Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Help Me Understand

My beloved Tracy Wilson "interviews" Virtue Moir in Nice, FRANCE
Tracy, I'll always love you.  I forgive you falling on the sword and using the universal "me" in this unrehearsed interview as I know you already understand perfectly.

Still, this part of the interview:

Tracy: Help me understand your relationship here. Best friends, brother sister?

Scott <heh heh> I don't think you can compare it really. It's a very unique relationship; we've really kind of grown into what is a great partnership, also a great friendship. The further our career goes on, the better it gets. Hopefully we can just keep that going for the next two years and enjoy it.
It's so so SO hard to understand. No wonder they heh heh and fidget. They know we couldn't comprehend.  That unique-itude* is a giant umbrella explaining all the equivocation. How could we ever understand? It can't be described in plain language!

"Married? I don't get it! You didn't explain good!"

"You're married AND skate together? Brain no process!"

"You grew up together and were in love from the first and never stopped, been planning your lives together since forever? Unprecedented! Wait, let me go re-read My Sergei!"

Or perhaps:
"Wow, married and skate together! And parents? At your young ages right in the middle of your career? And prior to that - in love and committed and skating together! Wait - LIVE together and skate together BEFORE that? OMG! You know what this means? We're entitled to know every single intimate detail about when your relationship progressed from baby sweethearts to man/woman, how you could make such a commitment to each other so young, what did  your parents think? We're entitled to demand you justify everything repeatedly and share your plans so we can analyze them. If you don't, we'll kidnap your baby!"

"If we knew the truth we'd have opinions. OMG. Fans talking out their ass about you. What skater could handle that?"

What choice do Tessa and Scott have but: "Accio - bubble!"

Still, they have explained in the past, and a lot of people did feel that what they made up was hard to comprehend, actually, no matter how many explanations were on offer.  A relationship that they explained like this: (paraphrasing, but on point):

She's like my younger, more mature sister.
It's not like brother and sister, and it's not like a marriage.
Anyone I'd be with would have to love Tessa as much as I do or it wouldn't work.
My girlfriend's in the sport, she understands.
She's in the same situation, she has a partner.
It doesn't annoy me. It might annoy my girlfriend.
She's (Tessa's) my best friend and I tell her absolutely everything.
When you're that pretty...
We were just excited to hold each other's hands. That's still true.
(His girlfriend better understand, because of : "Tessa and I are not a couple - not yet anyway." "I've been trying to pitch that for 12 years and this is the first maybe. Progress!" "I'm trying!" And Tessa saying she likes to hold hands with him in Paris. (Or was that last part just so 2009, before 2010 and they cooked up rift and springing apart like a couple of magnets the second they exited the ice?))

Then there's:
I'm going to be opaque about anything to do with Tessa and me but I'll throw "Jtaime's" on Jessica Dube's wall in front of thousands of strangers. But on my facebook - even my fan page facebook -  I won't share with fans a single candid photo of Tessa and me at a competition, in Canton, or in London, or from the Ilderton Gold Medal Celebration, or from the Olympics, or Worlds or the Grand Prix, or from various figure skater weddings, nor from a plane, backstage, a car, a photo shoot, a sightseeing outing, a training session with one of our interesting outside experts, a meal or a show.** Despite the fact that the hundreds I'm sweeping in as my facebook friends weekly are fans. But when the spotlight is strongest on me and my business partner, Tessa, I will help spam the internet with photos from my intimate life with Jessica Dube, in and around figure skating competitions and publicized summer training breaks and family and friends will act like carnival barkers making sure you don't miss it.
And just to keep you on your toes, in record time I'm going to spoil Jessica's coy party when she posts "on the kitchen counter, on the hallway floor, on the floor by the sofa" but I'll have no problems posing for photos like this for the edification of thousands on my facebook and Jessica's:        
She loves Tessa as much as he does.
Hey Scott. You know what's been really hard to understand and what has understandably appeared difficult to explain? All that bullshit.

If you and Tessa had been honest everybody would have been over it by now. As you have likely not noticed, people are more apt to gossip on message boards about stuff they make up than stuff that's true. True stuff, they hesitate, lest the truth end up showing up their ass.Worlds showed this again, as one lucky fan reports seeing not just one, but two rumored couples kissing, holding hands and gazing at each other in front of God and everyone. No one I know who attends international figure skating competitions ever gets so fortunate as to have two gossiped-about-on-message-boards couples behave as if they're unaware they're in a fan mecca. Couples who conveniently demonstrate confirmation of their non-platonic relationship by lip kissing and holding hands. And here, at one Worlds, we have one fan who managed to see this behavior by the two highest profile rumored new couples in skating. My, some folks are lucky. You'd think such luck would put people in a good mood but it's funny how touchy these fans get when asked "Tell me more!" (Was not me, but I read the boards.)

