as close as it can get. He waits for it. And he waits until the red light is back on the Kiss'n'Cry before taking Tessa's water bottle and swigging from it. That's for US. Scott Moir is the least natural "just act natural" guy ever. If Woody Allen and Bob Dylan are examples of the ostentatiously reclusive "celebrity", Scott Moir is elaborately casual. When he's doing it to be seen doing it, you can't mistake it for the real thing.

I guess what I'm wondering is, for some reason it made him feel better to be seen (by the public) cuing us about how close he really was to Tessa. His entire private life knew it already, so why did he need to express himself that way on camera?

And why is it not important that his own child doesn't participate even by having her existence recognized the way everyone around Tessa and Scott, including Tessa and Scott, are eager to be recognized/acknowledged in public? She doesn't exist.

For Bob Dylan, the clusterfuck that is his family dynamic is a community experience. Everybody shares the impact.

For Scott and Tessa's child, she is singled out by being erased. It's not going to be the same when a sibling comes along who was born after the Olympic career is done. It's a deliberate exclusion of someone in a situation where nobody else wants to be excluded, not even those excluding HER.
*To tie both topics together, I think Jessica and Bryce really need a book, or at least a chapter in a skating book, of their own. Their story is so dramatic. After they were paired and experiencing success, they were widely assumed to be sweethearts, not because they said they were, but because they kissed on the lips after their biggest triumphs, in front of the cameras and everything. In 2007 her face is sliced by by Bryce's skate blade, which event, per both of them, serves to bring them closer and closer together in the ensuing weeks and months, even though articles were now saying they were ex boyfriend and girlfriend (when the media announced they were ex boyfriend/girlfriend, it was the first time the media had shared that they'd BEEN boyfriend/girlfriend).

The season after her face was slashed was their most successful. They made the podium at Worlds. This achievement was not only remarkable in light of the face slash, but because, unbeknownst to the public until the following year, while Jessica and Bryce were growing closer and closer in the months after the face slash, simultaneously (April 2007) she had taken up romantically with his best friend from childhood, Scott Moir, thereby destroying the relationship of the two men.

We found this out when, in an unprecedented media gambit, D&D together took to Tellement sports to gaily chat with us about the sordid details.

As the skating fandom repeatedly asserted, D&D's stressful relationship and Bryce's wet blanketry, and insistence on making Jessica feel guilty, were the factors eroding Jessica and Bryce's 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 performances. This was confirmed when they announced their Olympic program was going to be "The Way We Were". Obviously, taking up with your ex-boyfriend's best friend and ruining their relationship while undermining your partnership is precisely the sort of life and professional milestone Bryce and Jessica would want commemorated in choreography.

Never mind what Scott and Tessa say - Bryce and Jessica really are unique.**

**Except when unique is the template for so many Skate Canada skaters, is it still unique? There's so much unique platonic passion running amok in that Federation.
P.S. When I online research articles on ethics in journalism, most of the "thou shalt not lie" material focuses on the use of deception to GET a story. I.e. may a journalist misrepresent who they are in order to get access? Can they phony up an identity and a background in order to get close to a subject?

I liked this especially from The American Journalism Review:
The Society of Professional Journalists' ethics handbook says deception should be used only when all other means have been exhausted; the story illuminates an extremely serious social problem or prevents profound harm to individuals; when the journalists reveal their deception to the public; and when the harm prevented by the information outweighs the damage caused by the deception.

That's the theory. In reality, the rules have been widely interpreted, especially in television, usually due to competitive pressures. Says one attorney, "Libel law never asked journalists to explain how they got the truth as long as they got it."
I like the quote because the question is - are there any circumstances under which a journalist may lie in order to get to and report the truth?

The issue churns around the subject/journalist relationship, not the journalism/public relationship. It's - how far do you go to get the story? And if you lie it up too much or use tabloid tactics, it's considered junk journalism.

I have a feeling the book Steve Milton helped write with Scott and Tessa isn't featured as prominently in his bio (if at all) as his book Tell Me to My Face done with Angelo Mosca (Mosca's book is also a "journey").

I don't know the journalistic guidelines about getting access, knowing the truth, and then turning around and reporting the opposite, while manipulating the shit out of the public, while simultaneously gaslighting the public (as Milton - and others - have done time and time again) because it's only figure skating. Maybe the figure skating exemption is in the fine print. If so, I think the figure skating public should be informed, and sportswriters and others who cover figure skating should stop deceiving the figure skating public into believing they're reporting.

It's not reporting. It's not even entertainment reporting. It's not "performance.". It's not "marketing." It's lying. It's reporters thinking as long as it's figure skating it's okay to be groupies.

That being the case, the public should understand, as the audience for all kinds of entertainment media already knows if they care to check, that anything written about figure skaters is public relations, up to an including flat out lying - i.e., saying, knowingly, the exact opposite of what is true.

Actual sportswriting ranges from solid reporting to a lazy hodgepodge of sloppy research, press releases, quote banks and what's been reworded and repurposed from previously published stuff. That's not what goes on with Virtue and Moir.

It's lying. Newspapers, columnists, and sportswriters who cover news and other sports with any legitimacy should disclose to figure skating fans that it's different when the the subject is figure skaters. That it's permissible to actively lie to the public on behalf of the skaters, that the writer's role changes from journalist to "protector" of the subject, and it's customary to proactively facilitate their aggressive marketing of those lies.

A little implied eye rolling at the public to make them feel even stupider is encouraged. If the public is mostly "ladies" there's really no limit. Pour it on.

There's always a lot going on that journalists don't tell us. Always a story behind the story. However, I am not aware of other cases where the journalist, in his or her own voice, knowingly tells us the opposite of the truth, when it's the central focus of the entire piece. Except in figure skating.

I suspect figure skating "journalism" is lower than entertainment "journalism". For example, suppose Brangelina split up but maintained their coupledom for p.r. And suppose this was widely known in the world of entertainment media, and suppose Brad Pitt has married a stuntwoman on the sly. There are many ways to continue writing about Brangelina by writing around these things, and very few readers would be the wiser. But I don't think anybody would flat out tell us that Brad Pitt had most certainly not married somebody else.

