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Worlds 2009, two lovely couples - Scott/Jessica and Cynthia/Jay - toured highlights of L.A. Jessica's facebook put up an "L.A./Santa Monica" album.
March 2009
Right after Worlds (March 23-29, 2009 in L.A.), qualifying skaters were compelled to attend the ISU World Team Trophy in Japan  (April 16th to 19th, 2009).

The participant skaters were not good sports about having to participate.

And it would surely be tense for Scott and Bryce, seeing as Menage a Trois sur la Glace had aired shortly before.

But if skaters like Virtue Moir had declined, the ISU would not have permitted them to do shows within a specific time window. Which meant Scott and Tessa would have had to miss FOI in Korea on April 24-April 26th, 2009.
Scott would hate to miss FOI.

WTT was on network broadcast in Japan and a lot of message board regulars parked themselves on streams or tuned in directly, giving reports to the geo-blocked or insufficiently stream-enabled.

It was a rare opportunity to see Scott and Jessica interact on camera versus in still photos. As boyfriend and girlfriend - or, since they're classy and professional - as good friends and teammates. The teams were small - one dance team, one pair, four singles skaters.

Team spirit was the idea - you didn't have to stay pasted to your skating partner if you had one and needn't ignore your amoreaux or former amoreaux if he or she were on your team and you were captain.
Team Captain Evan hugging ice dancer Tanith on medal stand.
(Group hug actually - his right arm is around Ben)
 Team Canada had comraderie too (Scott is team captain):
There's a monitor - the team can see itself on camera.

Smooth, Scott.
You can kind of see why Bryce didn't fake date Tessa. I don't think your SO wants you to enjoy fake dating someone. Better they settled on the combination of Scott and grim poker-faced Jessica.

Still, here's an opportunity to reinforce "Jessica Dube loves Scott Moir" on national broadcast TV. Japanese television, but youtube archived and everything. But suddenly - camera-avoidant.
Preparing for team photo after medal ceremony

After team photo.

This is the event where at the gala Jessica forgot the third rotation of the three twist, hit Bryce in the eye with her elbow so he momentarily blacked out, and she crashed to the ice, using Bryce's body to break her fall.
Bryce carried her off the ice, both of them ignoring the stretcher that had been brought out.

A bit after her fall, the arena's announcer informed fans that Jessica had opened prematurely on the 3 twist, clocking Bryce in the face, blacking him out and rendering him unable to catch her. But they were fine, said the announcer, and had been taken to the hospital only as a precaution due to the long flight they had the next day.

The following morning Jessica and Bryce met fans at their hotel.

So they were okay, but it was traumatic for Scott. The previous night at the gala, he'd had to skate "Jack and Diane" with Tessa right after Jessica's crash. It was speculated on fsu by one fan that Bryce had dropped Jessica on purpose! FSU took note of Scott's misery and was glad he had Tessa to see him through his obligatory gala performance.

Scott bravely singing through his distress.

After WTT, Jessica and Bryce flew home while Scott and Tessa remained, seeing as they were due in Korea shortly.
FOI Korea 2009
Then Jessica and Bryce had a couple of tour dates at the start of May, then near the end of the first week of May it was training break and time for Punta Cana.
May 2009, Dreams Punta Cana Resort
And after that it was the summer pre-competition team meeting.
May 22 - May 24, 2009
As a side note, and as others have observed, Jessica often appears to use Tessa as a style role model. Right after WTT and prior to the Dominican, no longer needing her Carmen 'do, Jessica chopped her hair a la Tessa. We can see how exactly it's cut like Tessa's in this photo.

Tessa is pale, having spent training break in France (French family wedding) - and Monaco (side trip with her mom and sister - no particular reason of course.).

In Monaco the Virtue women stayed at the Port Palace hotel - the same hotel where the Virtue/Moir + Jessica party stayed the following year when they were in Monaco following Worlds 2010.


  1. where do you get all these photos...I've never seen any of these

  2. Most are just WTT 2009 screen caps - - I just put up samples.

    Jessica and Bryce at the hotel after WTT were taken by fans - I'm pretty sure an image search on google can pull them up. There was an article the next day called "She's All Right."

    The one of Jay, Cynthia, Scott and Jessica was on Jessica's "LA/Santa Monica" album that was up forever on her facebook when it was less restricted. All of her facebook fans/friends could see it (she had over 4,000 fb friends before she restricted it).

