Friday, May 17, 2013

Why haven't Scott and Tessa been asked about the rumor?

I'm not touting this blog's horn, but after over two years the blog has become as much a part of the Scott/Tessa fan discussion matrix as any of the skating or Virtue/Moir fan discussion forums. I think the baby "rumor" has now made it onto twitter as often as the David Pelletier rumor did when that was flying.

The marriage and baby rumor has made it into mainstream discussion sites. It's part of the lexicon even as a joke. "Where are they hiding the baby"?

Most online fans, even super fans - especially super fans -  believe Scott and Tessa are platonic - at least that's what fans say publicly. And this doesn't stop some media from claiming that 'dreamers' and 'ubers' insist they're together. (Which is something that Scott and Tessa are making up - it doesn't happen - and that "dreamers and ubers say they're together" shit started before the blog. Dreamers and ubers are the ones most adamant about Scott and Tessa being platonic, and they write fan fic about it.)

The Pelletier story - existing purely on the internet - was finally, albeit obliquely, addressed and dismissed by Virtue Moir.

And 'journalists' continue to invent, so as to allow Virtue Moir to shoot down , "dating" rumors.

How come nobody has asked them about the silly rumor going around the internet that they have a secret baby?

Think about how non-offensive this is if it's a lie/rumor and not the truth. Two completely platonic figure skaters, dear friends, both with good senses of humor, both accustomed to fan fantasy/craziness, partners who made the promotional rounds months on end to discuss how platonic they are, are the targets of a rumor that they're married with a baby. Fans - and we all know fans - especially internet fans - are fantasists, bless them - have now cooked up a story that Scott and Tessa are, not dating, but "secretly" married with a kid. It's kicked around on twitter all the time.

I know that the usual people - Skate Canada, the usual entertainment and figure skating journalists - are aware.

There's nothing offensive in laughing off a rumor that you're married and have a child - if neither is true. It's funny.

"Ha ha, I don't know where we'd hide a baby - maybe in Tessa's luggage!" "I think when my brothers had babies people went overboard and wanted to include me, but nope. Someday though I hope!"

These are the jokes you make when
you don't have a child together.
But they're never asked.

Yet they're asked about stuff that doesn't happen all the time. They're asked about fans insisting they're together when most fans insist they're not. They offer up that people think Carmen was too sexy when fans loved the shit out of that program because of the skating. There was a persistent Pelletier rumor, that went on about a year, but they waited less than a year before shooting it down in their elliptical Virtue Moir way.

Where are their guts? Can't they say the words - not "we're not dating" but "We're not married" and, more to the point "We're not parents." Can't they say that? They use kids all the time to manipulate. They basically outright deny the one they have. Can't they say the words 'We don't have a child together"?

Hell, they could wank it and say we have no "SECRET" baby as the baby is not a secret to anyone who can work their 6 degrees of separation down to a reliable source. That would be just semantics. They can further wank semantics and say they have no "baby" as their little one is no longer a baby.

They have the gall, for sure. Scott can pose with fake gfs in circumstances that a lot of people find extremely sad, considering his actual status, but if inside their bubble they find it heroic, what can you do. They obviously know all about child psychology as well as their child's future personality, and know this won't cause any harm at all. They could seriously throw down just by saying "We're not married" and "we didn't have a baby between Worlds 2010 and 4CCs 2011."

They love to deny shit. Why not this? Again, the actual rumor is just silly - if it weren't the truth. The David Pelletier one was worse - Tessa homewrecked Canadian sweethearts.

A couple of dear, close platonic buddies are rumored to be married and have a child? That's a piece of cake. Laugh it off on the record, Scott and Tessa. Stop exploiting gullible surrogates like Heather to do it for you.


Comment 9:09 pm in the post below this one has linked to Cassandra's profile (thanks) on "", last activity "today" (a/k/a Tessa's birthday, May 17):

Kind of a later join date.

The second that fans got a look at Cassandra's social media stylings it didn't take a genius to see she harbors modeling dreams. The quasi professional, auto-tuned photos, the security blanket hair, several remarks in the comments indicating that her dream is to cash in on what she thinks are marketable looks.

There's a motive to act the fake girlfriend role. Notoriety is as good as celebrity. Even psycho Rebecca Martinson:

Michael Shannon reads Rebecca Martinson's email

got a job offer after her email went viral. It was from an online porn site, but baby steps.

I think, though, that Cassandra was using Moirville logic. Moirville logic doesn't understand context.

Cassandra is a cute, glamor model prospect in context.

