Sunday, September 8, 2013

Begin as you mean to go on

This is a round-up post, but the title refers to a quote whose origins I haven't been able to nail down (so far it's attributed to everyone from Dr. Zeuss to Charles H. Spurgeon). This quote actually doesn't advise to keep on keeping on with lousy behavior because saving face is important.

It means get it right at the beginning.

My thinking now is what are the odds we will see a romantic honeymoon style photo shoot from Aruba? I think excellent.

Calling it.  Although it doesn't take a genius.

It goes without saying that this sham is so far up its own ass we'd need a speculum to have any idea what makes these people tick. Their behavior is basic, so one might surmise the behavior reflects lowest common denominator thinking behind it, but why they've let that thinking - whatever thinking is going on - govern their choices in the sham is the question.

We've also got Scott who thinks he's good at thinking for two - himself and everybody else. While I don't know how much of this sham output is his styling, Tessa's styling, or just expedient for reasons we can only guess, he does think he's smarter than the average bear. He always knows what someone else is thinking. He's gifted like that. We don't know him at all - not at all - we're always so so wrong. But he knows all about us and every bit is on point.  I recall his "Monaco" announcement, how his tone fairly dripped with ennui. Fans are just too easy sometimes.

I'm not judging him - he's said this himself. How many times has the guy let us know how wrong we are? A lot of times! That's his MO. (Tessa's MO is killing a question until it splits into atoms and runs screaming into the void. I don't know what to call what she does. Tess-splaining?)

It looks like if they conducted this sham in better taste than the Jessica sham, it would be admitting the Jessica sham was conducted in bad taste, so this sham has to be conducted in bad taste as well.

There's the fact that Scott was 20-22 back then and he's 26 now, so there's no reason the fucking thing has to look the same on that basis alone, even if it WERE real, but I don't think their thinking is that nuanced. I think it runs to: "We made no mistakes and continuing to do the same thing proves it."

And the Jessica thing can be flipped on its head as well. I.e., that was flamboyantly horrible, and if this one isn't flamboyantly horrible, maybe people will think something shady is going on with this one, that the sham is hiding something. Not the main something (that he's with Tessa), but another something (that he may be enjoying sham perks). Nope, best to be as in your face gross as before.

OT: The Scott golf photo is so hideous. So bad one wonders if he posed blatantly awkwardly-intimately on purpose. It's as if the point of that photo wasn't fake couple-ness, but to make a production of how incredibly awkward he feels. It's so unnatural for him!

They need a proctologist chronicling this, not a blog. The thing doubles in on itself all the time.

I thought I'd also go down memory lane:

Above is Cynthia Phaneuf and Jerome LaRochelle from their extensively chronicled double date with Scott and Jessica in Jessica's 2009 "LA & Santa Monica" facebook album.

Here is Cynthia with Max Aaron Talbot, with whom she is reportedly expecting a baby:

It's hard to pin down the subtle distinctions just based on a photograph, but working simply with face value attributes here, one difference is that this appears to be the first time Jay has actually touched Cynthia, and he's still getting his sea legs.

I also like how this profile pic:

was replaced by this one:

She's a good girl, loves her mama. Loves Jesus and Canada, too.
So we see who else was at the Color Run besides Cassandra, her #fabulous star, her sidecar, Connor, and their peer entourage. It's like the old days with Mama and Papa Dube.

P.S. - meant to include this as well - Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier showed at HPC and didn't skate, presumably because his leg is still not tip top - or their skating isn't because of the leg, or both. Piper continues to present as if going to Sochi is a matter of citizenship only, not winning a spot at Canadians, and who am I to argue with her. She acts entitled but she never pretends to have entitlements she doesn't actually have, such as the amazing amount of swag bestowed upon an 18th place finisher at the last World championships, such as the extraordinary amount of promotion bestowed upon a sidelined, third-in-their-own-country ice dance team (and actually on par with a bunch of other teams) by Skate Canada.

As Piper believes she's going to Sochi, I believe she's going to Sochi. She may not actually skate in Sochi. If she and Paul can't be placed on the team, I'm putting money down right now she attends as Skate Canada's athlete/guest social media blog correspondent, even if her personal channel (the still off-line Skatebuzz) isn't back on line at that point.

So this post includes two predictions:

1) There's a professional, romantic photo shoot from Aruba in our future; and
2) Piper is going to Sochi under Skate Canada colors, whether she skates or not.

Also, I've been reading Marnie McBean's web page as she's a professional mentor for many Canadian Winter Olympians, has been mentioned by Scott Moir, and apparently she was a speaker at this HPC.

