Saturday, May 14, 2011

When Fans Do Their Work For Them

Fans who don't believe Tessa and Scott - don't believe them, versus fans or posters who absolutely know they're lying - are apologetic if they admit it. This is because of the controlling behavior of Scott and Tessa fans who behave as if they're doing God's work policing what fans are allowed to say. The post police will easily lie in order to convince others of their authority, a method that's compatible with Scott and Tessa's public relations style. It's interesting how many lies are told by some fans in order to convince other fans Tessa and Scott are telling the truth.

They frequently take what's been said for years on the internet and claim to have been informed about it personally, forgetting people have memories. As they're convinced the essentials are true, what's the difference if they lie they have independent confirmation? It's the best way to shut people up. Shutting people up seems to be important. The resentment of those with a different point of view appears intense.

Why the reality that there are people who don't believe Scott and Tessa and say so infuriates these fans is a mystery.

One message board visitor claimed to both live in the States and work for Skate Canada doing receptionist and filing work, and to have begged and been granted permission to volunteer at "summer skating camp" - described as a week long team bonding getaway where all the skaters from different disciplines frolic on the ice together and engage in hijinks off. There, this poster claimed to have seen many kisses between Scott and Jessica despite also saying she'd only seen Scott in person a total of three times. At this event, figure skaters also tossed their painstakingly aligned, razor sharp, scarily expensive, fine-tuned skates at each other in jest. The fact that Scott has struggled for years with back issues - like most men on figure skating teams - didn't forestall a charming anecdote about Jessica "playfully" pushing Scott so hard he slammed onto his back and could not at first get up.

Although the summer meeting is two days, has no rink, and it was impossible for this poster to have attended, this was not important when backing up the official Scott and Tessa (and Jessica) story is all that matters. This Utah/Skate Canadian also claimed to "have been told" personally, one of the most widely disseminated internet stories floating around for years  - the mythical fight between Scott and Bryce over that notorious femme fatale with the power to toy at will with both men, Jessica Dube.

There's a saying that something only has to be repeated ten times before the human brain believes it's true, even if the person hearing it knows better. Skate Canada, Scott and Tessa, and the fans who have taken it upon themselves to be Scott and Tessa's internet police force are believers in this one.

Another fan has informed posters that she was "told" or "informed" Scott had a crush on Jessica from their teens. This "information" is actually lifted from a well-known, widely linked 2007 FSU flare-up about Scott, Jessica, Tessa and Bryce.

It's always interesting how few people seem to know anything that's not already circulating on the internet or put there by the skaters themselves or spread as rumors by self-styled insiders. An impressive number of fans claim to have seen themselves or have a "friend" who has seen Scott and Jessica "make out" in public near a morose Bryce, in locations varying from airport security check-ins to Blue Jays games attended by the entire team (internet) to restaurants in Paris. This amazing spate of sightings is a spawn of the "Menage a Trois Sur La Glace" video piece wherein Bryce "confessed" it was hard to see Jessica and her bf together. Immediately an audience sprung up claiming to have witnessed this very thing.

It's ironic how this contradicts the other message of "Menage a Trois Sur La Glace." Jessica informed us that when she and Scott are at competitions and competition practices or attending to skating business, they both have separate jobs to focus on and would not be acting couple-like - nicely pre-empting the questions of fans who sit their asses down at events, practices, warm-ups and galas to see if they can get a load of the lovebirds for themselves.

Other fans feel that what they observe absent any media must be the truth.

Scott and Tessa and most celebs don't give a shit what the media knows - only what media says - to the public. The media isn't the problem - fans are. Members of the media are happy to blab - off the record.  Scott and Tessa only care what's on the record. They don't hide from the media til the red light is on. 

Back before Jessica and Scott started massive post-Olympic facebook friend sweeps, they had fewer skating fans as friends on their facebooks. And still, these skating fans/facebook friends policed message boards, letting anyone who doubted Scott and Tessa know that they were friends on Scott and Jessica's "private" facebooks and that there, evidence existed that Scott and Jessica were for real. Intimate evidence displayed only for a select number of fans, skating officials, relatives, dozens of other skaters both national and international, former skaters, neighbors, media, photographers, Skate Canada, coaches, Jessica's "former" bf and his family (who remained inexplicably close with her) ex-schoolmates and the rest of the logical audience for showing off "intimate personal" photographs. Fans who make montages. Fans who are regulars on message boards. Fans who write fanfic - all audience for this very personal and private stuff, but it was only hundreds - a much more private crowd than thousands for whom to parade intimate photographs of your love life.

For real, if someone truly thinks the photos actually show Scott doing "all sorts of intimate things" don't they wonder why photos were taken? How many people actually photograph their intimate activity, let alone create albums so they can be displayed for several hundred of their most trusted friends, acquaintances, associates, ex-classmates, coaches, competitors, sponsors, members of the media, members of different skating Federations as well as their parents, siblings, and fans who frequent message boards?

Isn't "all sorts of intimate things" pretty gross for even a supposed private facebook? Should people maybe redefine what they think "intimate" actually is and what's actually shown - not implied - SHOWN - in the photos?