    The Dominican photo is from one of her facebook's two vacation albums from Punta Cana.

  3. So am I right in thinking that it looks like during this Punta Cana trip, that was touted as a romantic, honeymoon-type get-away for Scott and Jessica, they in fact spent a good deal of time hanging out with other people?

    LOL. How romantic.

  4. Well, Jessica had her siblings, and Scott had a crowd of older married Americans to whom he attached himself(some with kids) and for the photo ops they did a bunch of activities instead of the romantic couple experiences made available at the resort. No dinner a deux by torchlight on the sand, no joining the other couples to salsa on the beach at night, just the blue plate special dancing in the lobby while making faces at the camera, and fun daytime activities such as taking a four hour bus ride over rough terrain to a catamaron to an island that had large starfish, and back again. But you know, it kills time, and that's important. You don't want to actually have to hang out one on one. One of the guys Scott hung with did used to have photos on his facebook but he restricted it. Family guys hanging with Scott.

    The "romantic photo shoot" done by a professional is a standard offering at resorts where you're run through your poses and then pay 10.00 for the photos you want. Scott and Jessica's photos were the standard poses but unlike most couples who are photographed gazing soulfully into each other's eyes, they aimed towards the middle distance or into the camera.

  5. At WTT, on camera, Scott talked past, around and over Jessica, never dealing with her directly, while she must have gotten seasick keeping her head on a swivel trying to seem part of things.

    Sham season '09 had launched in a big way so Bryce couldn't be seen to be paying Jessica a ton of attention on camera when her own supposed boyfriend was ignoring her on camera, so she got stuck in no man's land.

    The interesting part is WHY did Scott do so much avoidance a month after doing all those LA/Santa Monica photos and just over a couple of weeks prior to him being in the Dominican and posing for enough "romantic" photos with Jessica to put in a flip book and pretend is a reality show?

    Why ignore a teammate who is also your fake girlfriend, a fake relationship you are bent on publicizing huge in the coming year?

    Hell, even Jessica couldn't keep up with how rigorous he was about cutting her out at WTT. He talks past her to Joannie at one point, she thinks he's looking at her and like a Pavlov's dog makes a "mwah" expression, but denied! He wasn't looking at her.

    Here's why. It was broadcast television. Something that's official. Will be on youtube as having been on network. Kids can grow up and see that stuff! It's more traumatic for them then many people think. Very upsetting if they run into that stuff when young. They don't get "fake".

    Hell, Captain Scott hugged different teammates as they came off the ice but when D&D did he stuck Tessa and Patrick in front to greet and hid behind Vaughn. I hardly think the Japanese television companies are going to worry about whether Scott and Jessica are real or not, or care, so I think Scott was avoiding for his own reasons - he was thinking youtube is forever. His interviews and skating routines from 2004 are still on youtube and 2009's stuff will be on youtube years from now as well. He was using foresight.

    But - I agree with the anon who said facebook is not as ephemeral as Team Virtue Moir may think. Fans love photos. I'm sure many fans are pissed the facebooks' privacy settings have gotten stricter even if they suspect the Jessica/Scott stuff is fake, just because they like seeing the whole game and story and they love photos.

    What's on Scott and Jessica's facebooks now is getting uploaded, saved and shared by the fans who are on those facebooks. What's on this blog gets downloaded multiple times any time a Jessica/Scott photo is posted even though all of it has already been public and much of it has been around awhile.

    The well known figure skating message boards have all been around a long time - not precisely sure how long but I think ten years is close - maybe more. Chances are they'll be around ten years from now with many of the same people. Every photo on facebook that was ever published by these people and their helpful connections has been downloaded, saved and shared to fans who do the same thing. So have the wall posts. They'll be around in years to come and they'll be searchable.

  6. Great detective work. I didn't know that the Virtues took a side trip to Monaco. Did Jordan Virtue delete her FB account?

  7. "Did Jordan Virtue delete her FB account?"

    It looks like it, or it's so restricted as to not be seen at all by the general public.

    Something I have found fascinating since this blog began is the way everyone around V/M started restricting their facebooks, and some also their twitters. What are they so afraid of? At one point Scott and Jessica have 4000+ and counting "friends" with whom they share all sorts of personal/intimate photos, wall posts, and status updates. Plus, there are the ever-helpful friends and family that publish Scott-Jessica photos for them.