Alexander Bilodeau is almost exactly Scott's age (September 8, 1987) which puts him at 22 when he won his Olympic medal in Vancouver. McBean writes about managing stress, how an athlete needs to be comfortable with stress, and, you know ACKNOWLEDGE it and deal with it. Bilodeau did this:
“As soon as you put meaning to what you do, there will be stress. You need to be comfortable in that stress.” Alex Bilodeau combats his stress and ‘what if’s’ with his “I Know…” list. In 2010 at the top of his last Olympic moguls run, that list led him to believe he had done everything he could to be prepared. He had no regrets. He had managed his friends and family by sending them an email about a year out from Games, directing any Olympic questions to go only to his dad. Important as they all are to him, he wanted nothing to do with their plans and planning.
Unbelieveable. One imagines Bilodeau would have sent such an email even if he'd been from Ilderton, whether Moirville liked it or not. Along with Scott and Tessa's shamming, another striking component is how Moirville never puts itself in check out of consideration. They're fans and groupies to the bone, that's why they don't. None of them have any business commenting on fans among the general public.


Apparently Skate Canada had a meeting of its politboro this past weekend.


  1. With all of this happening while Tessa is (per a fan report from today) still in Toronto at the film fest, it really seems like while the wife is away, Scott will play.

    If this is legit and what the blog and other people say is true, then I'm certainly unclear on what exactly is happening in the Virtue-Moir marriage.

    1. They went to the film festival together after the Olympics, but now that it's sham time forget it.

      They don't behave like Olympians. They behave like product, like brands - like someone's poor but self-important idea of a product or brand. Other athletes do so as well, but generally not current Olympians vis a vis the public. Other Olympians do so in a way that's seamless - the public can't tell the marketing from the outreach (although Davis White are really pushing it with their Kelloggs tweets).

      Needless to say that's not what we have here. Here the rules are modeled on the rules that govern cliques; the sort of dynamic which makes people like fans feel really really good about themselves, about being fans.

      It's like having a harmless crush on a cute guy (or girl) who makes it clear they think the crush is ridiculous, as you're nowhere even in the league to be having a crush.

      It really corrupts the public experience of VM, because as special as they are, that's how special they think they are, which sort of takes the fun out of it, especially since they one-up the fans while they're at it. "Why YES, we ARE special - too good for you, in fact."

      As to Scott's marriage, it seems to me this golf outing is the same as all the other stuff we get in our face - Scott has an Ilderton obligation. This is a fundraiser for the club, in part, so he has to show. So, he has to be there anyway. Same with some wedding crawling with members of Moirville. He has to be there anyway. Why should both of them suffer? Because of the sham, Tessa gets to skip this golf outing and gets to skip oppressive weddings where half the town is up her ass, while Scott does double duty. I have no idea, of course, how Tessa sees it, but it seems fair to me that, as it's his community and his family that he's not managing like a grown-up, he should be the one to put in the appearance. As long as he's shown up, get some shamming in the tank because if we weren't constantly spammed with pictures ...

      Nothing. Nothing would happen. All their "official" secrets would still be official secrets. But I guess it's something they can flip - instead of Tessa not going because she doesn't want to go, so Scott goes and throws in some sham, it becomes Tessa can't or won't go because Scott has to sham. I can't imagine anybody remotely buying that one but I guess if it keeps VM belonging to the community, they'll act like that must be how it is.

      No doubt with the Olympics this season Tessa feels as if she would otherwise be smothered by very well intentioned opinion about winning that gold. I wonder if she was made to feel she let down the team when she didn't win Worlds just weeks after delivering her and Scott's first child.

      (Speaking of that child, one would think that having a child provides a built-in excuse to skip certain events at least until the kid has been in school a few years.)

      But more and more her claim that she was down to seven people on her i-phone last time is understandable. I don't believe her, but it doesn't have to be true - Moirville just has to either believe it or pretend to believe it. She did that - or pretended to do it - because that's the kind of special snowflake she is. It can't possibly be that Moirville is overbearing.

  2. Cynthis's boyfriend is Max Talbot, not Max Aaron.

  3. Thanks - I do that all the time. Good thing I never made up a story about Vince Vaughn at the SC summer meeting - somebody did, and that is precisely the sort of thing I'd do, namewise.

  4. This year they are trying desperately to establish that they are two different people, with different interests and totally separate lives...after the high performance camp Scott run to his sobbing Cassandra! The problem is that , at least for me, this will ruin even the perception of what they do on the ice.
    They are the best ice dancers of all time... but that special "sparkle" is lost

    1. I couldn't agree more. The magic is gone. :( Scott can't even spend a weekend without his precious Cassandra. Why would he ever want to spend time with Tessa when Cass is sobbing back home. Give me a break.

