Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Educational Blog Series

Ripped off the post title from Charlie White's twitter.

First up:

June 15, 2010:  One of Scott's status updates on his "personal" facebook before he restricted it:

Tessa Virtue does not have facebook! If you are friends with her on facebook then you are friends with a fake. So not cool."

So - NOT cool?


  1. OMG, Scott actually said a fake facebook page was not cool?


    (By the way, I love how he looks like he's trying to avoid touching Jessica in this picture. A little too much skin next to the fake girlfriend Scott?)

  2. He sort of walked right into that one, didn't he?

  3. ^It's like shooting a minnow with a cruise missile.

  4. It's truly absurd that Scott never ever shares anything featuring himself and his skating partner off ice, except already published media photos; that he's on record saying he doesn't share about his SO because that's "private", and yet, there are all these smarmy beach photos that he and his supposed SO published through facebook.

    What the hell?

    How can anyone believe he cares for this SO when this "relationship" is treated so cheaply? On the other hand, whatever he has going on with Tessa is carefully guarded and treated with great respect.

    Ironically, the abundance of Scott-Jessica "relationship" on facebook, not to mention the totally classless way it's been presented, is one of the reasons why I don't believe they're for real.