Scott and Tessa's book was a puff piece, but it's written by a professional who is advertised to the Hamilton Spectator's readers as a journalist, not just a columnist. When these two skaters and this journalist collaborated, nobody ever pointed out, in the interests of disclosure, that he was a hack for hire, acting as a public relations stooge, personal manager, or venturing into fiction. We were told it was sportswriter/journalist Steve Milton working with Olympians Virtue and Moir. We were told his credentials as a journalist.

I must say I'm curious if  anyone else at the Hamilton Spectator knows Virtue Moir were married and expectant parents at the time Steve Milton helped them "write" a book describing their platonic status, a book that called out people who suspected or "dreamed" they were romantically involved, and if these folks at the Hamilton Spectator just thought what the hell, it's not real journalism, but we don't need to make it clear that it's not real. People such as Milton's editors or the paper's owners.

It's okay to look the other way and pretend not to know, I suppose, but to actively promote married parents as single and platonic, and to reiterate that fans who believe or say otherwise are fantasists, is probably not ethical, journalistically or otherwise.

The practical matter is, it appears many of these people are honest only when they're accountable. If the light isn't shining on them, if what they're covering exists in the margins of a sport nobody understands but gets to write about anyway, then it's okay to lie, because they can get away with lying. That's all there is to it. They can get away with it. That's the real ethical standard for columnists and contributors at the Toronto Star, the Hamilton Spectator, the London Free Press,, Skate Canada's marketing and public relations, and TSN. They're not called out by their peers, and that's what ethics is all about. Getting caught.


  1. judging by this picture

    and this

    looks like skate canada is using v/m's documentry to promote pchan (as if he needs more promotion or w/e)

    1. I don't know if that's why P Chan's involved. He's always been a VM beard, buffer, wingman. He's pitched in with other skaters too. He's one of those guys.

      When Scott was feeling up Cassandra for the sham, Tessa was locked down at P Chan's side attending TIFF. It's like when Tessa entered the Canadian gala on P Chan's arm, Jessica entered with Bryce and Phaneuf, and Scott went in alone, because if Scott and Tessa had entered together like every other platonic or pretend couple entered - then --

      then nothing, as usual. They're ridiculous.

      Chan also did buffer duty at WTT 2009. Here we're meant to see Scott and Tessa's off ice activities. It certainly doesn't include anything so ridiculous as a child they had coming on three years ago, so they have to do something. Why not show him hanging with long time bff P. Chan? He doesn't hang with Tessa - or any child. Neither does she. This is something that, as they keep telling us, they, their friends and family can look back on and enjoy and remember.

      What I really wonder is if if his brothers will make an appearance with their daughters.

    2. I wonder how Scott's brothers' wives would like for Charlie and/or Danny to pose intimately with another woman and make sure the pics got as wide a distribution as possible all over social media. All it needs is 5 minutes of being public and the pics will be everywhere forever.

      They all think it's so hilarious for Scott to be an ass on social media, disrespecting himself, his wife and his child. How about Danny or Charlie, let's see how funny they think it is then.

    3. Don't you see, 11:01? Scott Moir is a STAR. If he doesn't get to act on the ice with Tessa, he gets to do his ice dance acting gig off ice with Cass instead.

      But seriously, I totally agree. I have no idea what the brothers and their wives are thinking. Well, to be fair- we really only have evidence that Charlie's family is involved, doesn't Danny live elsewhere?

    4. ^These two comments are practically an invitation for Danny and Charlie to slime it up to prove how normal and fine it is. That's how they roll in Moirtown. Their idea of raising their game is to get in the gutter.

    5. "I have no idea what the brothers and their wives are thinking. Well, to be fair- we really only have evidence that Charlie's family is involved, doesn't Danny live elsewhere?"

      Maybe Danny used to live elsewhere but he's back in his hometown area. In the last couple years he's been by the boards with Ilderton skaters, and also in the Kiss&Cry with Alma and/or Carol with some young dance teams.

      There's also evidence Danny and his Tessa are in this as up to their eyeballs as the rest of the Moirs. Jessica was at their wedding in Mexico specifically to be seen as Scott's GF. Then this past May that wedding in Calgary was Danny's Tessa's sister, and for some strange reason Scott and family felt it was necessary to include Cassandra. Oh yeah, these brothers and their wives and wives' families are all eager to help out in any way possible. It's obvious no one gives a rat's ass that they're participating in a hoax. Talk about a complete lack of perspective on the part of every freaking adult surrounding Tessa and Scott. Sheesh.

    6. One of the last tweet from Cassandra was "vaca! First stop Calgary" Now i know why...

    7. Danny has always been up to his eyeballs in Scott and Tessa's career.

    8. The Moirs have been involved in competitive figure skating their entire adult lives, and they've been members of Skate Canada as or almost as long. The Moirs are also the Big Dogs in a small town. Friendly Big Dogs, but they're hometown Somebodies. I believe this contributes to the situation we have where the Moirs know everything about everything, you can't tell them anything, and they know best about it all. There is no need to verify their assumptions.

      The sham and Scott and Tessa's child and all the rest of it isn't anything they need feedback on - it's all about the skating and they know all about every aspect of skating, including shamming when you're competing, and how to integrate child rearing into a sham.

      Sometimes I wonder how the brothers would enjoy attending weddings and other events - or at least posing at them - with women who aren't their wives, as Scott has done for years and years as everybody watches. It's his performance at every major event. How fun.

    9. You know, now that I think of it, it strikes me as a bit odd that Danny and Charlie and and Charlie's wife Nicole were riding in the buggy at Ilderton's Gold Medal celebration. Tessa's brother didn't (even though he attended) possibly because he wasn't the one who won the gold medal. The Virtues have always been part of the sham support system, and maybe it makes sense for the parents to be in the parade as well, but when I look back I wonder why so many Moirs in Scott's family felt like they should be in the parade taking a bow themselves. Aunt Carol didn't climb aboard (that I saw in what was published) and she was their first coach.

    10. OC 11:23
      I think you got it right that the reason for the sham gf at family weddings is because these are times for Scott to put on a performance. A family wedding is a protected environment because they're all on board and can help out.

      It's the perfect opportunity to bank photos, pose with family around, and give the impression things are real because OMG, she's at a family wedding!

      Except we do happen to know it's a set up. Therefore, instead of looking "real" they look pathetic and moreover we also get to see the extent of the families' involvement, and it's gross.