What context? "Scott Moir's girlfriend".
"Scott Moir skates on frigid ice during the day but at home it's hot hot hot. Cass Hilborn and the Olympic medalist have been dating almost a year. While fans dream Scott and his cutie pie partner Tessa, are a couple, Cass laughs it off.  Tessa can glide with him across the ice, but Cass heats him up at home."

That's how it works. Cass, as the girlfriend, gets modeling jobs in which her credential is "girlfriend." This type of gig exploits the celebrity bf connection while stoking the ego of the subject by saying her sex appeal is a force in its own right. The girlfriend angle is what would set her apart from every other girl in a bar. Then she leverages that into being a personality.

However, is Scott going to green light Cassandra using his name as her label, as her angle, for modeling gigs? A published angle, a selling point in the headline, byline or caption?

Or, does Cassandra think that among those who find her photos via hunting for Scott stuff will be prospective employers or photographers who go "who's that girl?" and reach out with leads for her, no desire to use the Scott angle at all?

Just like Scott and Tessa aren't asked, in legit media, on the record, about the stories they're married parents, I question if Scott would allow his name to be linked to Cassandra's to help advance her glamor modeling ambitions.

Without Scott, she's got til about age 27 or so to be paid for being at someone's bar or club - social media type promotional gigs that a lot of local girls use post-school/pre-"real" career. She can get that stuff without him.

I know more about real modeling than glamor modeling, and with real modeling, and before a girl is hired, and despite how images are altered once a model has the job, clients and photographers want to know how the girl actually looks - what the raw material is. They don't go for the gauze and filter - that's amateur. "Glamor" modeling - a very flexible category - may be different.


  1. When it comes to Scott greenlighting the use of his name, it did happen before when Jessica got a mention in a Canadian "most beautiful" list right after the Olympics. Scott- gold medalist - was mentioned as the BF. Does anyone believe she would have gotten the nod without Scott? It's been speculated it was Skate Canada that made it happen, as part of her girlfriend perks, but did Scott agree or did his name get used without his permission?

    1. Of course Scott agreed - it was a quid pro quo. Jessica gets mentioned in Hello and does a sham shout out.

      They've never had a whole lot of trouble with Jessica's name attached to Scott's, but mostly in French-Canadian media, or Jessica-focused articles where it seems they figured most of the interest would be in Quebec.

      They have quite the dismissive attitude towards French Canadian media. I imagine they don't plan on raising a bilingual child. IOW, to me, the fact that they set that sort of thing up with Jessica speaks to how completely removed they felt from Jessica, her circle, her home province, and all those primarily interested in her.

      Cassandra is a different deal. She's in Ontario. There's no them and us split. There was a lot of them and us with Jessica. Jessica, Quebec, Tellement Sports - they exploited that but didn't worry about blowback. Pffft - Quebecoise shit!

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  2. Scott and Tessa will deny each other until they're blue in the face and say all sorts of weird shit but I don't think that even they would outright deny their child.

    They seem to have toned it down a bit with Cass thus far, so I can't see Scott giving the greenlight to anything formally associating him with her. She's just another face in the background with the Moirs and a hometown friend who posed for a few pics with him right now.

    1. I think they've toned it down because he and Tessa have been on tour. The big push is always vacation/training break, right about now or coming up soon.

      If they outright deny their child, there it is, forever. We all know that most of the "weird shit" they do is unnecessary if you take spite out of it. If Cassandra starts modeling as Scott's girlfriend that itself is a denial of the child, on the record forever.

      It can't be justified as protecting their kid. It would be just the latest excuse to posture and be belligerent against whoever - stupid fans at first, and the blog is a handy excuse now. That's how they roll. Oh - we're being criticized for this? We're gonna do it more!

      Where that Ilderton anger plus meanspirited humor comes from I don't know. It's the sort of humor that enjoys when the joke is on someone else, not them. There's no grace. But they way they operate it's Spite -1, Child 0.

  3. is Tessa Pregnant again? is it my imagination or has she been putting on weight since 4CC? she was, IMO noticeably fuller at worlds then 4CC and then she's been even fuller on the SOI tour then she even was at worlds..there are some pretty clear pics of a tummy in her Carmen body suit from the tour that are not plastered all over

    1. Why would you even ask this? She hasn't been looking fuller, she's been looking quite a bit thinner lately. The dead giveaway during her previous pregnancy were her breasts and since she doesn't currently have much in that department, I'm gonna go with no, Tessa is not pregnant again.

    2. @ 1:00 AM

      It's your imagination.