The truth isn't hard to understand, Scott, Tessa, Tracy. The lies have been.***

*Not just unique but "very" unique.

**Cause he's private. That sort of stuff is only for the eyes of book purchasers and sponsors interested in Ice Sweat and Tears.  It's not for a free fan page on facebook.

*** Wouldn't it be interesting if the lies had nothing to do with privacy and everything to do with the money from a "Now it Can Be Told" and a post-eligible career sale of photos held back for ten years? That fans were made fools of left and right, mocked and set up, flipped off and baited so that these two could market a dramatic - and profitable - reversal?  It's to wonder because they're so cagey and private - except when they're suddenly not. What's the reason they're suddenly not, when they're not? $$$.


  1. There was some moaning and groaning over the relationship question being asked but you know what? I think their behaviour in the past week more than warranted a revisit of that particular issue. I'm disappointed that we got the same standard answer but I didn't really expect anything different. (Though they did seem a bit more fidgety than usual. Hmmm.)

    What I don't understand is that if they -are- together, they know about this blog. Everyone does. It's somehow become the most active place to discuss Tessa and Scott. The mentality of a lot of fans -has- shifted. Why don't they just come clean? They should know they've been had.

    Is it too much to hope for that the groundwork for a reveal is being laid once again?

    1. Not as long as both Scott and Jessica maintain "couple" photos as their facebook profile photos. And what do you know, right on schedule, before Worlds "Jess" changed hers to one of her and Scott. If they're continuing to be hell-bent on MAKING SURE fans get that message, then no, they aren't laying any groundwork for a reveal.
      On the contrary, I think it looks like they're digging in.

  2. They won't come clean because most adults try to save face when they're caught with their pants down. They resent if someone else gets the jump on them. It makes them dig in.

    IOW, control becomes way more important than whatever their original rationale may have been. Saving face, spite, winning. It's ridiculous. THEY lied. That's how it goes if you lie - if you're found out, it's the truth that wins. That's the rules.

    They don't see it that way. They want to "win" with the lies.

    Also, Scott and Tessa are uninterested in discipline around each other on ice (what's described as their behavior this week). So just toss the fans another load - that'll cover it. We get tossed another blatant lie for no reason but Scott and Tessa want to behave the way they want but also want to control what we think about it.

    Also, Skate Canada. Look at those three (Bill, Debbi, Barb). William Thompson obviously knows better about everything than anybody else breathing and he'll tell you that without being asked. He knows about recession economics, public relations, sponsor and business development and the incredible profit to be reaped from a downtown light show. He knows how to deal with fans - he knows it all.

    I imagine he feels this is not the time for Tessa and Scott to come clean. We should consider it a positive they share as much as they have. Those photos in the book were real, even if the platonic part, the rift part, and all kinds of other parts were not. We've got a movie coming up ("Ice, Sweat and Tears") - they were not obligated to do a documentary. And btw - they weren't obligated to share anything whatsoever but they knew fans were interested, so they made shit up and shared that. Just for us. They didn't have to do that either. Consider it a positive.

    1. In the interview, Tessa says that they'd rather be remembered as nice people than good skaters. And from all accounts, they are nice people. I guess I just have a hard time believing that they'd be so ruthless and doing this for the money.

    2. Maybe it's not a premeditated thing, but after hiding for so long, now whenever they release anything (off-ice photos of Scott and Tessa), it's only been in the context of selling their story. Like with so many of their actions surrounding this, I get the impression there's not been a whole lot of awareness of how things impact the future, or the big picture. So now they've sort of painted themselves into this corner where real stuff comes out only in a book or a documentary - I mean images, as in photos or video - and of course that's money in their pocket. But did they realize that would be the outcome?

      As a fan who really wishes the best for them, I wish they would forget all about their fake stories and just come clean (no need to share intimate details). In the long run it's what's best for them as people and as a marketable entity. They're already in a position of having created a mess that will take some creative extrication - if they want to do it in a way that maintains good will. Why keep making things worse? This is not beneficial to them in any way, not now nor in their future.

  3. You know, your speculation about the profit motive makes everything more logical. Sure, I can see where in the beginning there was a strong desire for privacy, but the way they have insisted on keeping this up after there were no longer any rational reasons (they were no longer 'too young,' or Tessa is past all the injury problems and they've learned to deal with it, or whatever other reasons they thought made the shamming 'necessary'), makes you wonder at the real motives. At their age, to cop to a "need" for not letting anyone know the real status of their relationship could almost seem like an irrational fear, but in light of their willingness to share plenty when there's money involved does make you wonder what the real deal is.