    11. As was pointed out here once before, taking the sham gf to weddings also gets Tessa out of going and being put into situations in which she is smothered by Moirville weighing in on probably everything ranging from the skating career to Toddler Moir's bedtime.

      "It's the perfect opportunity to bank photos, pose with family around, and give the impression things are real because OMG, she's at a family wedding!

      Except we do happen to know it's a set up. Therefore, instead of looking "real" they look pathetic and moreover we also get to see the extent of the families' involvement, and it's gross."


    12. And it's year after fucking year. How would Danny and Charlie enjoy it if at these events YEARS on end, long after they're married and parents, they're toting along a fake fucking girlfriend as a prop to use in photos?

      Maybe they would.

      I don't think Dickens could have thought up a dynamic this grotesque.

    13. Isn't it a perfect dynamic for a movie? Lol

      Would Hollywood be able to produce this kind of plot and NOT have the sham GF in the role of (secret) mistress? Not a chance. Which is also a good indication of how the public will interpret things years down the line. No matter how much they deny it, many many people will believe Scott was getting some on the side, cheered on by his family and friends.

    14. It's easy to see the one-stop shopping advantages of a family wedding - I'd probably want to give my brother's sister-in-law's destination nuptials a miss myself (destination for guests, not for the bride). Scott draws the short straw at a lot of this stuff - he has to work.

      But who is he working for? There's the concept that it's time to bank photos. But there's also the idea that he's the clown at the family party. This year, more than even when the Moirs were all up in Jessica's facebook during Jessica's tenure, it's very obvious that the kid's situation is set to "procrastinate" because the Moirs and their connections are too busy making a show of themselves with this sham. It's how quickly they jumped to follow the fake twitter account that did nothing but bash fans. It's the tone of some UWO synchro girls who take from Alma. This is a situation that consolidates the Moir's influence and power in the community. They can produce Scott.

      So I wonder if it's more than just banking photos and lending versimillude to something needless and ridiculous. I wonder if Scott's the prize pony at these things. The Moirs produce him, everybody gets to see the famous sham for themselves. That could be why they had Jessica in Mexico. The sham was part of the pre-ceremony entertainment.

    15. Yes, in every screenplay, the sham girlfriend would be the secret mistress and the wife would be the complacent princessy type too busy to give her husband attention while he discovered how much fun the side action could be, and then he fell in love. For Cassandra, it's a Cinderella story. Shit, she acts like that now. She acts like she won the lottery.

    16. Dead-on -- that is precisely how Cassandra acts. Like the Cinderella who won the lottery. But that does appear to be the Moir preference for how Scott's social media honey is to behave.

      How lucky can Moirville get - twice now they've found a needy, narcissistic airhead who puts as little value on the significance of marriage and parenthood as is required by the Moirs to carry out this level of classless behavior.

    17. "As was pointed out here once before, taking the sham gf to weddings also gets Tessa out of going and being put into situations in which she is smothered by Moirville weighing in on probably everything ranging from the skating career to Toddler Moir's bedtime."

      How do we know that Tessa is not also at these weddings?

      Also, how do we know that Tessa isn't taking some of these Scott/Cass pictures herself?

    18. We don't in every case. I think it's a safe bet she went to Danny's wedding. If we scroll through interviews we can see her there/not there in some situations, such as the closing image of Rick Mercer's feature on Canadians 2010.

      But her brother-in-law's sister-in-law's wedding in Calgary where the facebook made certain to show Scott was next to Cassandra as the bride walked up the aisle? Likely not, although it's a little bunched up where Scott is standing.

      Same with that wedding on Carol's fb a few years ago where the ceremony was in progress and Jessica was parked between Scott and Cara. In these instances, Tessa isn't there.

      Could Tessa be taking some photos such as in Aruba, sure. I don't know, but sure.

      This is a woman (Tessa) who is currently preparing to compete in her second Olympics. This is a woman whom, I believe, locked Moirville out when she prepared for her first Olympics. There is NOBODY preparing for an Olympics who is going to be able to tolerate what Moirville expects of Scott and Tessa, which is to be up their ass every second except when they actually take the ice, and to make sure they get theirs. And if they could crawl out on the ice with them, they would.

      Is "Tessa was there!" or "Tessa knew!" part of the cheat sheet they plan to use to explain to the little girl, or is the little girl already in training pants to be a Boor Moir, where feelings and sensitivities (except for I love you bro GOLD MEDAL sobbing) are run up on a flagpole so everyone can throw rotten eggs?

      IMO, if my parents are affectionate and in love, and my father still poses with other women the way Scott has posed with Jessica and Cassandra, AS HIMSELF - not acting, not performing - displaying himself as Scott Moir at real weddings, real golf events, real concerts - the fact that my parents are in love doesn't reinforce my security, it means I can't trust fucking anything. My parents are in love and still my dad is okay with THIS. So is his family.

      There is no explanation that covers the freaking OBSESSION with showing Scott acting out sexually with other women on the internet. Except that the Moirs love to stick it to fans with that and always have. And Scott performs like a circus monkey. It's perverse.

    19. You know the photo where Scott's fingertips are on Cassandra's ass sliding up her dress and Cassandra's making the duck face and also her hair is being blown around Scott's other hand? After years of sham, what was necessary about that photo? Why did they choose THAT?

      It's perfectly possible that was intended to be a smooch photo, the pose was an instant and then gone, and the hand positioning was just fortuitous. Still, as has been pointed out, a number of photos are taken in situations like this, not just the one. So when the photos from that occasion were reviewed, it was decided Cassandra's profile photo ought to be the one with Scott's fingers piano keying her ass.

      Play chicken with fans who know the truth. Who cares if his daughter is going to see it. His daughter will be able to put it in context because chances are she'll understand context as well as her parents, which is not at all.

      Of course it could also be what Cassandra wanted for the scrapbook, and as she's performing a service here, give her that. Toddler Moir won't see that photo for a few years yet.

      Considering Scott has a daughter, we know the degree of asshole it requires to prioritize scoring off fans over that little girl. Or accomodating a fame whore. My God.

      They are just getting started.This is an Olympic season. The Olympics are in Sochi, but that just means Moirville has to double up on Skate Canada and Canadians.

      As discussed in this comment section, every time we see a sham photo, especially weddings, we see the degree to which the family and community has crawled up Scott and Tessa's ass, and it's gross. We also see their priorities.