    2. Very accurate assessment of the situation.
      Tessa has worked hard to develop it. Scott stands still.
      SD august 2013 showed no chemistry.
      Scott not motivated, he wants you to win OG?
      Must decide OG or Cassandra, home, London.

    3. I'm going to take both these comments off if anything like them repeat. Scott is married to Tessa. However this Cassandra thing is conducted - and it's grotesque - that doesn't change that he's married to Tessa and they share a child. I understand when people don't believe the premise of the blog - that's fine - but the comments section of this blog is not where people are going to conduct independent discussions about Virtue and Moir based on their own, wrong, belief that he's not married to Tessa. Discuss this stuff from some other angle if you want to participate here.

      The SD is a matter of opinion. A) I think people should learn to distinguish the dance from the dancers; B) chemistry-wise, he does kiss her hand before entering the twizzles; C) anyone who makes a chemistry judgment based on the Quebec video saw a clearer video than I did ; and D) the two of them had their "reality show" cameras in their face, their choice.

      I'm curious to see how many self-serving enterprises Ilderton attempts to attach to Scott and Tessa's presumably final Olympic season. They always have their priorities sorted. Leaching onto the their star skaters for self-promotion and self-aggrandizement is how much of Moirville spells support.

  5. It really is hilarious to see the no-problems-seamless-transition from Jessica to Cassandra. For a guy who was in a "serious relationship" with one girl for 4-5 years (Jessica) it sure didn't take long to acquire a new "serious relationship" that looks exactly like the other one in every way. This one being local and non-skater has not changed any of the essentials in Scott's passionate 2D romantic life. Even the little details like the timeline of increasingly pseudo-intimate picture-posing. Loooolll

    1. A comment below wonders - as the blog actually wondered earlier - if parading Scott's "love life" around is because Moirville wants us to know he's not gay. How come "platonic" Weaver & Poje don't have Andrew grabbing some girl's ass on social media so we don't think he's some big old gay guy living with his blonde partner but not getting it on with anyone? He doesn't seem to worry about it. When he and Scott were attending school together Andrew must have been drinking a different flavor kool-ade, or none at all. Oh wait, Scott is a much much bigger star - keep forgetting that part.

      Not only are the images exactly the same as Jessica's, with more to come, but the tone of the social media girlfriend is exactly the same - absolutely fawning. What the fuck with these people that they can't have the social media girl sound human? It has to be Scott and her parading their intimate connection and then she hits social media and licks his boots. They both did, first Jessica, now Cassandra. Then you review the previous social media history of these girls and they weren't fawning over anybody. Start fake-dating Scott Moir and they turn desperate.

      As this is under the direction of Moirville, this is how they want all of us to see their boy, their #fabulous star. And as Scott is a freaking 26 year old man, husband and father, this is how he wants us to see him. As long as he has to have a separate social media persona, may as well be Super Stud on it.

  6. I'm going on a limp now but could Scott's overly touchyness with Cassandra these days maybe be his way of showing Tessa that he's fed up with the entire sham ? Maybe he's trying to get her to react and call it quits. I'm sure Scott alone wouldn't have been able to keep the sham alive this long. I believe that Tessa - for whatever reason - was the one who refused to go public and with Moirvilles homophobic ways it was impossible to remain single in the public eye. They'd rather be caught dead than be accused of having a gay son ! I believe Scott is under imense pressure from Moirville to keep his image " clean " in this matter.

    Or maybe their marriage is crumbling. Who knows what kind of problems they might be having. Isn't it suspicious that he would leave Tessa and his child alone for such a long period of time just to play golf with Cassandra ?

    1. I don't think he was gone from Tessa for a long time, and he was at the golf event for the Ilderton Skating Club, the idol all must worship, especially Scott. We may as well assume they piggybacked Cassandra/sham onto the event, because they like to two-birds-with-one-stone it.

      My remarks on Scott's demeanor re Cassandra were mostly focused on the skirt photo, which was BEYOND. If it were for real, it would be the most pathetic thing ever. As it's sham, it's going to raise eyebrows because, I'm sorry, "joke", "provocation" or whatever other performance umbrella that thing can be shoved under doesn't cut it. Don't care if he did it intentionally or it's just how the photo came out, that was the photo they chose to publish. The whole thing looked like he was quasi tentatively copping a feel, as long as he was going to smooch.