    I wonder where the profit is for Jessica and family. Or maybe just the free trips and other perks received during the sham will be compensation enough when she's no longer in the picture but Tessa and Scott are raking in the money with a "tell all" book and/or documentary.

  4. To be fair, Tessa and Scott knew people were watching and recording their every move with a fan cam. They play up the "behavior" because they know that's what people want to see, and because they know that's what will help them to win.

  5. "(His girlfriend better understand, because of : "Tessa and I are not a couple - not yet anyway." "I've been trying to pitch that for 12 years and this is the first maybe. Progress!" "I'm trying!")"

    I think my favorite is the most recent one that was quoted in a pre-Worlds interview, Scott saying that not even "my girlfriend" understands him as well as Tessa. He seriously thinks that sounds normal? It's crap and I don't buy it.

  6. Was that a real quote though? The author of that article, Pritha Sarkar, wrote other articles this week that were full of BS, so I wonder if he really said that, or she just made it up and threw it in, for the fun of it.

  7. That article sounds like a recycled hodgepodge paraphrasing old stuff. The article saying not even his girlfriend understands him as well as Tessa sounds like the stuff Scott was shilling right after the Olympics. There was a lot of that stuff - lots of references to either an existing unnamed girlfriend or a purely hypothetical, conditional, abstract girlfriend.

    It is amazing how their mania for privacy is assauged by money. And no, they're not playing it up for the fan cams, although they know the fan cams are there. This is how they are away from fan cams too, on their own. They just figure they can spin it when they have their costumes on.

  8. At Worlds 2012, Alma Moir held up one of her younger grandbabies where the camera could see her. Fans know Alma's face and figured that was Danny's kid but neither Danny nor his Tessa seemed fussed. It'll be funny though for the younger cousin to get a close-up while Tessa/Scott pretended their own actual kid did not exist. Nothing of their child in the video archives of their post-Olympic competitive career while every other family member gets face time. Oh well, maybe the child will grow up as privacy-sensitive as Tessa and grateful they were edited out of the record.

    Or maybe nobody minds because there will be video and photos galore from maternity ward to behind the scenes documenting everything from 2011-to-post-Sochi - all marketed and used to promote Skate Canada and Tessa and Scott, when the timing is deemed optimum. Fans will scramble for the coverage.

    Seriously. Myra Klarman wasn't called in for gorgeous young family portraits - photos that are held in reserve somewhere, with perhaps only closely cropped headshot portions used from time to time?

    And one also considers Scott's fan page. We're familiar now with Scott's fan page habits. We know Scott is hit and miss on his fan facebook but he's quite systematic about linking only to what's in the public domain. The only time he appears to go off script it turns out to be a set up.

    He doesn't have a digital camera? Jessica and public domain is all he can share on his fb, and it's only because he's just an inattentive, hit and miss, scattershot type of guy? There's no methodology to it, nothing held back because it's too valuable to give away?

    Well, I'm gonna save up. I don't want to miss out on buying when they're ready to sell.

    1. "Well, I'm gonna save up. I don't want to miss out on buying when they're ready to sell."

      I think I'll wait till the tell-all makes an appearance at Sam's Club - 80% off.

  9. It's all so incredibly cynical. I think the saddest part is they actually do have an extremely genuine, special relationship. There's no question about that. Everyone around them knows it; it shows on the ice, it brings happiness to people as an element of their skating because their skating is genuine and people feel that. It makes a difference - not the sexy or romantic stuff, but the genuine connection as expressed on the ice. It's rare, on and off the ice.

    So the people around them and Skate Canada go - we can market the shit out of this if we play our cards right and don't give away the store. There's a lot of wannabes - but this is the real deal. It's genuine, natural. Let's milk it dry! Let's work the fans over til they fight and feud and we laugh! Let's think up different ways to manipulate them and keep them on the hook! This is gold!

    IOW - being genuine is a commodity and I think the skaters have bought into it too, and they don't want to give it away. Scott not sharing innocuous pictures from training or sightseeing or shows with Tessa isn't about privacy. That makes no sense.

    1. It makes me really sad- I hope a blog like this (which I find vastly entertaining in a guilty pleasure way.. like a tabloid paper!) doesn't deflate them, but rather convinces them that they are not fooling anyone and to give up the sham. I do think people would 'forgive' them if they came clean (or just stopped the act) sooner rather than later. They were young and misguided...that I can believe. Once they get older and more manipulative, it will be harder to come out of their bubble with grace without looking sleazy. I do find it incredibly telling that neither skate canada nor tessa and scott have ever denied what is written here, hell Skate Canada is posting on FSU like it's normal...you know they read this too. PS- Look at the exchange between PJ Kwong and "Aunt Joyce" today on twitter....Skate Canada has more explaining to do about "Chanflation" than the Tessa/Scott/Jessica triangle.