      It's really up to Scott to call it off, and he won't. He can't just call off the sham. He has to call off the fucking Moirthuggery. One exists ostensibly because of the other.

      He seems to be too susceptible to the Scotty boy meme, to being still seen as the sensitive (unMANLY) one, to giving Moirville their pound of flesh, a pound which seems to be the entire man.

      It's definitely not emotional blackmail because let's be real. Scott could set the terms here and no matter how that crowd acted out, in the end they'd accommodate his boundaries and his standards. He'd lose no support, no comfort from the hometown environment or his family. It's too important to them to be part of this.

      Unless he enjoys the perks of feeling up other women, kissing other women, time away from Tessa with license to act out with other women, he's letting Moirville set the agenda. He's their bitch.

    20. And speaking of daughters, I think something else revealing about Moirville is that Jessica Dube was at Nicole Moir's fucking bedside right after she'd squeezed out her daughter, and fresh out of the oven that kid was placed in Jessica's arms to lend credibility to the sham.

      Is this kid going to have the option to opt out of the sham, or opt out of anything Way of Moirville as she gets older? Fuck no. She was a prop when she'd barely mastered breathing without an umbilical cord. They indoctrinate them early in Moirville. How pathetic are these people's lives without Scott and Tessa? By their behavior, Scott and Tessa is ALL Moirville, and Ilderton, and parts of London, and some marriages, and some lives, have going on.


    21. And p.s., and reflecting my own feelings on the subject only, I find it absolutely horrifying that a guy as ultra sensitive as Scott Moir is to everything to do with Tessa Virtue, would be this callous with everything to do with the images his daughter will see of him and some other woman.

      The way he poses and has posed with Jeessica and Cassandra is absolutely nothing compared to his fine tuned sensibilities vis a vis Tessa and anything male. WHERE are the clues here? I don't think you could make up this type of stupid. I don't think you could make up this type of narcissist.

      He's his daughter's first, and most important, male role model.

      Unless he's been taught to hate his sensitivities, in which case, you're 26. Start seeing "being sensitive" as a fucking attribute and grow the up.


    22. "let's be real. Scott could set the terms here and no matter how that crowd acted out, in the end they'd accommodate his boundaries

      Unless he enjoys the perks of feeling up other women, kissing other women, time away from Tessa with license to act out with other women, he's letting Moirville set the agenda. He's their bitch."

      I've always thought Scott was very tough and determined. Absolutely, he could set boundaries with no problem.

      In that case, I'm not sure there are too many alternatives to the view that he continues the sham *in this particular way* for the freedom it affords him to act out with other women, and have a public record of it, no less!

      As it's been pointed out numerous times, a sham does not need actual acting-out photos nor even the sham couple to attend more than one event together in a calendar year. Their preoccupation to act out and tote the gf along to as many events as possible of course means there are other factors going on here. I'm having a hard time reconciling Scott being owned by Moirville as a reasonable explanation, given his strong will in all other areas. That's why I tend to default to the explanation that it must be because he's enjoying himself and doesn't want to end the personal benefits.

    23. As a mom, I am absolutely appalled by Tessa's behavior.

      Tessa has said that she idolizes her own mom so many times. Yet what type of role model is Tessa for her own daughter?

      How is Tessa ever going to be able to explain how she was okay with her husband acting this way? That she stood by and just let it happen? That she allowed an entire community to disrespect her daughter?

      How does she explain how she, and the entire Virtue family, not only backed it up, but bankrolled everything as well?

      How will she explain how she placed skating competitions ahead of her own daughter's welfare? How trying to win gold medals was more important to her than acknowledging the existence of her own daughter?!

      Everyone makes mistakes. Its understandable that she could have married Scott not knowing that he was a loser that would never be able to stand up to his own family. But the minute she found out, SHE SHOULD HAVE STOOD UP, ENDED THE MARRIAGE AND THE SKATING PARTNERSHIP, AND LEFT. That's what a strong woman does. Why stay married to a pathetic man who is HURTING YOUR CHILD?????

    24. And that's why I tend to agree with you. How big a pussy is this guy? I work pretty hard to find another word besides pussy because it seems to me it's another case of feminizing something derogatory, but here it seems to mean wuss and punk, and it's difficult to locate synonyms (on the web) that have the same satisfying consonant/vowel oomph. I'll let it go, however, if there are objections.

      The Moirs are a skating crazed family/community and it's the most successful one, their Scotty boy, who devotes much of his life to proving himself to THEM. What the fuck.

      It seems to me he came out of the exact same gene pool as Charlie and Danny, and close to the same gene pool (closer than cousins, not quite as close as siblings) as his three nearest cousins, and none of them came close to his success.

      And it also seems to me that he owes a lot of his success to his pairing with Tessa, and if there hadn't been a Tessa, well he could have all of the exuberance, skating talent, temperment, personality, musicality, energy, insight, competitive zeal, etc. in the world and too bad, so sad, another skating career stutters to an end in novice.

      You'd have to be a pretty big pussy to still be doing this (the sham) at 26 as the only way to satisfy everybody - your family, your community, yourself, your wife, your skating career.

      Why? Because why the fucking hell are you trying to satisfy everybody at age 26? Again, how big a pussy are you?

      And how big a pussy must you be to let yourself be exploited and used this way?

      So you ask these questions, and suddenly it starts looking like a near neighbor of the fandom's "Scott and Tessa love each other but are in denial!" and "Scott and Tessa are afraid to confront their feelings!" fan fic crap.

      And that's when I default to where you default. All of the sham, all of Scott and Tessa, all of Moirville, is about having it both ways. What is more having it both ways than being married to the person you love, and having a child with her, but enjoying action on the side with sequential fame whores who are happy to deliver for you in exchange for attention?

      Either we patronize this guy (oh poor him, blah blah blah) or he's accountable. If he's accountable, then he's having fun. He's married, the daddy of a toddler, and he's sowing wild oats as well.


    25. 6:29 -the explanation is Mommy and Daddy wanted a second gold medal and setting boundaries with Moirville was a pain in the ass and a distraction.

      Doesn't fly with you? Me neither. I'm sure it will stand the test of time with their kid though.