    Scott did shut his facebook down to the public before the blog started but the message sent out is still that it's all about promoting Scott-Jessica on facebook, as he then put up a profile picture of him with Jessica (something never done before, when his page was open) and wrote some things on Jessica's still very public wall to make sure it's understood he "loves" Jessica (also something he had not done before to that degree - but I guess with his now restricted page he had to find a way to get the word out, since they're so private and all). Then a blog says it's all fake and V/M's family, friends, plus Jessica, suddenly got shy? Really? If it's real, wouldn't the response rather be the opposite, or at the very least a continuation of their status quo (with the open facebook pages) seeing as how it doesn't matter what people think since they're "real"?

    Also the people from SC that this blog has called out. Barb MacDonald is supposed to be Communications Director (or something like that, can't remember her exact title) of SC. Isn't that a position that requires openness and accessibility? Especially if there's nothing to hide. But both she and Debi Wilkes are suddenly all about hiding facebook and twitter.

    You'd almost think all these people, including SC, are saying that this blog has called it like it is and they're now trying to cover their tracks.

  8. Fans are batshit crazy, intrusive, vain and inappropriate by definition, they're conformist and controlling, and they come up with all kinds of out there theories, "observations" and remarks they have no trouble talking about in public. Nobody cares. The media helps the skaters out by condescending to fans, calling them ubers, sharing eye roles in the pieces they run, while the skaters affect a demeanor of patience and tolerance.

    The only reason this blog gets a reaction is the central premise of it is true - Scott and Tessa are together and lying - and people think there's something to it or they wouldn't get so bent out of shape.

    And still, they ought to have ignored it, as, I've mentioned, Tanith and Evan ignored Aunt Joyce. But Tanith and Evan went all-in. They went on the record with the legitimate media and kept it lower key on social media. Both platforms were consistent. There was no schism, no contradiction, no overcompensation.

    But Tessa/Scott is a little stickier because it involves their Fed openly pushing this on the paying public, and they have a trickier balancing act because it's obvious they do not want this mess on the record for years to come. Social media was expedient, and they think it's off grid.

    BTW - apart from the fact that I know Tessa and Scott's actual status and the fact that Jessica is a fake, the rest of this stuff - Monaco, et al - is not detective work. It's just putting things in sequence. They can't keep their own stories straight. Doesn't mean we can't.

    They didn't protect their facebooks to protect their privacy - they protected their facebooks to make what they were doing less obvious, in part, and to shut down further scrutiny and backtracking, in part as well. Possibly to shut out any tabloid that would immediately recognize the obvious.

    Meantime they clung to the sham by, as has been pointed out, turning both Scott and Jessica's facebook profile pics to sham 24/7, when Scott's never had been before and Jessica's had always rotated - when there was shamming stuff going on - she had a sham photo up, then she'd restore it to her real life. Now "Jess" Dube has to have sham up all the time, so the public can see it. And of course photos and other communication gets shared by cooperative fans who still have access.

    The saddest part for me is Scott started a fan page. The only nice thing he's done on it really was after being called out for hoarding Scott/Tessa photos for money, and after tricking fans into thinking their input was wanted for a new profile pic but then putting up Audrey/Fred, he had a moment of decency and put up a Tessa/Scott profile picture and a candid of him and Tessa from Finlandia. Fans had to pay for it though, by being an audience for two pieces of sham bait. It's his damn FAN page. He wants to shut down his so-called private facebook so those who are suspicious can't take a second look. But damn if they aren't trying to work around as much as they can, including yanking the chains of fans who think he's reaching out, but instead he's setting them up.

  9. ^oh, and p.s. - I have no idea WHY - but Scott and Tessa have a habit of letting hints out - baby ducks appears to be one and there have been several others. The ducks were no way in hell happenstance. Even if it's for the benefit of showing that to someone in their lives down the line while it sails over the heads of most viewers - they know many people will catch it.

    oc not loggin in.

  10. While I'm still unclear as the point of the rubber duckies (they were for Scott and Tessa's supposed baby????) or how Scott should have acted at the WTT (should he have been seen weeping and fretting over his beloved?) every time I read this blog, I end up with the theme song from Psych stuck in my head.

    I know you know, that I'm not telling the truth.
    I know you know, they just don't have any proof.