  10. This blog is always saying Skate Canada is being managed by idiots. Yet, post-Worlds, people are alleging SC is one of the most powerful federations, and that's why Chan and V/M won. Apparently, Scott is so powerful that one angry comment makes the ISU change the way they've been scoring all season. What gives?

    1. Well of course VM didn't win because of anything Scott said.

      But a skating federation can be managed by idiots and powerful. That combination happens all the time - it's authored some of civilization's worst disasters and some of the biggest political and government and corporate scandals. Skate Canada is following a long tradition here - an influential entity run by arrogant, power-tripping boobs in love with the sound of their own voices. With Skate Canada you can see it from space. It's no wonder Canadian corporations steer clear. Skate Canada is fast and loose and shady, especially on the marketing and so-called public relations end. Look at the sponsors that bailed. What do we think Skate Canada's reputation is in the corporate world?

      I think what allows Chan to get the scores he gets is CoP. I can see how that's frustrating, but his program is content-packed. VM IMO had a legit win.

    2. I'd like to say that as good as Meryl and Charlie are, many inside and outside the sport questioned the scores they received on the Grand Prix series and final. Even when there was an issue that threw off their timing, the scores were stratospheric. Those who question why the Worlds scores were lower don't recognize, IMO, that it is the GP scores that were the outlier and needed to better reflect what was actually on the ice. Which was still great, but not those scores great.

    3. Great points oy..I would also like to add that for many D/W fans including some journalists - their FD this year was the perfect vehicle to display their skills. So for it not to win at Worlds is more of a "psychological" disappointment and puts a brake on the perceived momentum that D/W had going. I also think that had V/M had the mileage on last year's FD - their latin program would have beaten out D/W's tango. But I have no problem with D/W winning last year as V/M left many points on the table. The thing that surprises me is how negative the Canadian press has been. This year I've noticed a change in tone with the icenetwork coverage regarding V/M. Obviously icenetwork is US based and wants to promote US skaters but its been a bit underhanded with V/M...Lastly D/W have jammed their FDs for maximal points over the last 2 years and this year V/M in the end beat them at their own game..hence the frustration....

    4. Davis/White's FD was a "masterpiece" and if they can't win against Tessa and Scott with a dance perfectly suited for them...that's a huge blow. I'm very amused by the predictions that Weaver/Poje will surpass D/W next season. I'd love to see it happen but I'm not sure if it will.

  11. "Once they get older and more manipulative, it will be harder to come out of their bubble with grace without looking sleazy."

    What qualifies as "older?" They're already in their 20's and still manipulating their PR/their fans with deception. This latest interview with Tracy ("explain your relationship" - what garbage!) plus their status quo as far as facebook photos and profile photos is indication enough of their intentions re. their PR. I agree they're fast on their way to looking sleazy.

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkw0LaR3rKc

    Just so I get this right, you're saying that in the interview I linked above, when Tessa says she'd rather date someone outside the sport, she was already married and carrying Scott's baby? Man, she is one cold b*tch. Love how she says Scott would have a different answer from her.

  13. Yes, I'm saying that. In addition, look at their earnest discussion of the made-up rift. They gave actual interviews embellishing and storyboarding a story about a complete communication and contact blackout after her first surgery. They EMOTED.

    Meantime he's with her and they're living together. They were both away from Michigan (most of the time) while she recovered.

    In the linked interview, Tessa isn't just lying about Scott, she's ignoring her most prominent sham shenanagins with Fedor Andreev. He was in the sport.

    They don't even bother with this stuff. That's what made me suspect it's about money. If it really were privacy, they'd be more careful. If it's just stalling, vamping, and bullshitting until the time is right to cash in, then it doesn't matter what they throw out there.

    I don't think Tessa is a cold bitch at all. They have, however, expanded their competitive bubble to permit themselves protection from adult responsibilities that come with being a public figure intent on marketing themselves and doing business with the public.

    Scott on his fan page is an ass in his own way. He was shamed into sharing that one candid photo (two if you count the Funny Face photo shoot "candid") because he was caught with his pants down setting up fans rather cruelly. Usually, I think, he leaves a lot of the facebook stuff - even his own - to others. Still, it has his name on it, so he may have felt a bit abashed. However, it was only momentary and now he's back to the policy of sharing nothing. He never really has. It's other people's job. Jessica's or an aunt's or a friend's or other relative. Why? Why must his facebook offer nothing? Because it has his name attached, and that could spoil the eventual pay day?

