Thursday, July 19, 2012

The flip side

While Scott and Jessica frolicked romantically in two dimensions on social networks in front of thousands of strangers, in non-sham, legitimate media situations they observed the discretion described in an earlier post (below). Scott so zealous that if Jessica were a squirrel and he were a car backing out of the driveway, his commitment to discretion would require him to run her over.
Look how much Bryce appears to enjoy Tessa's proximity.
No worries. Scott & Jessica, OTOH, are being private.

Scott is disciplined.  Here, at the 2010 ACGM meeting, he and Jessica have barely toweled themselves off from their romantic visit to the Isla Mujeres aquatic petting zoo swim with dolphins yet you'd swear they hated each other's guts.

Barbara Underhill introduces the skaters, who will present to the awardees. First, a familiar synchro skater whose name I keep forgetting, then Jessica and Bryce:
Jessica sets the tone with her characteristically sunny demeanor.
The skaters are going to line up, so they sightline where they'll be standing and head towards it. Here comes Bryce:
Sightlining on the horizontal, as is logical, he gives  Patrick Chan, 
off stage right, the bro pistol-salute.

And here is Chiddy:*

Straight to the bosom of his teammate.
Here comes Scott and Tessa. This is the exciting part. This is where fans, learning that there's video of Scott, Tessa, Jessica, Bryce all on stage together, bolt for youtube so they can observe Scott/Jessica eye contact, smiles and byplay, as they usually only see Scott and Jessica together in stills, and for some reason those images give off a peculiar vibe. Here's a live action chance to get a handle on the dynamic.

Tessa and Scott are introduced:

Tessa materializes, somehow mid-conversation with P. Chan. She also has nice, wide
shoulders. Anyone to her left would be blocked, and here comes friendly Scott. Let's
see the physical adjustments.

I love Scott. Does a straight upstage entrance, like you do because your back is what everyone will want to see first, and keep those hands in pockets just in case anyone has a reach longer than you'd expect. His whole entrance is executed with that unstudied naturalism that makes him a phenom on the ice.

His suit is tailored very nicely across his back,wouldn't you say?
Now that he's safely comfortably upstage, out of sightline = obligatory greeting range,
Tessa faces front. Jessica has quit fronting entirely.
And so Scott does his about face and we have this lovely portrait.
This also happened, which I don't think Scott even strategized:

It toally happened by itself. Jessica might as well be something from The Sixth Sense and Scott be Toni Collette; it's not even: "Tessa, did you feel that slight breeze?"

P.S. -Would like to mention how over on fsu recently one poster critiqued Tessa as dowdy and declared it wouldn't hurt her to show a little skin.  
*Over the past 2 and a half years Patrick Chan has put in some real OT as a utility buffer. He escorted Tessa to the Nationals 2010 banquet while Scott walked in solo even though all the other teams entered together because VM are special like that. Skate Canada skaters past and present have used Chan as their point of focus when there's a need to avoid someone else, or when there's a need to ignore someone without seeming to ignore someone. I've seen that one play out a few times in videos involving Skate Canada skaters. He can be employed as an on-the-spot best friend if you're the one being ignored, so you're not stuck with the camera watching how you have nobody to hang out with. And, in a bridge role, if you're the one doing the ignoring, you can throw him as a block at the person you're ignoring. And wasn't he also one of Rachel Flatt's escorts to her debut? I know this type of guy. Every high school needs one. I don't know if wingman even covers it. He's all-purpose, and the rule seems to be he can't say no.


  1. This post is hilarious.

    OC - in what month and year was Tessa's baby born?

  2. Great post. I wonder if these guys thought it would all just go away if Scott said "former girlfriend?" Thanks to their prolific efforts, there's this endless supply of Scott&Jessica fodder.

    In a previous comments' section you said it was probably deliberate to wait a season and then "break up" so people wouldn't link the end of D/D with the end of Scott/Jessica. I'm wondering if you aren't crediting them with too much forethought. Till the news of "former girlfriend" they were still investing energy into very intentional shamming. I'm thinking of how they did things this last season like pose Jessica with a newborn Moir baby, a profile picture of Jessica and Scott supposedly at Skate Canada, Jessica with the Virtue-Moir families at various competitions, reports of Scott showing up to see Jessica skate, Alma Moir dropping in on Scott's public facebook wall just for a sham drop, etc. etc. Why continue with all of it and never slow things down so it would be apparent there was a break-up in the near future?

    It looks to me like they had intended to continue with the status quo till after Sochi and the break-up was more like a sudden decision. If they really knew ahead of time they were ending things at this time, I wonder why all of the absurdity up to the end? Also, where do they go from here?