    Embrace the deception, learn how to bend
    Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end

  11. Oh gosh, so many things are unclear in this world, huh? You know what's unclear too? When someone visits the blog only to pester the blog writer into doing a favor, and when the favor is done I'm just so unclear about why they keep coming back not just to share the song lyrics stuck in their head but to download "intimate" photos.

    Actually I'm not unclear - I was just pretending. I've actually got a pretty good idea what's going on. I hope the same for you.

    oc, not logged in.

  12. I legitimately was looking for clarification, so thanks for being such a bitch! You really are needlessly defensive.

  13. "I legitimately was looking for clarification, so thanks for being such a bitch! You really are needlessly defensive. "

    LOL passive aggressive much? your last post is an attempt at honest, legitimate dialogue??

    (not OC, just someone who's pissed off)

  14. last anon here, I just realized that the song lyrics might have been directed at the TS situation not the blogger, if that is the case I sincerely apologize

  15. "I just realized that the song lyrics might have been directed at the TS situation not the blogger,"

    When I first read that post with the song lyrics I did think it was directed at the blogger. Now I also would like the Anon. who posted that to clarify, please.

    In defense of the blogger (who isn't me and who I don't know at all), there have been a lot of people that have come on here for the sole purpose of calling him/her crazy, and various other choice descriptions.

  16. "I have no idea WHY - but Scott and Tessa have a habit of letting hints out"

    If nothing else, this has become a fun game for the fans who wish to see it that way:
    At the next event, find the sham activity (easy).
    At the next event, find the "hints" Scott and Tessa are letting out. (Perhaps more indirect.)

  17. I just deleted a couple of my own comments because I realized I could sum it up better.

    The person who posted the lyric thing is not anon to me. I know who it is. I know how "legitimate" the question was and I know everything else they've posted as anon or not anon. And I'll repeat that this is a case of low comprehension, entitlement, and obsession. I'm not going to enable it.

    I don't know how many ways I can say here that if I want to I can SEE who is posting here, and that in the past I've checked it out. In this case, I know who I'm talking to.

    Those who think they misunderstood or got it wrong - don't apologize, you got it right, no matter what the poster said subsequently.

    Now, it's a given with an anon blog that people are going to say you're crazy and all that. I don't see the problem. That's what a lot of people honestly think. That's fine.

    Bullshit is a different matter.

    If I hadn't gotten the site tracker to guard against spam I'd treat every anon on face value. But I got it, and when I did, I can get other information.

    I wanted to put that out there on the blog because I don't want to make idiots of people - even if I'm the only one who knows - by having a discussion with them when I have information they don't know I have, not telling them about it, and letting them crawl out on a limb.

    Back to topic - the list of Scott/Tessa "hints" is interesting. For example, way back 2009 when Scott and Tessa gave that interview where the relationship was once again addressed, a comparison to Sale & Pelletier was made, and the voiceover said "when asked about it, Tessa didn't exactly say no." In the film clip, we see Scott put an arm around her shoulder and give her a hearty kiss on the forehead. THEN she says 'maybe'. She also talks about how they have been known to walk around Paris holding hands, that's her favorite type of thing, and Scott says sometimes he has to tell her to back off a little bit. THEN he says that he's been pitching it (the idea of them being a couple) for twelve years - five as far as television interviews - and this is his first maybe. So the interviewer goes "Progress". And Scott says "Progress."

    Now - Scott and Tessa were already a couple when they filmed every piece of that feature (it had some old and new video in it). They'd been a couple a long, long time. But, they didn't just happen to film that piece and the interviewer didn't by happenstance ask them if they could ever end up like the (then married and supposedly happy) Sale & Pelletier - and Tessa didn't whimsically say "Maybe." They knew what they were doing - it was set up.

    What was the purpose? Did they plan to reveal and someone changed their mind? That doesn't skew with all the sham that was being done concurrently, yet at the same time, that piece was no accident either. And what guy with even a fake girlfriend tells the camera he's been trying to get with his skating partner for twelve years and this is the first "maybe"?

    They're a real couple and were when they made that interview feature. So it does not go under cynical pandering to shippers. They're real, just lying about it. It was never followed up except for Scott's intermittent "I'm trying" and "Not yet anyway" after the Olympics - also rude things to say from a guy who has a girlfriend of 3-4 years.