    After all, Jessica shared a lot more of her and Bryce even while she shammed. From Olympics 2010, stilted un-couple fan-celeb type poses with Scott, but with Bryce, relaxed body language on the train, at a dinner, celebrating her mom's birthday, Jessica propping her chin on his shoulder. Why was she permitted that with a man we're supposed to believe was her ex, while Scott didn't even show "hi there, here we are in front of the arena!" photos with Tessa? How does the lockdown help if Jessica and Bryce aren't locked down?

    Because Bryce/Jessica candids probably aren't worth anything or so Skate Canada thinks (actually, the download stats from the Bryce/Jessica candids posted here would suggest otherwise)? Tessa/Scott's are, they think. So again, it makes one suspect privacy and guarding against those dedicated fans isn't why this is done anymore. They've got a wonderful real life love story but hey, let's get creative to maximize the profit. Inflate the value for seven years by cutting off the supply and then really cash in?

    1. "Man, she is one cold b*tch. Love how she says Scott would have a different answer from her."

      I agree with OC that Tessa is not a cold bitch. By all accounts they are very nice people. They just happen to lie very nicely. And it's not all on Tessa. Here are 2 examples of Scott's barefaced lying:

      In this interview, he describes the book as "Really Sincere"


      And in this one he says the book is "So accurate, it's just us"


      I don't know how they look at the camera and spin they way they do, but somehow they manage to do that and still come across as nice and genuine every time. I guess it's a gift. Heh

  14. You know, in addition, it also makes me look again at how often they use the word "unique" (Btw Scott, unique doesn't take modifiers. It's unique or it's not. There's no such thing as very unique.). It's like how they're setting up the pitch. You think you've read similar love stories, but you haven't read theirs. Theirs is unique, hard to explain, but now, never before photos and blah blah blah blah blah.

    Unique can be used not just as a dodge, but a marketing key word they're going to use down the line.

  15. Why do they think they'd make more money with this stuff later rather than right now (or right after they won in Vancouver)? Wouldn't the biggest spotlight have been right after winning the Olympics in their own country?

    1. They attempted to do that with the book. But look at their agenda after the Olympics - pregnant, then return the same season to win Worlds. It's not the time.

      I believe the pregnancy was absolutely long planned for exactly when it happened - one of the many reasons they were so eager for gold in Vancouver because if they were lucky and things timed out as they hoped, and even if the baby changed things career-wise, they'd still have achieved gold - the ultimate in their career lives. It was always planned to go for real life goals (personal couple goals) after Vancouver - one reason it was do or die for them. They didn't want to wait. They wanted to go to phase II (of their personal life).

      I also believe they were prepared in case it couldn't be hidden, but when it appeared as if it could they forged ahead and conceived (so to speak) a pretty audacious plan. Part of which was the 4CCs. Tessa could never have road tested the short and then bailed on the long and gotten away with it by pretending it was a quad spasm (when it was her not being prepared, post-pregnancy - look at how gassed she was at the end of the Worlds FD 2 months later) if people had known.

      Did they scheme this in this detail? I don't think so. I think their personal life has been planned and intended for a long time, with so much planned for the Olympic year. That was the year their 'after skating' life could finally truly launch (everything before that was aimed at Vancouver). But the 4CCs, concealing the pregnancy all the way through - I don't believe this is stuff they can forsee but when Plan A worked out (pregnancy timed perfectly) and proceeded with health, and Tessa felt great, and they had the experience of skating and doing well on very few run-throughs, why not try it? You don't give away the game by revealing why you really are sitting the season out - every huff and puff from Tessa would have appeared exagerated to people I think (or she would have thought so. That's the reason she said she hid her shin pain after her first surgery - for fear it would prejudice the judges), as would her weight.

  16. How much money do you think they'll make if the media refuses to continue cooperating?


    1. I really wonder about that. I guess as long as they ask Tessa and Scott to define it themselves - IOW, say "Scott and Tessa say they're not a couple" versus "Scott and Tessa are not a couple" it can go on forever. Access is everything to media for this stuff because it's entertainment, not politics and people can be cut off.

    2. I don't get it. Figure skating has such a small following. Exactly how do they think they'll make a windfall if they release this sort of info later than sooner? If they don't win in Sochi, no one is going to really care about them anyway.

      It's so aggravating. If they had proper PR and stopped the games, they could be bigger names than they are now, and they could be making a windfall RIGHT NOW. Instead, their potential is being frittered away with stupidities. If they really think this backasswards way of doing PR is going to result in a windfall later, they need a true friend. Friends don't let friends act this dumb.

