Thursday, June 30, 2016


In 2014 Papadakis and Cizeron finished 13th - that's three spots below 10th  - in the Ice Dance World Championships.

Here's the top fifteen order of finish:

(The Shibs finished 6th)

Here's the 2014 free dance. (13th place is three spots behind Alexandra Paul and Mitch Islam):

The guy who can't act on
"Jane the Virgin" (Justin Baldoni)
I think there's a similar vibe to Cizeron,
who skates with his face.
(Papadakis's hair gets it done for her.)

Here's 12th place:

Julia Zlobina/Alexei Sitnikov

One year later:

World Champions. (The Shibs finished 5th, advancing one spot.  Paul/Islam are now 13th. These two jump 12 spots.)

I just hope Virtue and Moir got a deathbed promise from David Dore before they signed up to train at the Gadbois Centre. 


Checking in with Jessica:

Second go round on the cruise ship circuit.

Cozier than most of her
images with Scott Moir.
(Jessica and her brother.)

I think the study reporting that people who post deep quotes on social media have lower I.Q.s has been debunked, but you can see how it would gain credence:

This used to be a happy dog.


  1. Grand Prix assignments and a clip of V&M in training came out today, and this is the post we get? This blog has really fallen. Yes, we all know P&C were 13th the year before they won Worlds. I can't be the only one who doesn't care about Jessica's social media at this point.

    This blog used to be THE place to talk about skating and the sham. It's a shame it's come to this. OC, sorry to be harsh, but to be honest I wonder if you follow skating at all anymore.

  2. The fact that neither Tessa nor Scott are currently seeing anyone else so you have to focus on Jessica's sad dog is hilarious.

  3. I don't like Jessica Dube, probably never will. But yeah, (thankfully) she's not part of the VM world any longer.

    Agree with 7:19, this blog used to be the most interesting place to talk about VM's skating and PR as well as the corruption in icedance.

    1. Jessica's in London this weekend and conveniently lives on Montreal when she's not working. Are we sure that she's out of the picture?

    2. 9:48. Jessica Dube attended the same wedding as Scott this past weekend in London. Maybe she's back in the picture after all.

    3. Jessica has always been close to the Moirs and attended their weddings and it was never a big deal so why should that change now?

      Instead of worrying about a non-existant relationship the Blogger should rather write something about the grand prix assignments.

    4. 9:29
      It was never a big deal? Since when? It was always a big deal because she attended as Scott's "girlfriend" when he is in fact with Tessa.

      Agree with wishing blogger would say something about what is current with VM.

    5. They made such a huge deal about Jessica that you could see the fake from space. But Jessica isn't the one who was driving the sham and even if she were, that doesn't make OC's bullying OK.

      And that's what this blog has been, really, interesting discussions about fan/celebrity relationships, PR, skating, etc, following the latest ridiculous and frustrating sham developments, and also lots and lots of bullying, hate, negativity and conspiracy theories where the whole skating world is out to get VM, just because, their opponents are utter trash without a single good quality, etc.

      Where's the fun in that? If your fan experience is that negative maybe it's best to move on.

  4. DW are now straight up copying VM's lifts

    1. Except that D/W are on NOT on ice when attempting to do this lift. Guess doing said lift ON ice would be too difficult for these two. Nothing new there.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. No one really cares about the overhyped Virtue and Moir. A few years down the line, people will even care less. Let's see if they even last this season. It will be another good and tight slap on the face just like old times. They must like that a lot.

  6. Someone called Tessa a fat cow at camp. How are they gonna ever win anything when people at Skate Canada are calling her that? This must be Piper and Paul's money talking.