      COMMIT to your grabbiness, Scott. Don't be a wuss. You were going for it, and you can't "kind of" grab someone's butt - it doesn't get you points.

      8:48 you may have a point about Moir homophobia, and how as long as he and Tessa weren't public, they wanted him to parade that he had an active sex life with a girl. That's possible, and also pathetic. I hope that's not the case - not because I don't expect homophobia and other brutish insularity from Moirville, but because what it would say about Scott pandering to it. HIS choice. Again, if he chose to pander to it, then he wants to display himself like that for his own reasons. And we're back to being an exhibitionist, due to (pick your Elementary Psychology reason).

      His entire social media output has been "I'm getting laid." - that's not exactly what most shams try to deliver. They try to say "I'm in a relationship" and the rest of it can be assumed. Why do we need to KNOW the intimate aspect of it and why are they shoving it at us? So you may have a point - God know it can't be dismissed.

      He overdid it with Jessica as well, just looked more uncomfortable when he did it. Furthermore, when one unpacks the Jessica photos they look like he's simultaneously doing the safety dance - policing where everything is vis a vis Jessica. That's not a concern when posing with Cassandra, and that's what we're noticing. Photoshoot aside, and I mean it - they are following the Jessica Olympic script to a tee, so we're in for a photo shoot. Cassandra's sister was egging on more Aruba photos, because doesn't everyone's relatives live for that shit. I know when anyone I'm related to goes on vacation with their significant other, I want them to facebook the hottest pictures they've got.

      Here we also have the presence of clownish Brittney Ingalls. She comes off like she won the voyeur bid to be the Boswell of the Cassandra sham. She's going to be in the bedroom with the video camera too, getting her jollies. Her enthusiasm for promoting and parading someone else's "sex life" is extraordinary for a woman of her age.

      It doesn't follow that Tessa minds. The way Scott has behaved around Tessa, he'd mind if she did any of this. But as she doesn't mind and trusts him (or even encourages him, seeing as how Tessa has this bizarre fetish with crossing t's and dotting i's with this sham, even though IT DOESN't MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE) - the guy has obviously decided to give himself the leeway he'd prefer she (or her sham boyfriends) didn't use. The blog said it before - he doesn't trust that the guys wouldn't be enjoying themselves - and obviously, he'd know.

    2. Whether it's true or not, who knows, but someone claimed on FSU to have spotted Tessa in Toronto last night.

      8:48, what you propose about Moirville's homophobia playing into the sham seems, sadly, quiet plausible to me. Going a Weaver-Poje route and simply saying in the press they weren't a couple and leaving it at that wouldn't have flown with this crowd because, the horror, someone might have thought Scott was gay. Then, just making it look like he was dating someone else wasn't enough (see Belbin and Lysachek). They had to make sure that the message that Scott was sleeping with girls got through loud and clear to make for sure no one thought he was gay.

      Moirville is just disgusting--both this sham and their homophobia.

    3. "I'm going on a limp now but could Scott's overly touchyness with Cassandra these days maybe be his way of showing Tessa that he's fed up with the entire sham ?"

      I had the same idea. Surely there is a line somewhere that Tessa would be uncomfortable with. Not the most mature way to deal with a disagreement in a marriage, but one or both of them has a screw loose, so it's possible.

  7. Some thoughts

    After the Olympics, people googling Tessa and Scott will easily find this blog. If the V/M camp had admitted to the sham at some point post-2010, there would have been a place on the internet detailing the stupidity and meanspiritedness of it all, people would link to it in the comments sections of articles, on twitter, etc. It would be obvious that the blog was right all along about the basics and people would start thinking it was also right about the rest of it. The blogger would win.

    By continuing to sham, they can delay the moment as long as possible, and win small vicories with every fan who believes their stories. But the blog IS right, that's not going to change, the blog will still win the battle in the end. It's like the long-term doesn't exist with these people. How does that happen? Does everyone in their camp have the mental age of a 5 year old? At this point, I think the best way to have them stop the sham would be to tell them to ramp it up: if they do something that the blog wants them to do, it means a win for the blogger. We can't have that! Better to make boneheaded decisions that make him/her mad!(Somewhat joking. Maybe.)

    I get it, they're mad that someone started posting about their secret all over the internet when there's some kind of unspoken agreement in FS not to leak this stuff. Still, that's the risk you take when you sham, they're the ones in a position of weakness, they can't win. Their biggest "win" would be to stop monitoring the blog altogether and take a long hard look at the situation and its current and future effects on their own lives(and that of their daughter). Random fans on the Internet are not important, what they may or may not think shouldn't impact how they live their lives. Because they're letting the blog control them. They might think they're in control, but they're really not. At some point down the road, they're going to look back and wonder how the hell they let themselves get caught up in a pointless fight with a fan on the Internet, how they managed to lose all sense of perspective in their eagerness to win, to delay the unpleasant and inevitable. They are going to regret this.