    26. And another thing :)

      The dynamic does read as one upmanship. Bullshit as in, they know we know they know we know. That type of one upsmanship.

      As in 'You say Scott's married (or engaged) to Tessa? How about THIS photo? Let's see you tap dance your way out of that! His face is buried in her (Jessica's) neck and they're both near-topless!" "Look, Tessa was with her pals miles and miles away and here's Scott pushing up Cassandra's dress on a Chicago sidewalk!"

      Why yes, Moirville, knowing Scott is married to Tessa, as I know he's married to Tessa, this stuff IS a little tough to explain. Except here's the thing - I can't unmarry him to Tessa. So I can't say, well in view of these gross photos, obviously he isn't married to Tessa.

      I can only say, well, he's married to Tessa AND he's posing for these sleazy photos. If posing is all that's going on here. We don't know, do we.

      What else is there to say?

      You know what else might be "difficult" to explain? If there was an instagram of Scott's dick going into Cassandra, or maybe a profile photo of his dick up Cassandra.

      Gee that would be tough to reconcile with him being married to Tessa.

      But you know what, Moirville? That wouldn't make him any less married to Tessa.


    27. "How is Tessa ever going to be able to explain how she was okay with her husband acting this way? That she stood by and just let it happen? That she allowed an entire community to disrespect her daughter?

      How does she explain how she, and the entire Virtue family, not only backed it up, but bankrolled everything as well?"

      6:29, I'm also a mom and I have to agree Tessa's role in all of this is just as appalling as Scott's.

      It is not okay for Tessa to give her daughter the message that there are acceptable circumstances for the husband to fool around, not even in jest. It's not okay to put her own fear of exposure, or whatever the hell fears she believes she's dealing with, ahead of her daughter. But that's what she's doing.

      It's not okay to allow the extended family any say when it involves making herself and her husband (her daughter's father) bad role models.

      Both Scott and Tessa seem to be having a problem showing any balls. It's appalling that they won't do it for their child.

    28. It's all about the skating. WHY they brought a child into it at a time when it was still all about the skating (more than their child) and they still lacked any balls to handle life challenges (fucking Moirville) outside skating, and that weakness trumped their respect for their child, is for them to answer but I feel sorry for that child, needless to say. Respectable humans would have considered this crap before procreating.

      Maybe the child is just a prop to them, not a person in her own right. Their little Olympic gold medal celebration trophy, and there was no plan other than to reward themselves with this little trophy. A bookend to the the year that started with marriage and ended with pregnancy, Olympic gold in between. All about Scott and Tessa's storyboard for themselves. No concept that this kid was going to be her own person. Why should they consider that? She's not going to be her own person. Obviously, no Moir has a chance at being their own person.

      But let's bring it on Moirville. It's the Olympic year and I remember last time, September 2009, not just the shit already on this blog but stuff stuck on a comatose laptop I'll excavate someday (or someone will unlock their flickr - that's going to happen as well), you really went to town.

      Let's go.

      How can Scott be married to Tessa - he's drilling Cassandra with his tongue!

      How can Scott be married to Tessa - he's got a visible hard on!

      How can Scott be married to Tessa - he and Cassandra are hugging while skinny dipping!

      It's going to be fun for them. It always is.

    29. OC, are you saying there are pictures of this with Jessica and/or Cassandra?

    30. Oh - no, sorry, no. There are more sham pictures with Jessica that haven't been published on this blog but they're along the same lines as we've already seen. I was just, frankly, taken aback by the photo with Scott's fingers plucking at the part of Cassandra's dress that covered her ass, because as long as this has been going on, it's still easy to delude yourself there's some type of boundary, some type of consideration they'll exercise, but there's not. Maybe I base this on the fact that when Jessica was participating in that breast cancer facebook initiative that featured people answering a question that implied the question was "where do you like to have sex?" Scott bolted to her facebook to announce the question was "where do you put your purse."

      Why did he bother? Wasn't the sham supposed to tell us he was having sex with Jessica, or was that just disciplinary action (Scott being a spoilsport on Jessica's facebook) because Jessica had acted alone when she was only supposed to suggest sex with Scott when Moirville was there to direct? Don't leave them out Jessica!

      So when the dress photo was selected as Cassandra's profile picture I thought - oh. They're not modifying anything for the child - they're upping the fucking ante. Scott and Tessa's little girl is a fucking poker chip in a game of fucking chicken. So once you see that, you realize all bets are off and as it's just "acting" Scott may as well limber up his tongue and other body parts to create even stronger sham images. That's all I meant about bring it on, Moirville. It's an Olympic year and all restraint (well, what to them is restraint) goes out the window in that type of spotlight.)

      Who knew the little girl would be used like this? I should have known, but really, very few people's instincts go where Moirville's go. Most decent humans, their instincts go the other way.

      As to the other sham photos, I have them, I know other people have them, but they're on my old lap top that needs a lot of nursing to get back to life and stay there long enough to retrieve the photos. There's a whole bunch more Dominican photos, including a group shot with about a dozen other guests at Dreams Punta Cana where Jessica is perched on Scott's knee and his arms are akimbo (IOW, not on her). There's ziplining and a trip to Santa Domingo with her siblings and a couple of photos on a bench where Scott looks like he's just died or wants to die (as he was driving, it seems that he had to stay sober for that excursion). There's a couple more dolphin kisses with Scott in his chef's hat with Jessica on the dance floor. And Scott and Jessica at a ball game in Detroit from when, I believe, she and Bryce went to the area for choreography.

  2. Given VM's insistence on pretending a platonic relationship and separate off-ice lives (to the point the message given is they actually don't like each other very much), I am absolutely certain their reality show will be nothing but garbage.

    1. Let's see if either Danny or Charlie thinks it would be great for either of their girls to put in an appearance. Even better, let's see if Scott interacts with affection with either of those girls. Just to rub his kid's face in it more than it already is going to be.

  3. Where did you get these pics from?

  4. "For Scott and Tessa's child, she is singled out by being erased. It's not going to be the same when a sibling comes along who was born after the Olympic career is done. It's the deliberate exclusion of someone in a situation where nobody else wants to be excluded, not even those excluding HER. "

    I think this point is one of the ones that bugs me the most out of all the sham. She's alone in being singled out via exclusion. It's very true it won't be the same for any siblings that come after V/M's career is over. This child is the one who is exists while her parents are still competing. V/M competing is something that is happening in this child's lifetime, but when it comes to the official record, she will have nothing of this part of her life while anyone else who wanted to be a part of things (at her expense) as well as a couple of similar-aged cousins all get starring roles in the public record.