    3. Looking back all the way to the year before the Olympics, that's been one of the most puzzling questions. How is it possible that it was decided their marketability would be enhanced by these stupidities? Jessica and Scott frolicking on facebook and appearing to be acting like assholes toward Bryce, sticking Jessica amongst the Moir family to watch Scott skate, immediately after the Olympics publicly declaring themselves to be "in relationship" with each other.... Good heavens, it just goes on and on.

      And in the meantime, you can see V/M are less and less marketable. This strategy did not after all end up paying big dividends. If they wanted to keep their relationship private, they should have instead gone the route of better discretion and integrity -- something like, "no comment" to private stuff, and definitely NO GAMES with pretend SO's. This blog has done a very good job chronicling how all of this "strategy" has come across to the public/to fans -- like malicious manipulations and opportunities for setting up and then mocking the fans. I'm going to assume that was never their intention, but that is in fact what their "strategies" have done. I'm very disappointed that instead of admitting they made a mistake, they seem to want to continue this all the way through Sochi. Usually they say the consequences of wrong decisions bring wisdom -- I ain't seeing any here.

      And Anon 4:20, I agree they need a true friend. Right now their "friends" are letting them act dumb and doing nothing to stop the train.

  17. Anon 5:44

    This may be the first time I see V/M presented in a "couples" theme in the Canadian press but without the caveat that they "really aren't together." It's actually quite weird that it's such a dry description of their skating biography and nothing else....but in an article about "couples?"

  18. "It's actually quite weird that it's such a dry description of their skating biography and nothing else...."

    You mean in contrast to every other caption that describes the romantic relationship? ;) You know they wrote that caption for the lols. Loved the overkill by listing their junior and national wins.

  19. "I don't get it. Figure skating has such a small following. Exactly how do they think they'll make a windfall if they release this sort of info later than sooner?"

    I think the blogger is on to something here. Lots of skaters and fans post pictures after the big skating events, like the GP or Worlds. I think many skating fans look forward to those pictures and really appreciate them.

    Neither Scott nor Tessa nor anyone from their camp (family, friends of V/M, a PR agent, etc.) ever releases any photos or updates about V/M surrounding these events that are not from the official media or SC. No candid pictures at all. We know they're there with all these other skaters who are releasing pictures, since once in great while a skater or fan will post a picture of themselves with Scott and/or Tessa. If V/M and Co. are holding back thousands of pictures from a period of about 10 years, I can see where there would be profit in putting them all in a book some day. Tons of innocuous pictures, the stuff usually posted on facebook or in vacation albums, nothing really "private." But never seen before? Yeah, I guess there would be a market.

    Where I think this is an extremely short sighted strategy is that during all these years they could have amazing marketability and endorsements, making more money than some future book with "new" pictures. Instead, they diddle around with bubbles and walls and lies on social media. Whoever gave them this advice is stupid and beyond incompetent.

    1. I keep thinking about Scott's so-called fan page, and how the only times he's veered off script has been a set up, except for the time he went into a reply frenzy and said stuff he probably shouldn't have (such as a cheery "soon"! about virtuemoir.com being updated - whereupon it expired. Now it's back up but still, almost a year after "soon" up to date as of 2010-2011). I'm thinking that the media told us about the "raise the roof" party in Nice - would it kill Scott to share a candid from that party on his facebook? Or anything from Worlds and the surrounding activities?


    2. "would it kill Scott to share a candid from that party on his facebook? Or anything from Worlds and the surrounding activities?"

      LOL. I'm betting it would! The way V/M were carrying on in front of fan cams makes me think the rest of the time was spent totally making out. Tessa would kick his ass if he tried posting any of that on his fan page!

    3. ^ I agree, it's like they don't care at ALL how it appears anymore, how could anyone see all the fan footage and not think hmmm....which brings up another Q, how are they going to avoid rumours about Scott cheating on JD with her? Publishing wedding pictures/baby photos with dates? I mean the point is not to care what the public thinks, but they certainly seem too care waaaay too much at this point, seems like they've maybe left themselves open to speculation of that sort.

    4. "how are they going to avoid rumours about Scott cheating on JD with her?"

      Who is going to make up such a rumor? Not the media. Not the fans either. The half that don't believe Tessa and Scott are already together want Scott to leave Jessica for Tessa anyway.