Quite a few fans most interested in controlling what other fans say and believe, who are the most aggressive in believing Scott and Tessa, remain on the "private" facebooks.  Flattering themselves that they're either trusted and appreciated by Scott and Tessa, or believing Scott and Tessa are ignorant and oblivious of how facebook operates, they let people know what's on facebook validates every lie Scott and Tessa tell even if they will not share the extremely personal, extremely intimate evidence (except to trusted friends and connections in pm and email, exactly how it was done before) that is reserved only for trusted semi-strangers like themselves.  In this way the same information and visuals are distributed exactly as they were before Scott & Co. gave a universe of strangers their own front row seat.

P.S. Given the unimaginative banality of Skate Canada, it's amazing how few people are able to do the obvious math as to why Jessica Dube was set up to be the girl acting as Scott Moir's "gf" even after Scott himself basically spelled it out in a comment last year.


  1. "Given the unimaginative banality of Skate Canada, it's amazing how few people are able to do the obvious math as to why Jessica Dube was set up to be the girl acting as Scott Moir's 'gf' even after Scott himself basically spelled it out in a comment last year."

    Many assume it's because Dube was one of many women who actually slept with David Pelletier while he was still married to Jamie (unlike the rumours about Tessa), and by putting her with Scott, SC could engineer a double cover up...

  2. "This amazing spate of sightings is a spawn of the "Menage a Trois Sur La Glace" video piece wherein Bryce "confessed" it was hard to see Jessica and her bf together. Immediately an audience sprung up claiming to have witnessed this very thing."

    Yep, and none of these alleged "sitings" were reported online until after that video was released. Then suddenly, posters started popping up on FSU claiming to have seen Jessica and Scott "making out" in public places, all within sight of Bryce, and that Bryce saw it happening and looked crushed. Some fans claimed to have seen them doing so at a baseball game (with other Skate Canada skaters in attendance), others said it happened in an airport line (because that's a common place to mug down with your significant other), some said they saw it at a summer skate camp, and still other people claimed to see it happen in a coffee shop in Paris. All of these "sitings" were of Jessica and Scott making out. Never were they sited just sitting together, holding hands, or taking a stroll. Nope. They were only sited sucking each others faces off in public, making sure Bryce was in full view (because he's always there in these stories) so it would cause him emotional strain. Because, of course, that fit nicely into the "Bryce is so crushed" narrative (and served as an excuse among Bryce and Jessica's fans for why their skating was so inconsistent). Same with the "fight" that occurred between Scott and Bryce. That was also reported by various posters, who all claimed to have seen it, or personally knew friends who saw it, to have occurred at a bar, or a restaurant, or a hockey game, or backstage at a competition. Yep, such professionals, Scott and Jessica. Turning their backs on their skating careers (and Jessica on her partner) with the Olympics down the road (that they and their partners had worked so long toward, especially Tessa, who was fighting through pain just to compete), so they could make out in front of Bryce (to spite him) and Scott could get in fist fights with him at competitions.

    Rightttttttttttttttt. I can't believe people so easily buy those stories as true when it's so clear they're all total bullshit.

  3. Yep, many people do assume that, and Jamie did disappear from the D&D camp when first it was Jamie and David as a team helping them out. But all I know of David and Jessica is that there are people not especially disposed to gossip who believe it happened.

    What Scott said last year is his "gf" is in the 'same situation' (as he is).

    It was true when he said it, and more or less true when the entire farce was conceived in the first place. There were two duos headed for the Vancouver podium as far as Skate Canada was concerned - Scott and Tessa, presented as always having been platonic, and D&D, pitched as an ex couple. They couldn't have been sold as always platonic, because Jessica had kissed Bryce on the lips on ice and in the KissNCry during the previous Olympic cycle, before Wilkes & Co. were in their current positions at SC.

    That they just switched up the partners in Canada's two most prominant skating teams has got to go down as one of the most brain dead ideas ever, but you can certainly see how that band of idiots would think it was brilliant. It was convenient, that's for sure.

  4. You should ask this girl. She knows stuff about Tessa. IDK about Scott.!/badalie/status/68753889196912640

  5. I love your posts. Your thoughts are fascinating and makes me look at things better. I wouldn't really have cared before about the PR of the Virtue/Moir camp, and the Facebook business. Good stuff!

  6. So was Jess-Bryce's professional breakup connected to a private breakup?

    Please keep posting. Some are listening, just scared to admit it.

  7. Why did you hate so much Tessa, Scott, his family,Jessica. Something personal? And how this all going with ice dancing?
    You try to show they all are the worst people in the World.
    And as for WCh results. You know, at first moment a lot off people came to T-S parents and said - they were the best. This simply were first moment reaction - not related with Meryl and Charlie

  8. To the one who thinks this blog is about hate: I don't know who this blogger is but I have never felt it's about hating on someone. In reading it, I get more a sense of extreme frustration at all the contradictory elements in these people's public personas. I personally don't mind that this blogger chooses to vent about it. Each reader can come to his or her own conclusions.

  9. This person all the time thinking only about Virtue-Moir-Moirs family-Jessica Dube - and nothing else. This look ugly and werid, isnt it?
    If the blogger is dissapointed with V+m are not a couple off-ice - she is crazy and need medical help.
    Dont know, why internet police didnt close this blog and her (his) FB page in internet

  10. O, "internet police" - maybe comments are rude,and T-S dont need so much attention. Other skaters, look more for attention,do more on internet. Maybe on twitter like M-C and ask more attention then T-S and Moir family?

    But if internet police are looking - opinions,anger, story about skaters lives,skater or coaches romance are all over. Maybe many fans online not safe after that. ;)

  11. Internet Police?