    I know one thing - they are planners. Where they are now in life - in their personal life - is no accident. Perhaps that interview was contingency for an alternative scenario. Maybe Scott and Tessa weren't sure if they'd be able to remain hidden throughout everything - maybe it would be impossible given one particular choice. But it turned out they could get away with it still, and they couldn't resist, so any plan to come clean went on hold.

  18. I finally got around to watching the SCI Pairs competition, and I was curious if OC or anyone else on here thinks there was anything wonky with the marking L/S vs D/W? I'm absolutely no expert and am still learning how all the judging system/points stuff works and I really tried to watch it unbiased by all the off-ice complications. But I really just thought neither of the teams skated clean but L/S had a more challenging program, like the lifts were so much more intricate and they had a triple twist. I don't know where else to ask this where I'll get a real answer and if the judging DOES makes sense I'd like to learn why.

  19. Going OT with this obviously: JMO. After I looked at L/S I saw L/S and D/W were very close on TES in scoring at Skate Canada and D/W beat them on PCs. Speed and power is difficult to assess on television but it looked like D/W skated with more overall smoothness and power than L/S, who seemed to slow in the back end of their program. Jessica fell on her triple, Rudi Sweigers 2-footed one of the double axels in the double axel sequence. Laurence/Sweigers had some rough going and hesitations - for instance Paige had a clumsy, uncontrolled descent from the last lift.

    IMO L/S left more points on the table than D/W. If they can skate clean and with more smooth power as the season goes on they should separate themselves from D/W, who have an unambitious element-to-element program. If L/S's program had been skated to its potential they'd have placed higher than D/W. I think D/W skated their program very close to its potential.

    oc, not logged in

  20. Thanks OC I appreciate the detailed explanation :) D/W program just seemed empty to me and I know trying hard stuff (L/S) counts for something, but of course it needs to be executed well too. I just wish L/S got another shot at grand prix event.

  21. Check out Alma Moir's post in Scott's fanpage lol. His girls eh? And notice her profile pic. The baby's wearing same stuff in Jessica's prof pic too. I don't know if that's important but of course Alma's got to post in Scott's page in order for Scott's fans to see they're carrying the same baby. Very bloody smooth.

  22. "Very bloody smooth."

    I wish I didn't totally agree with this but given the Moir's facebook history toward the fans, I think every single thing they post that has to do with V/M is with careful calculation and deliberation. I don't think there's any sincerity whatsoever. Therefore, Alma's post on Scott's wall should be assumed to be sending a specific message and I wouldn't doubt your theory that it's to link her profile pic to Jessica's. And how convenient that it's at the time of a major competition. It follows their usual pattern of doing this kind of thing at these times.

  23. I'm the Anon who left the previous comment about Alma writing on Scott's wall.
    I had only seen the other message she left about wishing she was going to Paris. I just saw the newest one, about "the girls."


    Give me a break. Now his Mom goes on the facebook page that Scott created as a clear message to the fans that it was to be about his professional self, therefore about V/M, and leaves cute little hints about Jessica?

    Don't these guys have any class?

  24. SMH at that "girls" comment on Scott's FB by Alma. I now see the trend of "promoting" when they're competing. She could have just posted that on his private account, but no, they just have to let the fans see it.

  25. They're just slimy. Ooooh, let's privatize our "private" facebook. But then during the competition season not enough sham gets out so they'll mosy on over to Scott's "fan" page and his mother, former coach and family friend starts posting person good wishes on his fan page when he still has a personal one?

    And you know what the bullshit is? The original comments from Pat Jackson, Suzanne and Alma were setting up the "girls" comments. Period. It's calculated. Oh let's have Pat, Suzanne and Alma post a couple of non-Jessica personal things the night before on his public fan page, even though he has a private facebook. And then the NEXT day, put the Jessica shout-out and it won't stick out! It will just seem natural.

    Yes, because mom, friend and coach will reach out on his fan page.

    Does make one anticipate an airport or airplane profile pic from Jessic pretty soon. If they all went on the same flight or their flights were landing close together - don't for God's sake waste it!

    oc, not logged in

  26. They don't have "class". I think they believe "class" is clothes, manner, decorum and so they're proud of not having it. But class is decency, respect, consideration.