    1. Well if you think they're going to look at this differently down the road you're more optimistic than I am. These people are entrenched in their thinking, and further, they believe entrenchment is a virtue.

      This isn't about the blog and the sham isn't about the blog. It's not even reacting to the blog. The Jessica sham was just as disgusting when there was no blog. It was just as mean and just as small-minded. It was just as petty and manipulative. The photo output was just as aggressive and pathetically inappropriate.

      If they've recruited the blog as an "opponent" then, it's because they need an opponent. They'd find one if this place didn't exist, because they sure aren't going to look at themselves. Not now and not down the line. It's not their culture to do so.

      Furthermore, not only would people be able to find the chronicle of what they've done here, but I don't think fan photo hosting accounts are all going to stay private forever. The sham put out these photos intending to exploit web communication - one photo shown to one person is ultimately distributed to dozens and dozens. That's what they wanted. That's what they chose.

      When I read what someone like Alex Bilodeau did to manage the encroachments of family and friends, it highlights that there's nothing incredibly unique about a celebrity athlete being pulled in a million directions by connections that want a hearing, that want a piece of them. Scott has chosen to kick the blame downstairs to us, rather than deal with his connections like an adult. The story of Alex Bilodeau's email to family/friends also normalizes Tessa's decision to pare her phone contacts back in 2010. It's amazing she felt the need to explain instead of assuming it would be understood.

      The reason the blog began, as I've said many times, is Scott and Tessa have put out that they shammed for a serious purpose - their privacy. To ease the stress. But they didn't conduct the sham like that. They conducted it like a circus, to have sport with their supporters, and to give their families and friends something to mock. When that became blatantly obvious, the blog was created.

      Their privacy isn't threatened by fans and fans aren't stressing them. That part of it is in their complete control. The media has done and will do whatever they want.

      If the blog's speculation that the sham exists to occupy and divert Moirville from absolutely smothering them, then by extension the sham is a big farce, a charade that exists to protect their privacy from their own connections, and protect that privacy from the ways these Big Mouths might dine out on Scott and Tessa's story if the sham weren't in place. It's a given that stress goes along with that.

      Scott and Tessa act like they're still children. They're not. They have no excuse.

    2. Essentially Scott is participating in his own exploitation by his own community and family/friends.

    3. And p.s., it makes one recoil to consider that he might carry forward with this year after year because he's concerned what they would think of him if he didn't. How did they raise a guy to be a champion in skating and completely whipped here? Tessa has mentioned she'd like to be regarded as more than a skater - considering the environment in Ilderton, one can understand that sentiment. Did they raise Scott to think he was a champion skater but anything other than being their boy meant he was turning his back on them, anything besides ownership was betrayal? Didn't he go to school? Isn't Tessa taking psychology? Isn't he surrounded by a lot of emotionally intelligent people in his daily training life?

      This is, of course, back to nailing Scott on the cross, and it certainly isn't a given. That he's got an exhibitionistic streak, that his wife is private and the sham enables him to posture like he thinks he's a stud, complete with the fake girlfriend and all her connections egging it on, isn't outside the realm of possibility either.

    4. The only situation in which I possibly think VM could possibly feel regretful about this someday is if when Toddler Moir is Teen Moir, TM ends up being upset about this after all (the sham, of being unacknowledged, of being left off the official record, etc.). Even then, it's probably not a given that VM will have any regret though.

    5. "They are going to regret this."

      After Vancouver people googled Tessa and Scott and there were all the Dominican, LA and other disgusting slime of Scott and Jessica. There was also on their "public" (they accepted anyone in the world who sent a friend request) facebook pages the information that Jessica and Scott were "in relationship" with each other. They got away with it then, and that was long before there was any blog. Since they think they got away with it, it's possible the blog to them is only one more annoyance - like all the shipper fans they believe are banging down their door that "require" them to sham.

      Pre-blog, the tone of the sham was of malice and of mocking of the fans. Now it's toward the blog. There's not a whole lot of difference in the tone, management, output of sham material either way. The difference since the blog appeared is that there is an increasingly growing number of fans who know the truth and not only that, they're disgusted and angry at VM and Co.