    1. >>> I'm thinking of how they did things this last season like pose Jessica with a newborn Moir baby, a profile picture of Jessica and Scott supposedly at Skate Canada, Jessica with the Virtue-Moir families at various competitions, reports of Scott showing up to see Jessica skate, Alma Moir dropping in on Scott's public facebook wall just for a sham drop, etc. etc. Why continue with all of it and never slow things down so it would be apparent there was a break-up in the near future? <<<

      Because they're awful liars. Remember the overkill prior to 4CCs 2010? The hyperbolic second hand report of Tessa and Scott's fd on icenetwork? Slipchuk only announcing that Tessa and Scott had arrived in Taipei, shoving the rest of the team under "the rest"? Carol Moir can't waiting to see TWO new programs?

      As liars they're like three year olds yelling they haven't done something even before it's occurred to anyone that the kid's done something. I could definitely see them amping things up, not thinking in terms of setting up for a break-up, but focusing on making sure nobody thought there was a connection between offloading Jessica and Jessica offloading Bryce. See, she's offloaded Bryce and she and Scott are as much a couple as ever!! We just love her! She's family! We'd never dump her just cause Bryce was out of the picture! He's got nothing to do with anything!

      And of course, with their focus on that, totally forgetting the part about how a couple nearing the end of their relationship's sell by date usually show a sign or two. That's SC, they can't entertain two ideas at the same time, and usually the one they're forgetting contradicts whatever they're selling at the moment.

      OTOH, it's common enough for "celebrity" duos to amp up their public appearances prior to a break up because they don't want anyone to get the jump on what they're about to do.

      But I don't know. It could be a period of continuing shady behavior (Skate Canada's promotion of Jessica) as a way of denying it's shady, just long enough to establish that, and then getting rid of the problem. You know if you're accused of something and you stop doing it, it's the same as admitting it. If you continue for a long period after the accusation and THEN stop, it appears you've stopped on your own, for your own reasons, and not because there's anything wrong with what your doing.

      And apart from that speculation, I just suspect that the cost/benefit analysis had really shifted to where it wasn't worth it. Not to mention if he kept it up Scott would end up in a seven year fake relationship with Jessica Dube and people would start speculating about engagement rings and weddings (have you SEEN the woman's pinterest?). Everything they've done is disgusting enough without piling on with that.

  3. Tessa looks really uncomfortable in that dress.

    1. It's a little snug, isn't it? She's got on the high heels, there's miles of leg, she's clearly physically fit and absolutely glowing, but the ratio of head to body has changed (head smaller compared to body scale) and her womanly areas are more bodacious. That said, she looks about as comfortable as she did at times during WTT so it might be some of the company she's keeping, not the dress. She also wore an ultra short dress, this time with flat sandals, at the Q&A at this same AGCM.

  4. I love the title of the post just below this one. "Discretion." Lol. Is that what they call that photo in the title banner of Scott and Jessica asleep together on a sofa? Geez. It's utterly irrational that facebook was full of this type of stuff from Scott and Jessica and no media people ever referred to it. No one. Ever. That alone says it's a fake story.

    1. Totally. The most avid figure skating journalist knows very little about actual figure skating. We can see from every Olympics, every major figure skating competition, how much the soap opera aspect drives the coverage. The networks are desperate for drama. Hell, nobody ever even acknowledged Jessica was his girlfriend. Bryce and Jessica do this performance in front of an actual media outlet and it's completely ignored. The Moirs position her so the dedicated Moir family camera will have Jessica in every shot and not a single commentator on any broadcast identified her period, let alone says she's the girlfriend, yet when she'd competed they were all up to speed about her couplehood with Bryce and the official version of why they'd chosen Way We Were (the actual version is it was a calculated appeal to the public; supposed ex-couple skates to Baby Boomer classic, get out the hankerchiefs, influence the judges). There was no logic driving how the networks ignored the story except this - there was no story; the journalists and networks who'd sniffed around knew it was a lie and steered clear. One of the favorite ploys of the gossip world is to piggy back on a story that's already out there. It's a favorite ploy of the journalist world. Wallow in the gossip by covering the fact that the gossip is out there, versus reporting the gossip first hand. Cover the COVERAGE. That way, you're doing socialogy, not gossip. Bryce and Jessica threw the door open with the Menage story, but nobody walked through, and obviously Bryce, Jessica, Scott, Tessa, Skate Canada knew nobody would.

  5. Your footnote on Chiddy is funny.