    And that's correct - nothing they do is sincere. Scott did ONE thing sincerely on his fan facebook beyond rote "Good competition in Finlandia" (or whatever comp) and links - which was put up a Tessa/Scott profile pic and a Tessa candid, but that was really because - I think - he was called out for something that mattered to him - which is basically using fans for money and using him and Tessa for money. Which is exactly what they're doing, but this was a little obvious.

    Every single reachout has been bullshit, from Muskoka to "any suggestions for a profile picture" to MO to his Mom showing up on his fan page to wish him a safe trip. She doesn't have his cell number to text and she has no access to his personal page, is that it. ANY time there's something personal on his facebook it's a set up. They as ever pimp out personal stuff to sell Jessica. They connect the two, so fans will link the two as well. The personal is bait, period.

    The only reason he put a Tessa profile pic and candid was it was pretty blatant they were hoarding Tessa/Scott photos for a future pay day and it stung too much when it was pointed out. They do like money - maybe that was one thing that hit close to home. The rest they don't give a damn.

    oc, not logged in

  27. I'm so disgusted at Alma's post.

    Scott has a personal page and obviously Mom is on the personal page. For goodness sakes, we know that's where Mom does any facebook communication with her son, not on some public page. Not only that, Mom certainly is able to text her good wishes to her son. There's no reason in the world to do this except for the very reason this blog has been talking about. It's to screw with the fans and promote Scott and Jessica.

    I have no respect for them in these sham shout-outs. There's an attitude not just of entitlement that comes across but also of malice. I hope many fans sit up and take notice that the blog has been right about this.

  28. I'm still curious how Barb MacDonald managed to get close enough to Craig Buntin to get a wedding invite. Barb was a mere "press attache'" for Skate Canada at the last Olympics. She was still officially working for One Way Ministries, an evangelical organization with an anti-gay, pro-conversion agenda. Craig Buntin and his then-partner Megean Duhamel didn't make the Vancouver Olympic team, and Craig then retired. So how did Barb get so buddy buddy with him so she was on his wedding guest list? Maybe Skate Canada sent a photographer along or there was another perk for Craig, who knows. Barb certainly tried to maximize the occasion - she tweeted about it, and she twice planted Scott Jessica mentions - even outreaching to icenetwork as a work around.

    oc, not logged in

  29. "Does make one anticipate an airport or airplane profile pic from Jessic pretty soon. If they all went on the same flight or their flights were landing close together - don't for God's sake waste it!"


    We most certainly will be getting something along these lines on Jessica's profile picture. This is the pattern.

  30. They probably realized they missed sham opportunities with airports and buses. And now they've shown Tessa and Scott on a bus at a show (where Jessica was not)- OMG, what if people think he never travels with Jessica in the same vehicle! The photo of him driving to Santa Domingo w/Jessica, Veronique and Jonathan is now "privatized!"

    In-competition the disciplines practice separately, so it would be a bit forced for Jessica to ride the same hotel-to-arena-practice bus, but it certainly it makes complete sense for the girlfriend to travel from Montreal to Canton or Ontario for the purpose of flying to Paris with her bf and his platonic skating partner - seeing as they've been together for four years and it's so fresh and new of course that they grab every second they can.

    oc, not logged in

  31. I've been reconsidering the airport situation. If it happens, it's likely logistics.

    When Jessica's been to Michigan/Windsor - she had skating business - choreography or work with an expert (as happened at least once with Bryce). The rest of the time is at competitions or in Ilderton.

    These people don't want to actually sacrifice real personal life for shamming.

    Tessa is off to France/Monaco in May 2009 with Mom and sister (that's not all) - so since it doesn't cut into Tessa time, Scott can fill it up with shamming - especially when the Punta Cana stuff has been considered a smoking gun by fans for years now.

    Good incentive for Jessica - her siblings are with her. (Who pays?)

    When Tessa has to have physio for a good chunk of time every day, most particularly at 2009-2010 competitions (when SC agreed to have Mary Branagan, Tessa's physio therapist, travel to the GP series in 2009 for Tessa) - well, why not use Tessa's physio time to wander around a specific section of Paris with your sham gf, your parents, your sham gf's parents (who paid?), then wind up at what, that evening, is going to be the location for a film shoot on a carousel that will be part of your Olympic profile feature?

    Wander around for a spell taking sham photos in daylight. Then Tessa, finished with physio, meets up at the carousel. Darkness descends, Scott and Tessa do the film shoot on the carousel, blowing bubbles, smiling, taking candids.