      After all these years and changes in their personal status (marriage and child) they still want to run a sham just because they want to win? Win what? What mature adult does not think ahead to the fallout? Anyone watching this knows they're just postponing the inevitable and making things worse for themselves (and their child) every time they decide to create a new sham photo-op and upload to social media.

      I'm not so sure it's all about winning. I can't help thinking it comes down to Scott just liking this image of himself. Maybe it makes him feel macho or something, and the friends/family egg on this image and live vicariously through him. He gets to paw all over a girl who is not his wife, with the added benefit of what is apparently very important to everyone involved in this - the opportunity for exhibitionism. Showing total strangers he's getting some on the side seems to be a big part of the motivation. I think he gets off on keeping a willing participant around. When Tessa can't be at the same function, he gets to have a pseudo-"date" and moreover one he has access to for certain intimacies. When all these images are googled in the future people will be just as disgusted and angry as all the fans right now who know the score. He's not an idiot, he has to know that.

      Yes, I know supposedly Tessa approves. IMO it's still on Scott. He doesn't *have* to lip-kiss, embrace nor ass-grab to put out the message he's not with Tessa. Nor does he have to include this girl in as many weekend life-events as possible. That's on him and what he gives himself the liberty of doing when he's around this girl - which seems to be plenty. Why put an end to a good thing?

      So, classic thinking of a spoiled, bratty, selfish human being. I don't want to think that about Scott Moir, but he leaves me little choice.

      I definitely agree they are going to regret this.

    6. 1:56, whatever their point of view about Toddler Moir, they are not so stupid that it will take til TM is a teen-ager before they realize this might be hurtful - and 100% unnecessary - NONE of these poses, kissing, grabbiness - are necessary to shamming - not with Jessica and not with CH. They know it NOW. They're doing it anyway. It's just one of those I'll think about it tomorrow situations, and besides, if they stay on pace Toddler Moir will either be a Tessa - abhor everything internet, at least officially - or a hard-wired Moir who finds the whole thing hysterically funny and can't imagine what's inappropriate. You can wire kids like that and shape their thinking and personalities - we all know that.

    7. Look, the Moirs, and much of Ilderton - when not celebrating their own wonderfulness - celebrate their juvenile personalities. They think it's a wonderful thing. Arrested development makes them fun. Look at the narcissism around the sham - it's not just the template of the sham, it's what's communicated by the personalities participating, including the parents. Short attention spans, hyper competitive, chip-on-shoulder, no humility, inability to relate to experience or worldview outside the narrow parameters of your home town, groupthink, spoiled - that's what we have. Scott and Tessa have not only been exposed to the world, they've been exposed to a lot of different people, people very different from Moirville, with whom they apparently connect. And it doesn't change anything. Their kid is sacrificed to being right (I honestly don't think that's an assumption - every piece of common sense says the parents can't buffer or contextualize the freaking visual - VM are insane if they think they can. Knowing what other people thought when they saw the photos has an impact. The photos have an impact. What's written has an impact).

    8. 1:56 - the Moirville theory is that Scott is feeding the beast (Moirville) with the sham. And of course, one can't help noticing how often the beast needs to be fed. Whenever he and Tessa compete in Ontario - or even do a show in Ontario, it's a three ring circus and everybody's a clown, and apparently nobody thinks there's anything wrong with this being an established part of Scott's competition schedule in Ontario. They sure do feel owed. That's one needy, entitled community. Maybe I should back off of Piper. And that's not even taking into account all the sham trips in between (remember Jessica's many thrilling trips to Ilderton)?

      Rather than man up like Alex Bilodeau, he gives them chum to chew on, a "secret" to keep, sport to have with the public that likes him and Tessa. Make them feel important and part of things. That way they stay out of his and Tessa's hair in the most important respects. Because Scott apparently can't SAY that - he can't say - please stay out of my hair. Nobody's gonna say it for him, I guess, because Moirville is too full of those unselfish small community values.

      The reality is, it's not Tessa's place to say it. It's Scott's.

      Alex Bilodeau managed to communicate two things - you all mean a lot, and stay out of my hair. I'm sure many people on the email list made strong contributions to his skiing, were rooting like crazy, and well wished with all their heart. That didn't make him their bitch for life.

      The fact that they chose to have a child without having the stones to deal with these circumstances, that they're still shamming like juveniles in content and in timing, the fact that while keeping this child "protected" they are participating in a reality show, continue to bait fans in legitimate media, continue to wax offensive on social media, and in every interview fawn over family and friends, including little girls in the family, is quite something to look at. So let's not (look at it), I guess they've decided.