    As a fan, I don't appreciate the sham behavior and being the scapegoat for a lot of crap that V/M should be dealing with in a grown-up fashion. That said, I'm just a fan. V/M will retire, and I'll move on to following and rooting for other teams. There is no moving on for V/M's child though. She has the parents she has until the end of time, and they're making sure she gets singled out in her exclusion.

  5. And all the while Scott and Tessa are currently going on and on in the public how the reality show and photo shoots are a legacy, a public documentation they're participating in INTENTIONALLY to preserve their memories, to look back on.

    Why are they emphasizing in public how wonderful it is, how important it is, to create a public, published document of this period of their lives while erasing their child's existence from it?

    Let's say ("say", hell, let's acknowledge) that they're full of shit and they don't give a fuck about public documentation. Unless they're real excited to have more publicly documented lies to look back on, this is just more Moirville payola in kind. Promote that town. Take skating there and you, too, might grow up someday to be Scott or Tessa.

    Therefore, it's not really important to them and they're not being hypocrites in making sure they have it but their child never will. Still.

    All of Moirville is in yellow shirts up to their eye teeth it's so exciting. The town considers this their legacy. They wanted to make last year's worlds a sea of yellow. Who gives a shit? THEY did. Charlie and Danny's wives in turn had their daughters in the front row, at worlds so they'd "make the big screen". Unlike Cassandra Hilborn's left ear, the whole kid made the big screen when it was Danny and Charlie's daughters.

    The child is not going to have anything to show her friends, her own kids, her grandkids. Her champion parents didn't admit she was around. Her daddy spent his down time hanging with P Chiddy and squeezing Cassandra Hilborn's ass, and maybe daydreaming of the day he'd have a beautiful daughter of his own. That's what's around for this kid's friends and future children/grandchildren.

    Yes, she will have the same private scrapbooks, private videos and photos that Scott and Tessa likewise have, but Scott and,Tessa have made sure that's not ALL they have. They're exhaustively chronicled already, but this season and in past seasons they've gone out of their way to be chronicled even more, in public.

    And so have their families and friends. Why is Cassandra Hilborn doing this? This is going to be crap she's going to show HER kids. Look how important I was! I was there when blah blah and played a big role! Look, there's Uncle Connor sticking his face in at 3/4th profile everywhere he can!

    It's important to everyone but this child who they'll deal with later. Well, she'll deal with it, not them. If Moirville performs to type she'll be raised with the expectation that she'll make it okay that this was done, so that of course will make it doubly easy to process.

    1. You know, there is the possibility Scott and Tessa exclude the little girl because they're looking out for her best interest.

      Maybe the girl will be glad she was kept out of the spotlight when she was young. Would *you* want to be associated with a sham, or wearing a hideous yellow shirt just because your crazy grandma and grand aunts are famewhores? Maybe she'll be glad she wasn't associated with any of it.

      It makes sense to me that if V/M, for whatever reason, believe that their family needs all this nonsense, that they'd rather keep their little girl out of it. I know if I were that girl, I'd probably be grateful.

    2. Anon @ 8:20
      I would agree except for the fake-gf component. Keeping their child out of the spotlight could certainly be interpreted as looking out for her best interests. But it's not looking out for any child's best interests to have one of the parents playing sexy games with a fake SO and posting those images all over social media. Nope - that is not good parenting in any sense of the word.

    3. Yes, they're protecting their daughter. This is how come #tailgates and tanlines, #onehotcouple, #sleepskyping, ass squeezing, bending Cassandra Hilborn over backwards on a golf course, lying on top of Jessica Dube in the Dominican, and Cass 1 - Tour 0 made it to the internet for eternity. It's why Daddy told the media that he'd trade places with an uncle so he'd have a beautiful daughter. There are a zillion answers to the "trading places" question - he went there. Thanks dad!

      What little girl isn't going to be thankful their daddy cared about them enough to grope two different women not mommy all over the internet for her and her friends and her kids and her grandkids to see, rather than admit she existed? That's how you protect your child.

      And of course, that was the choice, right? Make an exhibitionistic spectacle of yourself with the local famewhores OR make a spectacle of your child. No middle ground. There's no other way to preserve your privacy, maintain the denial even. Just this. Reality shows and bridal magazines and incessant, pro-active lying and marketing the lying.

      If the denizens of Moirville are crazy famewhores, how secure it would make me feel to know that daddy posed all over North America with one, including attending weddings and events without mommy. I'd be especially grateful, as a little girl, to see this lady's friends and brother crawling all over the game that's being played, because they're obviously getting off on it. The spectacle they all make of themselves over daddy and the lady he's groping might read to me as if it's not really about protecting me, it's about fun for them, including daddy. If somebody admitted I was here, then they'll miss out. Better that they "protect me."

      If they were protecting their child they would protect their child. This isn't how you do it.

      When the blog says the child is erased from the record, the blog isn't arguing that she ought to be stuck in the front seat of an Ilderton buggy or paraded across the reality show. I don't think I've ever seen a photo of Sale & Pelletier's child except for one where Jamie was holding a blanket and the baby was presumably inside and I haven't seen an image of that child since (I'm not a big fan so that doesn't mean there aren't any). That's not the point. They recognize and acknowledge that child, express their love for their child when they speak to the public about their lives, even as they're no longer a couple. Scott and Tessa protect themselves. Remember when PJ asked them what romance meant to them and their answers was basically each other only without saying each other's names? They don't get the chance to tell each other in private? They had to get that out in front of us? How come? They're so private. They're lying their asses off to us - why did they need to sneak in some truth? Why did Scott need to act the way he acts in the gifs up in the post? I'm sure he gets to hug and pat Tessa in private all the time.

      Why did they dress up in bridal wear? They're working so hard to protect themselves and their privacy, why purposefully stir the shit with something like that - just so they could pretend the fans were buying it and could break out #playing dress up hashtags?

      If you want to be private, be private. If you want to protect your child, protect your child. Don't use her as a freaking excuse. There's also nutting up and handling the real problem, instead of spending eight years enabling it, including with the first three years of your child's existence.