    Beforehand, or in between, Jessica hops on board the carousel for a snapshot (featured on Alma's fb before it changed its settings). Scott's wearing the same shirt shamming at Sacre Couer as he is on the carousel beneath Sacre Coueur with Tessa.

    Same for weddings, same for the family perhaps en masse visiting Charlie and Nicole. Again, do you want to take time out of your actual life? Or do you summon Jessica to join a family pilgrimage - you're obliged to be there, she may as well join, and you haven't sacrificed a second of your actual personal life.

    TEB - let's see what pops up on Jessica's facebook profile. A flight to Paris - why that's when you can multi-purpose as well, especially if the configuration of your "free" time has changed. Tessa's no doing the same # of hours of physio.

    Jessica - you're leaving for TEB from Ontario or Michigan!

    It accomplishes the 'we're so in love' message while taking nothing out of Scott and Tessa's actual personal time.

    Now as to Alma, Pat and Suzanne Killing popping up on Scott's fan page, as his Aunt Carol and other family friends have in the past - despite them having obvious access to his personal page -- here's the deal they can't leave alone:

    Every fan intrusive enough to warrant Scott and Tessa hiding and shamming not only already sits on his fan page, but has "Jess Dube"'s facebook on auto-refresh. That's where the Moir and SC asshole gene kicks in. Alma & Co. don't need to show up on Scott's fan page. That's just them not being able to play by their own feeble rules. That's their knee-jerk obsession with this stuff.

    Oh, the "personal" fb is not getting the message out enough - or at least we can't SEE it getting out!

    They apparently don't trust that fans are parked by Jessica's facebook like devout Catholics parked by their televisions waiting for smoke to turn white after a pope dies.

    Moirs - they ARE keeping the eagle-eye on Jess's fb. No need to prompt them. When the "Jess Dube" fb puts up a photo of her and Scott - Scott in his Fred haircut, Scott on a plane, Scott with a mustache or whatever is coming next -fans GET it. You know how diligent they are. Why do you have to treat them like a bunch of morons who won't keep an eye on Jessica's "Jess" fb unless you nudge them with bait on Scott's fb? That's just nasty.

  32. "When the "Jess Dube" fb puts up a photo of her and Scott - Scott in his Fred haircut, Scott on a plane, Scott with a mustache or whatever is coming next -fans GET it. "

    I'm thinking they'll put up a Scott&Jessica photo with Scott in a mustache. Because this proves, you know, how much they love each other. That is most definitely what fans are supposed to infer with all these pictures.

    Alma posting Jessica-stuff on Scott's public facebook is just looney. I know they think fans are really really dumb, but we're not so dumb as to not realize that this is the kind of thing that she would post on his private, locked-down facebook, if at all.

    There should be bets on when and what sort of profile picture "Jess" puts up next. Lol

  33. Isn't Pat Jackson a member of that Addicted To T&S group on FB? That's kinda weird for me. Maybe she uses it to spy on the fans.

  34. She's a family friend and former skating mom (Canadian pairs skater Don Jackson). She showed up to the SECOND to "like" the photos and make comments the night "Jessica Dube" uploaded "Xmas 2010!" and "NYE 2010!" photos on her wall. To the second. You'd think she was standing by on alert. She was a regular participant in the "meant to be overheard" public wall conversations when Jessica would announce she was headed to Ilderton.

    oc, not logged in

  35. "She was a regular participant in the "meant to be overheard" public wall conversations when Jessica would announce she was headed to Ilderton."

    I've been wondering what "meant to be seen" or "meant to be overheard" Scott-Jessica photos or updates will be coming from TEB. They never fail to generously share. Seeing as how they're so private.

    Alma's very deliberately-worded post on Scott's public wall makes me think it's designed as a warning to the fans that visit Scott's page to be on the lookout for Scott-Jessica pictures. Now that she's locked down her page (along with almost everyone else connected to Scott and Tessa), it's apparent that they keep looking for ways around that.

    For the enjoyment of the fans who love V/M, of course. (Who also happen to spend $$ on things connected to V/M...but let's not be so crass as to bring that up.)

  36. I'm just curious as to your take on the developing debacle with Tessa and Scott being dumped for Meryl and Charlie. They haven't even gone head to head yet and.everyone has TS coming out on the bottom.