  8. The blog's said this before, too, but if Moirville is pissing fans off on purpose, then they're getting something out of it. Easy guesses are ego, and the sense that VM belong even more to them because not only do they still possess the exclusive information (well, apart from the international skating community, points beyond, a lot of skating media personalities and so on), pissing fans off means Scott and Tessa belong all the more to them. They operate pretty primitively, I don't see why it couldn't be this baseline with them. As to "winning" I imagine they're performing for an audience - not just each other, but who knows who else. Just as I don't think Debbi Wilkes gave a fuck what some blogger said about her, but might have given a fuck that non-fans saw her maneuvering for the spotlight on camera behind Scott and Tessa, and that she'd set it up like that. There may be people Moirville think they are performing for. It's not us. Don't ever get that idea. If there's a pissing match, it's not because they're afraid to lose to "random fans on the internet". It's about how they're seen.

    1. As in - if they stopped, their peers would then be sure that this whole damn thing was unnecessary?

    2. 8:38 I don't know. I just know that we'd be making a mistake if we thought this was about us, or they give a shit about saving face in front of us.

      Unless their peers have been given lobotomies, they already know the whole damn thing was unnecessary. They've known it at least two years now.

      BTW, I don't think VM decided not to come clean after 2010 because of the blog. The window of opportunity was when she was pregnant. They closed that window and announced they were sitting out purely for shins. The blog didn't exist back then.

    3. The blog didn't exist, but there was a poster (probably you) saying the same kind of stuff on Fanforum. And they were clearly reacting to what was being said.

    4. To add to my previous post, I doubt it was the only reason they chose to continue, but it was surely a factor. Ego is clearly not in short supply in this camp.

    5. 10:35 - you really believe VM decided to hide their pregnancy - and everything such a decision would entail - around November 2010 because of some fan discussion on fan forum months before? I don't.

      When the blog was created, the blog impacted the sham in one respect - it closed down the public facebooks. Whatever discussion took place on message boards prior to the blog, the facebooks stayed open despite that discussion, sweeping in fans by the bucketload every week, and the sham albums continued to be hosted on facebooks that entire summer, right on to the delightful photos from Sophie Richards' wedding later that summer (featuring a sham trifecta at one table). This reflected how things had been run the entire Olympic season, and didn't adjust itself to message board flare ups.

      When the facebooks were closed in response to the blog, that was after the decision to conceal the pregnancy through another Olympic cycle had already been made. It was after Scott was celebrating Xmas with Jessica on multiple days in two locations on two facebooks over the holidays, something that also took place despite flare ups on facebook, fan forum, etc.

  9. This season Scott is committed to your friends.Where is Tessa? Who are her friends? They do not run to show "Look Me and Tessa," "I kiss Tessa," "I and Tessa...". They have a different culture.

  10. I have no problem with Scott hanging out with friends at baseball games, concerts etc during his downtime. You want to take pictures - no problem. But when your female friends or friends of your supposed gf appear to have fun with your public image - yeah that looks so mature, especially when you've made it a point not to be on social media - perhaps now that we are closer to game time - it's time to set those boundaries...and don't tell me you don't care cuz you were more than happy to give the finger to Jeff Buttle as he was taking a picture in the physio room while you getting treatment during stars on ice last year

    1. Gave him the finger seriously or jokingly?

    2. It was hard to tell from the photo but I'm going to guess half seriously, half jokingly. He doesn't seem to enjoy appearing in candids unless they're with his Ilderton pals or the girlfriend. This is the guy who has happily (or not) posed for all these photos, remember and that's just with Cassandra...

    3. ^^that account is fake right?

    4. I hope so. Otherwise, yikes.

    5. yikes either way. why would someone create a fake account for some nobody?

    6. Excuse you. Cassandra Hilborn isn't a nobody. She's Scott Moir's Girlfriend. ;p

    7. ^^ No, Cassandra is not Scott's girlfriend. She's just enjoying the role of pretending she is and all her friends are piggybacking on that fake role, hoping for some notoriety.

      In any case, being Scott Moir's girlfriend does not make a nobody a somebody. Cassandra is a nobody to the general public and her association with Scott Moir, however brief, does not change that. She's a nobody and her friends are nobodies.