    4. Another aspect of the conduct of the sham that is truly revolting goes to what it's always been with them - it only counts if you get caught. If people don't know you're lying to them, then there's nothing wrong with lying to them. If people don't know you're manipulating them, gaslighting them, mocking them, pushing their buttons, then there's nothing wrong with doing it.

      If their child were old enough to be alone with a computer, as she will sooner rather than later, would Scott be posing the way he's posing? He has disrespected himself, his marriage and his child from day one with this shit. NOBODY protects themselves this way. You don't turn it inside out in order to get it right sided. He's disrespecting his daughter. She's too young to know it or consider it. So it's okay.

    5. Normal, sane celebrities would protect their child by not bringing the child in public. They wouldn't have mandated affairs under the guise of protecting the child.

    6. Mandated affairs. What an excellent description. That is exactly what it looks like.

  6. I'm a huge Dylan fan, but yes, he has some issues. Although he's known to stretch the truth in interviews, his autobiography claims that when he took some time off in the late 60s to spend more time with his young family, people would constantly show up on his property, asking him the meaning of life etc Considering the height of his fame at the time and the way he was, and still is, revered, it certainly sounds plausible to me. So, when that starts happening to V/M, I'll give them a break.....until then, grandiose much?

    1. When this "hidden" daughter was born it was 1986, a somewhat more security-conscious and media savvy era where experiences like wandering onto a celebrity's property and getting a one on one encounter were harder to achieve than in the 1960s. People need privacy from more than the public. It's also possible that his second wife, the mother of this woman, didn't want it widely publicized because she didn't want her own connections up her grill, as happens frequently when a friend or family member acquires a celebrity connection. There are many who respect boundaries, and many who see it as an opportunity they're going to seize. Managing that kind of intrusion is and always has been more stressful for many celebrities than dealing with mere fans and with the media, where the boundaries (the 1960s notwithstanding) are pretty clear and where there are controls in place to preserve them. That's trickier with closer connections who are just as avid to have a piece of the celebrity.

      Of course, when it comes to Scott and Tessa, the two of them have long since been diced to bits by Moirville.

    2. Yes, that's a good point (the 80s vs 60s thing), but I still think it's a valid reason that someone would have lasting paranoia, especially when he's a strange duck to begin with.

      And yes, as much as V/M are ultimately responsible for all this, I do pity them in certain aspects of their situation - they have had some special challenges to deal with indeed. The selfishness of Moirville boggles the mind.

    3. IMO Virtue and Moir have overplayed the "special" part of their challenges. Special special special, everything is special.

      No. It's difficult. Uncomfortable, conflictual, and Scott seems like a hit and run sort of guy when it comes to non-skating conflict. Difficult isn't special. Difficult is life as an adult.

      While these are just my own feelings on the topic, consider that they chose to have this child.

      Why bring a little girl into this shit show?

      Nothing changed. Families and friends continued tailgating onto VM's fame. Daddy acts out on social media with yet another woman not mommy, while the lady's friends show off and get excited about it. All for you, Toddler Moir.

      Think she'll buy that?

      There are people in Ilderton and London saving these sham photos. Not just fans. That's also part of the Scott and Tessa story. They'll be passed along and passed down.

      I'd like a look inside the church where the Moirs/Ilderton worship. What's on the altar? Gold figure skates?

      Scott and Tessa could have sane public relations that protected their privacy and even the existence of their child. If their choices were actually driven by their childs needs.

      Moirville owns his ass. God forbid he's not their Scottyboy. I think his kid should own his ass at not yet age 3.

      They're humiliating their kid. It doesn't matter if Moirville doesn't grasp the concept or the child doesn't. They're insulting her. It's not "what she doesn't know, won't hurt her" - it's the actions in themselves.

      When you see how Moirville thrives on the sham, clearly choices for her were made after Moirville made theirs, or rather, after Scott made his. If she were the first consideration, the good times would end.

      Tessa's Mom, dad, sister Jordan, and her two brothers - are they recluses now? Where'd they go? Maybe it's good - when the kid wonders where the hell she is on all these public records at least an aunt and a couple of uncles can tell her "I'm not there either."

      Tessa's friends - among them athletes and performers who use social media - are they snobs or something? Wouldn't it help their public profile to parade around like Tessa's a trophy? How come they don't?

      Someone in the comments mentioned that the Moirs might be mad that the blog violated the unwritten rule in FS that you don't out people on the web. The blog did so because the Moirs took to social media and trampled over every unwritten rule of engagement with the public and then some, without thinking twice. They didn't bother to figure it out. They just went ahead and wreaked havoc there, for their own entertainment.

      I'm sure there's plenty of stuff some of the participants in the comments section know not just about figure skating, but about other things that have crossed their path, and they keep their mouths shut. The blog does as well. This situation is special, but not in the way the Moirs pretend it is.

    4. I guess it somewhat depends on - has Moirville turned into this monster because V/M didn''t put a stop to it earlier, or was the base line worse with this crowd than the average community that many people in the world find difficult to deal with? But as you say, the situation is inexcusable - nothing should be too difficult to deal with to protect this little girl, especially when she was brought into the world by their choice.

    5. 12:38
      IMO it should also be considered sacred to protect the couple/marriage relationship. That is after all a foundation of the child's well-being. On so many levels what Tessa and Scott and Moirville have done is sordid and contemptible.

    6. I've been thinking about the Scottyboy shit - the diminuative, and a lot of the other ways Moirville interacts with and about Scott on social media. He is such a huge fucking deal to these people but they play it off as if they're above it. Meantime they're falling over themselves. They want to play it both ways - do it and be above it and mock it. It must be in the Ilderton water.

      There's lots of ways of keeping someone in their place. Diminishing them in the guise of affection. The Scotty boy shit, for one. In a different context it's endearing, in Moirtown it's more like - don't take him seriously, he might start to take himself seriously and then the show is over.

      That can be a way to control someone, keep them in their place. It sort of paints them into a corner, makes them look overly sensitive if they object. If Moirtown is trying to keep Scott "in line" by pressing his buttons, though, it's for their own self-interest, not his. Maybe they discourage him from taking things seriously - things he should take seriously. Discourage him from acting like a man. If he tries, maybe it's belittled. He's incredibly tough in other respects so this is a puzzlement, and, as I've said before, he could be on board. This could be who he is, a perk for him as well. He's married to someone who likes her privacy, the sham lets him act out.