    5. ^I was more meaning that when they finally come clean, will people believe (I mean those blind to the obvious hoax-ness of it all) that Scott was never with JD? The line of when he began being wtih Tessa might be blurry then. Fans may not believe there was any cheating, or if they do they might think it only makes sense that there was a "messy situation", they love drama after all. But considering how much they analyze every situation ie "they're in love but they don't know it because it would ruin the partnership", they will inevitably try and figure out the real story when TS don't divulge much after coming clean. It's not a big deal, TS shouldn't care what fans say anyway, but if they DO care...just short-sighted that's all, but that's typical. And fs fans who are not VM fans will have a field day if the Pelletier and Bryce triangle rumours are any proof. I guess when it comes to TS, as it's been pointed out, they don't care what people say unless it's the truth, but I personally don't get that mindset at all *shrugs* it's all just interesting!!

    6. I actually think the "messy situation" can be cut off at the knees by the presence of the child and the realization of the planning that went into that, and for good measure, with Jessica and Tessa posing next to each other twice this season. Something that was avoided in the past, but of course, these clowns didn't see the avoidance would be suggestive of an issue. After all, we don't see Meryl avoiding Tanith, doing a vanishing act when Tanith shows up around Charlie, but this was what Tessa did. For those who prefer drama, Tessa's behavior fed into it.

  20. Somehow I don't believe it's all about profit. Maybe this is what happens when you have Debbie Wilkes around you for years. She is the nosiest busybody I've ever seen. If she's been prying into their lives forever, maybe they created a bubble to deal with it. I know I would have. Maybe they think everyone else might be like Debbie, because it sure seems like the rest of Skate Canada is like Debbie. If that's what they know, no wonder they act the way they do. If they published photos, I'm sure Debbie would be slobbering all over them, trying to get every private detail out of them. She's disgusting.

    1. I do find her tremendously creepy - she takes up so much space. She's always hovering. I think it's about her marketing herself, branding herself, but she doesn't know when to lay back.

  21. "If they published photos, I'm sure Debbie would be slobbering all over them, trying to get every private detail out of them. She's disgusting."

    Reading this, I can't help thinking of that video clip posted here on the blog of Debbi Wilkes gleefully smiling while Jessica Dube is escorted to Scott after the Olympic FD. Everything surrounding that incident is cringeworthy and full of Ewwwws. No one looks really happy or smiley except Debbi Wilkes.

  22. I really wonder how it would be possible for them to come out with the truth at all anyway. There doesn't seem to be any good approach to that, at least that's what I think.
    I mean, how do they want to tell people about them being married all this time and on top of that having a kid?
    For me, shit gets real when there's a baby involved.

    The dating thing? Okay, for sure. But married and parents? Not really. I don't even see that happening with a serious documentary or anything. It just seems to be too much of a secret. They would need to come up with a good explanation for people to understand where they are coming from and why they went to the lenghts of doing what they did in the first place.
    In my head I can only see pretty weird and unrealistic szenarios.
    I feel like maybe it already is way too late for them to come clean in an honest way. Without aiming for profit and money that is.

    1. They could probably do it by acknowledging the facts and citing privacy - two sentences. Then with the assitance of a competent pr person, change the subject and go forward.

      Unfortunately what will probably happen is some inept reveal that has too much self-righteousness, too much implicit fan bashing, and just in general stuff that unnecessarily both scapegoats and implies "You people wouldn't understand." It's not necessary. If they used a professional. And I wonder why they don't. God knows, if anything needs one, it's them.

    2. Gag. Not more lies to cover up the first lies.

  23. ^^
    I think it's pretty much guaranteed that any documentary in the works right now will be lies. Anything about the skating itself will be real, no doubt, but any mention or video of off-ice lives IMO will be a hoax. Wanna bet - Jessica in the background at TEB Paris and also Nice Worlds? And why? So the viewer infers exactly what V/M want them to infer. It's Skate Canada's latest attempt at controlling this narrative. If it's a "Documentary" it can't be lies, right? Yeah, and we're all supposed to be stupid and not question anything.

    I am not at all looking forward to this newest installment of the bubble lives of Tessa and Scott, complete with fake SO's.

    1. It's just incredibly noticable that they don't mind being followed by a supposed documentary crew but can't share a candid or anything whatsoever from this year's competitions on a freaking fan page. What the hell do they think a fan page is for?

    2. What the hell do they think a fan page is for?

      Linking to week-old articles and tossing out lame status updates. Duh.

    3. In spite of Scott's lame photo-links and updates on his fan page, I'm still happier with this than when anything to do with VM on the social media sites was only about Scott and Jessica's "private life" (that they shared with thousands).