  11. OC - thanks for the tidbit on Alex Bilodeau - very insightful. Not all athletes need the same boundaries but it is interesting that when you take athletes in individual sports - this type of mentality does seem to garner success in preparation for a successful season. Keep focus and move forward...I actually liked that V/Ms trainer - Maria Mountain tweeted not longer ago that it was 6 months untils the Sochi SD and then 6 months until the Sochi FD..positive reinforcement and she recently thanked Marnie McBean for her positive influence on athletes..class all the ridiculous hashtags...and I think it's great that Scott from time to time has worn t-shirts bearing her company...sometimes I need to post something positive hahaha

  12. Did this Heather girl on Twitter get into trouble ? Not long ago she posted pictures of Cass and Scott, even suggested to get Cass some skates because they are so much hotter together than V/M could ever be and kept bashing Tessa. Now all of these tweets are gone, same for the pictures. Do you think Scott ( or Tessa ) got fed up with the Tessa bashing ?

    1. The Heather girl likely deleted her twitter as she intentionally outed herself on this blog's comments section as a fake account (I think we all knew that) created to provoke a reaction from the Moirs. That covers what I remember of what she said.


    I don't think this got posted anywhere...

    "Virtue and Moir, who are currently being filmed for a fly-on-the-wall reality show for the W Network, which will air in the weeks leading up to the 2014 Games, say they are already feeling the unique buzz of an Olympic year, with less than six months to go.

    “The roller coaster is just taking off,” Virtue said.

    “We’re driving the roller coaster though,” Moir added. “We’re not along for the ride, just so you know.”"

    ??? Why does he always sound like he's talking in code? Half of the time, I don't even know what the hell he's trying to communicate.

  14. In every interview says:" We’re not along"
    Damn. Why continue to compete with Tessa? Tessa has a gold medal, money, family and friends.
    Scott wants a second gold medal and at any cost.

    1. If that's in reference to his above quote, "We're not along for the ride" isn't about Tessa, it's saying "We're in control of this season, we're not also-rans to D/W."

    2. I took that to mean they're in charge, they're not reacting to the momentum of the coming season, they're on top of it, blah blah, but I'm also in sympathy with 1:45 a.m. in that Scott Moir often sounds cryptic, as if he's intentionally trying NOT to communicate. He doesn't want to be pinned down. He and Tessa give multiple and often contradictory versions of their points of view, depending on what time it is, so he has a habit of saying something but not actually saying something and for some reason the journalists reporting his comments never ask him to clarify. He's having it both ways, which is standard operating procedure with them.

    3. By contrast to Scott, Tessa practically writes a children's book every time she comments. She illustrates, she explains, she describes, she draws connections - the journalist never follows up with her, either - she is so assiduously signaling she's being thorough. Then when you look at what she actually said, she said nothing but banalities - which, that's how it is for a lot of skaters, so she's in good company. Difference being a lot of those banalities are lies.

  15. Well well well look what I found

    According to them Tessa was going out with Pelletier while still going Fedor (all this while being secretly married to Scott right??)

    get dat diq gurl #lmao

    (Oh well at least they know that Davis/White's skillz are subpar)

    1. Yeah, and that person believes Fedor is now dating Meryl. Unless it relates to the subject in some way, I don't see the point of dragging recycled gossip - that I know isn't true - over here. We all know there's a lot of crap spouted on the message boards and yet nobody actually knows anything about anything whatsoever until it's publicized in some way - then they know all about it. This reaches from everybody knowing all about it after Menage a Trois Sur La Glace to everybody knowing all about why Igor left Arctic Edge. They just don't know about it before it's public, somehow.

    2. Jenny Kirk even said Meryl & Fedor were dating on one of her and Dave's videos. Notexactly sure which one, but recent.

  16. D/W's former coach is busted for possessing meth:

  17. Going back to the skating:

    "And difficulties? Moir said the routine is very demanding, particularly the last minute. Before the finale music starts, they go into back-to-back rotational lifts, which add excitement and a wow factor that Moir hopes will set them apart.

    “We go into that last minute pretty exhausted,” Virtue said. “But we like being ambitious and challenging ourselves.”

    All of their lifts are new, of course. Virtue and Moir discussed using their famed “Goose” lift, but binned the idea. “We don’t want to look like vintage Virtue and Moir,” he said. “We love the Goose and it’s a fan favourite, but we don’t want to turn on the TV and watch what we did four years ago, and turn it on again in 2014, and have people ask: ‘What have they done in the last four years?’” Besides, Virtue and Moir insist that lifts must add to the program and be part of it, rather than looking as if they are included for the sole purpose of gaining points."

    I love this team so much. Talk about a throwdown.

    1. I cannot wait to see what BS lifts and twizzles DW have re-packaged this year. We should start seeing Salt Lake coverage starting Thursday....can't come soon enough!

    2. 12:51 I just published a post with throw down in the post title, so I guess a lot of people took the article the same way, and as it's Smith, and she knows what she's doing, she intended that. She's such a good writer. It helps to know what you're talking about.