      As 8:38 says, there were dead giveaways last time, and also, it wasn't about "looking fuller." Camera angles and lighting can do all sorts of things to someone's appearance as fuller or thinner. Last time, Tessa was a different size everywhere and more and more as the months went by - then most of it was suddenly gone and the very little that was left came off gradually. I also agree that lately she's looking thinner, not fuller.

    3. I haven't assembled a photographic time line as yet but in retrospect the first "tell" of Tessa's condition was when she wore an oversized man tailored shirt outside her jeans at Scott and Tessa's Gold Medal celebration. I don't think there was much to hide then, but it was a good precedent to set for the weeks and months going forward. When she and Scott rode in the parade at the Calvary Stampede, I recall several fans asking half in jest if she'd gotten implants. When she and Scott did "Jack and Diane" at the stampede, she wore a shirt tied at the midriff with a camisole underneath, a choice a lot of fans thought was weird - why tie a midriff if you've got clothes underneath? If anyone's ever seen the midriff of a pregnant woman even before they actually "show", most savvy people would recognize it, particularly with someone as fit and defined as Tessa. Prior to her pregnancy and afterwards she had no problem going bare midriffed but that July in Calgary she decided to wear a blah, none-too fitted button down tied over what looked like a white undershirt.

      I agree that Tessa doesn't look at all like she did then. There are some physical changes - the one I've noticed the most is the amount of muscle she's been able to add to her shoulders, arms and back, particularly compared to 2009-2010.

  4. I don't think so! Firstly, she would not risk the Olympics! Secondly, some people actually commented that she looked thinner recently and I do not see a belly in the most recents twitter pics from the Canadian Olympic Summit and those were made by athletes.

  5. "They're asked about fans insisting they're together when most fans insist they're not."

    The whole sham in a nutshell. Who is insisting they are together? Other than this blog.

    At least Tanith has a sense of humor.

    1. "The whole sham in a nutshell. Who is insisting they are together? Other than this blog."

      It should also be noted that this blog insists they are together but there is no talk anywhere of shipper fantasies. No one here is sighing and hoping and wishing. It's stated as fact. The blogger and a few others have said they know this from personal sources. Others, like myself, have connected the dots from the public sources available and come to certain conclusions. Not because we project any fantasies onto VM.

      The shipper fans have never believed Tessa and Scott are together in real life. While they may write about "wishing they were together" they never fail to include the caveat that they "know" they aren't together. They are the strongest defenders of any and all of Moirville's public narratives and are very hostile toward anyone who says otherwise.

      VM and their journalists all invent the "problem" of the dumb fans who confuse fantasy with reality. It's nothing more than that opportunity to bring it up so Tessa and Scott can keep repeating their lies.

    2. 10:52am

      "VM and their journalists all invent the "problem" of the dumb fans who confuse fantasy with reality. It's nothing more than that opportunity to bring it up so Tessa and Scott can keep repeating their lies."

      Yes. The question is why do they make up this problem, why do they want an opportunity to keep denying it when the most fervent fans already believe them.

      The sham serves a purpose for them that has nothing to do with us. We're the scapegoat. The problem this is solving or that they think it solves lies elsewhere. We just take the blame.

      The fact that the media hasn't asked about the baby stories and laughed at them with Scott and Tessa underscores that from day one the media has asked what Scott and Tessa want asked. Figure skating isn't all that popular even in Canada. Entertainment media and sports media aren't running around taking the temperature of a cult-sized 'community' of fans on the web, independently acquiring an impression, and then asking Scott and Tessa. If they'd done that, they would know the fans weren't saying Scott and Tessa were together. The opposite was true.

      It was all pre-arranged with the agenda set by Scott and Tessa, and using the "facts" provided by Scott and Tessa. Then the interview is conducted as if the media entity has independently discovered the information and is independently raising it with Scott and Tessa. I remember some fans feeling so so sorry that Scott and Tessa were asked the relationship question at every interview. That's typical wasted sympathy. They set it up to be asked.

    3. I never could understand this blog and the motivation behind it until I read about a new book that's come out on fan obsession:

      What drives a girl to go to such lengths to find a conspiracy theory she can live with in order to avoid confronting the undeniable about her favourite skaters or the stars of her favourite tv show? Or a murderer. It’s too simple to say that she’s crazy or somehow lacking. The writer of The Killer Crush posits that part of the reward in this kind of obsession is being a part of a community of similar thinkers. Eventually, that sense of belonging becomes as fulfilling, if not more, than the pleasure derived from their fantasies.