      I'd love to see candid photos, but only of Scott and Tessa please. If it's not real, don't bother. And no photos of Jessica in the group, nor next to Scott or Tessa in a group, nor hovering in the background, nor in any way present in an attempt to keep promoting this sham. Enough is enough. For several years it was practically a mudslide of revolting allusions and inferences. From some reports here and there, it sounds like they're still trying to carry on even on their supposedly "locked down" facebook sites, which of course still get "shared," so even on his personal page he's still not using social media to be genuine.

      I just hope he keeps his fan page real and doesn't try setting up lies anymore.

  24. I would suggest they make sure the kid never watches Sister Wives to avoid further confusion...video footage of JD in the background *shudder* but very possible. I totally agree that so much is about context, ie what fans will infer now may not be on the radar in future years, but surely the kid will notice that this lady seems to be ubiquitous in official footage!

  25. Aunt Joyce recently called SC the "official ass-kisser of the ISU."

    1. I think SC was positive that with gold everything else would follow. I do think it's interesting their two champions both train in the states - Chan under an American, VM under ex-pat Russians, one a Canadian citizen (but who trains in Michigan and mostly trains Americans) and the other a U.S. citizen. What's Aunt Joyce's premise - the US takes care of the coaching and SC pressures the ISU? I'm no fan of the ISU but I won't credit SC for Chan and VM's wins. Chan won because he's got the skating skills and a content-packed, point accumulating skate, and VM, IMO, won outright, not by gaming the system. Your program has to maximize potential points of course, and both VM's and DW's do, but I believe VM are outright better.

      So - SC succeeded in two World champions, one of them an Olympic champion too. They wanted to win, they did, but if they have no sponsors what? I kind of think Thompson was like - WE won gold, it's YOUR job to sponsor us and it's the pulic's job to show up - SC did theirs.

      They are the worst. You can't force the public to be excited by your amazing achievement and in fact if they're not excited by Chan and VM that is pretty much SC's fault.

  26. OC 10:42

    Didn't SC think the public/endorsements would fall all over themselves because of VM's cute "are they/aren't they" stories? Looks like their great ideas didn't work. And somehow in all that they also thought Scott-Jessica making out on facebook would keep fans interested and endorsements rolling in.

    Their logic escapes me. And the present state of affairs would indicate SC's awesome PR plans for VM have bombed. But obedient Scott, Tessa & Jessica keep going strong with the pretend narratives.

  27. Are you certifiably insane? Why don't you quit stalking these people? This is rabid obsession, to the detriment of your own life (do you ever think about your OWN life?). Your behavior is not normal. Scott, Tessa, and Jessica and anyone who knows them must be creeped out to the max.

    Here's my take, and I hope it helps somebody: Scott and Tessa, while they know each other very well and like each other very much, are not romantically involved. They're both good-looking and thus find each other attractive, but there are other people they find MORE sexually attractive because they have known each other for years and they, like the rest of us, like NEW people in their lives because newness is EXCITING. I think Scott appreciates the hotness that is Tessa, but he finds Jessica Dube MORE attractive. There is something about that girl that the men who KNOW her find irresistible. Katia Goordeeva was the same way. Every man in her life wanted her! We have all known women in our lives who have this quality that makes men want to protect them. These women are cute, aloof, and seemingly fragile. Men want these women; men fall in love with these women. While Tessa is the obvious choice for Scott, the heart wants what the heart wants! And however foolish to the rest of us, Scott genuinely wants Jessica.

    So you see, I think Scott and Tessa are telling the truth when they admit to not being a couple. They have chemistry, they feel the emotional and physical attraction, and when they skate they happily give in to it and take full advantage - because they want to win! Scott, especially, wants to win!! I think his little "hints" that he's hot for Tessa for the cameras is exactly that - a subtle show for the cameras. Brushing an invisible wisp of Tessa's hair out of her face during an interview, saying they aren't together . . . "yet." There is something not right about these little intentional moments, and it's because these are the moments when Scott is NOT being sincere. He knows that this is their appeal to fans - that there is something special between him and tessa and any day now they're gonna realize they're madly in love. Scott is milking this angle because he is a savvy businessman.

    At the same time, Jessica Dube IS Scott's girlfriend, and she very likely feels threatened and jealous of Tessa. So Scott also has to play THAT card - keeping the girlfriend feeling secure and happy. He does this by showing the world that he very much has a girlfriend. This is a need Jessica has that Scott is trying to meet for her.

    Ok, that's that. I hope you get better.

    1. Well, at least you have it all worked out. There are just as many assumptions in your post as there would be in this blog if in fact the blogger was making assumptions and not sharing for a fact what he/she knows to be true.

    2. Lol to Anonymous Apr 17, 2012 03:23 PM !! Amen to everything you said. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!! This entire blog is complete insanity. These people are heretics. Hahahahahaha!!! This sh*t makes me LMAO.