      But looking at the patterns and everybody's demeanor over all, I don't think the possibility that he's pressured to stay laugh a minute Scotty, the guy whose moods and non-skating serious sides are equally hilarious, should be dismissed, because it serves the interest of those who want a big piece of it. If he manned up, it's done. So don't let him think he's a man.

      There does seem to be a ruthless determination in Moirville to make fun of everything, and it's a little hard core, which means for all the ha ha ha it ain't that nice.

      (Until Scott and Tessa win, then they all sob it out for an evening over themselves.)

      What it really is is the most base type of juvenile manipulation but Scott seems pretty susceptible.

      I've always noticed that Scott and Tessa never bust each other's chops. When they tease each other, it's not based on one upmanship. Lots of people have that competitive edge in their relationship and it's great, but these two don't. They sometimes try to play like they do, but they don't. There was one obviously rehearsed, stilted exchange that ended with Tessa saying "love ya" but it was screamingly fake. In interviews, the door has been opened a million times for them to tease each other, or correct each other, but they always end up being sincere. I've never heard her put him down. She always speaks of him with respect, someone she listens to, looks up to. It could easily be the dynamic of smart, mature, old soul Tessa and child man Scott but while he sometimes plays into that in interviews, she never does. She insists on taking him seriously. She always speaks of him that way. Likewise him with her, but that's not unusual - most people treat her with respect, like an adult. With her to him, how she treats him stands out as a contrast.

    7. "But looking at the patterns and everybody's demeanor over all, I don't think the possibility that he's pressured to stay laugh a minute Scotty, the guy whose moods and non-skating serious sides are equally hilarious, should be dismissed, because it serves the interest of those who want a big piece of it. If he manned up, it's done. So don't let him think he's a man."

      This. It's like Moirville simultaneously strives to hitch themselves to V/M's star, but at the same time, they don't want Scott to, in their view, get too big for his britches. They love the attention that has been brought to them, but they also don't want Scott to be more important than they are. It just reeks of insecurity, jealousy, and pettiness. "Scotty Boy" is about making sure they keep Scott in the place they think he should be.

      I have also noticed that neither Tessa nor Scott take the bait to belittle the other in interviews. There's one particular radio interview from, I think, right after 4CC in 2012. The person conducting the interview kept trying to get her to put down Scott, say he was a pain to work with, etc., but she was having none of it. There is some mild teasing on occasion, but it always comes off as forced.

      Another thing I've noticed is that beyond Tessa, the skating world (other skaters, coaches) treat Scott like he's a grown man and not some Peter Man manchild who has the maturity of a 19-year-old fratboy.

    8. 6:50 pm again.

      "Scott and Tessa could have sane public relations that protected their privacy and even the existence of their child. If their choices were actually driven by their childs needs.

      Moirville owns his ass. God forbid he's not their Scottyboy. I think his kid should own his ass at not yet age 3.

      They're humiliating their kid. It doesn't matter if Moirville doesn't grasp the concept or the child doesn't. They're insulting her. It's not "what she doesn't know, won't hurt her" - it's the actions in themselves.

      When you see how Moirville thrives on the sham, clearly choices for her were made after Moirville made theirs, or rather, after Scott made his. If she were the first consideration, the good times would end."

      Exactly. None of this is about protecting their child or putting her needs first. It's like the very people who should love this child the most and should be the first lines when it comes to protecting her are the most eager to step all over her to get what they want. Her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are all in it. Whatever else they do or don't do as parents, grandparents, and family members, they're still setting this child up with a lot to have to deal with later on and are disrespectful of her in the present day. They've been disrespectful of this child the entire time she's been on the planet. If this child was really being put first, at the very latest, as soon as VM knew they were expecting, the social media sham should have been over and done with.

      It is true that her Virtue-side aunts and uncles are all quiet in this. One of Tessa's brothers is married (not sure on the other one). I suppose there could possibly be some cousins on that side (we have no clue) who could also be voices of "we weren't shown either." Still, I would think it would be of relatively little comfort.

    9. One set of Ildertonians who treated Scott seriously were the kids he coached when he was coaching. He was a person, not just a skater, of respect to them.

      The whole "ha ha it's just Scotty!" stuff was so blatant once again when Brittney Ingliss posted photos from the documentary taken on the farm, and a whole bunch of his buddies flocked there immediately. Oh ha ha it's Moir. Such bullshit. Why are you all over this crap then, ladies?

      They don't want him to think he's better than them because then they can't leach off his celebrity to show off for each other. His enabling of it all is pathetic. These are people who want to keep him in his place for themselves. It's not for him. That's why it's pitiful and it's even more pitiful that even a child didn't reorder his priorities. I wouldn't expect it to reorder theirs.

    10. "Another thing I've noticed is that beyond Tessa, the skating world (other skaters, coaches) treat Scott like he's a grown man and not some Peter Man manchild who has the maturity of a 19-year-old fratboy."

      This is so true.

      I love the way Tessa has always treated him. She's known him since childhood but she calls him Scott, not Scotty. And she treats him like an adult deserving of respect. Unlike his hilarious group of hometown drinking buddies.

    11. That's the way he deserves to be treated but apparently Moirville, which includes his parents, have a huge stake in making sure he doesn't believe it.

      That or HE has a huge stake in egging Moirville on so he can "handle" it by feeling up other women on the internet.


  7. I wonder if Moirville will break out sham photos from a new angle. Thus far, everything's been posed, and Scott and his sham gf acknowledge it's posed - they're looking at the camera, they're inside the frame, they're close enough to the camera that there's no question they know they're being photographed and in fact are kissing for the camera, especially when the photo is published by a third party who went with them.

    What about fake candids? Scott and Cassandra could position themselves in a restaurant or across the street, and somebody could pretend to have caught them in the act on their own time. Pretend to be a fan who recognized Scott as he was out with his girlfriend, as he does, and surrepticiously snapped a photo when he went in for a lip lock.

    You know, a manifestation of what fans have claimed to have seen since 2007 or 2008. I wonder why they haven't done it yet.

    1. Now that you've given them the idea of fake candids I believe I shall be expecting some. When it comes to their shamming they are very predictable.