    4. Anon 7:50 AM -- That's right. Everyone here is crazy and lives in a fantasy world. It has nothing to do with Tessa and Scott's own illogical words and behavior in both legit media and social media. And of course the people who say they have personal information about certain things are also inventing fantasies. You can tell by their lack of intelligence and general ridiculous conclusions and conspiracies in all their writing. Right?

    5. Yes, that personal information that is so personal no one can or will share it, but is touted as fact.

      Obsess away!

  6. @10:52AM I agree this blog is the only place that states they are together as fact. Anywhere else it is stated is as fanfic.

    I wonder if the media questions about "fans insisting" is really a jab at this blog, as in "this blog" insists when referring to "fans." Obviously the planted questions are not referring to shipper fans. The planted questions just give a chance for V/M to publicly come out against what this blog is saying, without actually having to confront the blog specifically.

    1. I don't think it's about the blog when it comes to how they frame things in the media. I just think the blog can be something they can point to if asked why they still sham.

      Their last round of misrepresenting the fans didn't refer to anything on the blog. It was that Tessa was like Carmen - which flummoxed the hell out of many fans on the web - fans who don't understand VM make shit up about fans. And it was about how Carmen was too much for some fans who wanted VM back in their box. That, too, was made up about fans, and nothing to do with the blog.

      I don't think they've hit back or hit back at the blog in anything they say whatsoever. The blog has one utility for them - it's an excuse to make a big fuss, play shell games with social media, and otherwise occupy people who should have better things to do. It's actually not the blog that is living up Tessa and Scott's rear ends - it is, I believe, these other people. I wonder how they'd like it.

    2. Anon 1:49
      The interviewers saying "the fans want you to be together," thus providing the opening for Scott and Tessa to spend time denying it could ever happen, has been going on since way before the Olympics. Years before this blog. It looks like one way or another V/M have created excuses. Maybe right now in their minds they're speaking against the blog. Before the blog, it was what Tessa once described as "a wall" between them and the public.

      They've never been asked what "the wall" means, exactly. Wouldn't any good journalist follow up on that? Scott and Tessa get away with statements like that all the time. They've created their own stories and the reporters simply go along and endorse everything. No one in regular media has ever questioned anything - and that is how the skating "journalists" have also let slide any questioning re. D/W's scores vs. V/M's scores. They're all used to accepting the established stories and scores. No questions asked.

    3. Nobody follow up on anything except Ben Mulroney who most likely knew Scott and Tessa are together and decided to make them squirm (in good fun) without ever asking a question that challenged their version of their lives. He just made Scott shift around a lot asking him what happens when he meets a girl who already thinks he's involved with Tessa. Please note neither Ben Mulroney, nor any journalist, in the bazillion "You're not a couple" interviews they've done on television, ever straight up asked Scott if he had a girlfriend. It was all the "When you meet a girl" as if he were on the market. I think once right after the Olympic ice dance competition Scott was asked if he had one (based on his answer - the question wasn't included) and he reportedly said yes and then did the "doesn't name her out of respect for his partner."

      They're never ever asked the real questions. The questions are always framed to avoid asking a real question. And most of the time, the journalist is framing the question precisely as per guidelines.

      It's kind of how the whole sport works. Everything written about it is beside the point.

    4. Oh, and p.s., as one of the blog's videos underscored, when Mulroney said to Scott "When you meet a girl, they must think you have a girlfriend already." It was three years since Scott started shamming with Jessica. On his facebook he was "in a relationship with Jessica Dube." Jessica and Bryce had participated in Menage a Trois sur la Glace the previous year to announce she was dating Scott Moir. There were photos galore posted on the facebooks of his family. After all of this, and with these two poor kids exhausted from being asked, professing not to know how to answer it any other way, Scott was unable to say "I do have a girlfriend already, I'm dating Jessica Dube." And then Mulroney illuminates: "Jessica Dube, your teammate - a pairs skater." And Scott says "Yes" and we're done.

      He never did that. Cramming Jessica down our throats on social media, acting like someone who meets girls and has to get past the Tessa assumptions before they'll go out with him in old media.

      Which - that. That's ridiculous. I'm at a party, or gym, or event, or out with friends, I meet some ice dancer I know is an ice dancer, he asks me out and I go "oooh, aren't you with Tessa?"

      Nobody would ever do that. The scenario makes no sense, as we were also meant to believe everyone but fans knew Scott and Tessa were not together. So unless in Mulroney's scenario Scott was asking out a fan, it wouldn't happen not even in their own fantasy world. Consistency has never been the sham's strong suit. In legit media Scott's romantic status is mostly hypothetical. On social media, he's practically married - to girls other than Tessa.

    5. Where's your PROOF? I don't see any kind of proof!

  7. "Doesn't name her out of respect for his partner."

    What a double meaning that is! Which partner? His romantic partner who is actually Tessa? His fake romatic partner who was Jessica but whom everybody knows about? Or his skating partner who is Tessa?

    1. Anon 10:11 - Scott Moir showed his hypocrisy and his malice toward fans with that statement. For thos who remember - at the SAME TIME he was saying this kind of thing in the press,most of Moirville's facebooks were public, as well as Jessica's, and they were full of photo albums and posts of the cutest, sweetest couple of Scott/Jessica, including the Moir Christmas photos of the cute couple napping together on a sofa and all the Dominican honeymoon photos.

      Respect (and privacy) my ass.

    2. I remember that. So two-faced. Sanctimony in place for legit media, douche on social media. On social media all these Bryce and D&D fans thought Scott and Jessica were rubbing Bryce's face in their relationship. What else were fans to think? Maybe Moirville forgets the swill they spew the second it's released and don't care if 1 + 1 = 2 but fans notice. Bryce had said it was "hard to see them together" and five seconds later Scott and Jessica are rubbing it in Bryce's face. Furthermore it make Scott look like an absolute bitch because anybody with eyes could see that D&D struggled with consistency, and these social media games made it seem as if Scott and Jessica were either taunting Bryce or being unbelieveably inconsiderate when the guy needed to stabilize his partnership if there was a prayer of them doing well in Vancouver.

      They don't care of course, because it's only us. That garbage is just the version for the scut monkeys.

    3. I watch Mad Men sometimes and I find the themes a little too on the nose at times. However there's a recurring theme with Don Draper - who clearly this season is a sick man - where he believes if nobody sees it it didn't happen.

      Just look at the best behavior of Scott and Tessa for legit media, and look at them on social media. Who is the nobody that sees what they do? It's us. We're the nobodies. The shit they shovel at us doesn't count against them, because only nobodies see it. The legit media agrees with them because those of them who know Scott and Tessa are together ignore their behavior on social media and won't acknowledge it when they're 'out'. We see it, but we don't count. Scott's supposedly a religious guy - I wonder what religion he's practicing.

    4. "Scott's supposedly a religious guy"

      You're kidding. He is?

      Wow - talk about compartmentalization. Or mental gymnastics. Or both.

    5. Rationalization and compartmentalization - what else can it be. What else can it be to have a set of values - which I believe he does - but rationalize that it's okay to behave the way he does in a certain context as long as it's only directed to a certain class of people, who aren't, in the view of Moirville, people who count. At all.

      We know Scott and Tessa are well-liked by those who interact with them personally. We know that Scott and Tessa are courteous and considerate with venue personnel, colleagues and competitors. We know that they're courteous to journalists and other media that they encounter face to face. And Scott will often throw himself into the fire when it comes to fans. He may still have conspicuous stigmata on his hands and feet when he does it, but at least he does it. To quote Ken Cosgrove "It's my job!"

      So I believe they think the social media stuff isn't the real them and doesn't count.

      It doesn't work like that. It is and it does count. That's the real them as much as anything they do face to face where they're actually accountable. What you do when you're not accountable counts more, IMO, which is the real shame of how they behave on social media. They're not accountable to the public, to fans, or to the legitimate media, and that's how they behave when they're not accountable. They don't really care, either, that hundreds of people see them behave this way, because these people have no way of calling them out to their face or in any venue where it would surface in the public (not social media) conversation. So they don't care.

      All this shit. "The gig" "The job" "Our product" "nature of the sport" is just semantics trying to distance behavior from character. Trying to categorize treatment of other people as a "doesn't count" area. They don't want to own what they do and they think it's possible to continually do things like this and not have it count towards their character because they're able to avoid being called out about it. That's just hypocritical, plain and simple.

  8. Unless you've lived a life like this, you don't get it. My husband and I met at eight, and saw each other every day. Spent almost every hour together at school, and over the years fell in love -- EVERYONE around us was apparently screaming "JUST ADMIT IT, DAMMIT!" but we were too blind to see it. We were determined to stay platonic friends, because we'd watched what happened to friends who decided to date. 13 years later, we finally caved and started dating, and so I completely get where Tessa and Scott are coming from. They don't want to ruin what they've got. They have a working relationship they need to preserve. And you're a damned hypocrite for saying that you shouldn't comment about people having love children and then going right ahead and doing it anyways.

  9. Came across this page/site by accident... who knew there was even one person in the world who cared at all (let alone obsessively) about the private lives of figure skaters? Well, I'll let you dozen or so people get back to it...

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